This is a story in the eyes of Annie Perrault.

"Mom! Alesha did it again!" I screamed. Alesha was peeing on the floor.Alesha is my twin sister. She had brain damage when we were being born, due to lack of oxygen. I came out first. Some people think that I may feel gulity about this, but I don't. She didn't deserve the oxygen.

Well, maybe I was being a little harsh. Alesha is a retard, but, as Mom always says, she can't help it. She can color on the walls, but I can't because she can't help it. She doesn't get in trouble for anything because she can't help it. You may think that I am being really bitchy and unsympathetic,but you don't know what it's like! We're poor because of having to pay all of her medical bills, she gets away with everything, and i have to walk around in public with her, with people pointing and laughing! Well, i decided it was the last straw! I had to do something about it. So I found a solution. It was given to me by my ballet teacher. This is where the real story begins.

"Beautiful, Annie, beautiful! Now, stay on those toes!" Madame VouPierre commented. She taught my ballet class. I knew I was her best student in my class, she often told me. But i was because I put my all into ballet. I could be an angel, leaping through the clouds, or a graceful swan. And i could get away from home.

All too soon, dance class was over. But Madame VouPierre had the most wonderful announcement!

"Class, as you all know, around this time of year, the Meilleur d'Académie de Ballet de France tours the globe, performing The Nutcracker for the world to see. But this year, the Meilleur d'Académie de Ballet de France is short on students willing to accompany the tour! So, in great honor, they have chosen Madame VouPierre's all Girls Ballet School to search for more ballerinas!

Our class went hysterical! This was the most exciting news! I hoped I could make it in, because though I was the best in this class, there were other classes.

"Now, girls, go home and ask your parents if you can join. Auditions are next Saturday! Good luck!"

Though I was sure I could get a part of at least a snowflake! But my parents would never give me permission. Darn you Alesha! I gathered up my stuff to go home. But before I left, I was stopped my Madame VouPierre. "Annie, cher. I think you should try out! You have real potential." I smiled. "Yes, but Madame VouPierre, my parents will never let me try out. Because of Alesha." Madame's eyes lit with understanding. "Ah. I see. You know, Annie, I had a sister with cerebral palsy. It was a drag to live with her. I hid in ballet. And it worked! As for your parents, screw em'. Tour anyway! I have confidence in you." I was suprised that Madame used such vulgar language. "Well i'll just try out! What harm can that do?"