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Chapter 2 - For All Intensive Purposes

Luke was beginning to realize there was much more to the Force than he had even begun to imagine.

It also had an annoying sense of humour.

There was nothing like pretending to be your father in your father's body pretending to have amnesia while talking to the man who had been your Master Jedi for a brief amount of time who had been your father's Master for an extended period of time with a head injury.

Even with his head mostly healed he was giving himself a headache.

After hearing the Medics diagnosis, completely recovered but for some bruising and severe -likely unrecoverable, memory, Luke had come up with a plan.

First, he was going to become Anakin Skywalker, because anything else made him sound like a crazy person.

Two, he was not going to pretend to remember things about Anakin's past or try to be like Anakin. Luke was not a great actor on the best of days and he was even worse at lying, so he would just be himself and let people take it at as they would. Even if it meant getting sad eyes from Ahsoka Tano who he felt really bad for. So far Ben's reactions had been a bit humorous. General Obi-Wan Kenobi was more sarcastic than jaded, which Luke liked.

Three, anything he accidentally let slip about the future he would blame on visions and/or dreams.

What could possibly go wrong?

He sighed, opening himself up to the Force and letting the worries go.

He trusted Obi-Wan, he might be lost, but at least he knew he could trust someone. As well, he was pretty sure, as he could trust Ahsoka. Theoretically, he could trust Yoda too, but Yoda talked in riddles and anything he said was to be taken with a teaspoon -scratch that, a bucket of salt.

A knock came at the door, Luke looked up from where he had been sitting. He was dressed in the black and blackish brown of his father's robes and light armour.

Luke hated them, not because of the colour but because it was too reminiscent of Vader's suit.

Obi-Wan studied him from the doorway, scrutinizing him.

Luke took in a steadying breath as he anchored himself in the Force.

Anakin Skywalker was a famous general who everyone thought had died from an injury. People were going to stare, he could handle that, people stared at Luke, the pilot who blew up the Death Star, within the Rebellion too.

"You look uncomfortable," Obi-Wan remarked.

Luke flinched, glad that he made the decision to be true to himself, Ben was too perceptive to play games with. "I don't like the armour."

Obi-Wan stared at him a moment, then offered slowly, "I have an extra set of clean robes, if you would like?"

Luke shook his head, "I wouldn't want to cause you any trouble."

Obi-Wan laughed.

Luke was startled but smiled, he had dim memories of Ben from when he was growing up. The only semi-happy expressions he had seen on the man had been wistful.

"Oh Anakin, don't worry yourself. Sometimes I believe you were born just to trouble me." He shook his head still smiling to himself, "I'll be right back."

He returned a minute later, tossing the bundle to Luke which he caught easily. Obi-Wan turned his back on him as Luke changed.

Speaking to the wall, Obi-Wan said, "We will be landing on Coruscant in a few minutes."

"Why Coruscant?" Luke asked as he shed the armour that he would never willingly put on again. Coruscant, he knew, was the heart of the Empire, and now he supposed, the Republic.

Too strange.

"That's where the Temple is."

"Oh," Luke said, surprised, before pulling on the white robes. Having done his own training on flipping Dagobah, the idea of training at a fancy Temple in a planet wide city seemed weird.

"You really don't remember the Temple?"

"I'm sorry," Luke said, as he began to fasten his father's belt, "I'm decent."

Obi-Wan turned to face him, his eyes searching.

Despite his wearing the other man's robes, they didn't look as if they were wearing the same uniform. His father's belt, boots, and outer cloak were all darker than Obi-Wan's.

Luke rather liked the contrast. He met Obi-Wan's gaze that had finally come to stop on his face, "Thank you, Master."

Obi-Wan shook his head slightly, "Are you telling me that all I had to do, Padawan, was hit you over the head hard enough to get the manners to sink in?"

Aunt Beru had taught Luke manners, but he shrugged, "What can I say, I'm a new man."


"The Council will have questions for you, Anakin. And I'm warning you now that you will be demoted until your memories either return or prove yourself able."

"I understand," Luke said, not knowing who the Council was but figuring he was going to find out soon enough.

Again Obi-Wan seemed surprised, "You're not upset?"

"No?" Luke said, why would he be?

Well, he was upset about being in this situation, but on reflection, the situation he had been pulled from had every probability ending with him being dead, so whatever this was, it had to be better than that.

And maybe I can stop the Empire from rising.

Obi-Wan was looking at him strangely, "Anakin?"

Luke blinked, "I'm sorry, what?"

"I thought you would be more -unbalanced about losing your memories."

He shrugged, "The medics said there was nothing I could do about it, so why over stress about something I can't change?"

"Because you're Anakin Skywalker," Ahsoka said, coming into the room, "You over stress about everything."

Luke held up his hands, "Well maybe this is the universe's way of telling me everything isn't always my responsibility."

Except, perhaps, the minor responsibility of stopping an evil Empire from enslaving the galaxy.

Ahsoka narrowed her eyes at him, clearly upset.

He softened his voice, "I'm alive, Ahsoka, and I have no long-lasting physical injuries. That has to count for something, right?"

Her shoulders slumped, "Yeah, Master, it does."

It was really weird to have her call him that. At first he had thought the worst of Vader, but now, knowing she thought of him the same way Luke had thought of Obi-Wan and Yoda wasn't much better.

In falling to the Dark Side, Vader had betrayed her. And Ahsoka glowed in the Force, brighter even than Obi-Wan. Luke would never betray them.

No matter the personal cost, he would never betray them.

The ship touched down, the vibrations running through the ship.

"Alright team," Obi-Wan said gallantly, "It's time we give our reports."

Luke nodded, following Obi-Wan out as Ahsoka dropped back so when they exited the ship, Luke walked between them.

He could feel their joint worry for him radiating off them. Luke strengthened his connection to the Force, letting his emotions go and trying to provide them with waves of calm in return.

Weirdly, this seemed to upset them more, as both leaned the slightest bit forward to exchange a look.

Luke fought not to smile. Anakin must have been a truly stressed person. How had he been able to handle the Force with his emotions always running high?

The learning curve Luke had gone through in the last four years had been somewhat hellish.

Ben had taught him how to open up to the Force. But with the power came a heavy price. It had been like becoming erratically bi-polar and suddenly becoming empathic. He had mood swings, waves of severe depression and all consuming anxiety. And he had felt nearly everything from everyone around him, all their fears, joys, regrets, and sorrows sometimes as a buzzing in the back of his mind and sometimes as if they were his own. It wasn't until he had learned to feed it all back to the Force that had he actually been able to find himself again.

And Luke, if given the choice, would much rather be calm than the 'uneasy kid' Han had seen him as.

Of course, one could remain calm and still ogle the grandeur of the Temple. "This is the Jedi Temple?" he asked, unnecessarily because he could feel the hundreds of Jedi moving about them like sunlight reflecting off water.

He had never been anywhere so beautiful.

"You really don't remember, do you?" Ahsoka asked.

He shook his head wordlessly. He was quite speechless until they entered the 'Council room'.

Connected as he was to the Force, he didn't really see the physical forms first. He saw lights.

Dazzling lights, one he recognized as Yoda, and the one beside him was laced with threads of Darkness. But nothing that worried him, not like he had worried about feeling Vader and the Emperor. When his eyes finally reported to him what he was seeing, he had to fight back a snigger.

He knew his face was expressionless, but Yoda must have seen his mirth in his eyes because the little green Master narrowed his gaze at him.

But Luke couldn't kill the hilarity of what he was seeing.

Master Yoda. Shrivelled, crabby, dirty, worn-through, homespun garment wearing, hobbling Master Yoda; was sitting in a puff chair, looking hundreds of years younger in clean clothing. He sat like some Lord at court rather than the goblin hiding behind roots in the swamps of Dagobah.

"See something funny, do you, Knight Skywalker?" Yoda asked him.

Luke let the humour go to the Force, just going to show how even positive emotions could get you in trouble as a Jedi. He let his gaze fall as he bowed his head in respect, "No, Master Yoda."

Obi-Wan swallowed a laugh at the shocked silence that overcame the room at Anakin's entirely uncharacteristic address to Yoda.

Of course, Anakin had always respected Yoda, but Anakin had never been humble. Never been able to say the word Master without a note of bitterness, and never followed through with protocol without an edge of mockery or frustration.

So to hear him use a truly apologetic tone, with an easy, fluid bow, was almost frightening.

It was like someone had replaced Anakin with another person.

Sithspit, it was like having Padme Amidala in a good mood at his side.

Finally, Mace broke the amazed air, "How hard did you hit your head, Skywalker?"

Anakin rose with a peaceful expression on his face, humour still dancing in his blue eyes, "Hard enough that I was not cleared for active duty, Master."

Obi-Wan cleared his throat, "Anakin, that is Master Mace Windu, and beside him Masters Plo Koon, Shaak Ti, Kit Fisto-" He went around the room, Anakin meeting the surprised gaze of each without any recognition, except for Yoda.

When he had finished, Anakin bowed to the room, "It is an honour to meet you, Masters." He smiled as if what he was going through wasn't horrible or traumatic, "-again."

Plo Koon leaned forward, "You don't know us?"

Anakin shook his head, "No, Master Koon, I have lost my memories."

Mace looked shaken, "All of them?"

"Almost everything, though I passed my physical."

Again, the room fell silent, until Depa asked, "How did this come to pass?"

"He was caught up in one of his own reckless plans," Ahsoka had hotly. "He was too close to the explosives and he nearly cracked his head open. He was dead for three minutes until he came back, without his memories."

Without memories of her, Obi-Wan thought, aching for the pain in her voice.

Obi-Wan figured, considering they were already reporting their mission backwards, he could prioritize this before moving on. "Anakin no longer remembers his Jedi training. He is unfit to remain as a general and I would like to request that Ahsoka Tano be reassigned as my Padawan."

Plo Koon gave him a direct look, and before anyone could offer a thought, he said, "I would approve it. I never believed Anakin was ready for the responsibility."

Everyone, including Ahsoka, looked at Anakin.

"You aren't going to argue, Skywalker?" Mace asked.

Anakin shrugged, "Why should I? I didn't even know what the word Padawan meant when I woke up."

Yoda nodded with several others before saying, "Grant this we do, Ahsoka Tano, Padawan to Master Kenobi."

Sadness spread throughout the Force, and Obi-Wan said to Ahsoka, "Ahsoka, why don't you take Anakin on a tour of the Temple?"

She looked torn, and Obi-Wan had no desire to separate her from Anakin, but in the current state he was in, she had more to teach him than the other way around.

Ahsoka took Anakin's good hand, and his fingers wrapped around hers easily. With his free hand, he gestured, "Lead the way, my small Jedi friend." He said it was a smile that was far from any Obi-Wan had ever seen on Anakin's face.

But it was the right thing to say, because a determined look grew on Ahsoka's face as she tugged him out of the room, "You've got a lot to relearn, Skyguy."

Anakin laughed, the sound seeming like an echo from years lost long ago, in a time before this war had managed to obtain a choke hold on the Order.

The door shut and Obi-Wan spoke only when he was sure that his Padawans had gone, "For all intents and purposes, Anakin Skywalker is dead."

"Why say this?" Yoda asked.

"Because I felt him die, Master," he walked to his own Council seat and sat. "I felt the bond between us break and it remains broken. It isn't just his memories he's lost, he's a completely different person, from the clothes he's comfortable into the way he speaks and holds himself. His reasonings are different, even his Force signature is different."

"Hmmm," Master Yoda hummed, "But physically fine, is he, mentally sound, is he, even with the Force, stronger, is he. Only his memories does he lack. Mourn him you do, but change only has he. Wrong this change is not."

Obi-Wan felt his own surge of anger rise through his exhaustion, "So you think he's better off like this?"

"Oh-ho!" Yoda exclaimed, "Not I who must answer such a question, Master Kenobi."

Obi-Wan recoiled at the venom that had slipped from his own lips. Did he like this version of Anakin better?


No, this Anakin was a stranger to him. But he could not deny that he liked seeing his apprentice having found some sort of peace within himself. To see him smile, laugh, to hear him speak without bitterness, and to see him hold himself in an at ease posture with none of his usual rigidness. To -for once in his life- call on the Force not to try to carry the weight of the galaxy on his shoulders but to comfort himself.

Anakin and peace had never seemed to get along, before now.

Obi-Wan looked up to the room, his fellow Masters having given him time to think. "He needs to be retrained. The medics did clear him, physically and mentally. But we were told that there is almost no chance of his memories returning. The brain cells that carried those memories, they can't be brought back as they were."

"Then retrain him, you should," Yoda said.

Obi-Wan looked up sharply, "What?"

"Your Padawan he was. I disagreed with your teacher the boy then, but not now. Grown you have, changed he has. Rare, such opportunities are."

"But Ahsoka-"

Plo interrupted, "To lose one's Master is a painful thing. If Anakin stays with you both she will feel better, and she can likely teach him as well. A benefit to all three of you. Besides, neither of them is a child, and Anakin only needs to be retaught."

Mace nodded, "These circumstances are so odd that I agree. Additionally, Yoda and you are right. Anakin has always harboured Darkness within himself. He seemed -lighter, freer. Freer even than the boy Qui-Gon brought before us."

Obi-Wan wanted to argue with him, but he couldn't.

Apparently, Depa could though, "The Force is not tied to memories, Mace. That Darkness is as likely to return as not."

"For Obi-Wan that is to worry."

Yes, Obi-Wan sighed, rubbing his beard. He seemed to be collecting a whole host of those worries these days.

Luke couldn't help be more and more amazed by the Temple. And Ahsoka, despite her apparent sadness was a wonderful spirit whose company he greatly enjoyed.

She was also nothing at all like the Ben and Yoda he had come to know. It was comforting to know that being a Jedi didn't mandate becoming a cranky metaphor loving hermit.

"And these are the training rooms," she said, giving him a hopeful searching look.

Hoping, as she kept hoping, that he would remember.

He was sorry to keep disappointing her.

"Ah, here you are," Obi-Wan said from behind them at the entrance, "didn't think it would take you long to find your way down here."

"Hey, Obi-Wan," he greeted the ginger with a smile, "how did your meeting go?"

"Well, you've been demoted to a Padawan and I have been granted permission to teach you both."

Ahsoka grinned, "That's good news." Her expression fell as she looked up at Luke, "You're okay with it, right, Skyguy?"

He grinned back at her, "Of course I am."

Both Obi-Wan and Ahsoka sighed in relief.

He frowned at him, "What did I do wrong this time?"

"Nothing," Obi-Wan said, "it's just the last timeā€¦ well, the old you would not have been pleased to go back through training."

Luke nodded at this, from what little he knew of his father, that made sense.

"Would you like to spar?" Obi-Wan asked.

Luke felt himself light up. He had never had the chance to spar with either Obi-Wan or Yoda.

Obi-Wan, because he had died.

Yoda, because the Master had forsworn ever using a lightsaber again.

Ahsoka skipped off to the side as Obi-Wan and Luke stood meters apart in the centre of the room.

He followed Obi-Wan in a bow, before they ignited their sabers.

Two blue blades.

No red.

They circled each other, and Luke had to reach for the Force to keep his pulse from racing.

Most of the moves he knew were defensive, most of his attacks he knew were improvised from things he had picked during his fight with Vader.

He would wait for Obi-Wan to set the pace, seeing as this was a spar, not a limb hacking contest.

It took a minute before Obi-Wan finally realized that Luke wasn't going to be the first to attack.

When the man lunged, his adrenaline rose and he breathed the Force in like oxygen to keep up with the flurry of slashes.

Unlike Darth Vader, Obi-Wan's strikes were proficient, instead of completing a hack, he would back off before striking again at the places Luke left open.

He realized pretty quickly that Obi-Wan's footwork was far superior. Really, it was only his connection to the Force that whispered to him where the danger was, where Ben's blade would be next to that kept him from being disarmed.

Use the Force, Luke.

Ben's words in his mind.

Luke closed his eyes, giving himself to the fight. Using the Force to lend him speed and strength, using the Force to help him adjust to this taller, more muscular body, and the arm that wasn't nearly as sensitive as his biotech hand had been.

For what he lacked in experience, the Force was there, guiding his feet.

And unlike when he had been fighting Vader, he wasn't afraid of Obi-Wan. The danger here was minimal. The Dark Side was a distinct thought, far from reach, far from need.

This was about learning, not winning.

And the Force seemed to know and respond to that.

At first, Obi-Wan had worried Anakin had forgotten how to fight.

After all, Anakin always struck first. Always. He didn't have enough patience for anything else.

But that had changed, this Anakin had lasted a full minute without losing his cool.

So Obi-Wan had launched himself at the Form V Knight. The Knight who was direct and aggressive and never fumbled in a mere spar.

But Obi-Wan didn't meet resistance, he was forced to pursue Anakin around the room as the younger man stumbled back.

And his form?

Obi-Wan couldn't even fathom what Anakin thought he was doing. Obi-Wan had pounded the basics into his apprentice, much to the boy's annoyance, and much to the success of his accomplishments learning Form V.

However, all the basics seemed to be washed away in a haphazard, brutalized version of what he finally suspected was supposed to be Form III, Soresu. Obi-Wan had mastered this Form, Mace and Yoda had recognized him as the Master in Soresu.

What Anakin was doing with his Form was disgraceful. So Obi-Wan pressed the attack a bit, speeding up his motions. If Anakin wanted to divert from his Form and try to beat the Master in it, Obi-Wan would give him a lesson.

Only this Anakin, wasn't Obi-Wan's Anakin who lacked patience, who sometimes shielded against the Force rather than meditated with it. No, this Anakin was channelling the Force, not so his blows landed harder, but rather focused on the outside world around him.

Obi-Wan watched something flash in those blue eyes, those blue eyes that usually sparkled with challenge and eagerness, that were now bright, awe filled, and at peace.

Then Anakin closed those strangely peaceful eyes.

Obi-Wan gritted his teeth, Brat!

Yet his horrendous footwork slowly began to get better, mirroring Obi-Wan's, his jerky motions with the lightsaber smoothed.

He looked as if he were treading water.

And suddenly the Anakin who had begun with no Form had enough of a handle on Soresu to keep Obi-Wan at bay. They had stopped circling the room, his eyes still closed.

Obi-Wan let his own connection to the Force widen and he nearly stumbled as he felt the full force of the new Anakin within the Force.

He almost faltered, reaching out to his first ever Padawan, familiar yet foreign, different yet welcome. Their original training bond still laid severed, he couldn't even feel the remnants of it in Anakin, but Obi-Wan felt the opportunity to forge something new.

Something better.

Anakin must have felt it too, because he did stumble.

Obi-Wan took full advantage, foot sweeping the taller man and snatching his lightsaber right out of his apprentice's hand.

He had both blades at his apprentice's throat as he said, "Do not close your eyes in a duel, Padawan."

The cheeky brat grinned up at him, "I thought we were sparring, not duelling." He looked not at all embarrassed or frustrated to be defeated.

By the time Anakin was a teenager, he would have moped for hours if he lost like this. Obi-Wan extinguished the sabers, passing Anakin his before offering him a hand up. "We are going to retrain the basics into you. You really must have forgotten your years at the Temple, your Form was -odd."

"Odd?" Ahsoka asked, joining them, "Mas-Skyguy, why were you using Form III, or at least I think that's what you were attempting, instead of Form V?"

"Form V?" was Anakin's depressing response.

Ahsoka groaned, pulling her main saber and flipped backwards. Slashing the air with the beginning of the Form V sequences.

"Oh! That," Anakin said as if he did recognize it before making a face, "I don't know, Ahsoka, I mean if it works, but I like Obi-Wan's style better. I think Form V is a little too aggressive for what I'm comfortable with."

Obi-Wan gawked at him for a moment as he replayed those words back in his head: Anakin Skywalker didn't like Form V because it was too 'aggressive'.

Ahsoka broke first, sniggering, holding a hand to her lips.

A moment later she and Obi-Wan were holding onto each other as they howled with laughter.

Force have mercy on them, they shouldn't laugh, Anakin had amnesia, but once they started they couldn't stop. He had a growing stitch in his side as he was bent near double.

Force have mercy, he couldn't even remember the last time he had laughed like this.

When he finally looked up at Anakin, he was smiling at him, as if he couldn't remember the last time Obi-Wan had laughed like that either.

And Anakin probably couldn't, but regardless, the young man's next comment sent them both to the floor with renewed mirth, "So, I'm guessing nonviolence is not my typical stance on things?"

Ahsoka was crying.

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