AN: Hi I'm back, an update for those who've been waiting for a new chapter of The heir. Reason I haven't been writing new chapters for a while is because I just can't seem to get any inspiration, I've been scouring the internet for inspiration and yet found none. Thing is, the entire story was an on the spot kinda thing. My hands moved on their own and the story was born. However that doesn't seem to happen anymore for some reason, perhaps this is what writer's call writer's block? I have no clue. I read a few stories that more experienced authors wrote and noticed that they called the stories a cure for writer's block. The reason they were writing was because they had writer's block and wanted to get rid of it or something? Anyways I'm just writing this to try that. Maybe it'll get me back into the swing of things or something.

You gotta understand, I simply have no direction to go with my other story. Every time I try to imagine what would happen next my mind just drifts off onto something else. I'm not trying to make excuses or anything, just informing you all why there are no more chapters for the time being. I'll make a new chapter some time soon, enjoy this little one-shot. Hopefully it's good.

The sleek and black monster was being restrained by its arms. Two metal rings were being used to restrain the currently sleeping monster. This is what humans call an alien, a weird species that has incredible defence without looking bulky or blocky at all. They are sleek, curvy and beautifully skinny. Their tail has enough power to easily penetrate through industrial steel, much less a human.

'Oh man I really shouldn't be doing this, But I just can't resist! This feels like a gravitational pull that is directly pulling my cock, proudly standing as straight as a flagpole.' thought the researcher whose name is Ira Soulhearth.

Ira is currently sneaking inside the containment facility of a special xenomorph due to his unbridled lust that simply cannot be satisfied by normal women. He's been staking out this mission for weeks at this point, and the plan still hasn't been completed yet, but he simply can't hold himself back any longer.

Swiping the keycard that he stole from management earlier he rushes into the containment room and closes the door as fast as possible.

He touches the control module and enters a long sequence of numbers before being granted access to the admin controls inside the room. He turns the lights on and his cock hardens from slightly painful to bursting from his pants. His rock hard cock was in the process of tearing apart the seams of his trousers at this point.

He quickly enters another command into the control module and a robotic arm subdues the tail of the sleeping xenomorph easily, which in the process awakens from its drug induced sleep.

"Mhmmmm finally what I've been waiting for, one of the only female xenomorphs in this entire facility that is being contained on it's own." He says with an evil chuckle filled with unbridled lust

The robotic arm slowly lifts the xenomorph's tail to expose the puffy lips of the xenomorph, above is which the anus.

They had already conducted several tests to make sure that inserting objects inside an xenomorph's hole is safe, at his insistence of course. He gave completely believable reasons as the requester of this experiment.

And they tested both holes very thoroughly.

He walked up behind the xenomorph and the alien started to struggle against the restraints, hissing all the while.

"mmHMmmmmm it's okay baby, there's no need to worry about anything. I'll take real good care of you" he said while stroking the xenomorph's sleek head from behind.

He kneels down to get the right height and shoved his face into the puffy paradise of the alien and took a deep whiff

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my insides are boiling with excitement, yes Yes YESSSSSSS I CANT WAIT ANYMORE" He begun feverently licking at the alien's wet caverns.

He stuck his unnaturally long tongue inside the paradise of wetness and soon enough a waterfall of tasty water was his reward.

The xenomorph had no idea what was going on right now, usually during a test there would be dozens of men in white coats observing her reactions, but now the lab is completely empty and from the reflection in the glass she could only see a single man in white behind her doing something that was making her instincts go wild~

Tests that involved her holes were usually very painful and took insanely long times, but now she just couldn't get enou- SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH

The xenomorph cried out in pleasure after cumming for a second time. Both orgasms taking her completely by surprise.

"I can't wait any more!" The researcher went to unbutton his pants but found that his pants had been completely torn by his rock hard and veiny cock. This suited him just fine.

He lined up his cock with the completely wet pussy of the xenomorph and was about to slam forward when the robotic arm grabbing the xenomorphs tail failed and the tail got free.

The doctor saw his life flash before his eyes as time slowed down. What happened next surprised the doctor completely. The xenomorph's tail curled around his chest and the researcher thought that he was going to be squeezed to death, but the xenomorph instead pulled him foward.

Sheathing his cock into the xenomorph like a sword into a sheath. He felt immense pleasure and was about to cum before breaking out in a cold sweat 'If I finish before the xenomorph….' His brain got cleared instantly and he lost all buildup inside his cock, allowing him to restrain himself.

He grabbed the xenomorph by the waist and pulled back. The xenomorph apparently had strong muscles down there as well as on their bodies as his cock was being sucked inside and it was not being let go.

He viciously tore his body back and the alien pussy finally relented its hold on his cock, he slammed forward once only the tip was inside and the alien shuddered in pleasure.

Her tail slithered towards his mouth and plunged inside, penetrating his throat that unwillingly opened up. She took her tail out from the researcher's mouth and started slithering down towards his tight asshole. The researcher froze in fear and she could smell his fear, but this only turned her on even more.

'Oh no i've made a massive mistake… but, there are guys who are into this kind of stuff, right? It cant be that bad…' His mindset changed at that moment and slightly bent forward while stopping his plundering so that he didn't accidentally stab himself with her tail.

She slowly wiggled her tail inside until the first join and felt the researchers cock inside her harden even more, making her smile with her scary looking mouth. 'Weak Spot' she thought

She pushed forward with her tail until 6 inches of it was inside and she found a spot that was different from the rest of his tight asshole. She stimulated this spot and felt the researcher's cock inside her burst his seed into her pussy.

The researched had enough of being dominated so he grabbed her waist and pulled out of her completely, causing the alien's tail to go inside of him by another 6 inches. He lined up his cock with her star shaped asshole and slowly inserted his harder than rock cock inside. The xenomorph struggled against her restraints as her tight asshole gave way to the researchers cock.

After sheathing himself inside the alien to the hilt he started moving back and forward all the while the alien was trying to milk him dry. He forcefully tore his cock out until the tip and slammed forward with full force. His asshole was getting stimulated so he wasn't going to last long but he will give this alien bitch in heat at least one more orgasm. He reached forward and started fondling her alien tits all the while avoiding her tail that was in the way.

His prostate was being massaged while he massaged the aliens tits and he slammed back and forth.

'Crap, I'm close… I won't be able to give her another orgasm at this rate… I didn't wanna use magic in this world but I guess I'm being given no other choice, this is a matter of pride.'

"Inflation of prices!" A magic spell used by gods to inflate prices of heretics that dared to use money as a trading commodity. Modified by yours truly to inflate the pleasure felt by the person being cast on, all the while lowering their threshold. A perfect spell! Mwhhahahahahahahaha.

The xenomorph screeched one more time and came harder than she could bear, falling unconscious. However her anus was very much still active after her falling asleep. Her anus gripped his cock harder than ever and he couldn't hold it back anymore. He came with the force of god inside her asshole and filled up her rectum with cum.

He panted with exhaustion for a while before finally recovering. He pulled her spiny tail out of his abused asshole with care and was astonished to find so much of her tail being up there! Who knew he was such a butt slut? He didn't even realise that half her tail was up there.

He pulled out of the alien butthole and slowly backed away from the alien to not disturb her sleep. "Mmhmmhhm I'll be back, don't you worry pretty girl. Daddy will fuck you good every single time I can afford to." The researcher creepily said.

He was about to walk away when the sound of iron being cracked and broken sounded in his ears. 'Oh shit'

He ran to the doors but his mind was still jumbled so he had forgotten how to open the doors. Right before the doors opened he was wrapped around by a tail and a foreign voice intruded upon his mind

'Where do you think you are going human? We are not done yet.' The tail turned him around and he saw her in her fully glory. A number 9 on her forehead and tits out, swinging up and down. Cum dripping down her leg from her abused pussy and anus. The sight instantly got him rock hard again.

The xenomorph grinned.

An: That was fun to write. I wanna write something with an MC that is half-xenomorph and half-human or half-human half-yautja but I don't know where that story would go. No clue yet. Just an idea that has taken root inside my mind.