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Water's Edge

I heard Lance's Jeep before it even got onto the institute's property. Even those of us without advanced hearing should have been able to, the damned thing was so loud. But I stayed in my room, knowing why he was there, feeling my blood boil a bit. Something about a memeber of the Brotherhood invading out turf, so that he could pick up his unofficial girlfriend, one of our own, just didn't sit right with me.

But just because I didn't try to stop them didn't mean I wasn't doing anything. I headed to the garage and was putting on my helmet when a familliar noise and the smell of sulphur behind me caught my attention.

"Logan, I had a feeling I'd find you here. You heard them, too," Kurt took a step toward me, and I nodded, throwing one leg over my bike.

"I.. I don't trust this, Logan. It just doesn't feel right," Kurt said, exasperated, unable to explain the same gut feeling I had that something tonight was terribly wrong. I sighed, seeing the pleadnig look in his eyes.

"If you're coming, turn on your holowatch and grab a helmet, and be quick about it,"I growled.

"Danke, mein Freund," Kurt wasted no time, hopping on the back of the bike as I revved the engine and took off. He ported us to the other side of the gate so as not to waste any additional time, and we sped off in hot pursuit of the jeep.

****POV change, youll figure out who. I trust you. You're smart. ****

"Kitty?" I called. No answer. She'd been here a minute ago! Where did she go?

"You can come out now, babe," I laughed nervously, trying to convince myself that she was just hiding, when I heard the light scrape of a van's back door sliding shut, and an engine starting up.

"Kitty!" I yelled. The huge, beaten black van started up, and a familliar grinning face, capped with white hair, leaned out the window.

"Pietro, you bastard," I growled, the ground beneath me shaking, but not hard enough to stop the van, it was gone too fast.

I jumped in my Jeep, starting it up, and drove off after him. He finally stopped at the top of a cliff overlooking Bayville.

"Pietro! What do you think you're doing?!" I yelled. He got out of the van, pulling Kitty's limp body over his shoulder.

"Hey there, you oversized rock tumbler," Pietro grinned. "What's the matter, you want your little kitty cat back?"

"Hand her over, Pietro," I growled.

"Hmm.. I don't think so. You helped me set this up all too perfect. You take her away, the X-dorks show up, and she's dead at the bottom of a cliff, with you as the prime suspect. You loved her too much, and when she refused you, you went into a rage.. ah, yes, framing you will be so much fun. Sorry, loverboy. I'm on higher orders. Dad said she's got to go," Pietro zipped over to the very edge of the cliff. "Goodbye, Kitty."

"Pietro, no!" I cried, running to the edge of the cliff as I saw her disappear over the side. I threw myself to the groud at the edge, looking down, horrified.

Her pink sweater was stained red. She was on her side, in a pool of blood, the distance going down being about the length of a football field, maybe more. I felt the cold rage take over, and my mind left me.