"Ladies and Gentlemen!" one of the judges shouted as he stood.

"I would like to thank you all for coming to this studio tonight and listening to the wonderful voices of every one of these talented ladies. Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for..." he paused and glanced towards the stage, extending one hand out towards the girls.

"The girls who have been chosen as finalists will be announced. Those of you not chosen, will go home with a check of 100 dollars as a token of our thanks for trying. Those of you who are chosen, I ask if you will please stay after everyone is gone, so we may explain the situation in store for you." with that, he returned to his seat.

"Seiya, your cue." another judge, beside the judge who had spoken, added as he glanced towards the stage.

Seiya nodded and stood up, walking towards the stage with 5 envelopes in his right hand. Minako's eyes never left the judging panel, more specifically, Yaten. He was watching her as well, smiling at her with a tint of hope. She smiled back, then glanced into the crowd.

"Hello, ladies..." Seiya whispered and winked as he walked up the stairs infront of the stage. Some of the girls giggled and smiled at him, but others just waved. He turned his back to them and stood in the middle of the stage. He held a microphone in his left hand, which was quickly raised.

"Now! As all of you know, each and every one of these girls did an amazing performance, but only 5 of the 30 will make it to the finals. That may not sound like very many, but there are 5 girls from about... 50 other studios being sent to the finals, so it's a pretty tough competition. Only 1 girl out of those 250 or more will be chosen by the record company."

Each of the girls on the stage glanced at each other, whispering with excitement. Seiya raised his right hand, the one containing the envelopes, to silence them.

"I shall start with 5th place, then move gradually up to first. Please, hold your applause until the last girl is announced, then go crazy! Girls out there, I know seeing me is hard enough to keep yourselves quiet, but hey... I think you can handle it." he winked. Laughs from girls in the audience could be heard.

He smiled, though more wide pride, and grabbed the envelope with the number 5 written on the front. Not a sound could be heard.

"Our fifth place winner is..." he lifted a small piece of paper out of the envelope, opened it, then stood sideways to face the girls, along with the crowd.

"Aisha Mikamora. Aisha, please step forward."

A girl looking a bit younger than Minako stepped forward with a happy smile. She had long silver hair which was held back in a green ponytail, matching her emerald eyes. Her skin was darkly tanned, and her body was covered in a black dress, stopping above her knees, and covered in silver glitter. The straps going over her shoudlers tied around her neck.

"Fourth place goes to Aki Himura!"

A much taller girl stepped forward. Her hair was shoulder length, and a streaked brown color. Her eyes were a bright blue. Her body was covered with a long, figure-hugging, white dress.

Minako bit her bottom lip. She was trying to keep herself from trembling.

"Third place is Makura Hanshou!"

A girl around Minako's age stepped forward. She had long raven hair, similar to Rei's, only hers had purple highlights. Her eyes were a dark brown, and her body was covered with a glittery black shirt, and a long black skirt that ended at her ankles.

"Second place goes to Kimura Nagasaki!"

A much older girl than the previous stepped forward. She appeared around her 20's, but was quite beautiful. Her hair was a little past her shoulders and blonde in color. Her eyes were green, and her body was covered with a sky blue dress, ending a little past her knees.

"Now! As you are all anxious to know... the first place winner is..." he slowely formed a grin on his face.

"Seiya Kou!"

Everyone in the audience began to laugh. Seiya placed the microphone on the stand before him, then crossed his arms.

"Oh...! I get it." he sniffed, then laughed.

"Okay, okay... I guess I was kidding." he smiled, then looked at the girls again.

"First place truely belongs to..."

"Minako Aino!"

Minako's eyes widened as a bright smile covered her face. She couldn't believe it. The crowd immediately bursted into shouts of excitement, clapping, and whistling. The girls who hadn't been chosen began making their way off of the stage.

"Minako-chan!" Yaten shouted, leaping onto the side of the stage as he ran towards her.

"Yaten!" Minako shouted, turning to face him. She ran towards him as well. As she met up with him, she lept up, throwng her arms around his neck. Yaten wrapped both of his arms tightly around her as he caught her, twirling her around once as the both of them laughed.

"I can't believe I did it!" she said gleefully, hugging his neck. He smiled brightly himself.

"I can!" he shouted as he gently let her down.

Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, ChibiUsa, ChibiChibi, and the Outers made their way onto the stage, joining Minako and Yaten. They all were laughing and talking at the same time, congradulating Minako.

Now... all Minako had left to do was find out what lay ahead of her for the finals...