As You Wish

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I never knew how it would feel when you find that one person you call soulmate. I mean, I'm only 16 and had way too much on my plate. Dancing, softball, taking care of my four younger siblings, and I do mean younger. At the ages of 6, 4, 3, and 1, all of my cousins were orphaned. My parents took them in graciously since they wanted more kids but couldn't have anymore after me.

Anyway... We had just moved from a tiny town called Hueytown in Alabama to the next tiny town called Forks in Washington. Mom was a nurse and got a job at the local hospital there, along with my dad getting a job offer at the police station thanks to a old friend of his. You might've heard of him, Charlie Swan.

I never met him or his family, but I always heard of him. My dad and Charlie would go fishing before school and hunting after. After they had graduated, they went their own ways but always kept in touch some how. But back to me...

Mom had found a 6 bedroom house that needed renovations and while I watched over the girls, yes girls, her and dad would take turns going to the house and get it fixed up for us. Mom even said that the backyard was connected to a softball field that nobody used. I was so freaking excited! But once we all moved in.. School started the next day for me, I'm a senior, and Trinity, the oldest, was in kindergarten. Destiny went next, going to preschool, leaving Serenity and Harmony in daycare til I got out of school or til mom or dad got off their shifts.

So here I was, sitting in my black Ford explorer in the parking lot of Forks High. I sat there making sure my clothes looked okay and had all my school supplies needed. I wore my black skinny jeans with a white button down long sleeve shirt with a black vest and had on some black mid calf zip up wedge boots. My favorite pair of shoes ever. I looked in the mirror and put my hair up in a pony tail. It was so freaking long, I was ready to get it cut, but mom said no cutting it til I moved from underneath her roof.

I got out of my car, locking it up, and straightend my clothes out from sitting and then headed into the school ignoring all of the staring. I'm pale and skinny, leave me alone people, I'm not going to bite people's head off for any reason... Well unless they give me a reason. Few things about me...

Don't ever mess with my cousins. They are my babies and I will become a mama bear over them. Also, I've moved a few times to know that I don't have a true voice accent and I will become more southern if you get me angry. I will also swing my bat at anyone if I need to beat somebodies butt. I'm also anemic. Iron deficiency. That's why I'm so pale despite everyone else in my family having a slight normal skin tone.

Anyway back to school... I headed to the office to get my schedule and map, pulling my sleeves down over my hands. I'm cold. I always stay cold. I couldn't help it. Couldn't help the fact that the air conditioner was on as well when I came into the office.

A woman who appeared to be in her late forties came up, "Hello dear, is there anything I can do to help you?"

"Yes ma'am, I'm Catherine Wilkes, I'm new here?... I'm suppose to be-"

"Getting your schedule and map! Oh yes! I wonder when I would put a face with your name. Your mother is very excited to have you here with us," The woman said.

"Oh... I guess because my mom used to go here?" I guessed, looking at pictures around the office. A few of them had my mom in them. Softball winning champons for the Spartans. The woman had turned, gathering papers up, and then turned back to me.

"You got that one right. Oh where are my manners! I'm Mrs. Tanner, the school nurse, and office attendent." Mrs. Tanner handed me my papers.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Tanner." I took the papers and went through them. Especially the schedule.

"Such a nice girl, you are. So here is your schedule, map, and form for your teachers to sign saying that you've been to their class. Have a good day dear!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Tanner. I'll see you later today." I waved a quick goodbye and walked out of the office. I stepped to the side so if anybody needed to get in the office they could. I looked at the schedule and then at the map. My locker was on my schedule and thankfully close to my first class. Spanish with Mrs. Duraz.

I went off to my locker and was stopped by a tug of my hair before I could enter the building. I turned around ready to smack whoever pulled my hair. A boy stood there with a grin. "Welcome to Forks, Catherine was it?"

I gave him a look over. He seemed nice enough. Black hair, blue eyes, tall but skinny. "Yes... That's me..."

"My name is Brett and would gladly take you to your first class."

"Thank you Brett... But I've got this. Not my first rodeo being new girl.."

"And why is that?"

"My mom is a traveling nurse and my dad is traveling police officer." Normally when I mention my dad, they back off, but this guy... Something wasn't getting to him.

"Oh that's cool. Well let's head in. Where are you from?" Ugh, he wasn't going to leave me alone was he? We entered the building and walked down the hallway.

"I'm from a small town in Alabama."

"You don't sound-"

"Don't mention my accent. Now will you kindly leave me alone so I can go to my locker in peace?" I asked somewhat rudely. I mean, you don't come up and pull somebody's hair and then question them after the person said no. Brett threw his hands up in the air.

"I get ya. I'll leave you be, Bama." I froze, what did he just call me?! "See you later!" He said as he left going back out of the building. I stared after him and huffed out a puff before continuing on to my locker. I got my stuff sorted out for the day and closed my locker only to let out a small scream.

Another boy was leaning against the lockers next to me with a smirk. I placed a hand over my chest. What is it with boys in Forks?! "Look I just got done telling that guy to leave me alone, I don't need any help getting to my classes."

"And here I was hoping to at least introduce myself to make a friend," He chuckled out. I ducked my head a little.

"I'm sorry... I'm just a little on edge..."

"It's okay. I'm Casey and gay." He held out his hand. I giggled and shook his hand. That was a new one. Nobody told me that they were straight up gay before. I just hope he wasn't lying.

"Catherine, but you can call me Cat." The first bell rang. 5 minutes before being tardy.

"Well Cat, who do you have for first period?" Casey asked me.

"Mrs. Duraz for Spanish." I looked back down at my schedule and then back to the blonde boy.

"Ah, she's right down the hall, second door on the right. I don't have her class, but I'm sure we'll have at least one class together," Casey said, walking beside me as I went to my first class.

"I would hope so..." I said quietly, standing in front of the door. I was nervous. I hated Spanish. I could never get the hang of it. Casey patted my shoulder before leaving to his own class. I sighed and entered the classroom, hugging my things to my chest. My hair slightly swayed back and forth behind me as a fan was on and blowing towards the door.

Mrs. Duraz sat at her desk going over her lesson for the day as I walked up to her. "Excuse me... I'm Catherine Wilkes," I said trying to introduce myself.

"Ah, a new student. It's a pleasure to have you here Ms. Wilkes. Aren't you a bit young to be a senior?" She asked me.

I blushed and ducked my head. "I actually started a year early... And I'll be 17 in September."

"Oh? Anyway, welcome to Spanish 101, you can sit next to... Mr. Hale. Jasper, can you raise your hand please?" Mrs. Duraz asked. I turned around and looked to the back right corner of the room to see a pale hand raise in the air. It led me to a curly blonde head with amber eyes. My eyes widened at the sight of him. He was gorgeous, but what got to me... Was how he looked at me. Like he was in pain of some kind. I hope he was okay. He put his hand down and looked to his book on his desk.

I walked to the empty seat next to him and sat down. I knew I was blushing, and I knew I needed to say something but I couldn't. Nothing would come out. I looked over to him as the last bell rang and Mrs. Duraz began her class. He sat straight up, tensely I guess you could say. his eyes were now a dark brown almost black. I frowned. His eyes can change colors?

I looked to the front and wrote down all the information that Mrs. Duraz had put up there. I frowned even more once class was over. Jasper was up and gone before anyone else could get their stuff together. I hope I didn't do anything. I mean.. How could I? All I did was sit next to him. I sighed and gotten up after getting my papers in order and went to my next class.

The rest of my day went by fast and somewhat normal. All the staring was annoying. I walked into the lunch room and found an empty table and sat down. I pulled my hair down from my pony tail and massaged my scalp. I heard a gasp and I turned to see a group across the room. Jasper was there sitting with him and he was staring me down.

There was two more guys and two girls with him. All pale. All beautiful in their own ways. All had amber eyes, and were blonde or brown headed, expect for one. He had bronze hair. I didn't even know hair could get to that color.

I looked back to Jasper and frowned as he wasn't looking at me anymore. In fact... He wasn't there. Where did he go so fast? I felt hurt that he wasn't even trying to be nice. He was down right avoiding me and I don't know what for. I felt a buzz in my pocket.

My phone. I forgot I had it with me. I pulled it out and saw a text from the elementary school with a reminder to get Destiny and Trinity at 2:30. I looked at my schedule and thanked whoever did the schedules. I got out at 2 which gave me enough to run over and get the girls before heading to the daycare to grab Serenity and Harmony. It was only 11:45 and lunch was over at 12. 2 more classes for the day. Gym and English.

I went through my papers and note book and jumped and put a hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream as somebody whispered in my ear. "Cat..."

I turned around and glared at Casey as he laughed, sitting down in a chair next to me. "That wasn't funny Casey."

"It was too. But at least I found you before the day was up. Lunch together, uh? Any more classes together?"

"I wouldn't know. You didn't tell me your schedule... I have Gym and English next. I think I'll have to run to my car to grab my tennis shoes for gym... I doubt the coach would appreciate me wearing boots in class."

"I doubt you can run in them."

"Is that a challenge? Because I'll have you know. I can run in anything with a heel."

"Wanna try it? Race to your car and back with your gym shoes?" Casey asked with smirk and raised eye brow.

"What do I get out of this?" I asked him.

"You march over to the Cullen table and ask why Jasper isn't talking to you."

I stared at Casey like he was crazy. "Excuse me, but what now?"

"You heard me, Cat."

"I know but why?"

"I can tell that he's avoiding you girl. What did you do to him to make him run?"

"I didn't do anything! At least I don't think I did..." I shook my head. "It doesn't matter. If he doesn't want to talk to me then so be it.. I'm not going to pressure anyone into being a friend or in my life."

"Sounds like you had a rough past."

"You don't even know it, Casey... Anyway... 11:55, 5 minutes til the bell rings and another til tardy bell. I think I can do this. You with me?"

"Let's see what you got girl."

We nodded to each other with a smile and left the lunch room. Once to the enterance to the school, Casey nodded and kept an eye on the clock. I stretched my legs real quick and then took off. I ran to my car in a minute and unlocked it with a special code to the door, pulled out my tennis shoes, closed the door, locked it and ran back to the school.

"3 minutes and 38 seconds. Not bad Cat. Where did you learn to run like that?"

"Softball, my dear friend. Softball."

"Used to play?"

"Still play even though the school doesn't have a team any more. I have all the equipment from an abandoned park. I'm actaully going after my parents get home so I warm up for the season. I can't play with a team but I can still practice." I said with a smile.

I missed playing down in Hueytown. We would slide and steal bases. I had a hard time trying to figure out what position I would be in. They had me as short stop, middle out field, left outfield. Last year I was catcher.

"I have a natural curve ball and it freaked my grandfather out every time we practiced together," I said with a small smile. Casey just looked at me. I shrugged and we went to gym. Don't cross me and my heels!

Gym went by in a flash. Casey walked with me to English before stopping me at the door.

"My crush is in there..." He whispered.

"Everything will be okay Casey. Just be you and I'm sure if he isn't stupid, he'll be so into you!" I whispered back. Casey gave a side glance like 'Really?' I nodded to him and we walked in. Jasper was there and this time so was one of the Cullens. He was the tall, burly one. Close shaved head of brown curls. He looked at me and waved.

I gave a small smile and waved back. I took a seat next to him as the teacher instructed me to do.

"Emmett Cullen at your service Miss?"

"Catherine Wilkes... But you can call me Cat," I said. At least I would hopefully have another friend by the end of the day. Emmett held out his hand. I took it and was surprised that we were about the same tempature.

"Dang girl, why are you so cold?" He asked. I blushed and looked down. The teacher turned off the light and began a small scene of Hamlet.

"I have a iron deficiency. Nothing helps so I don't bother trying to replinsh my iron levels," I said as he took a strand of my hair and looked at it.

"Not even pills?"

"Leave me with headaches for days, just like my hair. I can only have it down so much or I end up with a headache."

"Why not cut it?"

"According to my mom... She birthed me so I'm under her command not to cut it. I wish she could see how much it hurts to have all this hair..." I mumbled. "Why are you so cold? You have the same temp as me just about."

"Iron Deficiency just like you."

"That's kinda cool... Sucks but cool."

"Would you like to explain the scene that's going on Miss Catherine? Seeing as you're new here and seem to not pay attention," the teacher said. I blushed and looked to the screen and then to the teacher.

All eyes were on me and a certain pair bothered me the most.

"The duo Marcellus and Bernardo was trying to get Horatio to come look after a ghostly apparition. It turned out to be of King Hamlet and he would not speak to anyone. Horatio just got done thinking of telling the Prince Hamlet of the ghost to see if he could get the ghost to speak," I said. I've already read Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet so I knew my scenes...

"Very well Ms. Wilkes..."

I ducked my head and glared at Emmett as he chuckled. "Not funny Emmett... Just be glad you're next to somebody who knows her stuff..."

"Sure Cat. Sure."

I rolled my eyes and began to pay attention more. Ignoring the feeling of being watched. Once the bell rang announcing that school was over, I went to my locker, got my bag and stuffed my books and papers in there and took my form to the office. I gave it to Mrs. Tanner before racing out of the building and to the parking lot.


I turned around as I reached my car. Casey was at the top of the stairs heading to the parking lot. He waved to me. I smiled and waved back at him. I pointed to his note book and then held up my phone. He looked at me weirdly before looking in his notebook.

He looked flabberghasted that I somehow managed to give my number to him. I laughed at his expression and waved goodbye, unlocking my car and hopping in and leaving to go get my cousins.