It was a quiet and peaceful evening, the guests on a luxurious cruise ship were indulging in a violin solo.

In the middle of the stage stood a graceful young girl playing slowly. She has cyan-blue long wavy hair, her gentle eyes were like peaceful sea waves. Her dark red plaid shirt and green short skirt usually would be very bad collocations for other girls, but matched perfectly for her. It made her look full of youthful vitality and being elegant at the same time.

"Usagi, you are a grown girl yet still dreaming of Prince Charming!" A beautiful girl with long black hair was laughing at a lively cute girl beside her.

"Because I have met so many of them," said the young girl with her tongue sticking out to the dark-haired girl, who was shaking her head. "Beside Mamoru, there is Prince Demande ..." When Usagi came to this, she suddenly stopped talking.

When the blue-haired girl on the stage heard the name, she trembled slightly. And at that moment the violin inadvertently played a more sad note than before. Many guests thought it was impromptu and got impressed even more. Some people still couldn't believe that she was so skilled at such young age, no wonder she was called "Michiru Kaiou The Violin Genius".

No one noticed her strange reaction except for a blonde pretty "boy" in the front row under the stage.

The blue-haired girl's delicate hands stared to skillfully play her own best: Jules Massenet's " Méditation ", which tells that the famous courtesan Thaïs became a devout worshiper under the influence of the monk Athanaël and leave her wicked past behind. The girl's thoughts also went through to the far end of time, to her dream.



It happened in the once prosperous civilization on the now dead moon: the center hall of the Silver Millennium Kingdom.

Despite the constant bad news from the earth, Princess Serenity was still unmoved. She held another grand ball with her lover Prince Endymion of the earth, and even invited all her senshi guaridans to enjoy her happiness together.

A tall figure walked slowly into the hall. No one has seen this young man before, but few people could not look at him because of his appearance. He was dressed in a luxurious white dress with delicate dark purple lines engraved on it, thus everyone knew that he must be a noble figure. The face beneath the silver hair was very handsome, even rivals the prince of Earth. A pair of purple pupils made him even more eye-catching, but they were filled with icy arrogance.

As soon as the man walked into the hall, he attracted the attention of many guests. One after another, they began to gossip about the mysterious man. Several single female guests bravely went to get in word but did not get any response from him.

Like all the guests, his gazed upon Princess Serenity, who was in the middle of the hall. The blond-haired princess looked like a fairy from another world, she always attracted the sight from everyone at any party. Like the full moon, she made the surrounding stars appear dull.

But the princess's crystal clear eyes were fixed on Prince Endymion, not even giving this mysterious man a look.

The man's eyes quickly moved away from the lovers with disappointment. The princess seemed to be completely unaware of all this. Prince Endymion noticed the man, and showed a polite smile towards him.

A girl standing in the corner of the hall accidentally caught the man's attention. At the first moment of seeing her, the cold purple eyes sparkled with amazement. The gracefully beautiful girl has long, wavy cyan-blue hair, her eyes are shiny and gentle like aquamarine. Although the green dress worn on her is quite inferior to the princess's dress, it looks particularly elegant on her. She is such a gorgeous lady.

"How handsome that man is," the female companion next to the blue-haired girl thought he was looking at herself and said with a blush on her face, "Yeah, what a beautiful boy," the girl spoke with her feminine voice, "Are you going to play with him?" Her smile was generous and full of charm, and she didn't seem to notice the visitor's eyes has stayed on her longer than Princess Serenity.

The piece of singing and dancing was broken by sudden chaos. With terrible screams, several guards outside the door rushed into the hall. Four beautiful girls behind Princess Serenity hurriedly stopped in front of her faster than Endymion. Among them, the seemingly intellectual girl with short blue hair calmly asked the situation. But the guards did not answer. They rushed towards the princess like mad oxs, and their eyes were as fierce as demon. The guests exclaimed, and some were preparing to flee.

The four girls were immediately shrouded in different colors of light. The vigorous ponytail girl in the green sailor suit put down a mad guard easily with her kicks.

The cyan-blue haired girl rushed in front of the mysterious man, ignoring the shouts of her companions behind her. Despite wearing a long mopping skirt, she is still agile and fit. She raised her hands high, the water wave-shaped energy accumulated in her hand and turned into a bright blue light ball, then it quickly flew at his

A upside-down black moon symbol appeared on the forehead of the man, which is somewhat similar to the moon in the forehead of the Silver Millennium royal family. A pair of purple and black crystal earrings appeared as well, which made that handsome face looked more charming in an evil way. He waved his left hand and struck aside the girl's energy ball with ease. More people began to flee in exclamation. The man smiled contemptuously at the princess, but there was no fear in the princess's eyes, but she was still looking at Endymion's eyes full of concern.

However, to everyone's surprise, the white dressed man did not step forward to attack Princess Serenity, but instead stared at the cyan-blue haired girl which nobody paid attention to. Then he suddenly reached out and grabbed her slender arm. The girl was also shocked with surprise, but she couldn't break away. After he looked around the people with sarcasm, a strong wind swept through the palace and the two figures disappeared from everyone's eyes.

"Neptune!" The princess exclaimed, and the four guardians still surrounded her, fearing that the mysterious man would make a comeback. Endymion was rearranging the guards, but his sight never truly left the princess. The companions of the cyan-blue haired girl stood stunned and was answering questions from the guards, their faces were filled of worries ...

Not knowing how long it has passed, but the girl finally woke up. She looked around, it was a weird castle. The sculptural style is wicked and demonic with a unique high class taste, which was very different from the architecture of the Silver Millennium Kingdom. But she was put on a full white dress and long skirt, which seemed out of place with the style of this castle. It was even more gorgeous than the one on Princess Serenity. She has never tried such clothes at the parties of the Silver Millennium. Had she received them as a gift, she would gently thank the person and secretly look at herself in the mirror when nobody was around. But at this moment, such dress only brought her shame and anger.

The man's figure appeared at the door. "You must be Sailor Neptune. Sorry for being a little rude at our first meeting. My name is Prince Demande, leader of the Black Moon Clan. "His voice was full of magnetism and strong, but it made her even more disgusted in this situation. "It's true, the dress has made you so dazzling, that is more beautiful than I have imagined. "

The senshi's body trembled slightly, as if she realized something. Then she raised her head and looked at Demande, "A true gentleman indeed, your Royal Highness," A cold sneer appeared on her flushing face.

"Make you misunderstood, it is a dress-up was done instantly with the power of Malefic Black Crystal." Prince Demande slowed his voice and slowly waved his hand, "just like the Silver Crystal." With a burst of light, a bright emerald immediately appeared on the chest of her dress. The girl had to admit that what he said was true.

"Is this the most romantic way of dating you can think of?" The angry expression gradually faded from the girl's face, but she continued to make ironic comments in a soft tone, and her fists secretly clenched.

"This is the best I can do with Nemesis for now. But don't worry, we will return to the moon palace soon. And you will stand in the center of the stage and enjoy everyone's gaze." Demande paused for a moment, and seemed to realize the sarcasm in her words. He then showed a smug smile, "The Silver Millennium Kingdom will soon be destroyed by the earth people under the Dark Kingdom's sway. I've just saved the most beautiful gem among them. "Demande waved his hand again, and holo images of the future appeared in front of Neptune. His gaze rested on Neptune's shocked face. For the first time, the two looked at each other, and she found that Demande was so intoxicated with her face as he was admiring some great artwork, along with desire of conquest. No man has ever stared at her like that. Either just with slight respect or being completely ignorant of her beauty.

Neptune's face is still full of disgust, and her blue eyes gave him nothing but cold gaze. However, deep down inside her heart, the prince's sight made her feel a little weirdly satisfied.

"Pathetic people, the eternal life has made them lost the will to fight. All Endyimon could do is to die with his lover, such a weakling doesn't deserve anything at all." Contempt and disdain emerged from Demande's eyes, "This is why beauty should only belong to the strong and protected by power." The provocative prince looked at Neptune again, at that moment it seemed like flame has come from his purple eyes and wanted to wrap up her fully. Neptune immediately figured out his next thoughts. The black moon on Demande's forehead suddenly turned into a terrifying eye, emitting a dazzling light. Neptune gradually felt dizzy, and his body was drifted toward Demande by magic force. At this moment, Neptune's slender body lost the vitality and looked like a puppet, her eyes also lost the spirits and turned void.

Demande couldn't help but frown, every time he tried to use brute force to seize beauty, there would be such a tangle in his heart. Their charming beauty would disappear without a trace, and they became a pair of corpses that had lost their souls. Therefore, deep down, he blamed and questioned himself every time ...

Neptune suddenly felt that the magical power exerted on her had disappeared. Her head suddenly rose, her dull eyes suddenly regained brightness, and her beautiful face showed a cold and firm look, so inviolable and sacred like a goddess. Demande was shocked and couldn't help himself.

Long ago, Neo Queen Serenity also gave him this look. It hurt his pride but also caused him to be fascinated and determined to get her. Although Princess Serenity has the same appearance, she has never shown such glamor like her reincarnation. However, when he saw Neptune, he subtly felt the existence of such charm from her.

Demande found that he was not wrong, and now such unique glamour came to his sight again. However she showed firm refusal, too. His pride was hurt once again ...

Just when Demande thought Neptune would coldly leave like the Neo Queen, she spread her slender arms and pounced at the prince. It wasn't until the pain in the left ear made Demande regained his mind.

It turned out that she seized this fleeting opportunity, and the seemingly deliciated hand suddenly rushed like a hawk, pulling the Malefic Black Crystal earring from Demande.

Then the senshi disappeared from his sight. The empty palace left only the stunned Demande alone, the splendid image and strong manner of Sailor Neptune still echoed in his mind. In particular, the proud look flashed on her face after snatching his earring, along with the mocking scene in her eyes left the prince fascinated...

Demande would have been alerted under ordinary occasion. Even if Neptune made such a gesture as soon as he came to her, he would be unmoved because he didn't like women being too attentive. But she just sucker punched him at the perfect moment.

All of this has been her plan...

He indeed has underestimated her. She was smarter than he had expected and thus showing her unique charm. She might have a bigger plan for the Malefic Black Crystal earring. He suddenly found that Neptune and his own ideas are somewhat similar. When he was using his eye's power moments ago, several pictures also flowed to his mind. They were so tragic and difficult to believe, each of which made him feel pity. He knew it was Neptune's memory, so he was even more surprised.

Such a gorgeous and tenacious girl, he must have her. He can't let her bury herself with the rotten Silver Millennium Kingdom.

Prince Demande seemed to be amused and attracted by Sailor Neptune ...