Just a cute ass lil one shot all about Quentin and Nancy's date. Also posted on AO3 :)

Nancy has never imagined going on a date. She was always an outsider quiet, shy and kept to herself. She'd never even spoken to a boy properly before yet here she was on a date with Quentin Smith. Quentin had always fancied Nancy ever since the start of high school. He'd moved his bag in art for her to sit down, her beloved sketchbook held to her chest. The moment Quentin had laid eyes on her he thought she was the prettiest girl in their grade. He'd always get flushed cheeks and stumble on his words talking to Nancy which Jesse always teased him for.

After learning the truth about Freddy and their friends deaths Nancy and Quentin practically because attached at the hip never leaving each others sides apart from when they were at home asleep. They had all the same classes, they spent lunch break together and even after school Nancy would sit watching Quentin at swim practice. Afterwards Quentin would drive her home so he'd know she was safe. After Nancy's mother died she moved in with her father, her father was a police officer and would always watch for Nancy out the window when she came home.

Quentin never mentioned the date Nancy promised him until the yearly Springwood fair rolled into town. He'd brought her roses and asked her just before first period by their lockers. His face bright red in embarrassment. Nancy herself had blushed kissing his cheek gently accepting his invitation to the fair. He picked her up at exactly 6o'clock and promised her dad he'd have Nancy home by 10:30.

The fair was loud and full of life when they arrived. Quentin let Nancy pick the first thing they did which was the bumper cars. It was the first time Quentin had really seen Nancy laughing and smiling genuinely. The night went on and they continued to go on the various different rides and games, Quentin winning a teddy bear for Nancy making her go bright red . Kids giggling and the sounds of rides rang in their eardrums as they sat and watched the fireworks that night. Colours lit up the sky and the smell of gunpowder lingered in the air with the smell of the fried fair food. It was silent between them, yet perfect as they shared a cotton candy between them. For the first time in months after the deaths of Dean, Kris and Jesse Nancy felt at peace with herself. They stayed perfectly silent whilst they watched the fireworks till Quentin eventually plucked up the courage to kiss Nancy. The kiss was sweet and gentle, Nancy couldn't lie Quentin was a romantic and she loved it. They kissed as the sky continued to light up brightly.


Unknown to their knowledge Jesse watched over them smiling alongside Kris and Dean. His best friend has got the girl and was finally happy

"That's my boy!" He smiles proudly watching his best friend finally get his wish.