A Dreadful Story

(This is a work of fan fiction. The Haunted Mansion, and all of its characters, except Megan, are owned by the Disney Corporation. )

Megan hurridly chewed her buttermilk biscuit with tomato gravy, while peering out of the window.

"Gus, I'm suprised," she said, glancing at the little ghost on the counter, "You don't even like tomatoes."

"I am a wellspring of suprises," Gus said, tucking back into his breakfast.

"You're a spring of something, ya hairy little cactus," said Ezra. He glanced over at Megan. "Why on earth do you keep looking out the window?" he asked.

"I'm expecting a rather important package today," she replied.

"Is it food?" asked Gus hopefully.

"No, it's not THAT important," said Megan. "Just a little something for the holidays. It's here!"

Megan hurried down the hallway, smiling to Granny as she went. She got to the front door just as the doorbells familiar dirge sounded.

"Uh.. hello?" the driver said, looking mildly supprised to have been greeted by a fellow mortal. "Shriek Factory.." he read from the label, "little early for Halloween, dontcha think?"

"Everyday is Halloween, Dear," Granny said, smiling at him over Megans shoulder.

He tossed the package to Megan, and ran down the driveway.

"Young people today are so high-strung, aren't they ?" Granny sighed.

"They are that," Megan said, closing the door.

"Something nice for the holidays?" asked Granny nodding at the package.

"I'm counting on it. I'll show you in a little bit," said Megan walking briskly down the hallway.

Ezra caught her up. Did ya see that kid fly?" he chuckled. "Grannys still got the goods."

Megan held the precious parcel to herself, and beamed at him. "This year, I'm going to do it up right."

"Halloween?" asked Ezra.

"I'm going to haunt my own house," she smiled.

"But Honey, we can do that for ya," said Ezra , looking a bit confused.

"With singing ghosts," Megan said.

"Yea..check," said Ezra .

"Singing pumpkins..the lot," Megan smiled. "

"Like I said..", Ezra replied.

Megan looked down, then up at him. "My Halloween season lasts a long time..,"

"Ditto, Kiddo," he said.

"And who complains about how much he has to do.. and how he's run off his feet at Halloween?"

Ezra puckered his mouth. She had him there. "Ok, what's in that magic box?"

"A projector that will let me animate my whole house," she said.

"A projector? Ya mean like one of those things where you watch vacation slides 'til you fall asleep?" Ezra smirked.

"Not at all. Give me a little time, and I'll set it up so you can see. It's sort of whimsical..I don't want to.." started Megan.

"Yea, yea, I know.. don't want to frighten the kiddos," Ezra said.

The lights suddenly dimmed. There was a faint smell of sulfur in the air.

"Oh no, " breathed Ezra, pulling his hat down lower on his head. He drew Megan close to him.

"Did I just hear a rather plebeian reference to persons of my age?" said a disembodied voice.

A pinpoint of light appeared, gradually expanding itself into the form of a boy. Unlike most of the other mansion ghosts, he appeared as a sepia image, as though he'd just stepped out of an ancient photograph.

"You did, dear brother.. and of course, it came from our dear friend Mr. Beane," said a girl with a large hairbow, appearing beside the boy.

"Wellington, Forsythia," Ezra said through clenched teeth, nodding to each of them.

The Dread Twins were infamous among the mansions ghosts, owing to the fact that their chief interests were interfering with the daily operations of the mansion, and gernerally acting like toffee-nosed miscreants toward their ghostly elders.

"Oh look Welly, Mr. Beane's .." Forsythia , waved her hand dismissively at Megan,"whatever you are. Yes, after your little performance..can we call it that? ..of the other night, I can quite understand why you'd lack the confidence to put a proper haunting together."

Wellington floated to Megan side. "Forsythia, do be charitable. I'm sure she did her best.." He looked her up and down. "..given what she has to work with."

Ezra grabbed Megan by the elbow. "Well, it's been fun, but we've got to run." He hurried Megan toward the staircase.

"I'm going to drop kick those two across the cemetery," murmered Megan.

"Get in line, Honey. Get in line," he replied

Wellington and Forsythia looked to each other. "They're giving some sort of magic lantern show, and they've forgotten to invite us," said Wellington.

"We must correct their oversight, " Forsythia smiled sweetly.