"My YGO Daddy"

By: YkkGrl

A/N: This fic is inspired by a quiz on titled "Who is Your YGO

Daddy?" or err...something called that. I forgot the real title for the

quiz. Guess whose my dad?...Joey Wheeler! I guess he'd be a fun dad.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or the quiz on which this fic was based on

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Summary: The purpose of this fic is to see how each YGO male in the cast

does as a dad to a 5-yr old (OC) girl named whatever depending on the coupling. Who's a better dad out of every male in YGO? Who's the worst dad or best dad? What will it be like if you had Joey, Yugi...etc as a dad?

It's been almost 9 or 10 years since Joey and Mai first met at Duelist Kingdom. They developed feelings for each other but then part ways

after the DK tournament was over without expressing their love for each other. Until the end of Battle City and then they started to go out after that thus ending in their now successful marriage. Well not 'successful' like so sickenly happy that other couples wants to kill them but as in they love each other but not obssessing over each other in every second. Anyway, Mai has gotten pregnant after their honeymoon. (A/N: I hope I'm doing ok so far. Am I? Plz tell me in a review but don't flame me.) Wow is that fast sperm or what? Nine months later, the Wheelers has a little healthy baby


5 years later

It's almost 8 in the morning when Mai slowly opens her eyes and reaches with her right hand to the nightstand to the ringing phone. She let

out a tired groan before muttering a 'hullo' into the mouthpiece.

A familiar voice answered,"Hi, Mai! Are you busy this afternoon?"

"Anzu?! You called me this early in the morning just to ask me that??"

"It's not early, it's 8 already!"

"How can you be this cheerful in the morning?"

"I dunno, I just am? Anyway, are you busy today?"

"Not really, why?"

"Well the girls and I thought that ever since we all got married. We women have had no free time to ourselves, we always have to take care of our kids or the biggest kids ever: our husbands. So we're going to spend a whole day

of going to the mall, the spa and catch up on old times, wanna come?"

"Oh hell yeah! I need to get to a salon and get my nails done." She said

looking at her slightly chipped nails.

"Ok, we're gonna pick you up in the afternoon. So you'd better get ready,


"Bye!" Mai hung up the phone and layed her head on the pillow and turned to

face Joey's sleeping face. It wasn't exactly angelic for there was spit

drippling down the side of his mouth. 'Baka', Mai thought amusingly to herself and smiled. Then she grabbed a tissue from the tissue box on the nightstand and wiped away his disgusting drool. "Mommy!", yelled a voice from the other room. Mai sighed and hurriedly got out of her bed and ran to

the other room.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Mai ran over to the side of her only daughter's bed. The little form was tossing and turning. Mai shook her shoulder to wake her up from her nightmare. Maiko's little eyes immediately opened and settled on

the woman with long blonde hair. "Mommy!" she immediately flew into her

arms and started to cry. Mai hugged her tightly and patted her back. "It's ok, it's ok. It's only a


10 A.M.

"What?!" Joey yelled. Mai put an index finger to her lips and made a

'shh' sound.

"She's still sleeping. I said I want you to look after Maiko while I go out

shopping today."

"BUT-" he began but was interrupted by Mai's 'shh'.

"But" he continued in a whisper "what if she needs her diaper changed? I'm

not good at changing diapers."

Mai looked at him weirdly before saying,"Err... Joey, she's five. She's

potty-trained. (A/N: That is the age for toddlers to be potty-trained,

right? Plz tell me. I don't remember from my own experience.)

"Yeah...but-sigh It's just that I'm kind of scared that I'll found out

that she hates me."

Mai stopped smiling and a look of pure sympathy crossed her face now. I

never knew Joey felt that way, I mean he doesn't really say anything to

Maiko but I always thought it was because he didn't want to make her

cry.When Maiko was only a little baby, she'd start crying whenever Joey

carried, fed, changed or even come near her.

"Good morning, Mommy" Maiko said, entering the kitchen and rubbing her


"See?" Joey said quietly to Mai at the fact that she only greeted her and

not him.

"Ohayo, Maiko. Guess what?" Mai said with false excitement and clasping her

hands together. (A/N: That means 'good morning', right?)

Maiko attempted to climb into a chair without anybody's help but Mai lifted

her up anyway.

"What?" Maiko asked excitedly.

"Mommy's going shopping!"

"Yay! When are we going?"

"No, Mommy's going shopping! You and Daddy are going to spend the day


"Uh...but-but Mommy, you promised you're going bring me to Saku-chan's

birthday party today!"

"Daddy can take you!"

"What?!" Joey exclaimed.

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