"I've...never done this before."

Jake said, sitting in the backseat of McReynolds' Trans Am. The two had driven just on the outskirts of town and Glen pulled off an old farm road and found a small clearing in the woods before killing the engine. The two sat in silence for a while, before finally Jake turned towards him, nervously chewing on his bottom lip. He stared at McReynolds sitting behind the wheel. Staring straight ahead, his light green eyes staring off into the darkness. At this angle, Jake actually saw how handsome of a guy McReynolds really was. He was classically handsome, and reminded him of a young Burt Reynolds. Hell, he even had the mustache and car to match. He stared at him, when suddenly Glen turned and looked at him.

"Listen Jake..." Before he could finish, Jake decided to throw caution to the wind and stop thinking. Everything inside of him screamed to stop.

That he wasn't queer. That he had never looked at a guy like this before, and if he really did do this he was risking it all. Instead he leaned forward and grabbed hold of Glen, pressing his lips against his, feeling the scratch of his mustache, and then the warmth of his tongue slipping into his mouth, devouring him as he moaned. Mac's large hands suddenly were pulling up Jake's T-shirt, before Jake's own hands reached down and found Glen's crotch. He could see his erection pulsing there. Sweat dripped down his face, as Mac continued kissing him, and working his hands to pull his T-shirt completely off Jake's head. Jake suddenly pulled back, before looking at him.

"How...do we do this?"

Glen stared at him, a drunken glaze of being aroused in his eyes. His face was flushed, and he seemed breathless. Looking at him he grinned before leaning down and opening his glove box. Reaching in, he pushed aside a few things, before taking out two things and closing it. Sitting up straight, he held up two tin foil packages that held condoms, as well as a small tube of lube. The second Jake saw these items he started cracking up.

"Why the Hell do you have condoms and lube in your glove box?!"

Glen laughed, raising one of his thick dark eyebrows.

"In case of emergencies."

Jake laughed before completely pulling his T-shirt off. Sitting there, he took a deep breath before staring at him.

"I've never done this before..."

"Neither have I...you sure you wanna?"

Jake stared at Mac before nodding.


Glen grinned before leaning down and kissing his bare chest, his tongue slowly licking his skin, before playfully nipping at the skin. Jake hissed out and laughed with MacReynolds, before both made their way to the backseat, carefully crawling over, before Jake found himself getting pinned down by Mac as he continued kissing him. Not allowing himself to think any further than this very moment, he couldn't believe how good this felt.

The car windows started fogging up, before Mac tugged on Jake's waistband of his jeans.

"Take your pants off."

Jake fumbled and unbuttoned them, before yanking down his fly, and pushing them along with his boxers down his legs. MacReynolds helped him, pulling them down and slipping his sneakers off, tossing them to the floor. Jake laid there, when Mac started to slowly kiss Jake's chest. Slowly he began trailing his way down Jake's chest, and then down his stomach, before finally finding his penis. Jake stinned, staring up and gasped, his hands gripping the backseat, before Mac raised his head and grinned at him, enjoying the power he now held over him.

"Just relax freshmen...let me make you feel good."

Jake laid back, suddenly feeling as if the inside of the car was a million degrees. The second he felt MacReynolds slip his penis into his mouth, Jake's eyes widened as he gasped, biting down on his lip as he continued gripping the vinyl seats, never feeling so good before in his entire life.


Jake found himself kneeling on Mac's back seat, as he knelt behind him. In the past hour the two had given each other boyjobs, as well as handjobs. Jake had never in his entire life climaxed as hard as he had with MacReynolds. When it was his turn to go down on Glen, he wasn't exactly sure what he was doing, but Glen helped him, positioning his head, and gently gripping onto his hair pulling it as Jake's head bobbed up and down. The car now smelled of sex and sweat, and Jake was in the middle of having sex with the great Glen MacReynolds. At first he thought he would be embarrassed or unable to go through it. Instead Mac stroked him with one hand, and then inserted his fingers, one at a time, covered in lube inside of Jake. When Mac first did this he tensed, almost ready to cry out and tell him to stop. Instead, Mac leaned against him, kissing his back, and working slowly, moving in and out. Soon Jake found his insides quivering, and when Mac got ready, he instructed Jake on how to kneel, and braced him before he entered him. When he did Jake cried out once, as Mac gritted his teeth and pushed himself all the way in. Slowly he began to buck his hips and thrust into Jake who snapped his eyes shut in the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain.

When it was over, Mac cried out and both ended up collapsing against each other in the backseat. Jake was sure he was bleeding a little since he was sore as Hell, but honestly was too exhausted to even do anything. Mac laid on his chest, his weight pressing down in a comforting way against Jake as Jake gently stroked and petted Glen's thick black hair.

"You okay?"

MacReynolds mumbled. Smirking, Jake nodded, staring down at him.

"Sore...but honestly...fucking amazing."

Glen raised his head and grinned.



"So...I was like...good?"

Jake laughed as Mac smiled, looking so different. Staring at him, he smirked.

"You were fucking amazing Mac..."

Mac grinned before he leaned down kissing him. Their mouths sucked together, before they moaned and pulled apart slightly, spit trailing between their mouths, That's when Jake sighed staring at him.

"I can't believe this even happened..."

Mac sighed staring at him.

"Yeah I know..."

"So...what now?"

Mac sighed, gently rubbing Glen's chest.

"Well...I'm sure you've thought the same thing. We're two baseball players in Southern Texas..."



"Plus you have that Beverly chick, you really outta not screw that up."

Jake sighed before he looked at him.

"I've never felt this way about someone Mac. I love Beverly...but it's never been like this with her."

"I would hope not..."

Jake playfully jabbed him in the side laughing with him.

"No seriously...I don't even know if I'm gay or not...you're the first guy I've ever been with. I mean I know I like women..."

"Then you're bi."

"What's that?"

"Bisexual...means you're like me...you like both...as long as the sex is hot."

Jake laughed before sighing.

"Did you love her?"



Mac's face fell a bit but Jake continued rubbing Mac's side, feeling his muscles.

"I'm not trying to upset you...just understand."

Mac took a second before nodding.

"Yeah I did..."

"Were you really going to marry her?"

"Yeah. Since her death I've been really messed up in the head. I miss her so fucking much...but this is the first time...since the accident that...I don't know...I feel...happy."

Jake smiled before he cocked his head.

"So what now?"

Mac took a second before shrugging.

"We know the score, most of all being ball players in the South. I might actually have a shot since I got drafted. Plus you know how people could be. I mean I love those guys like brothers...but you know how they would react. Plus I'm graduating...I don't want this to fuck our lifes up..."

Jake nodded.


Mac smirked before he gently rubbed Jake's chest.

"But...if there's ever a time...you are extremely horny...we'll just have to meet up."

Jake laughed with Mac, cracking up completely before he wrapped his arms around him and deeply kissed him.


Jake had bled a little bit, but it hadn't stained his jeans. He planned on hopping in the shower as fast as he could when he got back home. Both MacReynolds and him dressed, before Mac drove them both back to the house. They listened to music and really didn't talk much. Jake did find a pretty nasty hickey on the bottom of his collarbone, that thankfully was covered by his T-shirt. Mac had spotted it and asked him what would he tell Beverly? Jake shrugged and said it looked more like a bruise than anything, he would just say he got it in practice. Mac smirked, and both arrived at the house, a bunch of the guys sitting in the living room drinking beers and watching some CBS movie of the week.

When they came in, Dale raised his beer to them.

"Hey fellas. You guys see Rope or Finn?"

McReynolds spoke first, shaking his head.

"Naw, they hooked up with some cheerleaders down at the Fox."

Coma motioned to the cooler sitting by his feet, packed with beer.

"Picked up a few six packs tonight, it's a new brew from that company across town. Want one?"

McReynolds smirked before strolling on in and grabbing on before examining the label closely. Popping the cap off by slamming it against the arm one of of the chairs, he took a swig before nodding, raising an eyebrow.

"Not bad."

Coma motioned to the cooler and waved to Jacob.


Still feeling sore from eariler, Jacob smiled and shook his head.

"I'm sweating like a pig, I gotta shower. I'll grab one when I come back down."

McReynolds nodded and tipped the bottle towards Coma.

"Not bad, better than half of the horse piss they got around here. I gotta grab a shower too. I'll be back down in a bit."

Plummer pointed to the TV.

"Hurry back down, this movie is insane. It's like a dog from Hell or something. It's fucking nuts."

Jacob smirked before turning and hurrying up the stairs. Heading straight to his room, he was grateful that Billy was gone for the weekend and he had the privacy of his room to himself. Quickly he grabbed sweats and a fresh T-shirt, before going into the bathroom Billy and him shared. Turning the shower on, he unbuckled his jeans before pushing them down along with his boxers. Stepping out of them carefully, before picking them up. His jeans were fine, but his boxers were stained with a little bit of blood. He was sure he could get it out after his mother taught him how to get grass and blood stains out of his clothes back in high school while playing ball. Still, he didn't want to risk it if any of the guys saw. Sighing, he balled it up, before going underneath the sink. There was a small plastic waste paper basket for trash, and there was still the small brown paper bag from yesterday when Jake picked up some shaving cream and razors downtown at the local drug store. He balled up his ruined boxers, shoved them in the paper bag, before crumpling it up the best he could and tossing it back in the garbage before tossing a few toilet paper rolls on top of it.

Sighing, he stood up before staring at his reflection. He didn't look any different, but he certainly felt different. The sex had been intense, but it was serioously the best he ever had. Thinking back crammed in Glen's back seat, panting for breath, and grasping onto the seat sweating and crying out, he wondered what it would feel like if it was the other way around and he was inside of Glen. He felt the first twinges of an erection start to twitch, before he knew what he needed was a good cold shower. He had a million thoughts racing though his mind, and he had absolutely no idea what it meant. All he did know was that tonight despite all the risks had been worth it. Stepping into the shower, he closed his eyes and tilted his head back feeling the cool water fall over his body as he sighed.

That's when he heard the shower curtain pull back. Snapping his eyes open he stood back underneath the shower head and saw Glen standing there in just his shorts. Instantly he stared at his hairy chest, and felt his penis spring straight up. Eyes widening, he looked at him and blinked the water away.

"What the Hell?"

Glen smirked.

"You okay?"

Jake nervously eyed the door before Glen shook his head.

"They think I'm heading to my shower, everyone is downstairs don't worry. I just wanted to check on you."

Jake stood there for a second really not knowing what to say before Glen smirked and stared down at him.

"Hey there freshmen..."

Jake knew what he was looking at and couldn't help but smile. Glen leaned forward, one hand wrapping around Jake's cock, making him stiffen as Glen leaned forward and kissed him straight on the lips. Water from the pouring showerhead drenched his head, making his bangs fall in his eyes as Jake laughed through the kiss before Glen pulled back, his hair dripping as he shook it like a dog, smiling.

"I better go hop and give myself a cold shower."

Jake laughed before Glen winked at him again, driving him absolutely wild before walking out. Jake stood there slightly stunned before laughing and shaking his head. Pressing his palms against the wall of the shower, he tilted his head back, closing his eyes as he allowed the cold water to pour down on him.

That night...

Jake ended up heading downstairs and found Glen dressed in his famous crop top jersey and shorts, lounging on one of the couches. Jake came down his hair still wet and combed back as he found a seat near Coma, grabbed a beer, and laughed at how cheesy the movie was. A few times he found himself glancing over, unable to help it. Thankfully everyone was too busy laughing and drinking to notice, but at one point he glanced over and found McReynolds staring right back at him, a slight twinkle in his eyes. Once everyone headed up to bed, Jake found himself unable to sleep. He tossed and turned, before finally saying screw it and got up and carefully crept towards Glen's room. Taking a deep breath, he gently knocked on it before he faintly heard McReynolds call for him to come in. Being careful, looking around making sure nobody was still up, he let himself in and quickly shut the door behind him. Glen was laying on his waterbed, still awake, one arm behind his head, and the small bedside lamp on.

Standing there, Jake nervously smiled before Glen smirked.



"Couldn't sleep?"

Jake nodded before Glen motioned him over. Jake carefully walked over before sitting on the edge, feeling himself wobble for a second before nervously smiling. Glen stared up at him.

"Yeah me either."

Jake sat there before Glen reached and gently stroked Jake's leg.

"You okay?"

Jake raised his eyebrows and made a face making Glen softly laugh.

"Just a lot to think about..."

"Do you...regret it?"

Jake sat there for a second before he smiled and shook his head.

"That's the confusing thing. The one thing that seems absolutely clear is the fact...that was the best..."

He lowered his voice and leaned in slightly.

"Best fucking sex I ever had."

McReynolds laughed before nodding.


"I guess...I just needed to talk with you. I never thought I was..."


"Yeah. I never...and I mean never had these types of feelings before. I like girls. I like fucking girls...I know I do. It's just...my whole world has been turned upside down. Maybe I'm that bisexual thing like you said...but with you...I don't know..."

"Yeah I know."

"Just now with you...I used to think I loved Beverly...now...whenever I think of her...I just see your face. Jesus, it's only been a few hours I must sound fucking nuts..."

"It isn't. Trust me I'm just as confused as you are. This is all new to me too. I get it Jake. We're living in Southern Texas...it's 1980. I know how people treat guy people. I know how awful people can be. Hell...I've said stuff before too. I love these guys like brothers but I know how they would react, Hell the school, the town...our families..."

"So what do we do?"

Glen shrugged.

"It's not worth risking everything. I know I bust your balls a lot Jake but I actually think you have quite the promising future if you keep your head screwed on right. I'm being drafted right after graduation. I know I like you...and these feelings are fucking intense, but...maybe it's for the best we had tonight...and that's it."

Jake felt his heart drop, but knew Glen was right. Disappointed, he nodded.

"I get it...trust me."

Glen sighed before he reached and patted Jake's leg, sending tiny pinpricks up and down his arms.

"You should be with Beverly. She's good for you."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure."

"I know you loved Audrey. If...her accident hadn't happened. What if you still had these feelings. What would you do?"

Glen sat there thinking for a second, his mustache twitching as he stared up before sighing.



"I don't know. I'll always love Audrey...but tonight was the first time since she died that I actually felt alive. Thanks for...being there for me Jake. I mean it."

Smiling, Jake nodded.

"So...that's that huh?"

"Oh trust me...I would want nothing more than to screw that cute little ass of yours again until you scream, but we gotta be smart. Friends?"

Sadly smiling, Jake nodded as Glen held out his hand. Shaking it, he smiled.


Jake sighed before he looked at him.

"We'll never talk about this again or act on it again."

"I promise. It will be our little secret."


Jake sighed before he closed his eyes for a second.

"Before I get back to bed...let me just do this one last time..."

Leaning forward, he cupped the sides of McReynolds face, before he deeply kissed him, feeling his mustache scratch against his face as his tongue darted right into his mouth. Moaning, he closed his eyes and sucked hard as Glen responded, kissing him deeply, before it broke, and both sat there flushed and stunned. Jake sighed before he nodded.

"Night Mac."

"Night Jake."

Smiling, Jake stood up knowing if he turned around he wouldn't be able to leave. Walking out, he shut the door behind him and faintly heard the sounds of Roper, Finn, and those cheerleaders fooling around and giggling downstairs. Laughing he shook his head before heading back to his room. The next day in the kitchen when he shuffled downstairs, McReynolds sat at the table with Roper getting filled in on the wild night with the cheerleaders, and Mac didn't act the slightest bit awkward. In fact he stayed friendly and Jake and him talked with the group as if nothing happened. Jake kept waiting to see if Mac was going to say anything, or act weird. Instead, he acted as if nothing had even happened. They even talked one on one, even though most of the time a huge group of them were always around.

Mac never talked about that night, and kept this friendly and casual, mostly just talking sports. On the field he was his same intense self, and that following Friday Jake saw him with a pretty blond at the Sound Machine. Jake continued dating Beverly, but deep down inside he knew he could never admit to himself that things didn't seem the same. He found himself watching Glen from afar, especially whenever they were in the locker rooms. That year was a great one. They ended up winning the playoffs, and as everyone celebrated, Jake cheered as they lifted up Mac, Finn, and Dale as the crowd went wild.

There were parties upon parties, and so many late nights drinking and laughing. Finally spring came, as did the dreaded time that the seniors were graduating. They were saying goodbye to McReynolds, Roper, Finn, Coma, Nesbit, and Raw Dog. It seemed so weird that these guys were finally graduating and leaving. Roper was going to work for his father, Coma got a job at a training program through his uncle. Raw Dog said he was playing minor league back home, Nesbit was getting a job at a local high school, and McReynolds was being drafted to a major league team. Finn was sad to see them go, this year had been filled with countless amazing memories. The best hands down had to be Spring Break. Thinking of new guys coming in, and suddenly his friends no longer being there seemed so strange. He was grateful at least Dale had another year with them.

He went to the graduation, and sitting in the audience with Beverly and Plummer, he watched as Glen walked across stage, wearing his burgundy colored cap and gown. He felt his heart flutter in his chest as he walked across the stage, grinning as the crowd went wild. Clapping and cheering he suddenly knew...

He was in love with him.

These past seven months he had to watch from afar and pretend...pretend that that night in October didn't mean anything. That he didn't have feelings for Mac. That he loved Beverly, and that he wasn't watching Glen constantly from a far. That he didn't get the butterflies in his stomach whenever Mac entered a room. That he didn't find himself constantly staring at him, looking at him up and down, and even stealing glances in the locker room. That he wasn't pretending that he wasn't jealous whenever he saw McReynolds with a girl. That nobody made him laugh harder, or have more fun with. Somehow none of the guys saw this, and he kept it buried deep down inside of him all the while slowly falling in love with him. He loved how amazing he looked hitting home runs, or lounging in that crop top around the house. How his short temper always was set off, and that handsome grin that made his eyes sparkle...

Watching him it suddenly dawned on him that he was in love. Sitting there he smirked watching the love of his life cross the stage, about to graduate and walk out of his life.


Beverly ran inside to use the bathroom as crowds upon crowds of friends and families were gathered outside taking photos and laughing. Plummer was talking to a girl named Nina, and Jake was waiting for Beverly. He had quickly met Finn's parents who were beyond nice. Dale was taking photos with Coma's family across the way and Jake waited watching everyone look so happy for the class of 1981.

"Are you Jake?"

Jake raised an eyebrow and turned seeing a middle aged woman with dark hair holding her purse and smiling. Jake seemed confused, standing just outside the auditorium, he smiled.


"I'm Glen's mom. He's taking photos with a few of his buddies. He pointed you out earlier."

Jake smiled and instantly could see Glen in his mother who seemed very sweet as she walked over and took him off guard hugging him tightly. Laughing, he hugged back and stood back slightly smiling at her.


"Samatha. Samatha McReynolds. Call me Sam. My Glen hasn't stopped talking about you. He said even though you're a freshman...you are certainly an up and comer."

Jake couldn't believe how nice that actually sounded. Smiling, he stared down before he heard Glen's voice.

"Trying to pick up my mom Bradford?"

Jake pulled away smiling as Mrs. McReynolds wrinkled her nose at her son as he walked over, carrying his graduation cap.

"Well I can't help it. She is the most beautiful woman here."

Mrs. McReynolds laughed playfully swatting Jake as he laughed. Grinning, Glen walked over and slipped an arm around his mom.

"Where's Bev?"

"Inside using the bathroom."

"Jake, why don't you invite your girl...and that friend Plummer and Dale. Finn and his parents are meeting us for dinner."

"Oh we couldn't..."

"Come on Bradford, we're gonna party."

Jake stared at him, locking eyes when he smiled.

"Mrs...I mean Sam could you give us a second."

Mrs. McReynolds smiled before she grabbed Glen's cap.

"I'll head to the car sweetheart..."

She smiled at Jake before walking away. Standing there, hands on his hips, Glen smirked.

"What's up."

Jake stared at him before taking a deep breath.

"I love you."

Glen stood there shocked, before nervously eyeing around the crowd, nobody noticing as they walked around. Jake felt all the blood rush to his face as he took another deep breath.

"I know you're leaving and you're about to start a great ball career...I know...it's just...I can't stop thinking about you and I can't stop pretending. I know I'm not Audrey...I never will be...but...I love you Glen."

Glen stared at him before his mouth twitched for a second, before he sighed himself.

"I love you too."

Jake stood there smiling before Beverly walked over, totally unaware what any of them was saying.

"Hi guys!" She pulled at Jake's arm smiling as Glen smiled at them, and suddenly Jake knew... They were meant for each other.