Chapter one: The meeting.

It's just so much. Too much at times.

I have moments where I sit and imagine myself far away. Where no one knows me. Just so I can escape from the stressful life of being a son of a rich family. I also have responsibilities with the host club that sometimes can be overwhelming. After awhile I just had to follow that idea. I suppose that's why I am secretly getting ready. I couldn't take it anymore and began planning an outfit. I do my best to make it like how I imagined it. I pull away from adding a touch of make-up mainly, making three triangle almost anime like eyelash. I look myself over. I note my dark grey tight t-shirt, my black trench coat, my black tight fitting pants, my bangs brushed to hang more over my right eye. I did make sure the rest of my hair was brushed to look as smooth as my bangs. I give a nod of satisfaction at seeing myself.

Now all that's left is to sneak out, then find where no one knows who I am.

I peek around to make sure no one will see me. I know it is late out being nighttime. I doubt that even my brother Hikaru will be awakening anytime soon. I head down the hall and down the stairs. I manage to reach the front door where I put on black boots. I unlock the door and head through before locking it again. I headed off getting away from home. I keep going and slow with slight panting as he arrives in town. I glance around noticing some people are out and about.

Quite a few of them have more skin showing and some even stand in groups.

There's some who look to be going home after work.

And there's some who are hanging out in various outfits.

I don't really recognize anyone around. I keep walking going past so many closed businesses. I pause by two ladies who are waiting to cross the street.

One lady is wearing a leopard print crop top, black shorts and black knee high boots.

The other has a short revealing red dress and a pair of red heels.

I hardly pay them much mind as I wait for when I can cross the street. I feel a pair of eyes on me from behind. So I turn to slightly glance behind myself. I see a group of three leather and bandana wearing men watching me. I turn away and cross the street as the time comes to do so. I turn a corner after walking straight for awhile. I look for any businesses that are open to just spend time in. I then get grabbed and dragged into an alleyway. I spin around shoving the man away.

"Aw don't be like that." A man speaks behind me and I realize that there's three of them here. "You're looking for a good time are you not?"

I try to look for a way out despite both ways to go being blocked by a person.

"Come on. Showing off your body like that. You don't have to lie to us." The third man tries to back me against a brick wall.

I try to move around him though he moves in front of me each time. My back hits the wall and fear shoots through me. I suppose it was my mistake though. I should have picked a better look.

Suddenly the man is grabbed by a woman who chokes him out until he goes limp.

I watch with slightly wide eyes as she lets the man go to fall to the ground.

The woman standing there has on a purple shirt on that looks like a baggy t shirt was cut in half, cleanly cut. She has black tight fishnet leggings, black short shorts, and black slip on shoes. She has shoulder length brown hair that is straight and gently rests on her shoulders, as well as on her back. Her hazel eyes have a kind look in them as my eyes meet hers.

I take a moment to glance to the other two men who I see are down. I take notice of a woman each standing over them.

A red head with knee high black boots, black short shorts, a dark red crop top, and blue eyes. Her hair looks so red it could very well actually be dyed red. Her red hair long enough to brush against the top of her breasts.

The other woman is a blonde with hair that barely brushes her shoulders. She has deep brown eyes, bright red lipstick on her plush lips, black leggings, and a pink tank top. Her breasts are definitely the biggest of the three.

I turn back to the woman standing before me when she speaks.

"Are you okay?" Her voice is full of concern and I am just grateful that they came when they did.

"Yeah. Thank you." I confirm adding a nod to confirm that I am okay. I am saved and I can walk away from here unharmed.

"I haven't seen you around during the night." The woman moves closer looking me over. "So you must be new. Nice to meet you. You can call me Ruth. That's Cadence." She points to the red head. "And that's Angora." She points to the blonde who waves hi with a smile on her face.

"I'm Kaoru." I introduce myself to my rescuers. "Yeah. I'm new to the nightlife. I just wanted to get out and away to where I wouldn't be recognized." I feel Ruth place a hand upon my shoulder.

"That was my reason to start going out at night as well." Ruth informs me which perks my interest. "Mother doesn't understand that I'm not going to do what she wished she had done. I wanted my own life so I escaped to the nightlife." She brings me closer and the other two join us. "Stick with us. We know a safe place. A place where I doubt anyone knows you."

"Thank you." I agree and we all head off together. I feel safer around these girls as they stay close to me. I feel like they're warning anyone who might want to hurt me to back off. I do admit it is a nice feeling. I wonder what kind of a place they're taking me to. I haven't done much research on the nightlife. I suppose I'll have to wait and see. I just feel like I can trust them and I do owe them some of my trust.

After all they did risk their own lives to save me when they didn't need to. They also are helping me out instead of just leaving me there.

I feel some excitement at the possibilities of what they might be taking me to. I know that it is most likely going to be safe just like they told me. I have no reason to doubt them right now.