That's my first attempt at writing/translating my texts into English. I am a non native speaker so please forgive me some minor mistakes and tell me when you find words or phrases you as a native speaker wouldn't use in that context.

February 15 2945 T.A., Imladris / 12. coire 2945 T.A.

Who came up with this nonsense of „the hands of the king are the hands of a healer"? Whoever you were: We have to talk.

Sometimes Estel makes me crazy. He's not the first of his line, whom I teach the art of healing, but in many aspects the most difficult one. Well, he's a remarkably fast learner, intelligent and crafty. I didn't expect less from him though, I would be very disappointed if it was different! Well, Elros had some descendants who went terribly wrong, I have to admit …

But not Estel! He's so much like my brother. In some aspects at least. Being able to look at blood is definitly not one of those aspects. I still can't believe that he just vomited after I asked him to help me tending to our ranger guest. Just like this! As if a deep flesh wound in the leg wouldn't be something that I have to deal with regularly. Those rangers seem to like getting slit open, so I can stitch them back together again. I don't get it! Both of it!

At least his knowledge of herb lore is acceptable as of now. I sent him to get the herbs I needed to treat the wound from my garden on his own. A standard prodecure I think he can manage. He know what that means and I'm proud of him. Well, he came back with the right herbs and when he saw who or better: what kind of wound he had to treat … the drama began.

Now I not only had to care for our guest, but also for a sick little boy, too, who seemed to have drained all of his stomach. The twins looked after him, while I cleaned the mess he created. Hopefully they don't think about giving him some of Thelmae's fruit cake. The boy looked so miserable and they like to treat him with sweets when he's sick but the cake is heavy on the stomach, so he has to avoid that. But I'm sure they wont'd do it, I educated them well enough. However … I just need five minutes for me and some wine now.


I will disinherit Elladan and Elrohir for they are definitly not my sons! I will not talk bad about Celebrían but whoever has wit and obviously doesn't use it cannot descend from me! They actually gave him some cake! It happened the way it had to, Estel squeezed out every last bit, that may still had been in his stomach. Our cook Thelmae is not to blame, but I'll have to instruct him as well when my sons are such obvious dimwits!

Now Estel is bedridden, poor little boy, and I feel sorry for him. Nobody could know that he would react so tenderly to the sight of blood, but what happened afterwards is the responsibility of Elladan and Elrohir now! Ceomon wants to lecture me that I shouldn't get worked up, that wouldn't be healthy, but I am furious. And rightfully so I would say! All of this could have been avoided. And who has to take care of it? Me, as always! Good gracious.