(Chapter 1: Restart at life)

It has been what felt like ages after my death that I've been trapped in this endless expanse of nothing of which he found was a seemingly non-existent end to, which he found out personally by having tried to run throughout its length. Yet it would be in this instance in my stay within the nothingness I've come to call my own residence that things for me would change forever.

(20?, 4:? Am, ?)

It was what he could assume was dawn as he sat cross-legged for what he could only assume was years turned to decades within the nothingness, waiting for what could possibly be his end or what have you.

"This is new." The man said as he was momentarily blinded by emerald light that formed into words

You've been selected to be a Gamer. Select the starting world you wish to be a part of.

(Marvel, DC Comics, Bleach, Rosario Vampire, Naruto, Highschool DXD, Percy Jackson, Star Wars)

"As much as I'd like to go to Star Wars I'm not messing around with Valkorian or Palpatine. So that's out. I can kiss Bleach goodbye as well because people who can destroy my very soul are a no go." The man said to himself in not wanting to screw around with worlds where his soul could be destroyed or devoured

"Marvel and DC are out of the question. Since I'm not risking getting my ass kicked by Superman, Thanos, the Incredible Hulk, Ultron, Black Adam or anyone else of that caliber. Naruto and DXD as well can go too. Because I'd rather not start out with being in a place where people can nuke the area with a few hand signals. Neither am I gonna fuck around and piss off Ophis or Sirzechs because I'm not bowing down to some brat who couldn't get there act together." The man added in not wanting to fuck around in either Marvel or DC where people could set his shit down with a single thought and neither was he gonna go to DXD or Naruto because he refused to bow under anyone else

"I guess that means Rosario Vampire because Percy Jackson as much as I love it. Falls under the same case." The man thought as he selected Rosario Vampire as his starting universe

Select your race

(Human), (?) (?) (?) (Locked) (Locked)

"Guess I don't have a choice, but to be human again. So fuck it, as I'm not taking my chances with mystery doors 2 or 3" The man said as he selected human

You've selected human

Congratulations, you're the most basic of all races. Despite that your also the most versatile.

+30% Class XP bonus

You also gain the following abilities as a Gamer

Gamers Body (Passive)

Your body becomes that of an RPG/Video Game character

Gamer's Mind (Passive)

You become immune to psychological or mind-altering effects.

Observe (Passive)

Allows you to see things on a target such as HP, MP, their stats and etc

Now select your class

(Fighter, Mage, Rogue Support)

'Let's go with mage as I wanna build myself up before I start getting up close and personal.' The man thought to himself as he selected Mage

Select your specialization

(Necromancer, Summoner, Illusionist, Elementalist)

While Necromancer was tempting due to the ability to bring back enemies from the dead and have them fuck up your enemies, it was typically frowned upon and he didn't want to deal with people coming after him for it. He didn't really care for illusions in preferring the more direct application of things that would guarantee him offensive capabilities, therefore Elementalist seemed the best way to go.

Select your elemental discipline

(Pyrokinesis), (Cryokinesis), (Geokinesis), (Umbrakinesis), (Locked), (Locked)

"Hell yes to fire magic. The ability to turn people to ashes is a definite hell yes to me." The man said in being all for incinerating his enemies to ash

Class gained

Pyromancer: Level 1/100

+5 to INT and WIS per level gained from this class.

Skill gained.


MP Cost: 120

Range: 120 feet

You hurl a mote of red-hot flames at a target. Will ignite flammable objects that aren't being worn or carried. Deals 300 + INT fire damage

Burning Hands

MP Cost: 270 MP per 6 seconds

Range: 15 feet

Type: Cone

You spread your hands outwards and a thin sheet of flame erupts from your fingers. Deals 240+ (INT *2) fire damage per second.

Ash Cloud

MP Cost: 90

Range: 60 feet

You designate a point within range and cause a 30 foot wide cloud of burning hot ash to erupt. This ash cloud deals (INT+CON) Fire damage per 6 seconds. When ignited will deal (INT*3)+ (CON*2) Fire damage to targets within range. Targets can make a CON saving throw against your INT or take half damage.

Adrian Taylor

Level 1
Class: Pyromancer

Race: Human

HP: 800/800 (600 HP Regen per 3 minutes)

MP: 800/800 (600 MP Regen per 3 minutes

SP: 600/600 (600 SP Regen per 3 minutes)

STR: 20
DEX: 20
CON: 20
INT: 20
WIS: 20
CHA: 20
LUC: 20
"At least I got a decent sounding name." Adrian thought to himself as he saw another message

You can select a flaw and in exchange gain a perk

"Sounds dope, let's do it. Double or nothing." Adrian spoke

Sin of Wrath

Your anger burns hot, once you are angered you feel it difficult to quell this rage once it surfaces. Those who cross you will know never to cross you again.

Arcane Generator

You were born with superior magical reserves and generations than normal magicians.

MP gained from INT and MP Regen is now tripled.

Sin of Avarice

You always desire more and more. You are always wanting to have it all and never feel satisfied until you claim what's yours.

Spell Sniper

You've long since trained yourself to cast spells from long distances. As such you are able to attack from far enough that the other guy doesn't see you coming.

Range of Spells are now doubled and ignore cover.

'I can rock with this. Now then let's get this show on the road.' Adrian thought to himself as he soon felt the world around him erupt into sapphire-colored light as he was whisked away

(June 24th, 2016, Hiroshima, Japan, 8:42 Pm)

It was 18 minutes till 9 as Adrian opened his eyes to the bedroom and the world around him where he saw the rays of the moon to the right of him as he got out of bed.

'Well, I might as well see what the hell I look like.' Adrian thought to himself as he hopped out of his bed and went to the bathroom

He proceeded to walk himself over to the bathroom and take a look at himself in the mirror and saw that he was in his late teens at around 17 maybe 18 years of age, with partially bloodshot large sapphire blue almond-shaped eyes, a hooked nose, a slightly squared-off jaw and teeth that were slightly cracked. With light caramel-colored skin and messy black hair that went to his jaw that had a ruby-colored tint to it that he ran through and combed over with his hand to the right side of his face.

"At least I don't look too outlandish. I'll never understand how people in anime go around looking so outlandish..I mean seriously who the fuck walks around with neon pink hair all the time." Adrian said in being thankful he didn't look to weird

"Well, might as well go out and see what I do and get some target practice in." Adrian spoke as he exited the bathroom

That out of the way he exited out of the bathroom and headed into the backyard with a fire extinguisher with him and soon concentrated for a brief moment before an emerald green-colored flame burst into life as he looked at the nearest tree and unleashed a Firebolt upon it. The mote of bright green flame sped towards the nearest tree and collided against it and soon had it burst into flames, with him doing it twice more to the point of which it burst into flame.

With him putting out said tree quickly before it caught onto the rest of the house with the fire extinguisher, once that was taken care of he turned towards a set of bushes and thrust his hands outwards and cast Burning Hands. The result was a thin sheet of bright emerald flame had rushed out in a cone of searing fire towards the bushes and within the span of not even half a minute had reduced the bushes to smoldering ash.

"Well, for the most part my spells seem to be super effective at what they do. Now then, the first thing on the docket is to get rid of Tsukune. Because I am not playing 2nd fiddle to some fucker whose only redeeming quality is being nice." Adrian said to himself in wanting to get rid of Tsukune A.S.A.P

That can be arranged quite quickly. Just give me one moment.

Quest Unlocked

Nice Guys Die First.

So you wanna get rid of Tsukune Aono, so when canon starts you aren't playing 2nd fiddle to a stereotypical harem protagonist. Well, time to fix that with a good ol' fashion round of murder.

Objective 1: Kill Tsukune Aono

Hidden Objective:?

Rewards: +8 levels to your current class, and +75 Stat points. 1 Skill Scroll

Accept (Y/N)

"This isn't even a difficult choice to make." Adrian said to himself as he hit accept

Good luck then, because I'm quite curious to see how you'll fare in this world. Also, I was hoping you do it since I wouldn't imagine you'd play nice with him anyways.

"Oh hell no, the first I'd get he would be incinerated." Adrian responded to the Gamer in that regardless of the quest of not he'd kill Tsukune

Nevertheless, have fun.

'I will. That fucker Aono is a deadman walking.' Adrian thought to himself as he walked inside

(June 27th, 2016, 9:27 Pm, 3 days later, Hiroshima, Japan)

It was around 4 days later as Adrian had decided to track down and stakeout Tsukune where he lived and where he'd normally go as the man was surprisingly routine about the city. Which made what Adrian was gonna do all the more easy.

"Well, time to take care of things." Adrian said to himself as he saw Tsukune walking home and began walking towards

"H-Hello..is anyone there?" Tsukune questioned in the darkness of the night before a Firebolt struck him in the stomach

"Really? That didn't just drop you like a fly...then again he is surprisingly durable." Adrian sighed at the fact that it didn't drop Tsukune like a fly

"Please..whatever you want, take it! J-Just let me go." Tsukune pleaded as Adrian stalked towards him

"Wow you are really, really not that impressive up close. Honestly, I'm doing you a favor by getting rid of your sorry ass." Adrian spoke as he raised his hands

"Look whatever I did, I'm sorry. Just please...let me go..I-I have a family." Tsukune begged in not wanting to die

"Just shut and die already." Adrian said as he cast Burning Hands on Tsukune

With it only taking a few moments before Tsukune's screams and cries for help were ended as he was soon reduced to a charred and burnt corpse that lay dead on the ground, with Adrian hefting the smoking corpse and dragging it as quickly as he could. He did this for a few meters before finding a dumpster and using all of his strength lifted Tsukune burnt carcass up and threw him into the dumpster, before dusting himself off and heading towards his next target.

With him waiting a few hours before he approached the house of Tsukune's parents as he saw that luckily enough the lights were out, so taking out cans of gasoline from the inventory he proceeded to splash them onto the house. With 4 cans of it were doused onto the house he put them back into his inventory, with him then taking a brick out and smashing the window open before throwing 3 more cans of it into the house where the flammable liquid spread itself out onto the wooden floor.

He then cast Ash Cloud into the house twice over to fill it with superheated ash that would soon burst into flame as he backed up a good short distance and cast Firebolt into the house, the result was the house erupting into a towering inferno. With it taking mere moments for it to catch ablaze and burn everything in sight, as Adrian reached into the pocket of his sweatpants and casually ate a Hershey bar as the Aono's perished within the flames.

Congratulations, You've completed the quest Nice Guys Die First.

Objective 1: Completed

Bonus Objective. Kill the Aono family (Completed)

Reward: + 75 Stat Points, +8 levels to your current class, +1 Skil Scroll

Bonus Reward: +10 to all Stats, 2 Gacha Tokens, + 1 Skill Scroll.

"Score!" Adrian cheered to himself at the rewards he'd gained

Nice job taking Tsukune out far faster than what I expected. Although I do have to ask, why go after the Aono's?

"Isn't it obvious. They were loose ends and I hate having loose ends run around. So it wasn't anything personal really, but more that I didn't want any chances to be taken. Which is why they, unfortunately, had to die." Adrian responded as it wasn't anything he had against the Aono's but they were loose ends that he didn't want to afford being tied up

Good point. Now the real question still remains. What are you going to do now that the only real obstacle in your way, for now is gone?

"Simple. Keep getting stronger until canon starts up and I get my happy ass to Yokai Academy." Adrian told the Game as he walked back home

You're gonna need the power if you want to survive there. Because if you remember anything about that place its less of a school and more predator vs prey. So word of advice..watch yourself.

"Trust me, by the time things pop off there. I'll be ready for whatever may come." Adrian said with a grin at having an entire summer to power level himself

(The next morning, June 28th, 2016, 10:14 Am, Adrian's House)

It was the next morning as Adrian after having eaten breakfast was in the living room wondering what to do for the rest of the day.

'Alright, I am Level 13 and got 2 Skill Scrolls so let's see what that's about.' Adrian thought to himself as he opened up the Skill Scrolls


MP Cost: 150

Range: 15 feet

Type: Cube

You summon forth a near deafening wave of thunderous might to attack your foes. This spell deals 160+ INT Thunder Damage to all targets. Targets of this spell must make a CON Saving throw against your INT or be pushed back 10 feet.


MP Cost: 870

Range: 60 feet

Type: Line

You launch a multicolored beam of concentrated psionic energy to strike out an enemy. This attack deal 1,820 + (INT *4) Psychic Damage and has a 10% chance of confusing an enemy on target.

"Thunderwave is definitely gonna help out for crowd control. Looks like Psybeam will be my heavy hitter for now." Adrian spoke as he looked over the two techniques gained from the Skill Scrolls

'Now let's see what I got for pyromancy.' Adrian thought to himself as looked at what he gained from his Pyromancer class

Flaming Sphere

MP Cost: 360 per minute

Range: 60 feet

You summon a sphere of blazing fire 5 feet in diameter to strike out at your enemies you can see within range. You can also manipulate it to further attack enemies in sight. This deals 240 + INT * 1.5 Fire damage per strike. Any creatures standing within 5 feet of the sphere must make a DEX save against your INT or take fire damage equal to your CON score. Can ignite flammable objects not being worn or carried.

Melf's Minute Meteors

MP Cost: 400 per minute

Range: 120 feet

You summon forth 6 small blazing meteors that float in the air around you. You can direct 1-2 meteors to strike out at a target in a 120 feet radius. When these meteors strike a target or solid surface they deal 360+INT Fire damage


MP Cost: 330

Range: 30 feet

You hurl forth a flaming boulder to come crashing into your opponent. Deals 370+ INT*2 Fire damage. Must make a STR Saving throw against your INT or be knocked prone.

Thermal Vision (Passive)

Your control over heat and flame has grown to the point where you can track your enemies by their heat signatures. You can now see creatures that emit heat in a 40-foot radius.

"This is definitely gonna be fun. Anyone who uses stealth can now suck it with Thermal Vision up my sleeve." Adrian thought to himself as he grinned almost predatorily at the thought of using his Thermal Vision that in tandem with his Spell Sniper perk would allow him to no-sell monsters or enemies that like to hide

"The only thing left to do now is put my Stat Points to use." Adrian said to himself in having 75 to spend

That in mind he had boosted his Constitution to 50, his Intelligence to 120, his Wisdom to 110, his Charisma to 40 and his Luck to 35, which made him feel pretty comfortable with how he stacked up overall.

I figured that with the recent gains you've made. That now would be a good enough time to let you know that you've got Dungeons you can venture into the speeds things along. With the current ones being accessible to you right now



"As good as they all sound at the moment. I'll pass for now as I'm gonna make sure I'm at least Level 18 and above before I go into one. You can't be too safe after all." Adrian said and as much as he wanted to venture forth into a dungeon right now he knew that it would be better when he had more firepower to do so

Good to see that you're putting that brain of yours to good use. Because it'd be a shame if you went into any of these half-cocked and died. Then I'd have to pick a new host and that's no fun when you've just started.

"Well get used to me, as we're gonna be stuck to each other for a long time." Adrian told the Game as he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon

Good, as I want my entertainment to keep going for a while longer before you possibly expire.

"I'll take the fucked up compliment." Adrian said with a shrug before he flipped the T.V on and began watching Adventure Time

(The next night, 10:26 Pm, June 29th, 2016, Hiroshima, Japan)

It was the next night later as Adrian felt that while not ready for a Dungeon just yet that didn't mean he couldn't test out his new spells and abilities out on other creatures in the vicinity, which led to him currently stalking his prey.

"Alright, here we go." Adrian thought as he saw his targets in the form of a sextet of Lizardmen skulking about with their clothes having been bloodied from their recent kills

Once he saw his targets in range he cast Ash Cloud which had a large cloud of superheated ash that surrounded the Lizardmen who coughed and gagged as it burned at their mouths and lungs, all before Adrian fired off a Pyroblast at the farmost right one. With it not only succeeding in striking him in the square of its back but causing the ash cloud to erupt into flames, which was enough to send the quartet sprawling across the ground and stumbling in pain with their flesh having been burnt in the chaotic fireball of an explosion.

While they were stumbling to get back onto their feet Adrian had cast Pyroblast 4 more times at the most wounded who after being pelted with the chunks of fiery stone soon succumbed to his wounds as a burning carcass. The other 4 were on guard against their attacker who had come out of nowhere with the surprise attack, with Adrian casting Melf's Minute Meteors that caused a sextet of meteors to burst to life around him before he sent two meteors out at the centermost one.

The Lizardmen still dazed by the explosion having taken one of their own out so quickly soon saw two large soccer ball sized meteors come hurtling towards them, with half of them getting out of the way before they could be hit, yet unknown to them they soon reached their target and exploded into emerald flame. Soon enough Adrian sent out the other 4 in rapid succession at the centermost one who found himself being staggered by the small meteors that came down at him at a rapid-fire rate smacking into his chest and stomach, leaving him substantially wounded.

"What the hell are you waiting for?! Sniff out the bastard and let's tear him limb from goddamn limb!" One of the Lizardmen shouted who seemed to be the leader by his more bulky and larger build and looked more akin to an alligator ordered

"Whatever...you say boss." Another Lizardman replied as together the injured group of Lizardmen set out to track down Adrian who was already on the run

"Good thing I made Molotov's in advance." Adrian thought as he'd ran off while taking out a homemade Molotov cocktail before getting to a hiding place

With him being thankful that he had a good lead on them so that he could make his hiding spot to gather his mana back to completion and plan out his next bit of attack against his incoming quarry, once he'd done so he'd climbed onto the rooftop of the building he hid away in and waited for them to come. The Lizardmen after much searching and tracking down the pyromancer who attacked them, with them further sniffing out his location as they closed in, yet this wasn't to last as they soon felt 3 objects come crashing into them and bursting into flame.

With Adrian lobbing the molotov cocktails one after the other at Lizardmen who were subject to the incendiary objects crashing down on them as they once again had flames crawling at their reptilian flesh, causing them to roar and hiss in pain. The Pyromancer in question wasted no time rushing down the stairs to see where the Lizardmen were trying to put themselves out and launched forth multiple Psybeams out at them, the multicolored beams of psionic energy striking down all but the leader who had just enough HP to tank it head on.

Luckily enough the Gamer had enough mana saved to still cast Ash Cloud which he did 3 times over and blanketing the area in a 90-foot radius of superheated ash, causing the leading Lizardman to cough and sputter as he tried to search his way out of it and hunt down the pyromancer. Meanwhile, Adrian had booked it away from the Lizardman knowing full well he couldn't risk a head to head fight with a monster, as such had to stick with ambushing and hit and run attacks.

Once the remaining Lizardman in feeling his body weakened from the constant attacks from Adrian had made it out of the cloud of searing hot ash, he once again chased after the Gamer intent on killing him for having decimated his pack and embarrassing them in such a manner. With minutes upon minutes passing before he caught his scent again and gave chase to the pyromancer, refusing to let some bastard with magic get away with this.

"I swear once I find whoever you are, your dead! I'll rip the flesh off bones and make a hell of a meal out of you!" The remaining Lizardman bellowed in savage anger and fury

"So either you come out here now, or I'll find you and…" The remaining Lizardman tried to say before two Pyroblasts came out of nowhere with one he managed to dodge but the other struck him the face

"Just shut the hell up already." Adrian responded as he cast Melf's Minute Meteors and sent them flying towards the Lizardman

With primal aggression driving the remaining Lizardman he dashed towards him with him managing to evade 2 of the small meteors that came racing towards him, yet the 4 remaining ones exploded against him bringing him down to barely any of his HP remaining. So with that in mind Adrian proceeded to raise up his hands and blast the Lizardman with Psybeams until his MP ran dry, the multicolored beams of psionic energy tearing into him causing holes to be punched through body, and blood to leak out of all of his available orifices from the constant barrage of psychic energy.

For having set up a relatively physically exhausting (for you) battle plan to take out your opponents you gain the following.

+8 WIS

+11 DEX

+9 CON

+4 INT

'Well, I guess with them giving me the level up I needed I can say that this was a job well done.' Adrian thought to himself

"Now time to head home, because holy shit all that running wore me the hell out." Adrian said in having been pretty run down after running so much to make his plan of ambushing and surprise attacks work

So with a new Gamer in the midst ready to make his way in the world, how will he fair now that he's begun making gains to survive in Yokai Academy. Find all this out and more in the new chapters of A Gamer among Monsters.

And cut as I hope y'all have enjoyed the debut chapter of my new and hopefully better Gamer story, but with all that being said let's get down to it now shall we.

First up we've got our new Gamer set up in being a Pyromancer in the world of Rosario Vampire, which I felt would be better because it would let me build him up at a more consistent and faster pace than what I originally did.

Next, up is Adrian more or less getting acquainted with things and testing out a few of his Pyromancy abilities and making his move to get rid of Tsukune.

Following that up we got him more or less wholesale murdering Tsukune and his whole family, the reason being that he not only wanted Tsukune out of the way so he wouldn't play 2nd fiddle to him. But also because he didn't want to deal with any loose ends in terms of the Aono's so unfortunately for them they had to die.

Lastly, we've got Adrian and him showing off what he can do in a fight. Which I wanted to do for the fact that he'll be playing it safe and operating not head to head but instead as more or less like an ambush predator who will hit you and run and do it again until he can take you out.

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