Chapter nineteen: The rescue.

Kaoru takes a breath knowing that he is going to have to just try to charge in there shooting. His blade won't do well if he gets close enough to be shot at point blank range. Plus he only has two weapons on him currently so he really needs to try to use the gun that he has. He can't end up throwing his bladed weapon. He would lose his weapon then having to fight someone with a weapon while being weaponless. He will just have to try to shoot as well as he can despite his lacking of experience with a gun. He brings the gun up and closes his eyes taking a breath. He opens his eyes then moves out into the doorway instantly aiming his weapon at the one with the gun. He shoots just barely missing as the enemy with the gun raises it to attack. He shoots again just as the other also shoots at him. He clenches his teeth feeling pain on his right arm. He tries to not let it slow him down as he tries to concentrate on the enemy.

The enemy with the gun falls to the ground with the gun clattering to the ground by his head.

Kaoru notices movement out of the corner of his eye. He ducks down just in time as the other enemy's blade strikes the air right where his neck just was. He can really tell that the other had hoped to use the element of surprise to deliver a deadly strike. He swings his gun to be right against the others stomach. He fires it and the enemy cries out in pain.

The enemy hunches over then falls sideways to the ground laying there.

Kaoru heads towards Lu-Lu switching his gun for his blade. He is going to cut her free… Though he stops on his way as he feels something that could be a gun press against the back of his head.

"Not so fast there." A familiar voice speaks and Kaoru remembers who that voice belongs to without having to turn around.

"Kaito." Kaoru mentions a little softly not daring to turn around as he will die if he tries anything. He doesn't doubt that Kaito will blow the bullet in the gun into his head.

"Good to know that you know who I am." Kaito almost chuckles before stopping as her tone changes to a much more serious one. "And I finally have reached a level so close to what I have desired. I am so close to reaching the top and I won't let anyone ruin my plans. I only became a slut to work my way to the top of the command chain faster than other methods. Without betraying my beloved group. I am going to use this fighting to be able to take over the group. I will be no ones slut no more and no one will tell me what to do. I will be running things for a change and the city will be ours. We will destroy your group!"

"Why do you hate our group so much?" Kaoru questions trying to think of a way to get out of this without being shot in the head.

"I have always hated that we had to share our territory with you." Kaito tells him as she shifts the gun to make sure that he doesn't forget that there is a gun there. "And how we weren't allowed to do what we wanted or needed. Even if someone we needed crossed into your territory. Both territories should belong to my group. That way we don't lose someone who we target because they went into your territory. Not to mention how you act all good as if you're just heroes of the night. Saving others and offering them a position. Not making them have to show their skills to be recruited for. Not working for it. Trying to cover that up with innocent jobs. It shouldn't be that way. I also found out that Daiki hates Lu-Lu for taking Tia away when I overheard him talking to himself. So when it seemed that the Kasanoda's favoured you guys I felt like it was the perfect time. I knew just what to say to set Daiki off. And I suggested that we kidnap pretty little miss over there. I was taken seriously."

"And now here we are." Kaoru realizes in which Kaito makes a sound of confirmation.

"Yup. And if Tia is taken out then all I would have to do is make sure that little Lu-Lu over there gets it. Then we will win and the city will be ours."

Kaoru's eyes glance down to the location of where his knife is. He is careful to not move his head as he does this. He could try to grab it then try to swing it around to slash at Kaito. He just would have to make his movements quick if he is going to try it.

"Drop your gun." Kaito demands narrowing her eyes. She is glad to see Kaoru follow her instructions as the gun clatters to the floor. "Good. Now I'll force your precious queen to watch you die before I take her own life."

Kaoru starts to try to reach for his blade then freezes closing his eyes tightly as a blast rings through his ears. He waits for the pain… Only there is none… He opens one eye wondering if he had instantly died so he didn't feel any of the pain. He then see Lu-Lu looking at him in surprise from where she is currently stuck at. He finds that it confirms for him that he is not dead. He opens both eyes then turns around only to notice Kaito's body laying on the floor.

A pool of blood is growing around her head as she lays there.

Kaoru looks up noticing that someone is standing there. He expects someone from the group he is a part of or from the Kasanoda's group. He however finds himself facing someone unfamiliar.

"Ron." Lu-Lu gasps causing Kaoru to glance to her then back to the man who is holding a gun that is still aimed where Kaito's head was.

Ron looks right into Kaoru's eyes. He has blue eyes, short blonde hair, strong looking arms, a black tank top with a koi fish printed on it, dark skinny jeans and black runners. His pistol is shiny and silver looking as the light seems to really help it shine.

Kaoru isn't sure if he should grab his blade to try to defend himself or just trust the other to not harm him.

"I heard everything. She didn't love me." Ron informs Kaoru as they continue staring into each others eyes. "And so I have made up my mind. I will do what I have to."