At a bandit camp, the camp is surrounded by sharp wooden logs and inside the camp are large and small tents. There were a few bandits at the camp the moment guarding a brown-haired woman in a cage.

"So how much do you think we'll get out of this ransom?" said one of the bandit

"I hope it's a lot," said the other bandit

"Maybe if the mayor of the town care for his daughter safety,"

"You think Raven is going to kill her if the town doesn't?"

"Knowing Raven maybe,"

The mayor daughter thought, "oh Oum, someone help me please,"

Suddenly, loud music plays outside of the wall, and the bandits grab weapons and wonder what's going on.

"Is that rock music playing?" said one of the bandits

The music starts to get closer to the bandit wall door.

"Everyone gets ready," said the other bandits

Suddenly a large explosion breaks the log door wall turning the wood into splinters. Then a red combat muscle car drives into the camp with music blasting through the window.

Dead I am the pool, spreading from the fool.

Weak and want you to need, nowhere as you bleed

Dead I am the rat, feast upon the cat.

Tender is the fur, dying as you purr.

The car starts to shoot machine guns at the bandits, and they fall to the ground, seriously wounded.

Dig through the ditches

And burn through the witches.

I slam in the back of my Dragula

Dig through the ditches

And burn through the witches.

I slam in the back of my Dragula

One of the bandits fires a rocket at the car and lands a direct hit, but when the dust settles, the car has a shield, and the missile doesn't seem to affect it. Then the car fired more machine gun bullets at the bandits, causing them to take cover.

Do it, baby, do it, baby.

Do it, baby, do it, baby.

Burn like an animal

The car drives to the cage with the mayor. Daughter, It turns to its left side near the cage, the passenger window rolls down, and a bullet from the car shoots the lock off the cage. Then the passenger door opened.

"Get in," yelled someone from the car.

The mayor's daughter quickly gets in the car, and the passenger door closes. The car starts to drive out of the camp and stops for a moment. Then a large propane tank comes out of the car.

Dead I am the life, dig into the skin.

Knuckle, crack the bone, 21 to win.

Dead I am the dog, hound of hell, you cry.

Devil on your back, I can never die.

The propane tank launches backward at the bandit camp and causes a huge fire that the bandit rushes to put out, and the car races out of the bandit camp.

One of the bandits thought, "Raven is going to be piss,"

As the car drove back to the villain Inside the car, Krista couldn't believe that she pulled the stunt off and got the mayor's daughter back.

"I thought I was going to get myself killed for a moment," Krista thought.

"I hope you're taking me back home and not somewhere else," said the mayor daughter

"Yep, you're going back home,"

The mayor's daughter was a relief, "thank you, what's your name?"


"Krista, my father is going to give you an award for this heroic,"

"I hope."

"But I do have one question?"

"And that is?"

"Are you a huntress in training? You seem young to be driving this type of vehicle?"

"Sure, let's go with that," Krista then thought, "what's a huntress?"

Krista drove the car back to the village. Krista park, the car near the village gate's front entrance. Krista and the mayor's daughter walk to the semi-damage mayor. Then guards see the daughter and inform the mayor that the mayor comes running out of his office and hugs his daughter in a few seconds.

"I'm so glad that you're okay, Robin," said the Mayor

"I'm happy that you were alright, dad," said Robin

The mayor turns to Krista "thank you, young lady, for rescuing my girl from those bandits,"

"No problem, mayor," said Krista

"I'm guessing you would like a reward?"

"That I don't mind among a few other things,"

"Yes, the guards already inform me, and you'll be sleeping in one of the remaining motel room,"

"Okay, but where am I exactly at because my map isn't working?"

"You in the north of Vale,"

"And the nearest city?"

"The nearest city is the city of Vale that is a bit long way to go,"

"I don't mind,"

"Okay, then enjoy your stay, Krista,"

Krista goes to the motel room with some food she got from a couple of townsfolk that are thankful for Krista rescuing the mayor's daughter. At night Krista has a peaceful sleep until more images of blood, carnage, people screaming, and blood all over a city street. Krista wakes up to see it's morning, and she quickly gets up from her bed and heads out of the motel room. Krista hops into her car and drives out of the town.

Meanwhile, back to what's left of the village, the tribe leader Raven looks at what is left of the camp that almost burnt to the ground, and she looks at one of her men.

"So you're telling me someone in a modified car did this and got the mayor's daughter?" said Raven

"Yes, ma'am,"

"Do you know who was driving the car?"

"No, we didn't get a good look of the person,"

Raven sighs "okay, then we'll hunt the person who drove that car down and have his or her head on spike, got it,"

"Got it,"


the song for the chapter: Rob Zombie-Dragula