Number 12 Grimmauld Place

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

Harry knelt in the yard behind Number 12 Grimmauld Place. Yesterday, he'd been on trial at the Ministry of Magic. He'd been charged with underage magic in front of a muggle in a non-magical residence.

He was cleared of all charges thanks to his demand for a fair trial as the Heir of House Potter. With his claim, he'd been able to assure that the Ministry could use Veritaserum, but only on the matters of the Dementors. Fudge had still interjected about the misuse of magic, in the summer before his second year of Hogwarts. Harry had honestly answered that it had been a House-Elf formerly in service to House Malfoy. He knew this to be accurate, as it was the same elf Lucius had freed in front of Harry at the end of his second year. The Malfoy Lord had not been pleased to have that information come to light, mainly because Harry had been under the effects of truth serum.

With the verdict being 'Not Guilty,' and Harry had returned to Number Twelve to celebrate with Sirius, Remus, Tonks, and the rest of the Weasley's, minus Charlie and Percy. Harry ate and asked to be excused because of a headache. He hadn't been able to sleep, and so early in the morning, when all the other residents of Number Twelve were sleep, he crept down the stairs and out the kitchen door.

Now, Harry's fingers gouge deep into the Earth as he grunts in pain. The pounding pressure in his head increases, along with an itching sensation building up behind his eyes. His magic roils inside of him as if something is trying to bind it, and his magic is expanding, spreading as if it can break its binds. With an anguished moan, Harry releases a blast of magic into the ground. A circle of chartreuse-colored flames erupts around him with a fifteen-foot diameter. As he throws back his head with a roar, the pressure and itching become green beams of heat that shoot up into the air.

"HARRY!l" calls out a voice. Sirius runs out the house, headed toward his godson, but Remus and Mr. Weasley grab him before he can race through the flames. On the back porch, stands there with a hand covering her mouth, the other wrapped around Ginny's shoulder. Behind the Weasley matriarch are the twins, Ron and Hermione.

"What the bloody hell ?" whispers Ron, but loud enough that the others on the porch hear him. Everyone else is too awed by the scene in front of them to reprimand him about his language. Remus pulls out his wand and attempts to put out the flames with a water making spell, but the fire is too hot and turns it into steam.

Suddenly the ground begins to tremble. A fissure opens up in the Earth between the two groups of onlookers. Vines begin to appear, twisting together until they solidify into a humanoid figure made up of moss, grass, vines, branches, and red eyes.

The alarmed screams from Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, and Ron, catches the attention of the three men. They turn around and are greeted with the sight of the earthly behemoth. They, along with the twins, pulled their wands out and leveled them at the chest of the being.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here," asked Sirius. Behind him, Harry groaned in pain again.

"I am Swamp Thing, Defender of the Green," grumbled the hulking mass.

"Swamp Thing?" questioned Mr. Weasley.

Remus shared a bewildered look with Sirius as he asked, "The Green?"

Overlooking the humans and their questions, Swamp Thing strode forward. Being an elemental, Swamp Thing attempted to smother the fire, but the flames didn't respond. Trying to get the young man out of the fire, Swamp Thing tried to walk through the wall of fire, but they started to burn him. Realizing that the flames weren't of natural origin, Swamp Thing stepped from the fire, then cast his conscience through the Earth looking for two people. When he located them, he made a form appear in front of them.

"Bloody hell Swamp Thing! What have I said about just popping up willy nilly?" snapped the blonde-haired, blue-eyed man. He wears black slacks, a white shirt with the top button undone, a red tie which is loosened around his neck, and a beige-colored trench coat.

"John!" admonished the beautiful young woman. Her long hair was black as night with bangs that stopped just above her bright cerulean blue eyes. She's dressed in skin-tight black pants, a white corset top, four-inch stiletto heels, a black choker with a ruby in the middle.

"I require your assistance. A young boy is setting the ground on fire. A fire that I can't put out." grumbled the Green's defender.

"But you're an elemental? Why can't you control them?" questioned the young woman. "Zee, save the questions for after we help ole' Swampy aye?" responds the man, John. 'Zee' nodded her head and gestured to Swamp Thing, who returned his conscience to his form in London, bringing John and Zee with him.

The ground next to the motionless Swamp Thing opened again, and out came two people. Sirius barked, "Who are you people, and how did you get through the wards?"

John, ignoring the questions, walked forward until he was directly in front of the flames. He began to mumble, and golden light began to trail his hands as he began to gesture.

'Zee' turned to the onlookers and said, "Hi, my name is Zatanna Zatara, and this is my boyfriend, John Constantine. We're here to help Swamp Thing."

Mrs. Weasley's face turned red, and wrinkles deepened on her brow as she took notice of Zatanna's clothing. She opened her mouth, no doubt, to scold Zatanna about her choice of clothing, but was cut off by Hermione's squeal of delight, " You're the Zatanna Zatara? The famous stage magician and member of the Justice League?!"

Zatanna smiled softly at the teenage girl and smiled, "Yes, that's me!" Ginny looked at Hermione confusedly and asked, "What's the Justice League?" Hermione's facial expression instantly shifted from admiration to concentration as she answered, no doubt regurgitating something she'd read.

"The Justice League is a muggle organization made up of muggles with unique abilities, formed after an attempted invasion of the Earth by an alien conquerer, eleven years ago. Most of the invasion fleet focused on North America, but several other cities around the world were targeted. The invasion force consisted of flying, armored, humanoid monsters that would take muggles away through portals. Their leader was a being called Darkseid. No one knows where he came from, but he was incredibly strong, could shoot laser beams out of his eyes, could fly without an aide. Several superbeings that live here on Earth rallied together and were able to send the alien and his horde of monsters back through the portals."

"Hermione, you've gotten creative in your reading. That sounds like some horror story told to children to get them to behave," snorted Ron, disbelief written all over his face as he stared at the beautiful Zatanna. Before she could respond, Harry gave another bellow, and the intensity of the flames surged once more before they disappeared. Harry fell face-first into the grass, a large circle of burned grass surrounding him.

"Harry!" cried out Sirius. He rushed forward to his godson only to be stopped by John, who had put out his cigarette and was staring hard at Harry through a golden circle. Sirius attempted to shake the man off, but his grasp was like iron. Sirius, still recovering from years of wasting away in Azkaban, thought his arm might break if he tried to struggle harder. So he settled for snarling as everyone else approaches them. "Let me go. That's my godson over there."

"Yeah, but somethings not right with him, mate. He needs an exorcism."

"John, what do you mean by that?" asked Zatanna as she came to stand next to Constantine.

"That's his body alright, but there are two souls inside," replied John with an ominous look on his face, "We'll have to take him back to the House and get Asa to remove the tag-along."

Gasps echoed around as everyone looked back and forth between the Laughing Magician and The-Boy-Who-Lived.

"How is it possible for him to have two souls in his body?" questioned Remus, as Sirius growled, "You're not taking James anywhere!"

"Absolutely not!" shouts Mrs. Weasely as her husband nods in agreement, "We need to call Professor Dumbledore. He would know what to do about this so-called second soul inside of poor Harry. Besides, we can't just let random strangers just go waltzing off with The Savior of the Wizarding World! Particularly a monster, a scarlet woman, and whoever you are. And you've broken through the wards! I say we stun the intruders and wait for the Headmaster to arrive."

John didn't seem phased by the threat of being stunned. He turned his face to Zatanna and smirked as he raised his eyebrow in a silent question. Zatanna, with an apologetic look, inclined her head and waved her hands quickly as she said, "ekaM meht tegrof su, dna tup meht ot peels!"

The inhabitants of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place didn't stand a chance. Their eyes glazed over then, one by one, they slumped to the ground, cushioned by another spell from Zatanna.

John gives her a rugged smile as he levitates Harry. "Nice work, love. I hate these British Wizarding wankers." Zatanna summons a portal to the House and watches as John goes through the opening, Harry's floating body following. Turning to Swamp Thing, she asks, "Are you coming?" Swamp Things' red eyes meet the blue gaze of Zatanna. Without a word, he opens another fissure and disappears into the Earth. Zatanna smiles sadly before she steps through the portal, which closes behind her.

House of Mystery

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Zatanna stood back at the door of the bedroom that John had placed Harry in. She crossed her arms as she smirked at the scene in front of her. John stood with his back against the wall, both hands stretched out in front of him in a placating gesture. He wore an abashed look on his face as Asa chewed him out for summoning her while she was in the middle of a rendevous.

" - So what do you want from the Nightmare Nurse this time Constantine?" asked Asa as she came to the end of her rant. John looked pointedly to the boy on the bed behind Asa. She followed his gaze, and her eyes seemed to light up with interest. "Ah, what have we here?" she purred as she moved to stand over the unconscious teenager. Asa raised her hands and began to chant, a violet aura formed around her hands then spread to cover Harry's body. John moved around the bed as Zatanna came to stand next to him and grabbed his left hand in her right.

The magical aura began to converge on Harry's forehead before it started to pulse. Asa stopped chanting and frowned at Zatanna and John. "I recognize this soul fragment," she muttered, placing her hands on her hips.

"About fourteen, fifteen years ago there was a severe uproar in Hell. A soul arrived, but it was damaged. It had been split. Not an unusual sight by no means, many seek immortality by playing around with their soul and sometimes others. But multiple tears could be detected in this one, six to be exact. Tearing a soul is a nasty business, but to tear it six times, it made even some of the Lords of Hell squirm."

"But how did one of these soul fragments get attached to this boy's soul?" Zatanna asked. Asa shrugged, "I'm not sure; nevertheless, I can remove it. But I want to study that fragment. Perhaps I can even track down the others."

"That's fine and dandy by me, but could you get a move on with it before his magic starts acting up like earlier," replied John. Asa agreed before saying, "This might take a while. I'll have to remove the hooks that the invading soul has sunk into the host. It'll fight me, but I should be done in an hour, maybe three. While I'm doing that, you might want to get a hold of the Tamerean Princess and Big Blue and let them know that their son is here. I wonder if they'd be open to a threesome, never been with two aliens before."

Zatanna's eyes widened, and her jaw dropped as John swore violently. Before either could reply, Asa gave a lecherous wink before she got to work, hands once again glowing as she focused on removing the soul fragment.

John ran his fingers through his hair before pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. "I think you ought to do the honors, Zee." John shrugged out of his trench coat and banished it to the hook on the back of the bedroom door. With a quick mumble, he conjured a bottle of whiskey, tumbler, and two chairs for them to sit in as they watched Asa work on Harry.

After knocking back two drinks, he looked to Zatanna, sitting in the other conjured chair with an intense look on her face. "Who'd have thought that Superman and Starfire would make a baby together? How are they even compatible? I'm sure Lois Lane won't be happy about that. Not to mention Nightwing. Have you talked to your old Titans buddy lately?"

Zatanna gave a small smile at the mention of Nightwing. She'd had a crush on him years ago, and they'd gone out on a date twice. He was charming, thoughtful, intelligent, handsome, romantic, and plagued by his love for his first love, Batgirl. Zatanna hadn't know Barbara at the time and had been jealous until Dick had explained about the Joker shooting Barbara. So Zatanna had agreed that he needed to be at the side of his good friend, and they parted ways. They were on good terms, but she sometimes wondered how things would have turned out had Barbara not been attacked. Looking back at John, Zatanna nodded as she summoned her tablet.

"I'll see what I can do."

She unlocked the device and logged in to the Justice League secured email and messenger server. She searched for Starfire and read the status that hadn't been updated for three months, Team: JLO, Location: Planet Venus. Zatanna typed out a quick message, then returned to the directory and searched for Superman. His status, updated two days ago, put him in New York City at the United Nations Headquarters. She typed the same message, and with a tap, it was off. She started to turn to John to talk about a case they'd been investigating along with Mary Marvel, when the screaming began.


Friday, August 12th, 2016

Nightwing read the message on his tablet with interest.


I hear there's another Robin in Gotham, how's that coming along? How is everything going in the Haven?

As you know, I'm on the League's magic-based team, with Wonder Woman, Constantine, Swamp Thing, Dr. Fate, and a few other mystics. Constantine and I had an interesting run-in with Swamp Thing today. I can't get into details, but please have Starfire contact me as soon as she returns to Earth. It's a delicate situation, and John and I have some information to share with her.


Thank you for all the reviews, follows, favorites, and kudos. Being completely honest, I have no real goal for this story. It came to me in a dream one night in a weird mash-up of Justice League Dark, Teen Titans vs. Justice League, Young Justice, Batman Bad Blood, Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil, and Harry Potter. I come home from work every other night and sit down to work on this and listen to one of the movies or series.