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So, This is My Life Now.

The first thing I notice when I wake up is my vision is blurry and it won't fix itself, no matter how many times I blink. The second thing I feel small. The third and final thing I noticed there is a lot of beeping around me. I have concluded that I'm a baby!

"What the hell happened?"

My eyelids start getting heavy.

"Damn baby issues…"

My vision goes dark. I assume several days have passed, I can't tell, being a baby and constantly sleeping throws off my sense of time. During those days though, I found out my full name, the people who are taking care of me, and that I'm apparently in Japan. My full name is Nami Muto and the couple taking care of me is Hikari and Mamoru Muto. I assume they are married and I'm their child.

The fragments of how I died come to me in my sleep every night. I managed to put some pieces together. That day I was going on a trip with my family. I had two younger brothers; they were twins. On the plane, I sat in between them to avoid any problems that those two might decide to cause. I remember the plane shaking; we didn't think much of it until the flight attendant got on the intercom saying that the plane will do an emergency landing. The back of the plane exploded at that moment breaking off, some people caught on fire from the blast others fell along with a piece of the plane. My parents were part of them.

"I don't want to see the rest…"

I woke up crying when I watched them fall. I don't know if they survived or if they died. I don't want to find out what happened to my baby brothers. Anyways, I haven't figured out where exactly am I due to being confined to a crib 24/7 and that's how it's going to be for the next year or two. All I know is that we live in an apartment and new neighbors are moving in tomorrow.

Several days later I find out that our new neighbors' last name is Fujioka.

"Nah it can't be, it's Japan, Fujioka is a common last name here right?"

A year has passed since I was born here. I know how to walk and say a couple of words. The Fujiokas have a baby girl. For the first time, my mom takes me to meet our neighbor with the excuse of meeting the new baby. The first thing I see when the neighbor's door opens is red hair.

"That's rare in Japan…"

"Ah if it isn't little Nami," the redhead person coos, " You can call me uncle Ranka."

"Ranka…that sounds familiar…Ranka Fujioka…"

My mom giggles "I was hoping she could meet little Haruhi-"

I stop listening.

"WOAH HOLD IT! Haruhi? As in the Haruhi I'm thinking about?"

I put the two together.

"Haruhi Fujioka…fuck I'm in Ouran!"

I failed to notice that I was being taken inside until I heard a baby laugh. I see baby Haruhi, chubby cheeks, and big brown eyes looking at me.

"And she is cute…I'm gonna have a hard time saying no to her dammit!"

Another year went by and Haruhi has taken a liking to following me around when I visit with my mom. It's so cute. Much to Ranka's dismay, my name was Haruhi's first word HA!

Several years have passed by since then. Haruhi's mom died 9 years ago. I watched as Haruhi became more independent although I noticed a slight difference between her anime self and this one. While in the anime she didn't rely on anyone after her mom's death, here she tends to ask for help a bit more often due to me constantly reminding her that it's okay to do so.

I'm 15 years old now and the moment I found out I was in Ouran I made it my mission to get into that damn school even if I had to sacrifice my precious sleep. My hard work paid off because I got accepted. When I hit middle school my parents asked me what high school I wanted to go to. With no hesitation, I said Ouran Academy. Oh, they were worried, since the entrance exam is difficult but I think that worry slowly went away once they noticed how hard I was working at school.

Since I'm a year older than Haruhi that would put me in the same grade as Kyoya and Tamaki...

"Oh, I think I'll be in their class and that also means that this year they'll form the host club."

So exciting! I may have the status of a commoner but my parents have managed to have quite a bit saved up since I told them I wanted to go to Ouran. We can't afford the uniform and the principal knows that but with the money saved up, they were able to buy me a brand new bike for me to go to school! Anyways, today is the first day of class and I plan to get there early. I place my school bag in the bike's basket and get on. For the first day, I decided to wear a white blouse with a cat hoodie that mom got me for my birthday recently and black dress pants with a pair of blue sneakers. I reach the gates of the school and I'm in awe at how big it is up close.

"The anime didn't do you justice."

I find my class and there's already someone there.

"Black hair, glasses…"

The boy looks at me.

"Grey eyes…hot damn it's Kyoya Ootori!"

I nod and smile taking a seat two tables behind him.

"I'm so excited!"

I look around taking in my surroundings without a care in the world about the fact that I stick out like a sore thumb. A blonde blur suddenly runs in.

"Kyoya we are in the same class!" the blur yells, hugging poor Kyoya.

I giggle lightly, gaining their attention and that's when I realize that the one who came like a tornado was Tamaki Suoh!

"This is gonna be interesting."

"Oh, you must be the scholarship student that my father told me about!" Tamaki gives me a beaming smile, "Welcome to Ouran Academy!" he takes my hand and kisses it, "My name is Tamaki Suoh, what's your name, princess?"

"Oh my."

I smile, "My name is Nami Muto, nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine, " he says, still smiling, "And this is my best friend Kyoya Ootori!" he points at said boy, who nods.

More students walk in, some look at me while others ignore me. Tamaki stayed and talked to me the whole time, I could tell that when I glanced at Kyoya earlier he was relieved that he didn't have to deal with Tamaki so early in the morning on the first day. Soon the class starts and the teacher announces that we have to choose two people and form a group. Immediately Tamaki grabs my hand and much to Kyoya's dismay, his as well

"I shall partner up with my new friend and my best friend!" Tamaki announces proudly.

"Well then, I don't mind this turn of events."

In our groups, we have to find out one thing we have in common.

"One thing I have in common with these two…"

Kyoya ends up being in charge of writing it down while Tamaki presents it.

"So princess what things do you like?" Tamaki asks curiously.

I tilt my head to the side thinking, "Well I like dressing up, math, cute things, chocolate, music, hmm, and being wrapped up in blankets during winter."

"So adorable!" he gushes, "Do you play any instruments?"

"I tried the flute in middle school but it didn't end well," I laugh nervously.

"So far you have one thing in common with each of us," Kyoya speaks for the first time.

"What do you two have in common?" I ask, curious.

"We have a lot of things in common/ We have nothing in common," they answer at the same time.

Tamaki pauses and gets big crocodile tears in his eyes, "Kyoya that's so mean."

I giggle.

"The only thing you and I would have in common is the host club we're making later today," Kyoya sighs.

"Wait, princess, you said you liked math right?" Tamaki asks, I nod earning a big smile from him, "Perfect you shall be our club's treasurer," he decides, "You will be in charge of the club's finances!"

"That would help me since I want to be an accountant one day."

I nod, "Sure, that would mean that now we have one thing in common."

"Oh that's true!" he exclaims.

A few minutes later he presents the assignment along with advertising the opening of the new club. During lunch, the three of us went to the office to sign the paperwork that comes with making the club. Of course, Kyoya did all that. After school Tamaki lets us know that he'll go to the club room later, he has two people to pick up so I was left alone with Kyoya. I look around the room imagining the things that will happen here and I'll be a part of them.

"Since we are going to be part of the same club we might as well drop the formalities," Kyoya says.

I nod smiling, "Sure, Kyoya."

Tamaki bursts in dramatically, "I have brought Haninosuka-senpai and Morinosuka-senpai."

"Ooh," I clap excitedly.

"Gentlemen this is Nami Muto, she will be in charge of our finances," he explains to the two boys.

I take the chance of looking at Mitsukuni Haninozuka, my all-time favorite character in the anime. I can't believe he's standing right there.

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