Randal Willis and Kirby Minkas

I was standing in my house one day when I saw a purple tail. I ran and saw my closet door close. I went inside and was in monster world. I waslked into the secret laboratory. The door was ripped off. I went inside. Randall grabbed me by the arm. I jumped. He said ", you little nusance, why did you fololow me?" I told him that I wanted to see what he was up to. He put me in a machine next to the Scream Distractor. It had red and green lights. He sayed ",Say hello to the Morphing Machine." I saw him press some buttons and sayed ",nobodys going to save you now!" Then I saw Kirby come and type in his name and press the same buttons.

I woke up. I looked in the mirror. I saw a Kirby. I thought about transforming into a hammer. I looked in the mirror and saw a huge hammer. Then I changed back. I went back to the room and looked in the bed and saw Kirby. He woke up and sayed ",HI." He took me to an space ship. Inside he pressed some buttons and the spaceship rose into the air. I ran to the parashutes and put one on. He was ant looking so I jumped out and pulled the rip cord. All the food fell out. Oh no! I took the wrong one! Then I remembered that Kirby can puff up and save himself. I was 5ft from the ground and puffed up. I just saved myself!

The space ship buzzed to the ground. He was not inside. Then I saw him. Floating into the nuculer factory. I ran and puffed up and saved him!