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Water's Edge

Lance was outside, yelling.

"Kitty! Come on, jump! I'll catch you!"

Swallowing my nerves, I jumped. But I phased right through him. I was up to my knees, phased through the lawn beneath his feet.

I woke up, panting hard. "Dammit," I hissed to myself. Strange, that dream was occuring more and more often. But it never ended before my head went through the ground before.


The light sound of a pebble from the gravel drive in front of the institute hitting the window was loud in the slience, making me jump nearly out of my skin.


So that must have been what had woken me up. I got up, moving to the window, opening it. A pebble sailed right by my ear.

"Sorry!" Lance laughed, sitting back on the hood of his Jeep with a handful of gravel, taoosing one stone over and over again.

"What are you doing here?" I giggled a bit, feeling my face gettting hot.

"Can Kitty come out and play?"

"I dunno. Maybe."

"Jump, I'll catch you," he gestured for me to come down to talk to him. It wasn't that far of a jump, really, only about ten feet between me and his arms as he stood now, on the hood of the clunky old SUV. The memories of my dream flashed back, but I shook them off, and climbed into the window, hanging my legs out.

"And what if you miss?"

"I won't. Don't worry."

Shurgging, I pushed off the windowsill with my hands as though I was hopping off a short wall and anticipating the ground mere inches below my feet. I landed in his arms with a satifying, soft thud, and he gently let me climb down after a quick kiss.

"Let's go. I know the perfect place."

I climbed into the passenger side of his jeep, and he shut his door, starting the engine. I phased us through the front gate, seeing as it was probably easier than whatever strange maneuver he had pulled off to get onto the property to begin with.

Lance pulled the Jeep up next to a small pond on the outskirts of town. I had never noticed the place before, but it was beautiful in the moonlight.

"I'm going to go get something, okay? Don't run off on me, now," Lance grinned, walking off into the brush.

"I won't," I smiled back. I got out of the car, walking to the very edge of the pond, looking down at the water. a few minutes later, I heard Lance creeping up behind me, trying to be quiet. I bit down a giggle, wanting him to think he really had snuck up on me, when strong hand clamped down on my eyes.

"Lance? Cut it out!" I laughed nervously, when another hand clasped my mouth and I felt something stab into my side, just above my hip. I tried to get away, phasing through the arms holding me, but stumbled, dizzy, and fell facefirst into the water.