She should have known that the minute they stepped from that cage, everyone would go crazy.

After all, this year's comeback, in her opinion, was the most internationally memorable. Aside from numbers and YouTube statistics, everybody was totally into it, especially the chorus part. Numerous tweets, trending hash-tags, and a spot on Billboard Hot 10 proved it all, didn't it?

Meanwhile, it was their first performance on the MMA this year, and she couldn't be more relieved; at least their managing team decided that for BLACKPINK's reputation's sake it would be better to attend the show.

She thought their intro will be epic, but, honestly, that cage thing they were inside, was really weird. How long were they standing here, a whole 5 minutes? "Pfft, come on YG, you can do better..." - she thought to herself, rolling eyes. Whatever it was, this stupid cage couldn't spoil her mood right now; nothing could. Today, this is their stage, so she is going to have the time of her life, despite hundreds of cameras around them and cautionary lectures they were exposed to before going on stage.

Here is Lisa with her sick rap part, and then comes Rose's pre-chorus. And all this time she is doing her best, dancing the choreography, because, truth be told, she loved performing; adrenaline in the blood, thousands of spotlights, and everyone's eyes on them - seemed like she was born for this. "Bitch," she thinks, smirking at singing Jisoo with a red crop-top, "how is she able to pull off almost every shit our stylists give her?"

Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du!

The drums drop iconic hard beat that echoes in her whole body.

"Well, whatever everyone might be saying, they cannot deny the fact that our songs are lit," she thinks on the edge of her mind, before it's her turn. "There you go," - she thinks cockily, stepping forward with a seducing cat-walk. She tried to make it flawless, every time she rapped; this time wasn't an exception.

I'm getting money by the hundreds, all my GQ's spread like hummus...

Thanks to Teddy Park, the lyrics were almost always on top. Nevertheless, she always tried to get involved in the writing process, though she knew the company wouldn't let music-production in their hands yet. But what the hell were those four years of music college in California for? And Rose's instrumental skills? What about that time, when Jennie had her song-filled notebook going missing? Almost 300 pages filled with chords and fantastic rhymes! Crap. Plus, almost every one of them spoke English more fluent that most of the writers team. "Boom, roasted," she thought to herself and snorted.

At least, her very persistent nature sometimes took over, and Teddy would give in. Like the time he let her and Jennie include their ideas in the rap line of Whistle.

At the second pre-chorus, she noticed that most of the groups have already arrived and were seated on that shiny circular platform. There are... Twice...Momoland... oh! here is Mamamoo, and that group is most likely Wanna One... our IKON... She could clearly see that some of them were bored, like that guy over there, stifling his yawn. She amusedly grunted, "come on, guys! can't you all just have fun? I know we've all worked our asses off this year - we deserve a break."

She knew idol's life wasn't all about flowers and rainbows. It had its hard times too, everybody here had experienced them. A quick thought about staying back in Hollywood popped in her head, but she annoyingly brushed it off. No, she doesn't give up so easily. She won't.

She noticed a new group's arrival, with the corner of her eyes. When the boys did the iconic shooting move and started jamming to the song, she knowingly snorted. BigHit's international stars arrived. By the way, it was not the first time she has seen them going wild over BlackPink's songs at the award shows. Girls were convinced - they are BLACKPINK's fans. No wonder why they were almost the only male group out of most there, freely dancing to the song. Everyone in this industry, including the girls themselves, knew that with the annual income BigHit receives from managing BTS, boys are more than allowed to do whatever they wish. And that included particular freedom at the award shows.

"But when it comes to the girl groups, unfairly," she thought indignantly, "they are controlled more strictly. And more unfairly, when it comes to the YG girl groups - they are treated like freaking prisoners!" Honestly speaking though, not that she was actually paying attention to many management's rules, but BTS really couldn't care less about restrictions, even if they had any at all.

She mentally prepared herself to the bridge, the culmination of the song, and her all-time favorite part. There was always the shiver going down her spine, she completely dissolved in the music, the beats reverberated in the bones.


Turns out under overcoming emotions she yelled that part way too loud, that is why girls glanced at her confusedly, midway dancing. Lisa along with Rose loudly snorted, while Jennie suppressed her giggles, and Jisoo almost lost balance, trying to contain herself. While doing her favorite sexy body-rolls, she thought about how poor Lee - assistant responsible for their stage performance - will report it to the team, and suppressed a grin.

Well, in fact, at first she was intending to sign up a contract with BigHit; she already had an appointment with their recruiting agent, with whom she discussed all conditions and credentials - everything was ready. But she changed her mind in the last second, and went through the main gates of YG Entertainment with resolute intentions. And no one knew about it, not even the girls.

BigHit was an expert in terms of promotion and ruling company's ownership, but in the music field, YG was far ahead of it. They were the professionals of qualified production. And because music was more important to her than fancy decorations and light-shows, she chose YG. Well, she couldn't say she regretted the choice she made, nor can she claim that it's all went perfect afterward. Naturally, there are some problems hard to deal with, but overall, she'd say she liked her job, liked the members of the group, and liked the music they create with Teddy.

"What the hell was that, Xena?" Rose choked with laughter after the performance, while Lisa tried to impersonate her from now on iconic yell. Xena threw water from the bottle over four of them, grinning.

"Oh shut it, will you all?" she amusingly murmured, watching Jisoo and Jennie roar with laughter.

She liked her job. She really did.

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