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Chapter 5

Ayame: Ryou and Kiyoshi's daughter

"Daddy...Daddy..." Ayame poked one of Ryou's closed eyelids, waiting for him to wake up. Currently, the white-haired man was curled under a snuggly quilt, turning away from his daughter's jabbing. Ayame, his white-haired and violet-eyed five-year-old angel, was getting impatient with her still slumbering father. She crossed her arms and huffed angrily. Daddy promised mommy that he would take care of me while she's at work today. I'm hungwy. It was already 12 in the afternoon and while Kiyoshi, Ayame's mother and Ryou's wife had already fed the little girl breakfast; oatmeal, orange juice and one cookie. It was now lunchtime and her little stomach was rumbling. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and decided to take measures in her own hands.

Quietly, Ayame climbed up onto the bed and peering at the covered lump of a man, she started to yell and jumped up and down. "Wake up, daddy! It's lunch time! Ayame-chan is hungwy!" She sang loudly and continued on jumping until the lump started to move slowly. She could hear him groaning due to the loud yells and the constant moving of the bed. While the little girl was energetically singing and jumping on the bed, Ryou's hand snaked out from under the blankets and grabbed a hold of her ankle. She let out a surprised squeal and stopped jumping as Ryou finally came out from the quilt, his long white hair in disarray.

"Ayame, please, Daddy is sleeping. Stop singing and get back into bed," he said wearily, making his daughter sit down next to him.

"Dadddyyy..." Ayame said, a pout on her face. "It's the afternoon already! I want lunch and you're supposed to watch me, 'member? Besides, sleeping's no fun!" She smiled and pulled his arm, trying to lift him up. "I know! After lunch, we should go to the zoo, Daddy! I wanna go and feed the elephants!"

"But you already went to the zoo yesterday!" Ryou whined slightly, sitting up and combing his fingers through his messy hair.

Ayame chose to ignore what he just said, grabbing one of the pillows and started to whack him with the pillow while jumping up and down on the bed. "Pillow fight!" She had exclaimed and was giggling wildly. Ryou sweatdropped and grabbed for the little girl, pinning her down and taking the pillow from her. Ayame pouted but started to giggle again when Ryou had started to tickle her stomach. "Daddy! Stop! No fair!" She half-whined and half giggling.

He stopped and grinned down at his daughter. "Well, it wasn't fair of you to wake me up like that when I was sleeping, was it?" He countered playfully and feigned seriousness.

"Yes, it was," was what wily Ayame said. Ryou frowned slightly at the comment but brushed it off. Although, he was tired; he remembered that he had promised his wife that he would take care of their daughter. None of their trusted babysitters were available and it has been a while since he spent time with his only child.

"I want cookies for lunch!" She suddenly yelled, surprising Ryou whom suddenly snapped out of his thoughts.

"Oh, no, you don't," he said. "Your mom'll kill me if she finds out I gave you only cookies for lunch. I'll make you something thing nutritious."

"Mommy doesn't need to know..." Ayame said sing songly and giving him a mischievous smile.

"Nice try, Ayame," he said, kissing the top of her head and set her down on the floor. "You just wait and I'll make you something yummy and good for you."

Ayame made a face and stuck out her tongue in a disgusted manner. "Is it going to have yucky veggies in it?"

"Vegetables are good for you," Ryou said simply. "Hold on. I'll be right back, Ayame. I've gotta go brush my teeth." With that, he slipped his feet into previous white slippers (but Ayame had gotten a hold of them one day and thought that her daddy's slippers needed some colors on it). Now they had a picture of her favorite animal on it, a pink bunny in markers, a blue sky, white clouds and a bright sun peeking from behind one of the clouds. Boy, was did he remember the day that he had gotten back his slippers. He had wanted to buy new slippers but after looking at Ayame's precious face, he just sighed and accepted the interesting new additions. Occasionally, he hid the slippers whenever any of his friends would come over. The images of Joey and Tristan's amused faces would pop into his head whenever he thought what would happen if anybody else besides Ayame and Kiyoshi ever did see them.

"I wanna come, too!" Ayame said, following him to the bathroom. Ryou just shrugged, thinking that nothing awful would happen but was he wrong. As he entered the bathroom, Ayame immediately put the toilet cover down and climbed on top of it and watched as Ryou gotten his blue toothbrush and squeezed some toothpaste onto it. He set down the tube of toothpaste on the edge of the sink, which caught Ayame's interest. Ryou stared dully into the mirror, occasionally running his free hand into his still tangled hair and using his other hand to brush his teeth in a circular motion. He didn't notice that Ayame had grabbed the toothpaste, the cap of which was not closed properly, and squeezed hard until something white had landed on the side of his face followed by a fit of giggling.

"Ayame, no!" Ryou yelled, finally noticing that Ayame's silver hair, face, arms and clothes were covered in white toothpaste. She made to lick one of the sweet smelling toothpaste but Ryou had seized her arm before she could. She had stopped giggling and pouted at the hand around her arm. "You shouldn't eat the toothpaste; it's toxic!" Ryou continued, biting down on the toothbrush and carrying her out of the bathroom at the same time.

Ten minutes later, Ryou had finished brushing his teeth and cleaning the mess that Ayame had made on the bathroom and on herself. Now he was stuck with the task of making lunch for her; he wasn't exactly the world's terrible cook but Ayame Bakura was NOT easy to please when it came to meals. She, like other children, usually liked cookies or whatever sweets kids liked to eat. Though unlike other children, she was the ultimate picky eater, she abhorred any vegetables which was essential to everyone's diet.

"Cookies, cookies, cookies!" Ayame chanted, sitting at her high chair, continuously banging on the table. Ryou always kind of wondered how his daughter got her boisterous behavior when he and his wife, Kiyoshi were more quiet and reserved. Ayame, sometimes, reminded him of his other side, Bakura, which was scary but of course, Ayame wasn't as...psychotic, for lack of a better word, as him.

"How about some rice balls?" Ryou said, rolling up his sleeves and getting some ingredients from the cupboard. Ayame shook her head with a "no way" look and repeated "cookies."

"Ayame..." Ryou sighed.

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