At some point in a person's life, they cry. Anyone who claims they never have cried is an outright liar and is denying themselves a proper outlet to grieve. Crying would not only give them relief from their pain, but would help them release all that pain, literally, from the tears falling down their face.

Only, that kind of expression wasn't manifested quite the same way here. It had all happened so quickly and, in the ten seconds of bewildering mania, he'd not cried simple, salty tears, but tears of blood. In his regular form, that kind of unnatural thing wasn't possible. But, this form, this agonizing, insane form, little was known about it even from him and so it, perhaps, wasn't impossible that such a disgusting thing would happen.

The tears left little red jewels on his navy fur that were almost lovely. But he swiped them away in a rage before they could cake and dry and agitate his eyes. The blood smeared loudly on his besmirched white gloves.

This mania had happened before. He thought it never would again; that he'd grown, matured enough, learned to better channel or contain those rare but overpowering avalanche of emotion.

She crumpled and he'd froze up within himself.

Then the delirious glee at raging on everything had come upon him. He touched her yet warm, still form, crumpled, as she lay on the unforgiving cold, metal ground.

"Sal?" He choked and swallowed burning fear down his throat.

Silent seconds passed as Sonic had gasped and stared in dumbfound disbelief that the slender woman had been cut down right behind him. This wasn't supposed to happen! They'd responded to an S.O.S. in one of Eggman's bases, but, had it been another trick? Out of nowhere, without even a sound, something had lurched out at incredible speed from the wall and slammed her to the wall. And she'd fallen, a groan, the exhaling of a breath of life.

His eyes started to tear up and he'd turned her over. Then gasped.

He sensed the seven fake chaos emeralds too late to escape, and as his grief was so raw, Sonic couldn't stop himself from succumbing too quickly to think clearly. Maybe he wanted to rage insanely. He just cried, his mind overpowered by Sally laying before him and his grief warped into a soulless rage.

Pressing his hands on the pavement before her, Sonic panted and groaned in pain, and then he was still and quiet. His bold blue quills had been tainted dark and his body trembled, then he cackled and peered upward. A malicious smile spread across his face.

Before him, Eggman was hovering in his Eggmobile, peering almost curiously at the dark hedgehog.

"Badniks, shred him!" Eggman pointed at his foe.

Panting and exhaling in a growl of glee, Sonic sprung up, so fast he was almost invisible, and pulverized every robot in just seconds. He didn't even let the madman get a single syllable of angry response out. He dropped to the floor, turned with a savage smile, and sprang up again in a blur of dark energy, literally ripping the Eggmobile in half. Eggman fell, but one of his robots popped out of a tunnel in the wall, catching him and flying off.

For some reason—maybe the man just wasn't important to Sonic—he let Eggman flee to some other of his endless ships. But his craving to make something feel his devastating grief forced Sonic to rip through where he was, and thus he began a rampage of sheer, indiscriminate destruction. Screaming first in laughter, he let fly chaos energy that shredded floors off entire Eggman skyscrapers standing below him. He blasted forward, taking the utmost pleasure in round kicking bridges in half, laughing at warping massive robots, screaming and blasting more energy as he set of cascades of eruptions through section after section. Eggman had made a colossal mistake!

His afternoon of self-indulgent destruction wore on and he showed no signs of slowing. Yes, Eggman would understand how much he hurt! The fool! He grit his teeth in a twisted smile and kept on: shattering glass, throwing one of the smaller ships clear up through a building. Then, bursting into a run, Sonic shred the metal streets with his hot shoes, kicked supports to three more buildings, and impatiently watched them creak and fall onto each other. Badniks covered the sky. More fun!

And he went on, but just then very slowly. A fragment of rational, clear thought pushed itself through his brain and Sonic cried out in a laugh that strangled into a sob. Tears of blood started falling. Why had Eggman cut his Sally down? If anything, it should have been him!

Now he was this creature? This manifestation of all his inner struggles and demons that he'd always kept suppressed. And Eggman had killed her.

Sonic knew then why Eggman had done it. His purpose had been to twist him into this freak. Maybe he should be thanking Eggman! Gone was his coherency again. Sonic twisted himself about and bashed his fists through an open lot of thousands of robots, sending a shockwave of energy that threw the waves of robots through the air. The collided and exploded magnificently.

He let out a whimper and then he started laughing loudly once more. This was so hilarious and sad, perverse all at once! The lust was strong. Anew, Sonic flew up and scanned the entire base. So much smoke was rising! It was such a beautiful sight.

But, despite his high position, he knew just which ship above him Sally was laying in and his eyes turned to that direction. His body fell and he pressed his hands over his eyes to swipe the blood away.

His Sally! His heart agonized over his own ineptitude to have stopped all of this, but what was there anymore, now that she was gone? Out of everything they'd been through, including her being robotized, this was how their sweet love story ended?

Sonic turned about in the air and curled into a ball, spin dashing through Eggman's central computer system. It gave him a thrill, but not as much as the destruction he'd caused an hour ago had. It was bitter and angering to him, that even the sheer pleasure of the only thing he enjoyed in this insane state was fading: that being unadulterated destruction.


Sonic fell freely, crashing into a robot charging station, but he was unharmed. Black energy was rising off of him. The dark blue coloring of his fur had changed into black. There was nothing left of an individual now. Not even irises.

With a deep, ragged inhale, Sonic rose, fists clenched, and then he screamed and burned earth in a run to destroy whatever was left of Eggman's base. His hands ached to make everything go away! The first structure he came to, he slammed his palms to it and the entire building teetered and fell. Then another, and from that, a domino effect. Never had the beeps and sounds of terror from robots fleeing from utter destruction sounded so sweet.

But his enjoyment was tainted by a tomboyish voice telling him how wicked that was. Sonic's ears dropped.

Sally. Well, so what! She was gone and so he could do what he pleased!

He froze just for a second. Gone.

Agonizing fresh, he kept on, avoiding the ship where she lay. But as the sun set, he, at last, dropped, his legs giving out. Nonstop, he'd been pushing himself and now it was hours later. A bitter sigh escaped his lips and he tried to suppress coherent thought. Funny, but perhaps fitting, that even in this bloody thirsty state, he could still weary himself out.

But if that was so, then that would mean he might start to think clearly again, and that meant his mind would focus on his loss and-

Then, a tingling pain of a sound penetrated his hearing. Could it be? Holding his breath, Sonic lunged forward and ran, sprang up through the air, and came to a burning stop before a supine form who yet lay on her side. Little breaths came from her lips and she moved, grimacing.

Overcome, Sonic dropped to his knees and pressed his hands to the metal on both sides of her. She exhaled and started to wake, and when she did and managed to peer up at him, Sally hitched her breathing.

Sonic ripped himself up, stepped away, back to her. What a monster he was! That she was alive gave him a release, but he loathed having her see him like this. Torn between running and facing her, Sonic started chuckling, and then he burst into a devilish laugh. So what if she saw him like this! Why hide it? The hero everyone thought so perfect and positive, even when he was a werehog, was as flawed as everyone else. He'd just pressed and squeezed all his negativity and fear down better than most. Like a cork, he'd blown off and fizzed out everywhere into this black thing.

But the woman wasn't afraid. In fact, Sally further surprised Sonic by sitting up, proving that her back wasn't broken as he'd assumed. Sonic was utterly confused and horrified. How could he stop himself, now? She was his girl, but the thing he was told him to grab her and snap her neck!

He turned about and took one step forward, then stopped. No. He loved her! Hadn't he been overcome because he'd thought she'd died? So why couldn't he stop himself now?

But she was so supple, so adorable, so easy to kill. He didn't care that his rage had been over her death. That deception had just been the much-needed catalyst to let him release! Now, as he streaked before her and pressed his hands around her tender neck, Sonic broke into a crooked, wide grin.

Sally teared up and her hands automatically wrapped around his. She whimpered, "S—Sonic-"

"Shut up!" He spat at her. Yet, more tears of blood were trickling down his cheeks, showing her his secret pain. No smile could hide it. He was sure she thought it was disgusting.

"N—no. Stop," she groaned, reaching for him with a shaking hand. Her face was beginning to redden from the lack of oxygen, but she persisted, just managing to run a finger down his face to swipe some of the tears away.

Sonic's gut wrenched and he felt a surge of the tender love he so strongly felt for her rising to quell his maniacal personality. All his rage and insanity couldn't suppress it this time.

Why was he trying to kill her? Even for his own tendencies, Sonic found himself repulsive.

He put her down, but he didn't let her go. She was his girl and she was alive! So he'd make sure to remind her, that even if she dared despise and fear this dark part of him, it was as much a part of him as any other. She loved all of him, right?

Just as Sally was able to take a full breath, Sonic grabbed her harshly to him, holding her by the shoulders, and pressed his mouth to hers. It wasn't one of the sweet kisses they'd lull through many times, feeling and nibbling and giggling. He bit down hard on her and she gasped and tried to escape, only exciting his dominance further. With another little cackle, he pressed in hard.

Then, he almost jolted. Sally grabbed his arms and yanked him in, to which she then twisted their kiss and took dominance. Sonic fought, but she just—she wouldn't give him a break! She latched onto his mouth and purposefully kept him attached, trying to knock all the breath out of him.

Eventually, Sonic had to give, but he didn't release her arms. He ripped his face to the side for precious oxygen. That seemed to be to Sally's liking. Darn, if the girl could ever keep up with him! Intimidating and thrilling.

Sonic turned back to her to start more harmful mischief, but she scowled fiercely, slapping him across the face and shouting, "Sonic, stop it right now! Stop! I'm okay!"

"Let go before I break your arm-"

"Then break my arm! I don't care! I'll do what I have to, to bring my wonderful Sonic back! Just, calm down, you idiot."

"How dare y-"

When he started to twist her arm, Sally squashed his foot with her heel as hard as she could. Stunned, howling in pain, Sonic released her, and his tendrils of black, negative chaos energy started dissipating. Cringing, he stumbled back and dropped, letting out an audible groan of pain as all the darkness evaporated off of him.

There was just regular him then, suddenly exhausted from all his exertion. Without the dark energy, his taxed body really felt it.

Sally was no fool. She scanned their surroundings and narrowed her eyes. Some form of box was sitting a few steps away. Daring to leave Sonic panting there, she ran to the box and ripped the lid off. Seven black, fake chaos emeralds glistened spitefully up at her.

Furious, she slammed the lid down, picked up the box, and rushed to the obliterated, gaping wound in the ship.

"S—Sally!" Sonic whimpered to her.

"I'm fine!" She stumbled a little and steadied herself as the ship rumbled. With a huff, she tossed the box over the side. That didn't actually destroy the emeralds, but the distance would give them both relief and time to plan how to find them again and grind them into oblivion.

For now, she turned back to the object of all her love. He was sitting against the wall, trembling with sweat-induced fatigue from his hours of grueling exertion. And he wouldn't look at her.

He was too ashamed. Those trademark blue boots stood in front of him and all he could do was wrap his arms around himself and fail again, as regular tears began to stream down his face.

Sally dropped to her knees and wiped her thumbs under his eyes. "Sonic," she beckoned softly. "Don't lose yourself again, please. I love you and I'm okay."

"But I—"

"Just, be here with me in this minute."

"I thought you were dead!"

"Isn't it nice that I'm not?" She adjusted to his side and wrapped Sonic up in her arms. He let out an uneven breath and leaned into her.

"Weren't you afraid?" He whispered half-heartedly.

She smiled, "Of course, I was. But even under all that, you were still my Sonic, the guy I had to save. Didn't I do well, or do you need me to kiss-bite you again?"

Sonic bumped the side of her head with his, "Very funny." He let a few seconds slide and made himself consider, "It was so confusing. You—you were dead and I was just overcome by mad rage and I really wanted to destroy everything. I just felt empty, like I had no soul."

Sally nuzzled her cheek against his, "That's because, even when you couldn't think straight, your good nature and your love for me kept you from rampaging all over the world."

The hedgehog grabbed at her jacket to pull her closer. He needed to feel her warm body and her breath on his neck to make sure she was fine.

She briefly frowned in concern, then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Sonic let out a shaky breath, "I dunno. I'm not so great. All I could do to get my grief across was to laugh, because crying—but crying even tears of blood wasn't strong enough."

Sally was crying some herself now. She pressed Sonic's hand over her heart to let him feel that she was alive. Where they were was a pressing matter: still in Eggman's ship. Yes, they needed to leave, but Sally could still feel the now cold sweat on Sonic's body and that he was still slightly shaking from weariness.

As if he could feel her concern for their safety, he whispered, "Let me hold you for a little while longer."

Some streaks of blood from his previous tears remained. Sally wiped them carefully away and kissed his closed eyes. Sonic raised his face to give her a kiss, as she was up on her knees, a bit higher than he. He was so thankful she was alive! Never again would he take any second with her for granted.

Sally knew. She put her hands in his spines and pressed her body against his, contacting his lips with a forgiving kiss. The feel of her, the transmission of her love to him started melting all his apprehensions away.

And, as only Sally could do, mixing a lecturing tone with even-handed concern, she spoke, "If you ever turn into that dark form, promise me that you'll not forget to come to me. I'll calm you down. But, just so we're clear, don't you ever go dark again."

He easily whispered, "I promise," nuzzling against her.

Inspired from a particular picture of Dark Sonic + the song "Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Disarm Yourself". I dunno what the chaos this scribble was, but I hope you all enjoyed it. Pardon potential inaccuracies w/Dark Sonic. So little about that dewd.