"Everyone's coming over for dazzleball!" Sofia happily cried as she rushed down the castle's front steps. Following behind, Varian questioned what dazzleball was. "It's a sport! The ball changes shape, so you don't know whether it's going to be a soccer ball, frisbee, or football!"

"Oh, sounds totally eventful and not confusing in the least..." Varian replied. Sofia just giggled and told him how he'd love it, then grabbed his arm and pulled him into the carriage. In the carriage, Varian questionably looked at Amber going, "You don't seemed dressed in sport attire. How are you going to play in that dress?"

"I'm not playing, I'll be watching. I'm sorry, but running around makes you gross, sweaty, and exhausted. Yeah, no thank you! Not my idea of fun," she answered.

Arriving at the royal stadium, their group of friends was already waiting for them. Everyone from village friends to royals. Before everyone could greet each other, James excitingly went, "Alright guys, you know the drill! Split off into two teams and let's get this thing started!" while juggling the dazzleball.

Amber started to head towards the bleachers and Zandar stated how her leaving would leave an uneven amount of players. "Hildy's coming with me," Amber reminded. However, Hildegard wouldn't follow. She took a glance at Varian then smirked and stated how she was going to play this time. "Then who's going to gossip with me on the bleachers!?" Amber cried.

Everyone looked around at each other to see who would step out from playing. Desmond finally took a step forward and raised his hand. "I'll sit with you, Amber."

"Great, so can we play now? I've been working on some cool plays!" James announced. Clio paused and stated how they should teach Varian how to play first. "Fine..." James groaned. After about a ten minute explanation, James said, "Alright, Sofia and I are team captains. We'll take turns picking who will be on our teams." So the teams were split up, James choosing Zandar, Clio, Hildegard, Lucinda, and Meg while Sofia chose Varian, Hugo, Ruby, Jade, and Peg.

James' team started the kickoff, tossing the ball to Ruby. As Ruby caught it, the ball changed into frisbee form and she threw it to Sofia who automatically sent it to Hugo who was waiting by the goal. The ball changed to a soccer ball just before he was about the throw it. He quickly sat it on the ground and kicked it into the goal, scoring Sofia's team the first point.

Everyone started to cheer but James stomped his foot going, "Zandar, you were supposed to block the ball!" Zandar explained how he tried and James went, "Well try harder!"

"Oh no..." Desmond mumbled.

"James is in his competitive mode," Amber added.

During the next portion, Varian had the dazzleball and was attempting to dash across the field. However, James came in and was able to steal the ball. Varian accidentally tripped while James kept running and tossed the ball into the goal. "Yeah! Alright! Score! Did you guys see that!?" James cried. He heard no response and turned around to see everyone crowded around Varian who was sitting on the grass, holding his bleeding knee. Everyone was asking if he was alright and wasn't paying any attention to James when he scored. "Oh come on! Seriously!?"

"James, he's hurt! Look!" Sofia said, pointing at Varian's bleeding knee. James rolled his eyes and said to just wrap bandages around it and keep playing. Varian attempted to stand but fell back down and everyone gasped. Well, everyone BUT James, who once again rolled his eyes.

A few rounds later, when Varian was able to play again, Lucinda threw the ball to Hildegard, who was clearly open. However, she wasn't paying much attention. The ball changed into its frisbee shape and landed right in front of Hildegard. "Huh? Oh..." Hildegard said, noticing the dazzleball. She picked up and accidentally tossed it Varian. Varian caught the frisbee and managed to score it in the goal. "Oops..." Hildegard sarcastically went. James came up complaining how she tossed it right to him. "Honest mistake," she lied.

"It totally wasn't a mistake," Amber whispered to Desmond, making him chuckle.

James was now furious and gave Varian an annoyed glare. First they had to explain everything to him and waste time, then everyone totally ignored James' amazing goal due to Varian being clumsy, and now his teammates were straight up giving him the ball. "Why is he even here!?" James thought out loud. Everyone paused and stared at James. "And... I said that out loud, didn't I?"

"James, if you can't be a fair player, just go sit on the bleachers!" Jade said, everyone else agreeing.

"You can't let jealousy get to you, man. I had to learn that too," Hugo added.