Beau Presents…
A Invader Zim/Mighty B/Johnny Test/RWBY Crossover…
The Crossover That No Man has asked for...

When worlds collide, they collide. But four worlds that are barely ever related to each other collide. Invader Zim. an Alien Invader determined to invade earth but got exiled by his leaders, The Almighty Tallest. Bessie Higgenbottom. A Honeybee Troop Scout determined to collect every single badge so she can become a superhero called "The Mighty B". Johnny Test. a 11 year old flame headed boy with two sisters that do wild experiments on him and has a Talking Dog. and Blake Belladonna. A Faunas born into an organization outside the kingdom of Remnant. These four heroes... Brash. Optisimistic. Troublesome. And Mellow. With these four heroes, they're an Unpredictable team and are able to stop sketchy and his band of salt shakers together… They are…


(Zeebie Jeebie)

Chapter 1

*in the Irken Armada, we see the Tallests eating and drinking*

Tallest Red: y'know something?

Tallest Purple: what?

Tallest Red: It's sad that we never sent Zim to somewhere like a Babysitting Service.

Tallest Purple: oh...

OH! oh, whatever...


Babysitting Service?

why didn't we think of that?

Tallest Red: i know! we're geniuses!

*Meanwhile in Zim's House, we see GIR fooling around as usual and Zim telling him not to do whatever GIR's doing*

Zim: GIR! Put down that thing! we need it for...


i don't really know, but put it down!

*Computer Transmission*

Zim: oh! Greetings, Tallests!

I see that you have a mission for me to fufill in this conquest for earth!

*the Tallests begin to go quiet, then...*

Tallest Red: Yeah, uh...

Zim, we have a new mission for you at...


Tallest Purple: hold on, what's be-

Zim: Beacon? where's that located?

Tallest Red: let's see...

it says here that Beacon lies along the east edge of the city.

Zim: Then that's where i shall go, my Tallests!

i won't fail you now!

Zim: Come on, GIR!

*GIR is rolling around in the floor*

GIR: huh?

Zim: We're going to Beacon!

GIR: i want bacon!

Zim: let's just get in the Voot Runner and Go.

*The Voot Runner powers up*

Zim: Hang on, GIR!

*The Vooty flys away*

Zim: Beacon, here i come!

GIR: Tacooooooooo...

Chapter 2

*in Johnny Test's House...*

Johnny: so...



to do...

Hugh Test: Johnny, if you're really THAT bored, you can either go outside or do your homework. HOMEWORK!

Johnny: But dad, can't i go goof off and play video games?

Hugh Test: Johnny, son, i burned your video games.

Johnny: You WHAT?!

But why?!

Hugh Test: Because, Johnny, i just got your report card in the mail and your grades are low. LOW!

so if you CAN'T get your grades up, no video games, no comic books, and...


Dukey: WHAT?!

Hugh Test: Until you're 30!

*Hugh Walks out the room*

Johnny: MAN, i am SO tired of living in this boring old house with Dad and his rules!

Dukey: Well, Johnny, you could either do homework or-

*a note appears*

Johnny: hm? what's this?

it reads "Dear Johnny, you are accepted for Beacon's Babysitting Service'

well, i'm not sure if it's really gonna be THAT good...


"Free Video Games and Comic Books"

well, that's enough to convince me!

Dukey: Johnny, are you sure about this?

could probably be a bit...


Johnny: don't worry, Dukey. i'm sure it's fine. besides, the babysitter might be nice!

now if only we got a way to get there...

Dukey: to the Lab?

Johnny: To the Lab!

*at the Lab*

Johnny: Hello, Freaky Sisters!

Susan: Hey!

We're not freaky!

Dukey: you turned your Brother into many things...


but we don't talk about that..

*Susan, Mary, Johnny, and Dukey go quiet for a second*

Johnny: Anyway, i need a teleporter to Beacon.

Mary: oh, yeah!

we might know where that is!

Susan: Follow us!

Mary: This is a uh...

Place Teleporter.

Susan: it teleports to whatever place you want to go, that's beacon, just put that in and bam!

Johnny: Alright, goodby-

wait, i might need some things first.

i'll take the turbo action backpack just in case.

Ok! now i'm go-

*Johnny Teleports*

Dukey: ...

Susan: You're going with him, right?

Dukey: the things i do for Steak...

Hold on, J-

*Dukey Teleports*

Susan: and now...

*a replay of gill showering*

Susan and Mary: Ahhh...

Gil Next Door...

Chapter 3

*at the San Fransisco Airport*

Ben: Bessie! wait up! are you sure you don't need me, your intern sidekick, to go to Beacon with you?

Bessie: Ben, i've told you a million times, i'm not the Mighty B yet, i still have 1 badge to go...

and that one badge is the Babysitting Badge.

and besides, it's gonna be fun without you annoying me, i've got happy!

*Happy throws a raspberry at Ben*

Ben: well, darn, Bessie...

Bessie: Alright, Haps, that should be enough.

i got my badge keeper, my Copy of Atlas Shrugged, and my dog!

Hilary: Bessie, Honey, i don't think they might Allow dogs on planes...

Bessie: ...

that's fine, mom! i can put him in the suitcase!

Happy: *is astonished*

Bessie: stop being such a worrywart, Happy! you'll be fine!

Air Attendant: Plane 9B is almost boarding...

Bessie: ah, there's my flight! wouldn't wanna miss it! Bye Mom, Bye Ben!

*Bessie gets on the Plane*

Portia: hey, where is Messy going?

Penny: probably somewhere where they keep the Unicorns.


Gwen: Quiet, Penny, we don't know that...

Portia: let's board the plane...

Without planning a flight!


Gwen and Penny: ...

Portia: oh, uhm, sorry...

Chapter 4

Yang: you know, Blake, i can take this for you. you sure you'll be fine?

Blake: Yang, i've tackled tougher things before...

but Babysitting?

i can handle that, no problem!

Yang: well, oka-

Ruby: Yang, let's go! we're gonna be late!

Yang: well...

good luck, blake.

Blake: Thanks, Yang.

*Yang, Weiss, and Ruby exit the room*

Blake: Speaking of, where are those rascals?

*Zim's voot runner appears on the ground*

Zim: well, GIR, here we are! Beacon!

or atleast it is, Come on, GIR!

GIR: I want Candy!

*Zim moves along, but apparently, Johnny and Dukey appear on top of Zim*



Johnny: ah, my butt! and who said that?

*Johnny looks down to see who it is*





wait, your name isn't Dib, isn't it?

Johnny: no, it's Johnny. Johnny Test.

Dukey: and i'm Dukey, his talking dog.

i'm the one who has to keep this boy out of trouble.

Johnny: oh, it's true.

Zim: I see.

My Name is Zim. Invader Zim. and this is my half doggy half robot companinon, GIR.

Johnny: you don't look like much of an invader.

Zim: oh, really? Well, you look dumb as a moose, Johnny Test.

Johnny: Excuse me?

Zim: i said you're dumb.




*Johnny, Zim, and Dukey argue for a while*

Bessie: wow!

would you look at the size of that building, Happy?

it's pretty nice from here!


what's going over there?

*Bessie sees Johnny Test, Zim, and Dukey arguing*

an argument?

Johnny: you broke my nose!


Bessie: guys, guys, calm down! how about we go inside and grab a nice warm t-

Johnny: who's the nerd?

Bessie: Well, Mr. "I Think i'm so cool with my nuclear t-shirt and blue jacket", My name is Bessie Ka-


Bessie Higgenbottom.

Johnny: what does the K mean?

*Bessie writes down the word "Kajolica" on a piece of paper and hands it over to Johnny"

Johnny: Kajolica?

*Johnny explodes but is still alive*

Johnny: Ouch...

Zim: so, why are you 2 here?

Bessie: beats me! i have no clue!

Johnny: ugh...

what she said...

Zim: Anyway, let's see where our dorms are.

come along, GIR!

*they're walking*

Bessie: so you're really an alien?

Zim: mm-hm!

Bessie: Wow! that's really cool! one time, i thought my friend portia was an alien, but she really wasn't.

Johnny: i still think that it's weird that we have in alien in this group.

Zim: Relax, Filthy human! you're fine! i'm not gonna hurt you.

nor this four eyed cutie over here...

Bessie: aww, stop it! you're making me blush!

Johnny: Get a room, you two...

Dukey: I don't know, Johnny, it might be true love, hehe.

Johnny: Yeah, well, it's disgusting, and making me sick!


*they arrive at the door*

Bessie: Okay, Boys...

we treat the babysitter with respect, we don't give her/him a hard time, and we might get a reward.

Johnny: *whipcrack* got it.


Zim: what was that?

Johnny: sorry, *whipcrack* it's how they make me *whipcrack* move.

Dukey: *whipcrack* it's also how i move too.

Zim: Makes sense, alright, here we come!

*knocks the door hardly*

*Blake is reading her book and hears Zim knocking the Door*

Blake: oh! that must be the chlidren!

hi there, chi-

*she is atonished to see Bessie, Zim, and Johnny*

Johnny: Sup.

Zim: Greetings!

Bessie: Hiya!

Blake: there's 3 of them?!

*Blake Faints*


Zim: wow, she looks dead.

Dukey: Welp, i'm gonna go see if they have any food. I'm hungry, hehe.

Chapter 5

*Blake wakes up*

Bessie: Good morning, m'am! i made you some fish with eggs!

want some?

Blake: *gasps*

my favorite! how'd you know?

Bessie: i noticed cause of your bow!

Blake: oh...

Well, thanks...

Bessie: Bessie. Bessie Higgenbottom.

Blake: thanks, Bessie.

*eats the fish*

Bessie: so what's up with your ears? why are you hiding them?

Blake: *sigh...*

it's something you wouldn't understand.

Bessie: what? no! i understand plenty! tell me what's wrong!

Blake: ok...

you see, Bessie...

i'm a faunas.

Bessie: Faunas? what's that?

Blake: Faunas are like Humans. except they share the same traits as animals.

so for example, i'm a cat faunas?

Bessie: that's pretty cool...

Blake: Blake.

Bessie: that's pretty cool, Blake!

Blake: i guess you could say it was.

Bessie: i don't understand why you would try to hide it!

Blake: you want me to tell you about it?

*Bessie nods her head*

Blake: ok...


*Johnny breaks the wall, Chasing Zim*



Dukey: he's been like this all day.

i tried to stop him, but-

Bessie: no worries, talking dog, i can handle this.

*Zim is in the corner with nowhere left to turn*

Johnny: Any last words? Loonzie?

Zim: I told you for the last time, Flame Head boy, i am NOT A LOONZIE!

Bessie: Stop!

all of you!

why are you all against yourselfs?

Zim and Johnny: he started it.

Bessie: *sigh*

guys, i know it's tough, but you have to get along!

Johnny: as if i'd get along with a freak show like him.

Blake: look, i know it's tough getting along, but i got long with Ruby, Weiss, and Yang pretty well, So Johnny, you should be able

to get along with Zim.

Johnny: well...


i guess i'll try.

Sorry i tried to kill you, Zim.

Zim: it's fine, human.

Bessie: see? i told you you can get along! you just got to have the right mindset!

say, Blake, what time is it?

Blake: it's about 11:58pm?

so it's time for you 3 to sleep.

Zim: well, my fellow smellies, i hope you all a good night's rest.

Bessie: you too, Zim...

*zim is about to bed, but bessie is about to say something*

Bessie: Hey, Zim?

Zim: what is it?

Bessie: i...


*the clocks hits 12am, Bessie falls asleep fast*

Zim: huh.

ah well.

*zim sleeps*

*everyone is asleep*

Chapter 6

?: hehehehehe...

i finally have it...

The Microphysic Hottie Body Flakes!

which can attract massive teenage hotness!

i can use this on anyone...

and i can use it...

on the chosen ones!


but who are the chosen ones?

ah, it doesn't matter...

cause they'll be...



*in the morning, we see them awake*

Bessie: aaaaah...

Good Morning, Finger!

wow, have i not talked to you!

*finger is dissapointed :(*

Gee, what an awful way to start the day...


*everyone except bessie has disappeared*

what the...?

why has everyone disappeared all of a sudden?

you stay right here, happy.

i'm gonna find the others.

*Bessie appears outside*

Bessie: oh, you guys are!

what's so goshdarn important for you guys to come out...


*a white battleship appears and blocks the sunlight, people are screaming in terror*

Johnny: yeah, i didn't see this coming.

Zim: i don't understand...

a person more advanced at taking over the world...

than ME?!

?: Ahem...

alright, everyone...

listen up!

My name is Sketchy.

and guess what?

i have salt!

Person: yeah? like that's gonna hurt us!

*Sketchy pours the salt on the person, the person turns into a female*

Person: wh-whoa~

Johnny: WHAT THE-


Bessie: AH! MY EYES!

Blake: oh no...

Dukey: huh, i never thought we see THAT thing again,

but here we are!

Blake: get inside, kids!

i'll take care of this!

Johnny: aww, c'mon!

we can fight!

i have a turbo action backpack for dukey's sake!

Dukey: did you HAVE to say my name out loud?

Zim: i have a pak that holds all SORTS of weapons!

Bessie: and i have uh...

i got nothing.

Blake: no! it's not safe for you to handle this!

you'll be fine.

don't worry.

*everyone leaves except johnny*

Johnny: no...

you can't do this to us...

Dukey: come on, Johnny, let's go. *grabs johnny by the shirt*

*in the dorms*

Johnny: i can't believe she would just...

leave us in here like that.

Zim: I know...

it's so cold in here!

Bessie: guys, guys, she did this for our own safety...

i mean, uh, hehe, yeah, i can't believe she left us in here, hahaha!

Johnny: well, guess what?

Dukey: oh no...

Johnny: we're not going to just sit around here like...






Johnny: WHO'S WITH ME?!

Bessie and Zim: YEAH!

Johnny: Alright!

but we'll have to enroll here first.

Zim: i think i saw someone, who just might help.

Follow me, guys!

*Glynda sees the people in terror of Sketchy*

Glynda: oh my...

this is bad.

*then she sees Bessie, Zim, Dukey, and Johnny coming*

Glynda: what do you want?

Johnny: we need to be enrolled here, because we heard that you can get scrolls by doing so!

Glynda: do you really think enrolling at beacon academy is that easy?

you must do an initiation first.

Bessie: What?

Johnny: Aw, c'mon!

Zim: Stupid!

Glynda: so tommorow...

your initiation begi-

*looks at sketchy salting Professor Ozpin*

Nevermind, it starts now, here are your scrolls, good luck!

*runs really fast*

Zim: huh. i thought it was gonna be tough.

but it was THAT EASY!

Bessie: now we just need to find blake!

but where could she be?

Dukey: you mean right there?

Johnny: where's she heading?

Bessie: i don't know, but we should probably follow her.

Zim: she must be meeting that blonde haired guy!

Johnny: must be her boyfriend or something, come on!

Chapter 7

Sun: hm...

where is she?

she said she'd meet me here yesterday!

*Sun sees Blake coming*

ah! there she is!

Hey, Blake!

Blake: *snickers* hey, sun.

Sun: how are things going?

Blake: well...

not too good...

we're under a salt attack over at beacon.

Sun: Really? what happened?

Who must have done this?

probably must have been The White Fang!

Blake: Sun, it's not the white fang.

Sun: oh.

well, then who is.

Blake: Sketchy.

Sun: oh, yeah!

i've heard about him all over the news!

Blake: so, that's why i come to you, Sun...

wlil you help me defeat Sketchy and his Salt Shakers?

Sun: of course, Blake. after all, us faunas gotta stick tog-

hey, are those your children?

Blake: huh?

*Blake turns around to see that Zim, Bessie, Johnny, and Dukey are there*

Dukey: *sigh* Why do i even bother...

Sun: Did that dog just ta-

Blake: can you excuse me for a second?

*whispering* what are you guys doing here?

Zim: listen, we just were trying to help!

Blake: look, what we're dealing with...

what I'M dealing with is way too advanced for you four to handle!

even if you were up to the challenge, you'd still lose.

Bessie: oh..

i see..

Dukey: oh, god.

Johnny: i guess we'll just...

go back to a salt infested place...

Zim: with no food...

no water...


Blake: stop right there!



i didn't mean all of it.

Bessie, Zim, and Johnny: really?

Blake: listen...

you are all great children...


i can't do this alone.

so that's why i'm asking you...


Zim: that's me!

Blake: Bessie...

Bessie: Ready!

Blake: Johnny...

Johnny: let's do this.

Blake: and the kid with the rare hair disorder...

Dukey: hehe...

Blake: will you help me?

Johnny: yeah!

Bessie: All Right!

Zim: This is gonna be fun!

Dukey: eh...

as long as we get back before dinner.

Blake: i was hoping you'd say that.

Sun: so, you done talking to your little weirdos, cause we have to go!

Blake: *sigh*

this is why i barely ever talk to you anymore...

Sun: Huh?

Dukey: i don't mean to interupt a convo...

but, look up there!

*then just as things were about to turn up, sketchy's battleship appears*

Sketchy: Well, Well, Well, if it isn't the Pity Party.

Zim: what do you want, Salty Being?

Sketchy: well...

it's very simple...

i'm here to turn you people into hotties!

Johnny: hey...

Aren't those the Microphysic Hottie Body Flakes?

Sketchy: very clever, Johnny Testicles.

Your genius sisters were nice enough to give me this thing.

and i'll admit...

they make fine Flakes.

Johnny: how the heck did you even get them?

Sketchy: oh, you know...

i have your sisters somewhere...

i don't know were...

but somewhere!

and as for how i got the flakes...

*Flashback at the lab...*

Susan: how long it will take for Johnny to get his ass kicked at Beacon?

Mary: eh, 2-3 minutes tops.

Susan: well, that should give enough time t-

Hugh: GIRLS!

where's Johnny?

you didn't do any experiments on him, did you?

Susan and Mary: uh...


Hugh: Well, good.

oh, i almost forgot to remind you...

Dinner starts at 8!

so if Johnny isn't here by the time Dinner starts, you're banned from the lab!

*closes the lab door*

Susan and Mary: well, this is bad.

Mary: let's go to Beacon and get Johnny and Dukey!

Susan: Good idea.

Mary: see? told you my ideas can be good.

Susan: yeah, whatever.

*Susan and Mary see that the Microphysic Hottie Body Flakes are gone*

Susan: Where's the Microphysic Hottie Body FLAKES?!

Mary: they're gone!

Susan: it must have been Eugene...

Mary: Now, Susan, we shouldn't jump to conclusions.

*TV turns on, it's Bling Bling*

Bling Bling: Greetings, Susan Test! it is i, Bling Bling Boy! you are to go on a date with me or suffer the consequences!

Susan: *sigh*

did you take the Microphysic Hottie Body Flakes?

Bling Bling: huh?

Susan: the one you gave Johnny while you were at Mole City?

Bling Bling: no! what gave you that ide-

*Susan turns off the transmission*

Mary: Welp, no luck.

shame though, we were gonna use it on us so we can attract Gil.

Susan: best we can do is to keep l-

*some net grabs them*

Susan and Mary: AAAAH!

*net flys away and breaks the top wall*

*Flashback End*

Dukey: that was a really stupid flashba-

Sketchy: anyway, i hope you enjoyed being male or female once...

*drops the salt*

Cause it's the last!



Johnny: before we get turned into females, dukey...

i just wanted to let you know...

it was me who ate your chew toy whole.

Dukey: wait...

YOU ate my Chew Toy?

Johnny: yeah, that's right.

Dukey: i'm so gonna kill you after this...


*Blake gasps and jumps in to save them all only to get in a tube that leads to a secret base Sun made*

Sketchy: i'll get you!

Beowolf: is that possible, your honour?

cause they are the chosen ones.

and when does the villian ever beat the chosen ones?

because, well, they're chosen ones.

*Sketchy salts the Beowolf to Death*

Sketchy: they won't win...

once we salt the entirety of Vale, Porkbelly, San Fransisco, and Whatever Zim's Town is called...

i'll finally be able to MTC!


You'll understand once you hear the song.

Chapter 8

*we see Zim, Bessie, Johnny, Dukey, Blake, and Sun riding the epicness that is the Tube*
Zim: so where does this tube lead us to?

Sun: oh, you'll find out sooner or later.

Johnny: Wow, so that's what dirt looks like?
Dukey: Well, Johnny, of course! Dirt comes in many different forms such as-
Johnny: Wow, she can enjoy herself that much, huh?
Sun: Look, we're about to arrive!

Blake: so, when did you build this?
Sun: Neptune and I built it for emergency reasons, like this salt invasion we're having!

Blake: i never thought i'd say this, Sun, but you became pretty prepared.
Sun: oh, it was nothing.
Johnny: wait…
Sun: What?
Johnny: Who is Neptune?
*they get out the tube and into the base*
Neptune: That would be me.
Johnny: well, hello there, Blue haired Freak!

Neptune: Blue haired freak?
Dukey: sorry, but he's like this all the time, hehe.

Sun: anyway, welcome to my hideout!
Pretty cool, huh? It's got snacks and food to keep us parched!

*Johnny sees that there are red gushes, chips, etc.*


Bessie: oh, come on, Johnny! Vegatables are good for you! They give you strength…
*eats them*
And Vitamin D!

And C. Probably C.

Johnny: but who needs that? I want crunchy goodness inside me!
*Johnny eats the snacks*
Bessie: *sigh…*
Zim: so, this is the snacks that the tallest like.
I wanna try it!
*Zim procedes to eat the snacks*
Zim: well…

They taste very…


And not making me sick…




Neptune: shouldn't you be telling them the plan?
Sun: What plan?
Neptune: i-
Blake: The plan about what we're gonna do about Sketchy.

Sun: oh!

Ok, everyone sit down!

*everyone except Blake, Sun, and Neptune sits down*
Blake: Alright…

So, as many of you already know, our world might be in a lot of danger.
So as many of you know, we haven't had an attack at Beacon nor Vale for a while now.

It's mostly been peaceful now.

Johnny: was it really THAT peaceful?

Blake: some say, yes.

However, a threat has emerged into Vale.

Worse than Torchwick, even Worse than what i've faced.


When we heard the wake up signal, i knew something was coming.

Bessie: huh. So THAT's why i didn't see you guys wake up…

*wake up signal*


Johnny: no, you doofus.

It means we have to wake up to go Outside.

Blake: seems right. Why else would we have to wake up, come on, let's go see what it is!

Dukey: hopefully, i get steak after this!
*everyone except Bessie exits and the door slams shut*

Bessie: *still asleep* huh? Whazzat? Eh, probably nothing.

*falls back asleep*

*flashback end*

Blake: yeah, that figures.

Anywho, with Sketchy's weapon, it would be impossible to defeat him. His giant salt shaker is too big for us to get by.

Zim: wait! I just had an idea.

Johnny: what's the idea, Zim?
Zim: if we somehow make a thing to reflect the salt, say, a giant shield thingie, we could possibly beat him!

Sun: that's a great idea, alien guy!

But where are we gonna find a giant shield like thing?

Johnny: my sisters could help, since they're, you know, Geniuses!

Dukey: yeah, but there's only one problem, Susan and Mary are trapped in a cell!

Johnny: then we're gonna have to be the one to bust them OUT!

I have a plan…

Alright! Zim, since you're a smart intellectual alien…

Zim: hey!

Johnny: you'll have to infiltrate and open the gates for us…

Probably even kill a guard…

Zim: you mean…


Johnny: yeah, that's right.



*they all look at zim weird*



Johnny: anyway…

and Bessie, you distract the guards…

Blake, you try to break the chains that my sisters are sitting in...

While dukey and I get in to save our sisters…

Sun and Neptune: what about us?

Johnny: hmm...

you can just stay here.

Sun and Neptune: WHAT?

Johnny: nah, you can just come along.

Sun: oh, thank god.

Neptune: yeah, i thought we were lost causes.

Johnny: yeah, sure, whatever.

Now, let's go get my sisters, so we can make the shield, save the planet, and become Heroes of Time!

Dukey: not so sure about the "Heroes of Time" part, but okay!

Zim: wait, i just realized something…


Bessie: i just realized something too!


*at dorms, happy and GIR are watching Fanboy and Chum Chum*

GIR: i love this show.

Happy: *barking* i hate this show.

*suddenly, GIR and Happy are captured by a net, then GIR starts happily screaming, while Happy is shocked that he is being captured by Sketchy*


Happy: *Barking* you idiot! We're in a net! You know what this means?!

GIR: what?

*Happy facepalms, then GIR and Happy screams again*

*back at da base*

Bessie: ah, i'm sure happy's fine.

Zim: yeah, and i can work without GIR. he's kind of a nuisance anyways.

Johnny: yeah, so, uh, we gonna go now or what?

Zim: yeah, ok, let's go.

Chapter 9

*Ren and Stimpy appear on screen*

Stimpy: SUPRISE!

Ren: what, did you really think there was a Chapter 9?

It's april fools day, you baffling EEDIOTS! There IS no Chapter 9! And you all fell for it!
Stimpy: but there is a Chapter 10!

So let's move on to th-

Dukey: *offscreen* ok! That's it!
*walks on screen* Now, Listen here, you sack sap pieces of garbages! There's some crazy lunatic, that wants to

Turn us into females, and drop SALT, on ALL OF US! As we know, the world would be dead! And you think there ISN'T a chapter 9?

Stimpy:*sniff* but… *sniff* weird talking dog… it's april f-



Stimpy: *sniff*


*they walk out*

We'll be in the Sequel, though, right?

Dukey: yeah, sure, whatever, NOW GET OUT!


*technical difficulties*

Johnny: calm down, dukey, it's ok…

Dukey: i'm so sorry, Johnny, but i can't stand April Fools day.

Johnny: don't worry, we're just gonna move on to the next scene…

Dukey: ok, that sounds good.

*at Sketchy's Castle*

Zim: wow. That looks menacing than it looks to be.

Johnny: yeah, i thought it was gonna be like a salt shaped castle.

You guys ready?

*everyone nods their heads*

Johnny: alright…

Move out!

*Zim does his thing, trying to open the gates*

Johnny: alright, now we're in.

Dukey: Johnny, are you sure this is gonna work?

Johnny: Dukey, when have i ever failed?

Dukey: well, almost EVERY time.

Johnny: well, this time, we won't fail?

Cause we have an alien, a honeybee scout, and a really tall woman! WE CAN DO THIS, DOG!

Sun: guys, we're in!

*inside the Castle*

Neptune: huh. Looks bigger than expected.

Blake: hm. Bessie, think you can distract the guards?

Bessie: You leave that to me.

Johnny: well, blake, let's go save my sisters!

Dukey: and hopefully, get some steak!

Oh, uh i mean, yeah of course, let's save your psycho sisters, hehe.

*at the guarding area*

Guard 1: hey, uh, John?
Guard 2: yes, Alex?

Guard 1: why do we work for this Sketchy guy?

Guard 2: well, Alex, there's a ton of things we don't know, like how are babies made, or how the earth is flat.

Guard 1: i suppose so…

Guard 3: Hey, GUYS!

Guard 1: oh, god…

Not Steve…

Guard 2: i hate Steve.

Guard 3: so, did hear about the new Sonic Movie?

Guard 2: we saw it, like, two days ago, Steve.

Guard 1: please…

Go away….

Guard 3: hey, what's that coming over there?

*the 3 guards see Bessie coming*
Guard 1: *gasp*


*they point the gun at Bessie*

Bessie: wait! Before you kill me…

Do you want to hear about my Badge Collection?

Guard 1: hmm…

*they put away their guns*

Guard 2: go ahead, kid….


Bessie: let's see…

*pulls out the badge keeper*

As you can see here, this is my favorite badge, the dog show badge, how did i win it, you ask?

Johnny: alright, now that bessie's distracting the guards, let's go bust my sisters!

Blake: right.

*they're walking through the Castle Prison hallway*

Blake: you know, i've heard about your sisters…

Weren't they the ones who made the salt?

Johnny Test: oh, yeah…

It's true.

They were the ones who made the salt.

But it's not really salt. It's Microphysic Hottie Body Flakes.

Blake: so why are trying to get it back?

Johnny: cause what could happen right now, we could be in a civilization of ANIME BABES!


Blake: i see…

But how did this salt came to be?

Johnny: Well…


*in the lab*

Johnny: you want me to eat salt?

Susan: it's not salt. They're Microphysic Hottie Body Flakes.

Mary: They geneticaly adjust your body to Maximum Teenage hotness that will attract super cuties like…


Gil Next Door….

*the girls swoon*

Johnny: so…

I eat the salt, then you'll help me locate mole city and give me the dozer so i can get back dad's camera and defeat-

Susan: yeah, sure, whatever.

*johnny eats the salt, then becomes fem johnny*

Susan and Mary: *gasps*

*then Johnny turns into a monster*

Susan and Mary: too much female growth hormone…

Dukey: what have you done?

he/she is hideous!

Susan: Relax, you talking hairball! It's a micro dosage, it's only temporary.

*Johnny grabs Susan then grabs the keys and transforms back*

Johnny: hehe…

*flashback end*

Johnny: and that's how it all happened, but alas…

it got into the wrong hands…

Blake: that makes sense…

One thing i don't understand, is that why do your sisters use you for experiments?

Dukey: oh, you don't know the HALF of it! They even made ME talk!

Blake: yeah, that figures…

Johnny: hey! There's Susan and Mary!

*they walk up to the cell where Susan and Mary are in*

Susan: you know, Mary, this is technically your fault.

Mary: no, it's yours!

Susan: NO, IT ISN'T!

You know what?

It's Johnny's fault.

Mary: yeah, you're right.

Johnny: *ahem*

Susan: oh…

Hey, Johnny…

And some, beautiful-than-u-

Blake: i don't have time to talk with you two.

Mary: wow, she's fierce…

Johnny: just cut the bars…

*Blake cuts the jail cell bars to free Susan and Mary*

Susan: thank you…

Whatever your name is.

Blake: Blake. Blake Belladonna.

Mary: Thanks, Blake.

Now i believe we have some unfinished buisness to take care of.

*Susan and Mary get angry at Johnny*

Johnny: now, before you beat me like mashed fruit, you have to listen to what i have to say.

Our universes could be in danger!

So we need a shield so we can deflect the salt back at Sketchy!

Susan: hmm…

Mary: well, we might be able to make that. Except one problem…


*Zim and Bessie walk in*

Zim: hmm…

I might be able to have some tools in my PAK.

Let's see here…

*Zim drops everything he has in his PAK*

Susan: wow! We could work with this.

GIR: hello~

Susan: AH! A robot!

Mary: don't worry, Susan. It's dumb.

GIR: Taco….

Zim: GIR! THERE you are!

This is where you have been?

GIR: um…

I don't know!

Happy: *barking* that's the last time i talk to hi-

Bessie: HAPPY!

Happy: *barks happily*
Bessie: i'm so sorry i left you alone, but you're gonna stay with me from now on, okay?

Happy: *barks*

*they hug*

Johnny: hate to interrupt the moment but can we just move on?

Bessie: yeah, okay.

Susan and Mary: alright.

Let's get to work!

*and so they did, minutes later, the shield was already done*

Susan: here it is! The Deflectorizer.

Mary: it can deflect anything, so it should be able to deflect the Flakes.

Johnny: good enough for me! But how are we gonna get it in range of where sketchy's gonna shoot it?

Susan: the Deflectorizer is auto aim, so don't worry.

Zim: makes sense. Alright, humans.


Hey, where's the blonde guy and the blue hair guy?

Blake: i'm sure Sun and Neptune are fine.

Now, let's go.

Zim: alright then.

*in the car*

Sun: are you sure they'll need us anytime soon?

Neptune: don't worry, we'll be fine.

Sun: no, we won't! Let's just follow them!

Neptune: and how are you gonna do that?

Sun: trust me, i have plans!

Neptune: failed ones.

Sun: just follow me….

Chapter 10

Anime Girl: so, Sketchy, when shall we begin the attack?

Sketchy: as soon as we can, my love, cause i need a message.

Oh, George!

*george comes in groaning*

George: what now, Sketchy?

Sketchy: could you give me a rub on the back?

George: oh, come ON! I gave you that last w-

Sketchy: do it…

George: okay, OKAY! Jeez….

*george gives sketchy a rub on the back*

Sketchy: oh, yeah…

That's the stuff…


Susan: So, as you can see, my radar indicates that the battleship is headed towards somewhere…

I don't know where, but somewhere…

Mary: if we're able to get the trajectory on where it's headed, we should be able to get you four on the ship.

Susan: but be careful.

This thing has a full speed mode.

Zim: but why? what happens if we use it?

Mary: well, freaky little space freak, if you use the full speed mode, you might not be able to get the right timing.

Susan: Basically, what it means, is that you'll explode when in the rocket.

So don't ever, EVER, put it in full speed mode.
Johnny: so don't put it in Full Speed, got it!

Sun: welp, guess we'll leave it to you four.

And not because we have our own stuff to do, becaus-

Neptune: actually, it IS because we have our own stuff to do, Sun.

Sun: oh, be quiet, you.

*Blake snickers*

Blake: jokes aside, i can't thank you enough, sun.

You've been a grea-


Blake: well, guess this is goodbye.

*kisses sun*


Sun: *gasps*
Blake: don't tell yang i did that.

*blake gets on the rocket and fastens her seatbelt*

Susan: it will take a while to get the battleship, but don't go too f-

*Bessie, the one driving the rocket, procedes to press the button and they rocket away*

All: AAAaaa….

Susan: fast….

they never listen, do they?

Mary: nope.

*suddenly, an unknown person throws what seems to be a badge*

Sun: huh? Who threw that?

Ben: I did!

Mary: well, who are you?

Ben: nevermind who i am.

Say, is there a chance my sister is up that rocket?

Susan: you mean the yellow haired girl with the glasses?

*ben nods his head*

Susan: then yes.

Ben: then i hope she's alright.

*up the rocket…*


Narrator: Ten Minutes Later…

Narrator: Ten MORE Minutes Later…


Zim, Johnny, Blake, Dukey: we've gotten USED TO IT!

Johnny: ooo! A badge!

Dukey: but, Johnny, we don't know what it could do!

It might belong to someone.

Johnny: hmm…

You're right, Duke. i'll just put this in my pocket.

*puts the badge in pocket*

*inside the battleship, we see the guards walking, then suddenly, the rocket that the gang are riding on crashes into it and kills the guards, then the rocket broke*

Bessie: ugh…

Talk about rocket science, am i right?

Is everyone ok?
*Zim, Blake, Johnny, Dukey, Happy, and GIR get up*

Zim: we're ok!

Johnny: suprised we survived that crash, otherwise we would have been dead.

Blake: let's just find sketchy, and hopefully teach him a lesson.

Dukey: hey! Who's that coming?

*we see Sketchy's assistant, George, coming and drinking coffee and spits it out*


*grabs his phone and calls sketchy*


Sketchy: huhuhuhuhue…..

Then i shall alert the anime force….

*presses button*

*the anime elite army show up*
Anime Girl #1: we're the anime elite force! We have you surrouned!

Put your hands up in the air!

Johnny: woah, didn't see that coming.

Bessie: hold on! There must be an explaination, so why don't we all just…

*kicks the anime girl*

Anime Girl #1: AAAAAAAAh~

That hurt….


*the whole elite force gasps*

*the whole gang prepares to attack*

Zim: ohohohohohoho, this is gonna be good….


*they attack, Zim shocks an Anime Girl with his robo arms*


Anime Girl: STOP~! Please! I'm warning you!

*one anime girl is looking around, when..*

Johnny: hey! Bet you want this, don't ya?

*she comes to Johnny, then…*

Johnny: turbo action backpack! Punch her!


*the TABP punches her and dies*

*Blake's Gambol Shroud, cuts THREE Anime Girls in half. And smiles when she killed them*

*Sketchy, watching his greatest creations die, is shocked*

Sketchy: no…

No! NO!

N O !


My girls…

My beautys….

*the door opens*

Sketchy: ah, shit...

Johnny: it's over, Sketchy! Your reign of terror ends right here!

Blake: you've been terrorizing people, turning them into anime people…

Bessie: killing them….

Zim: and even to go far as…


I don't even know anymore.

But whatever this is, it has to stop!

Sketchy: oh, alright. I'll stop…

Zim, Bessie, Johnny, Dukey, Blake: phew….

Sketchy: SIKE!

*they gasp*

Did you really think i'd stop making this world salted?

Johnny: what do you mean?

Sketchy: take a look for yourself!

*everyone in Vale, San Fransisco, Porkbelly, Zim's Town, has been salted by Sketchy, Zim, Johnny, Bessie, Blake, and Dukey are shocked*

Zim: i can't believe it…

Bessie: everyone we loved…

Johnny: everyone we knew…

Blake: all turned into…


Sketchy: yes, very suprising.

Shame, too.

Zim: how could you do something like this?

Sketchy: hmmph…

You want to know why?

So that i can have a whole utopia of anime babes, collect them, and make them MY BITCHES! AAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*Blake grabs Sketchy by the neck*

Blake: you asshole! Do you have any idea what you've done? You're ruining what was once earth and turning into a salt pile!

Sketchy: well, guess what? I don't care! I'm going to get a whole collection of anime babes!

Blake: ugh! You're such a…

Sketchy: a what?

Say it. I DARE you.

Blake: you…


*Zim, Bessie, Johnny, and Dukey gasp*

GIR: oooooooh~

Happy: *gasps*

*Blake lets go of Sketchy*

Sketchy: *evil laughing*


Did you forget i have….


Johnny: hey! There's the microphysic hottie body flakes!

Sketchy: so you've noticed…


With this into my gun, i can transform you! I'll start with Zim and Johnny!

Zim: what?

Johnny: NO!

Sketchy: oh, YES!

I hope you enjoyed being a boy once! Cause it's the last time you're gonna experience IT!

*sketchy shoots the gun*

Zim: Well, this is the end, Johnny.

Johnny: well, zim, before turn into girls, there's something i want to say first…

I'm sorry i was mean to you when i first met you.

Zim: it's fine. It's just that…


I hate humans, well, used to…

But after seeing Bessie, Hi, Bessie!

*bessie waves back at Zim*

It kind of made me change my mind about humans….

Wait! I forgot! The shield!

*Zim pulls the shield out and blocks the salt, sketchy gets hit by the salt, only to turn into Sketchette*

Sketchette: hehehe…

You fools! You've made me more powerful than i already am!

Johnny: well, then…

*pulls what appears to be the Babysitting badge out of his pocket*

What is this?

*Bessie sees the badge*

Bessie: hey! That's the babysitting badge!

*grabs the badge out of johnny's hand and puts it on her sash*

*then suddenly what happens to be one of the best transformations…*

Blake: huh? What's happening to bessie?

Dukey: everyone, hide!

Sketchy: what the f-

*Bessie becomes…*

Zim: B-Bessie?

Johnny: what happened to you?

?: i am no longer Bessie…

I am now…

The Mighty B!

After 12 years, it's time to kick some honey!

Johnny: if she's the Mighty B, then i'm…

*Johnny becomes…*

Johnny X!

Dukey: and…

*Dukey becomes…*

Super Pooch!

Zim: AND I….


I don't have a super hero costume, but who cares! As long as i am able to kick this human's butt!

Blake: same here!

Sketchette: ah, f*ck.

*The Mighty B punches Sketchette in the face, Johnny X Fire Farts in Sketchette face, Zim shocks him with his robo spider arms, and Blake uses her weapon, the Gambol Shroud, to tie him up, then shoot him and then Sketchette lies in the floor looking at the team*

Sketchette: ehehehehe…

*sketchette gets up and runs*


*the gang chase after him*

Sketchette: ah, shit, they're after m-

*he looks on the bottom and sees that he is about to fall*

Well, this isn't good…


*sketchette falls to his death*

*the team look down to see him*

Blake: will he be okay?

Mighty B: eh, he will be fine.

Johnny: well, there's one problem, how are we gonna get DOWN?

Mighty B: fear not! The Mighty B has your back!

Dukey: must you always talk like that?

* and so, Mighty B holds Zim, Johnny, Dukey, Blake, Happy, and GIR to safety, and the battleship explodes*

*Susan, Mary, Sun, Ben and Neptune are seeing if the gang are okay*

Mary: oh, man…

I knew it!

Johnny and Dukey are dead!

Susan: how are we gonna explain this to Mom and Dad?

Ben: Look!

*they see The Mighty B, carrying Zim, Johnny and the others to safety, and then, The Mighty B turns back into Bessie.*

Sun: Blake!

Susan and Mary: Johnny!

*Susan and Mary hug Johnny*

Johnny: ugh, you're crushing me!

Susan: we're just glad you're alive, Johnny.

Dukey: well, this has been an odd adventure.

Sun: Blake, i'm so glad you're alive!

Blake: *smiles* thanks, sun.

And you too, Neptune.

Bessie: infact, i think we-

*Bessie sees Ben*


Ben: uh, long story short, Bessie….

I kind of came with you on the way to Vale.

Bessie: Ben, what did i tell you, you're not my sidekick, i work alone!

Ben: aww…

Bessie: but, i might consider one…

Ben: *gasps*

*Bessie walks over to Zim*

Bessie: well, Zim, it was nice meeting you on this…

Well, Bizzare Adventure.

Zim: huh?

Oh yeah, i did too, hehe…

Bessie: that said…

There's something i've wanted to tell you….

Zim: oh, what's that?

Bessie: Zim, i…

*hugs Zim*

I love you!

Zim: you're hurting me, but i love you too, Bessie, i know that invaders need no one, but you're the one for me, Bess!

*Blake and Johnny join in to hug*

Blake: you guys are the best.

*Johnny farts*


Bessie: ughhh!

Blake: ewwwww!

Dukey: glad i didn't join in….

*back at Vale*

Susan: we built these universe teleporters to bring you guys back to your original universes.

Blake: well, guess i'm gonna miss you guys.

When i first met you three, i thought you were weirdos.

Especially the alien one.

Zim: ehehe….

But you're my favorite weirdos.

Bessie: aww, it was nothing, Blake, now if you'll excuse us, me and Ben gotta get back to our own universe.

*looks creepily at Ben*
Right, Ben?

*Ben gets scared*

Bessie: alright, come on haps!

*Bessie, Ben, and Happy get back to their universe*
Johnny: holy crud! I gotta back before dad grounds me!

Come on, girls.

And dukey!

Dukey: see ya!

And i just wanna say you make a lovely stea-

*Johnny grabs dukey by the ear*

Johnny: come on, Dukey!

Dukey: ow!

*Johnny, Dukey, Susan, and Mary get back to their universe*

Zim: well, i guess i got to get to my own universe too!

Come on, GIR!

GIR: aww…

I'm gonna miss this place…

*Zim and GIR get back to their universe*

Ruby: Blake!

Blake: hey, guys! How was the movie?

What movie did you see?

Weiss: we saw the Sonic Movie! It was good!

Yang: then Ruby kept spoiling it to everyone who didn't see it.

Ruby: you wouldn't believe wh-

*Yang grabs ruby by the mouth*

Yang: but enough about us, how was your day?

Blake: it was great. I met three great kids, Bessie was the embodiment of Purity, Zim was Defiance, and Johnny was…

Pretty troublesome.

Ruby: wow, i'm glad you had that much fun, Blake!

Blake: i did. Now come on, who wants some food? I know i do.

Yang: now you're talkin!

Weiss: i am pretty hungry after such an amazing film!

And so one of the most weirdest adventures, come to an end.

Zim decides to be nice to humans. Well, almost decides to be nice.

Bessie, having fun in her "Mighty B" form, saves people when they're in need.

Johnny Test? He's still a test tube.

As for the rest of the land, the universe is no longer salted. The day is saved..

Thanks to ZBJB!

The End.
…..Or is it?

The Story of ZBJB Continues!

ZBJB 2: The New Heroes Coming Soon!