Deep in a forest, there's a dirt road that leads to a cabin with a garage. A young girl is lying in front of the house. The girl is around the age of seventeen; she is tall and has an athletic body. Her hair is an auburn color, which goes down to the back of her neck. The girl wore a green cap, a black leather jacket with the right sleeve being shorter than the left and spikes on the right shoulder pads, a green tank top, blue jeans, a brown belt, a gun holster, white socks with orange running shoes, and red shaded gothic sunglasses in the jacket pocket. The girl started to have strange, flashing images of destruction, fire, and explosion that caused her to open her blue eyes. The girl, looking around the area, was unfamiliar with her surroundings.

"Where am I?" the girl thought. Then she looks down at herself. "...And who am I?" The girl tries to remember who she is only to remember her first name. "My name is Krista, but I don't remember anything else. Maybe something got on me..."

Krista gets off the ground. She searches for anything that could help her remember herself through her clothes but finds nothing.

"Okay, this is just great! I'm in the middle of nowhere, I have no memories of who I am, and I'm all alone!" Krista then thought of another question: "Why am I out here in the first place?" Krista turns to the cabin. "Maybe I can find something useful in that cabin to help me out?"

Krista walks over to the cabin and opens the front door of the cabin. She walks in to see some furniture in the living room like a couch, a table, a lamp, and a desk. Then Krista walks into a kitchen to see a working refrigerator and a kitchen table. Krista walked further into the cabin to find other rooms, but they were empty. Krista decides to check out the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. She comes up empty and decides to check out the fridge. She only found a bottle of water and orange in the fridge.

"At least I found some food," Krista thought as she took the orange and water out of the fridge. "I should save these for later, but now it's time to check out the garage."

Krista goes into the garage to find a car inside it. This vehicle is a black and red 2019 Chevrolet Camaro zl1 with the standout feature is machine guns on the hood of the car and some armored plating around the car.

"Woah, who would leave this car in the middle of nowhere?" Krista thought.

Krista opens the car door to find the keys, a note on the car's driver seat, and a large bag. Krista picks up the note and reads: "I dearly hope you like your gift, Krista."

Krista was stunned to find the note was for her and, more importantly, someone must know her to leave a note on the ground.

"Whoever this person is, they seem to be regretful for leaving me here," Krista thought as she crumpled the note and threw it on the ground.

Krista then looks at the bag to find it filled with weapons: a magnum pistol, a spiked bat, a chainsaw, a sniper rifle, a shotgun, and a five-barrel rocket launcher. Next, she looks to see all sorts of buttons and switches with symbols of missiles and other types of weapons on the dashboard and steering wheels.

"This is just getting stranger by the minute. I need to find more answers about where I am or who I am. This car is going to help," Krista thought.

Krista gets out of the car and opens the garage door. Then, she gets back in the car, puts the keys into the transmission, and starts up.

"For some reason, I feel like I have driven a vehicle like this before," Krista said. As she drove out of the garage onto the dirt path, entering into a world that she had never seen before, even if she couldn't remember.

Author note: Special thanks to a different guest for helping me with this chapter