Chapter 00 – Prologue of Roses

Remnant – Five Days after the Battle for Haven:

It was a beautiful night in Mistral; at least that's what one Ruby Rose thought as she walked back to her temporary residence. She had wanted some peace and quiet after the previous day was pretty loud, for good reason given it was her birthday, finally turning 17 years old. Though she did enjoy the peace she got as she made her way back from a quick errand.

"It's nice that things are sort of getting back to normal," Ruby admitted with a soft sigh as she went to take her usual shortcut. Everything just seemed to be going up in Mistral, reuniting with her friends, managing to protect the relic and the school. Even if there were a few bumps and issues in the end, they managed to keep Haven and Mistral more intact than Beacon and Vale. Now they were planning on heading to Atlas, but resting up and figuring out a game plan.

She was soon snapped out of her thoughts however, when a gold glow began to descend in front of her. She tilted her head as she saw gold gears and clocks start to form, all bundled together. They then spread apart, creating a black liquid-like portal between them all. A strange armored warrior suddenly landed on its knees in front of her.

It wore a black bodysuit decorated with predominantly grey and cobalt blue armoring. Various gold accented armor pieces decorated it alongside two large shoulders that held black mantles with gold rimming and silver detailing. Its helmet was angular but rounded, having a gold featureless face with a single black slit where the eyes would be. The slit soon lit up in blue as the warrior stood up, some whirring being heard.

Ruby could only stare as she positioned herself in a more defensive stance, slowly reaching for her Crescent Rose, clearly not willing to take any chances. "It's… a robot?"

"I am but a humble Retainer, and I am here for a Rose." The golden machine declared. From its eyes it began scanning the area, collecting data on the surroundings alongside Ruby. His scanners picked up that Ruby matched the criteria he was looking for. "Hair and Eye Color Match, Ms. Rose I have come to take you to my Overlord."

"Overlord…?" Ruby trailed as she tilted her head, a bit confused by the declarations. She figured it wasn't Salem, given he would have said something more effeminate regarding her. But she needed more information and to keep him talking. "Why do you want me? Are you with Salem?"

"As if she could hold a candle to my Overlord," The Retainer scoffed as he chose to approach, realizing that Ruby was reaching for her weapon. "Now then you will be coming with me. Do not make this difficult."

"How about no," Ruby drew her weapon out in its rifle mode, firing several times at the Retainer. If anything she was hoping that the gunfire would draw enough attention in this area of the city.

Sparks flew from the mechanical warrior as the bullets landed clean against him. Despite the sparks flying however there didn't seem to be any significant damage. The Retainer picked up his pace, rushing in with one hand held forward to grab at Ruby. As he made his grab he soon found that he was holding a handful of rose petals instead.

"Hmm…?" He was confused as he opened up his hand, the petals flying off and disintegrating before the sudden sensation of bullets rebounding against his back was felt. "Do not make this more difficult than it needs to be Ms. Rose." He turned, tilting his head slightly when he noticed Ruby's weapon had a larger unfolded scythe formation.

Ruby let out a yell as she jumped forward, aiming her scythe back and pulling the trigger. The recoil from the shot allowed her to launch forward as she seemed to be going for a direct attack against the Retainer. However right as she got near him she turned into a flurry of rose petals that shot past him.

The Retainer felt the scythe slam into his shoulder and chest, attempting to dig into his armor but only causing minor sparks. He gave a grunt as he glanced back to see Ruby give a surprise look in his direction.

"That's a tough shell," Ruby realized before giving a light grunt, making sure her scythe was kept hooked in place. "Let's see if it can handle this!" She fired another bullet to use the recoil alongside her swing to try and cut into the warrior, if maybe also cut through him. To her surprise only sparks flew as the scythe remained where it was. "Huh?"

"That weapon will not harm me," The Retainer shifted his hands, summoning a gold and silver trident, the weapon materializing and forcing Crescent Rose off of him. The sudden jerk of her weapon caused Ruby to stumble and hit a wall. The mechanical servant then aimed his trident at Ruby's neck to keep her from making any movements. "You have caused me too much trouble. Yield now and I won't have to harm you."

Suddenly however a glyph appeared right in front of him, a large sword being released from it as the Retainer was forced to block with his trident, staggering back as a result.

"Get away from her!"

The Retainer turned his head only to receive a sudden fist to his face alongside a shotgun blast. He moved away and quickly spun his trident out to keep anyone from getting too close.

"Guys, thank goodness." Ruby sighed in relief and relaxed when she saw that her teammates and sister, Weiss, Blake and Yang had arrived. Weiss and Yang had taken the initiative in forcing the mechanical servant away while Blake went over to help Ruby.

"Are you okay?" Blake asked.

"Y-Yeah, just a bit shaken up, this guy is tough." Ruby admitted.

"I don't know what he wants with you, but we're not letting him take you. Not now," Weiss said, giving a glare as she pointed her weapon towards their opponent.

"Yeah, and I'm about to turn you into scrap for messing with my little sister," Yang growled out, her eyes giving a dangerous red glare. She blinked however, the eyes softening to a lilac coloration as she was now confused. "Wait, what?" She suddenly realized that despite her attack there was no visible damage to the Retainer.

"How is that helmet not dented in?" Blake asked.

"Crescent Rose couldn't cut him either, I thought he was just a machine given the noises he made. But his metal is next level stuff," Ruby admitted.

"Not even a slice from Crescent Rose?" Blake questioned.

"What the heck is this thing anyway?" Yang wondered as she got ready for the machines next move.

"Well it's not Atlas tech, I can guarantee that," Weiss answered.

"Allow me to take Ms. Rose to my Overlord and we will not have any issues," The Retainer said almost stubbornly, clearly he wasn't changing his mind anytime soon, even with the full team formed against him. "However this makes things difficult…" He soon however lowered his trident before holding his hand up. "Very well then..."

"What?" Ruby questioned before spotting a golden flash near her and Blake.

Before Ruby could say anything a hand grabbed at Blake's shoulder, Blake's eyes widened as she was pushed before a trident was slammed into her gut. Blake's eyes widened before her form suddenly dissipated, it being a copy as the real Blake was now further away. The Retainer was now between Ruby and Blake, had he not grabbed her and went in fully for a surprise attack she wouldn't have gotten so lucky.

Blake had tried to move in only for the Retainer to swing his weapon, forcing her to draw out hers in order to block against it. The mechanical servant then pushed further, managing to win the clash and send her stumbling back.

Blake was ready to strike when she noticed Yang and Weiss staring partially at her, "What?" She then noticed how the two were positioned and turned towards them, seeing the Retainer still where he was before looking back and realizing that he hadn't teleported but brought in a second version of him. "Just how many are there?"

"As many as needed," The second Retainer said before raising his trident to block against a scythe swing from Ruby, soon shifting to get both weapons in a lock. "However we will be ending this now, be hopeful as this visitation won't take long relatively speaking." He then pulled before dismissing his weapon and grabbing onto Crescent Rose, forcing Ruby between it and him as he kept her movements restricted.

"Let go!" Ruby growled out as she tried to break free but her movements were tightly restricted as she began to be forced backwards.

"Let her go!" Yang yelled out as she began to run forward, only to suddenly trip as a blast of energy hit the ground near her alongside Weiss and Blake, catching the trio off guard. The first Retainer had released blasts of energy from its trident to keep the trio from trying anything.

At that moment two portals opened up, the two resembling the one from earlier as both Retainers began move into them, the first went alone while the second kept Ruby in a tight lock.

"Ruby!" Yang tried to get up but stumbled as she reached her hand out, trying to move forward as quick as she could.

"Yang!" Ruby tried to break free but by the time she was able to even get a bit of movement in she was suddenly swallowed by the portal once the Retainer dragged her into it enough. The first Retainer had been swallowed by his portal at the same time. And just like that they were completely gone, no traces that they had been there aside from the small scuffle that had occurred.

Yang stared in shock as she stopped and fell to her knees. She stayed on her knees for a few more minutes as the realization hit her. Closing her eyes she let out a yell before punching the ground.

Both Blake and Weiss stared in surprise at what happened, the two exchanging a glance as they both wondered if it had actually happened. Despite this the two rushed over to Yang who was continuously letting her fist hit against the ground in frustration.

?.?.? – ?.?.?.?

Ruby gave a light groan, wondering if she had been knocked out but the most she recalled was being dragged into the portal and a vast darkness clouding everything. Actually that was what was happening right now, it was completely pitch black and she couldn't even see anything. Well that was until a spotlight suddenly appeared over her. Ruby quickly drew her weapon and got in a fighting stance before she heard… chuckling?

"Young warrior, there is no need to be so hostile," A deep and firm voice declared with a hint of amusement. "I know that the situation you've been presented with is not the most ideal. But you wouldn't have come to my aid in any other way. So force was necessary to place you where was needed."

"Is why I'm here because you're working with Salem? Just who are you?" Ruby asked as she kept her weapon at the ready.

"As if I'd work with that worthless Witch…" The voice remarked, disappointment being heard in his tone before clearing his throat. "As for whom I am, I am the most glorious, supreme overlord of all time."

"T-That… doesn't really give me a good idea of who you really are though?" Ruby trailed as she kept herself ready for a fight.

"In time you will learn young warrior, but ahead of you now is a most important mission." The voice spoke once more, faint red glowing being seen in the distance. "You will go to a planet named Earth and in time obtain a great power that will allow you to change the fates of not one but two worlds."

"I'm sorry but what about my world? What about my friends? I can't just abandon them for some mission you want me to do." Ruby argued, really not liking where this conversation was going. Sure getting stronger was always on her mind, but not like this. "I've got my own mission I still have to carry out."

"If all goes well, speaking relatively, this won't take long." The voice answered, almost repeating what the Retainer had said. Suddenly the dull red glow began to shine brighter, revealing the glow was coming from red katakana spelling the word 'Rider'.

"Huh… Rider…?"Ruby trailed as she somehow read the katakana before suddenly realizing what the voice said. "Wait what do you-" yelped as she was cut off by another portal appearing underneath her. Without solid ground she lost her footing easily and fell through with a yell.

"Changing the fate of two worlds is no easy task, but sometimes even great power cannot do such feats. If a new history is to be created, then a simpler solution is necessary. This is a solution that requires a smaller, honest soul. I do hope that you agree, boy of my youth."

Earth – Early November 2017:

Ruby yelled out as she suddenly fell onto the roof a tall building, thankfully the portal had been positioned not too far above it so her landing wasn't too hard. Falling only a little bit was easy though since her Aura was still active. Despite the slight pain she began to look around in a hurry, realizing she was finally out of the strange black void. Looking around it seemed she was high up and it was currently the middle of the night. She had no idea where she was at the moment, so some reconnaissance was needed to fix that fact.

That was until she felt lighter, as if something was missing from her body. Giving a light gasp she grabbed at her back before finding nothing, suddenly looking around in a panic. "Oh where is it, where is it?!" She began circling around the rooftop where she had landed, trying to find her Crescent Rose. Yet her personally custom made sniper scythe was nowhere to be seen. "It has to be here!"

As she frantically searched around, the clouds covering the sky overhead began to part. A beautiful light began shining down in contrast to the darkened sky. Ruby looked up after noticing the sudden shift in light but took a step back in shock once she did. The moon… was completely filled, not shattered from one end like she normally saw it.

"Just where am I…?" Ruby trailed and went to grab her Scroll when she felt something else in her pocket. Somehow slowly pulling out and lifting up a somewhat clunky device that seemed similar to a clock. Or rather it was a strange cross between a wristwatch and stopwatch. It was wide, almost like it was a belt buckle of sorts, the center being a clear red with blue accents surrounding an inactive digital screen. The strange part is it had two black ends sticking out that looked like something could be inserted onto them.

Staring down at the strange device, Ruby finally took note of something else. She began to look herself over as she realized one other important fact about her sudden appearance in this strange place…

"Why are my clothes so different?! And what happened to my cape?!"

Earth – 2068:

[Commemorating the first transformation of Tokiwa Sougo]

The same red glowing eyes stared at the plaque in front of him, on it being the statue of a young man in a strange pose, a similar device to the one Ruby had on his waist. Though in addition to the belt, on the right slot, was a strange stop-watch like device. Another detail was the strange clock-like glyphs behind him with the same katakana for rider in the center of it all. The biggest detail however was the larger than life statues of 19 armored warriors all around the center statue, all of them in various poses. The statues were of armored warriors, though they had varying themes, different belts, and barely any discernible connection could be made between them.

The red eyes belonged to a black armored warrior, having extravagant gold detailing all over his body alongside a clear clock motif. A gold belt bearing a resemblance to Ruby's but with bot slots filled, the center filling up with a digital 2018 in red. While he did seem similar to the armored statues, his appearance was far more extravagant. As if he wasn't just a warrior but a ruler, one whose posture showed that he was in control. He slowly but surely turned and had his back facing the statue now, staring ahead at the vast wasteland in front of him. The sky was dreary and the land was in complete ruins.

All around him were what could only be assumed as soldiers, though even then they could barely be classified as such. Everyone was in rags, their clothes torn, dirtied, it was like they were barely an army and more of a ragtag squadron of people who banded together.


"Get him!"

"Die you monster!"

"Down with the King!"

Whether it was on foot, motorcycle, wielding swords, rifles, rocket launchers, this ragtag army ran straight at the man. Any who were close enough began firing at him, though an invisible barrier deflected and absorbed their shots, leaving the man unscathed.

"Humph," The king figure simply raised his hand before flicking his wrist, numerous explosions occurring around him and engulfing all the soldiers that were trying to get near him. Anyone who was lucky enough to survive was thrown backwards.

Missiles suddenly rained down, but the man simply gave a grunt and held out his hand. An invisible energy washed over as the missiles were suddenly being held in place. As if that wasn't enough, various large machines with a singular red dot as an eye began marching forward. This made the armored man at least start moving more actively, or rather waving his arms around. The machines began being tossed into each other, slammed into missiles, thrown into the raging fires from the explosions. It was chaos as not even these machines could even put up a good fight.

The armored man simply held his hand, a gold flash occurring from his palm as now the machines were frozen in place alongside any explosions and flames.

"You fools could never defeat me. And do you know why?" He declared and questioned as he brought his hand near him, a black wave spreading out from him that turned everything it touched into ashes. "…Because I was born to be king."

Time resumed as the fires continued to rage while the king kept his confident stance, staring at all those beaten and battered by using only a fraction of his power. While he had his own plans, he was partially unaware of two individuals in his time who would make a bold move in trying to stop him. Even so, he still stood by his decision.

'Everything has been set into motion… however the one who determines how this all ends, is the boy of my youth.'

Earth – Late November 2017:

Ruby gave a loud yawn as she lied down on a park bench, completely exhausted as she had been moving from place to place once she arrived. Needless to say she was a bit annoyed at how directionless her mission was. The only clue she had to go on was the glowing red 'Rider' she had managed to read but even then before she could even pursue that she had to figure out how she was going to last.

While she had managed to bum around certain spots, she didn't stay for long because she felt about staying somewhere without offering much in return. Not to mention despite her Lien being converted into what she soon found out was Yen, alongside there being a lot of it, she wasn't sure if she'd even have enough to stay somewhere for a while. Even if constantly eating barely put a dent into it, she didn't want to risk running out.

She didn't have Crescent Rose or her Scroll to even try and attempt contact. Even her huntress gear had changed into a black hooded jacket with dark red jeans and sneakers. To top it all off she lost her signature cape and in its place had a red scarf. A scarf of which she realized was a pain to get cleaned due to how high quality it was, but it ended in her meeting someone she'd regularly visit to make sure it got properly treated.

But aside from the small moments, she was in the dark entirely. She had no idea how to travel around in what she soon discovered was Tokyo, and she had no equipment of any kind. Well aside from the strange clock-like device she held. But even that did nothing when she tried using it. At this point though sleep seemed like the best option…

"Uh, hello there… are you okay?" A voice asked as Ruby looked up groggily, seeing a teen that was about her age, with brown hair and oddly baggy clothes.

"Huh? Yeah… just tired, been pretty busy." Ruby nearly mumbled with a light yawn.

The Teen blinked a few times, "You have silver eyes…"

"Huh? Oh yeah, I guess it's a bit rare huh?" Ruby mentioned as she shifted slightly.

"Are… are you sure your okay?" The Teen asked.

Ruby sighed, realizing where this was going. "I've been trying to find a place to stay. But it's been hard, plus… I'm not really from around her so it's been hard adjusting. But trust me, I'm fine."

"Do you not have a place to go?" An older man with glasses asked as he walked over. Ruby assumed the man was the teen's parent or at least a guardian given on second glance he seemed a bit too old to be a father.

"I uh… some stuff happened and I ended up on my own here," Ruby admitted, deciding to tell some of the truth, she just had to be careful on what she disclosed. "I've been getting by with what I can but I'm not really sure what to do next…"

The Teen gave a concerned look before turning towards the older man, "Hey Uncle, we have a room right? I know you want to have them rented out but…"

The Uncle gave a thoughtful look, glancing towards Ruby and seeing that her clothing looked pretty rough and dirtied aside from the scarf. While it didn't seem like she was homeless since her clothing and appearance weren't terrible, he was worried that a girl like her wouldn't last much longer. So he cleared his throat. "Um, Miss… if you need a place to stay-"

"Oh… I wouldn't want to impose on you two," Ruby said as she lifted herself up and held up her hands. "I've been trying to not be too much trouble since I only have so much…"

"Well I don't think it would be too much of a problem," The Teen insisted with a smile. "I think we can work something out."

"Exactly," The Uncle nodded before thinking a bit, soon snapping his fingers. "How about this, I run a clock shop as part of my residence but I do have extra rooms available for rent. But I can cut that rent down to a fairly minimum amount." He explained. "So long as you work around the shop alongside performing errands and chores, I'd be more than happy to accommodate you."

"…R-Really?" Ruby asked in a slight stunned state, surprised by the amount of kindness and leeway that she was offered despite only just meeting the two. "Are you sure?"

"Of course we're sure, I wouldn't be a proper king if I didn't help others out," The Teen smiled as he put his hands behind his back.

"Oh are you royalty?" Ruby asked, immediately jumping onto the idea of the teen being a king in the making or something along those lines.

"Sort of… it's actually my dream. I want to be a King." The Teen answered firmly, much to the uncle's apprehension. Though despite the worried look he gave his nephew it shifted to a more supportive one.

"Huh, you want to be a King?" Ruby asked before giving a nod, it was one thing that made a bit of sense to her in this strange new world. Plus she was reminded of her own dream of becoming a Huntress oddly enough. "That sounds like a wonderful dream."

"Sounds like you two are hitting it off pretty well," The Uncle was nearly beaming to see his nephew interact more closely with someone else. Especially since Ruby seemed to be around his age as well. He gave a kind smile as he looked over at Ruby. "So miss, what do you say?"

Ruby thought on it for a while before giving a nod, "Alright, I'll take that deal and I won't let you down!"

"Awesome!" The teen called out with a fist pump, glad to see that they managed to convince Ruby.

"Oh that's right," Ruby suddenly realized. "I should probably introduce myself, I'm Ruby Rose."

"Ah very foreign, yet you speak wonderful Japanese," The Uncle admitted. "It's like you're a natural."

"Oh really, I'm glad to hear that." Ruby answered, wondering just what the logistics were with languages. Did everyone on Remnant speak Japanese? Given she was able to read the strange red lettering as well as speak and understand the language well here. Or was it a side effect of whoever had sent her here?

Her thoughts however were interrupted by the teen soon holding out his hand, "It's nice to meet you Ruby, I'm Sougo Tokiwa."

"It is time for the Heisei Kamen Riders to pass their power down to the future! But with the appearance of a simple, honest soul far from home, what will the future hold? Rejoice, for the birth of a new age!"

New Story – Rider Time Zi-O: Roze from Remnant

"I think Sougo's dream is fine."

"This will grant you incredible power."

"Zi-O's power is unrivaled throughout time."

"How's an ordinary girl like you so fast?!"

"Just what is going on? He shouldn't have friends."

"I'll become the greatest and most beloved Overlord of all time!"


Chapter 01: New Kingdom 2068

Author's Note:

I had this sitting since late April ever since I got the idea thanks to some discussions online. There are probably many questions you all have but I'll try and get what this story is going to be out of the way. This is essentially going to be an AU of both Kamen Rider Zi-O and RWBY post Volume 5, so expect things to get a lot crazier here.

While I enjoyed Zi-O's story well enough, there were some parts I will admit were lacking. Luckily thanks to the magic of written work and not having to worry about the limitations of live action filming (actors, suits, etc), I can run a bit wild as a result. Needless to say come Chapter 01 you'll realize that things are going to be very, very different. I mean after all, what's the fun in what is essentially an Isekai if the character that gets dropped off in a new place doesn't have actions that affect the balance of both worlds as a result of the two worlds briefly meeting.

This is more of a fun project if anything else and it will also help if I want to continue writing but don't want to write for Re:Kamen Rider Smash. Not to mention with KR Smash I do at least have a plan on how I want that series to go and end. I was pretty meticulous about lining up upgrades and plot points. This one's a bit less meticulous and more relaxing, but I still do have a semi-plan. I do hope to get a bit of a backlog going though. And I wouldn't expect more than a monthly update for both this and Re:Kamen Rider Smash if I get lucky. The plan is to also try and go for further into the month when it comes to releases, so likely the last two weeks. The reason KR Smash and this one were so early into the month this time was mostly to let people know Smash is still running, and to let this one be known. Plus the monthly releases will allow me to plan better and view RWBY Volume 8 when it's time since it'll be hard to plan an arc for Volume 7 given it's cliffhanger of an ending. But anyway that's enough rambling from me, I do hope you'll enjoy this new series.