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Ugh It's Them Part 2

So, the Zuka club is here... joy. Don't get me wrong I got nothing against their ideals, I just have an issue with their forceful approach. They aren't my favorite side characters.

"At least they only appear twice in the series… I seriously hope I don't get dragged into their mess…"

At some point during that club's speech of destroying the host club, Haruhi leaves the room to make coffee. They basically challenged us. Kyoya acknowledges the challenge but tells them that we can't at the moment due to Tamaki being bedridden because of culture shock.

"Considering he's been sheltered his entire life, finding out that there's a school full of possible lesbians could be quite shocking."

Haruhi comes back with a tray that has three coffee filled cups and offers them to the Zuka club. Tamaki suddenly snaps out of his culture shock and starts ranting that these girls are all wrong, that there's nothing to be gained in a romantic relationship between two women.

"Maybe that's why some go for polygamy…"

The fool slips on a wild banana and accidentally sticks his finger into one of the hot cups of coffee of course burning his finger. Haruhi wraps his finger with a bandage that she got for free at the supermarket once he sits still. I watch them when the leader of the Zuka club comes up behind Haruhi and grabs her hand pulling her into her in some sort of weird hug. I feel my fingers twitch with the urge to pull Haruhi away from that girl and snap her neck.

"Woah that's a violent thought, yikes."

Haruhi gently pushes her away and tries to defend Tamaki but she quickly learned he's half French, then tries to defend the Host Club's history, but we barely have a history (the club was established literally last year) and as last resort, Haruhi says that it's not like club is charging the guests where Kyoya intervenes saying that we may not charge them but we do have a point system. He shows her that her mechanical pencil got sold for 30,000 yen. She is shocked to find out that her lost pencil was sold. Kyoya was about to explain something but Haruhi interrupted.

"Nami did you know about this?!" she turns to me surprised.

Technically I knew it was going to happen but I wasn't told by any of them so in a way I didn't know.

I shake my head, "I didn't know about that, I'm not in charge of the website," I glare at the twins, "I sincerely apologize on behalf of the club for selling your belongings."

The twins pale under my glare. Tamaki cries, apologizing to Haruhi, and tells her that she can use his pencil that has a teddy bear head. She refuses. Then he suggests that he can tell her the secret to his success and fondest memories but Haruhi isn't interested. He lets out a scandalized gasp and goes to sulk.

The Lobelia trio surrounds Haruhi, comforting her. The leader tells her that they'll be back tomorrow for her answer and leave twirling and laughing. There was a pause when the doors of the club closed before Haruhi turns to glare at the boys and say she's leaving because she has a lot to think about.

"Nami I'll go on ahead," she says as she leaves out the door.

"Alright," I look at the boys when she's out of sight, "I hope you didn't put anything of mine in there."

They shake their heads rapidly.

"Good," I go back to my desk.

I ignore their conversation until Mitsukuni shows up in front of me with tears in his eyes.

"Are you gonna leave us too?" he asks desperately.

I blink in mild surprise, "What?"

"My precious daughter wouldn't leave us right?" Tamaki joins in all teary-eyed.

"Are you on something?" I raise an eyebrow, "Why would I leave Ouran? I busted my ass to get the damn scholarship and I enjoy being in the club despite the shenanigans you guys decide to pull off, I love spending time with you guys."

Tamaki sniffles, "You do?"

"Of course," I smile.

He lets out a small high pitch squeal and hugs the life out of me with Mitsukuni. Tamaki gets an idea on how to get Haruhi to stay.

When everyone is about to leave Mitsukuni comes up to me.

"Will Haru-chan leave?" he whispers worriedly.

I smile softly, "No she won't, she came to Ouran with a goal and the academy offers the resources for her to accomplish said goal," I lean in close to his ear, "and between you and me she enjoys being in the club."

"She does?!" his eyes widened.

I nod smiling.

He suddenly hugs me and whispers, "I'm glad you're not leaving."

I try to not melt in his embrace.

"Oh, he smells like chocolate."

He lets me go and skips out the door with Takashi. I hear chuckling behind me and when I turn around I see a set of smirking twins and a smirking Kyoya holding his black folder.

"What?" I stare at them.

"Nothing," the twins snicker.

"In that case, see you tomorrow," I leave the club.

On my way home I feel my face get red the more I think about his embrace.

"Yep, I have it bad."

The next day on my way to school with Haruhi on my bike.

"Are you gonna leave Ouran?" I ask, now unsure if the events I remember are still going to happen in this world.

She sighs, "I won't, but what they did was crossing a line."

"Yeah, I know," I sigh, "Those twins have no sense of personal space."

"I'm surprised you aren't defending them," she says.

I laugh slightly, "I'm not gonna defend their mistakes."

"Are you gonna leave Ouran?" she asks.

"Nah, I like the club and I enjoy some of the classes," I tell her, "While St. Lobelia sounds nice, I wouldn't like being surrounded by girls 24/7."

She laughs, "You never liked anything overly girly."

I shudder thinking about wearing skirts all day. I don't mind dresses and dressing up because of a special occasion but when I have to wear them all the time then I refuse.

In the afternoon near the doors of the club, we see the Zuka club waiting for us. The leader tries to take my hand but I slap it away.

"Please refrain from touching me," I stare at her blankly.

She's startled by the stare and instead grabs Haruhi's hand, escorting her up to the club's doors. I take my sweet time to get there. I watch them open the door and a little later the chorus of the boys singing Ouran Host Club.

"Yep, those are my boys, right there."

The Lobelia trio is stunned along with Haruhi. When I get there Tamaki is explaining that the Host Club is a place where Haruhi not only will she have brothers but also sisters.

"With the exception of Takashi and Kyoya."

"Oh, Nami don't I look pretty?" Mitsukuni twirls up to me, "I'm a princess now."

I smile, "You look beautiful, your highness." I finished with a mocking bow.

Suddenly Haruhi bursts out laughing, drawing everyone's attention. I grin. She calls them a bunch of goofballs while laughing then when she's close to calming down the twins and Mitsukuni gets close to her, telling her to call them big sister. Soon enough Haruhi explains to the Zuka club that while their ideals are interesting and unique it's not for her. You would think that these girls would understand, but they will not take no for an answer. They vow to abolish the Host Club and rescue Haruhi and me.

"I don't need rescuing."

I go up to Kyoya and smirk slightly, "Nice lipstick mother."

He closes his fan and lightly taps me in the head with it, "Cheeky."

I let out a small laugh and look around, now that peace has come back to the club temporarily.

"Yeah, this is my home and these idiots are my family."

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