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The Playlist- Life's Moments

Cotton Candy by Woodie Gochild

"Guys, it's not that serious," Sakura said as she watched the girls riffling through her emergency duffel bag. They were all gathered in her office at the hospital—during work hours, much to Sakura's dismay—discussing what they deemed to be the most important thing to happen since Hinata cutting her long hair short two months ago.

"It's been three weeks since you've last seen one another," Ino stated.

"It's life," Sakura stated. "We have demanding jobs."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's a police officer and you're a doctor," the blonde replied, waving her off as she went back to digging through the bag.

"Detective," the pinkette corrected. " He's a police detective." Sakura sighed and placed down the pen she was using to fill out the papers in front of her and instead leaned back in her plush office chair as she watched her friends dig around in her black duffle bag.

One corner of her lip quirked up slightly as she recalled how she ended up with the duffle bag in the first place—Sasuke. He had gotten it during his college internship at the Konoha Police Department. Apparently, at the time, the police force was implementing several new things—one of them being duffel bags for use in emergency situations. And being an Uchiha in a force primarily composed of Uchihas had its perks, such as being able to take multiple duffel bags, one of which he had given to her and another he had thrown in Naruto's face.

In fact, hiding on the inside of the bag in one of the corners was a small Uchiha fan—Sasuke's clan symbol that would forever remind her of the day she had gotten the bag, which coincidentally enough has really come in handy considering her profession although she didn't really use the bag to store medical equipment.

"Really?" Ino asked, pulling out one of the outfits Sakura had in the bag.

"Yes really. It's basically an emergency bag. My whole closet doesn't need to be in there Ino," the pinkette dryly replied.

"Yeah, but I mean you only have two outfits in here Sakura. TWO!" she loudly said pulling out the remaining outfit.

Sakura rolled her green eyes. Her bag was intended for situations where she might possibly be stuck somewhere for hours or even a day or two without resources and that included the hospital, because seriously who knows what could happen.

"Just mix and match the outfits and you'll end up with four instead of two," Sakura sighed out as she continued to watch the blonde empty out the bag.

"Oh like that's better," Ino replied smartly as she handed Hinata a bag of toiletries to hold.

"Um, yeah, it is," Temari said back before Ino shoved a rolled up blanket into her arms. "Oh my gosh, you still have this?" Temari asked, unfolding the blanket slightly as she looked at the pinkette.

"Of course," Sakura answered. It was the blanket she bought way back during her first week of freshman year at Konoha University. She remembered after using it for the first time how she thought how big, amazing, soft, and warm it was. It made her go back to the university's bookstore to buy two more just in case anything happened to the first one she bought.

"Ino," Sakura called as her eyes slid back to the blonde who was busy digging through her things, "I still have patients to see. We can't be doing this now."

"I've already talked to Tsunade and she told me that your schedule for today is light. You had an appointment this morning and in less than an hour you have three more. After that you're free basically."

Sakura glanced at the clock on her desk. It read 2:04PM.

"C'mon Forehead. Naruto proposed to Hinata months ago, Sai and I are dating super seriously, Shikamaru, I'm pretty sure that he's gonna pop the question to Temari soon enough, and Neji...Neji's uh...uhhh...he's...Hinata what's the term you Hyuuga's use?"


"Yeah...Neji's courting Tenten."

Said bun haired girl pulled out Sakura's bottle of perfume from the bag and curiously sprayed a bit on her wrist to sniff. Her mouth formed a small 'o' and Sakura could already hear the inaudible 'oooo~' coming from her at the scent.

"You and Sasuke need to get on this bandwagon with the rest of us," Ino stated. "But you're kinda waiting for him to make the move and he is kinda, how should I put this?" She paused for a minute, trying to find a word. "SLOOOWWWW. He's slow with making the moves."

"But isn't Sasuke's brother like that too?" Tenten asked, examining the bottle for the name. "Maybe it's in their genes."

"Maybe, buuuuuttt," Ino drawled out, "here's the difference: Itachi is married."

"Oh yeah," Tenten commented as an afterthought.

"Come to think of it, if he's like Sasuke, how did that happen?" Temari questioned in wonderment.

"Is there something you aren't telling us?" Ino asked, blue eyes locking onto the pinkette.

As the question hung in the air, several moments came to Sakura's mind.

The first one was from high school. She used to be on the receiving end of some rude comments and remarks by some of the females in her grade level. But the comments came at such a regular pace, that despite her friends interfering to defend her, it was something she had grown accustomed to. But one day, afterschool, after one of her high school's scholastic events, those girls had taken it too far. They came at her in the empty hallway by her locker, attacking her with their fists till she crumbled down to the floor. And if that wasn't enough, they had kicked her a couple of times before grabbing her by her hair. She had watched as one of them had pulled out a rusted scissors and while the others held her down, the one wielding the scissors hacked away at her hair. She had tried fighting them off but four against one didn't make for good odds.

She was close to crying out of sheer frustration when Sasuke had suddenly appeared in front of all of them. Immediately, a sense of relief had washed over her before waves of embarrassment and shame flooded her so much so that she had wanted to bury herself in the ground below her. But her eyes ended up glued to the Uchiha as he took in the scene before him. She remembered seeing the anger in his eyes and how for a brief minute it had appeared as if his orbs were literally on fire, painted in the color of blood. But she didn't dwell on it for more than a couple seconds before Sasuke's voice had steely cut through the silence, breaking the girl's out of the frozen state they had fallen into when he appeared. "If any of you touch her again, there will be hell to pay," he had stated before each and every one of them ran off. From that day on, they sure as hell didn't lay one finger on her. They did, however, revert back to their habit of making rude remarks and name calling when Sasuke wasn't around to hear.

And sadly it didn't stop when Sakura went off to college because the self appointed leader of her hate group ended up at the university as well. The one upside to that though was that the others had went their separate ways to different colleges outside the city. And well, the downside? Bimbo leader found two new snobs to join her in verbally tormenting Sakura, which brings up the second moment that was floating around in Sakura's mind: the gum incident.

The gum incident, as Sakura liked to call it, had happened one day in the university's cafeteria during lunch. Bimbo leader along with her two lapdogs had approached the pinkette and her friends at their table to, as usual, make her verbal assaults. Sakura, being accustomed to the insults, had rolled her eyes at the stale material. This girl really had nothing new to say. She just kept repeating the same things she had said in high school.

Ino, who was sitting next to the pinkette, was getting pissed off at the comments, but Sakura had motioned for her to calm down. Seeing that Sakura wasn't reacting to her remarks, the leader of the group hmph-ed and walked around their table about to leave or so it seemed. The next thing Sakura knew was that there, all over her once again long hair, was gum. And not just one piece of gum, oh no. There were three big wads of green gum stuck to her hair. She remembered briefly wondering how the hell those three had chewed such big wads of gum without dislocating their jaw.

But honestly, what came next happened so fast that even she had quite a time processing it. She had landed a fist in Bimbo leader's face, breaking the girl's nose. She watched as the girl fell back before being helped up by her friends. A slurry of curse words and more rude remarks made its way out of the girl's mouth before her friend's dragged her out of the cafeteria to the nurse's office. When Sakura had turned back to her friends, they were in a state of shock and awe of her. Even the other surrounding students looked at her with something akin to fear.

When the girls had finally processed the situation, they were cheering and carrying on like Sakura had just won something. The pinkette had just laughed awkwardly before examining her hair again before excusing herself to go take care of the mess in the bathroom. Ino had jumped up to follow her out and to assist her.

"I think we'll have to cut it," Sakura had sighed out sadly as she looked in the mirror.

"Are you sure there isn't anything you want to try before we do that?" Ino had asked her. The pinkette nodded and Ino dug around in her purse for her makeup bag. "I don't have a proper pair of scissors with me," the blonde stated, "but this will have to do." She held up the small scissors one would normally get in a grooming kit.

"Hack away," Sakura said, staring into the mirror.

"Ok," Ino said unsurely, picking up some of Sakura's hair. Before the scissors even made contact with the hair, Sasuke came barging into the girls bathroom.

"Sasuke-kun!" The two yelled in surprise.

He took one look at the situation before grabbing Sakura by the arm and pulling her out of the bathroom.

"H-how did you know where to find me?" Sakura questioned as he pulled her along the hallway.

"This shit has been going on for too long," she heard him mumbling to himself. As she had looked up at him, she could have sworn his eyes were red again.

"Sasuke-kun, where are we going?" Sakura asked as he pulled her out in the parking lot. Instead of answering her, he continued walking till he had reached his car. His hand still held her arm firmly as he had pulled out his phone to make a call.

"Onee-san," she heard him saying to his sister-in-law. "How do you get gum out of your hair without cutting it?" Sakura had curiously looked at him as his eyebrows furrowed. "No, not me...Yeah, Sakura...Hn...You're sure? Thanks." He pocketed his phone and walked over to the passenger side of his car, opening the door for the pinkette. "C'mon," he had said, staring at her expectantly. Sakura had slid into the seat and the Uchiha closed the door before making his way to the driver's side.

"Where are we going?" she had asked him as the engine roared to life.

"A convenience store," he had answered, already speeding out of the lot.

A couple minutes of silence had elapsed before she questioned him again. "How did you know?"

"Hinata told Naruto and I," he answered as he slowed at a red light. "I heard you broke her nose," he stated amusedly. Her head shot up to look at his amused expression.

"Uhhh, yeah," she exhaled out sheepishly.

"Good," he said right as he pulled into the parking lot of the nearest convenience store.

His answer had thrown her off for a minute and when she had shaken herself out of her stupor, she exited the car along with him.

"I'll be right back," he had told her before heading inside the store. She had leaned against the side of the car, waiting for him. Within a few minutes, he was back and carrying a plastic bottle of peanut butter and two gallon bottles of water.

He came to a stop right in front of her, the tips of his sneakers lightly touching the tips of her sandal clad toes. He had set the bottles down on the roof of the car behind her before gently pulling her hair over her shoulder and in front of her. He opened the jar of peanut butter, scooped out as much as he could fit on three fingers and slathered it all over a wad of gum. He repeated the process with the other pieces of gum before making sure each was completely covered with the thick substance. Sakura watched him as he concentrated on the task and noted how gently he handled her hair. She blushed slightly especially when she remembered how closely they were to each other.

"It'll take a couple minutes," he said, pulling back. She nodded as she watched him walk to his side of the car. He pulled out several napkins from the small compartment between the driver and passenger seats to wipe his right hand. After disposing of the used tissues, he came back to stand in front of the pinkette in the same position as before.

He gently pulled at the gum and it loosened from Sakura's hair. She waited patiently as he gingerly pulled out all of the gum and disposed of it. When her hair was finally free, she gave off a sigh of relief until she thought about all the peanut butter stuck in her strands.

"C'mon," he said to her, grabbing the two bottles of water and something from the trunk of his car before leading her over to the far end of the lot near a bunch of trees. She had followed him a bit confused. "Bend your head," he instructed, guiding her head forward. She did as was told and soon felt cool liquid pouring on her head.

She watched as the water fell off her stands and into the dirt floor before she smelled something amazing. Sasuke's hands in her hair, gently rubbing back and forth made her realize that he was washing her hair with his shampoo—the one he kept in his emergency bag. After a few minutes—amazing minutes—of lathering, the Uchiha washed out all the suds and used to last bit of water to rinse his hands before squeezing out all the excess water from Sakura's hair.

"Better," he commented as she lifted her head up.

"Better," she happily said in agreement as she examined her now clean hair.

The pinkette almost smiled to herself as she recalled how badly she just wanted to keep smelling her hair that day.

The last moment that came to mind was one that happened a couple months ago. She was working a late shift at the hospital and got off at around midnight.

She was deadbeat tired and just wanted to go home, shower, and collapse into her bed, where she would sleep most of her two days off away. But sadly, that didn't happen because her vehicle had other plans. It didn't want to start at all. Everything else checked out fine so the only other problem was that the battery was dead.

And seeing as that was the reason, she went back inside the hospital to ask her coworkers if they had a jumper cable. She probably spent about twenty minutes asking around only to end up with everyone saying no. She had sighed and pulled out her phone from her purse. She would have to call someone for a ride, but the problem was who would be up at this hour of the night on a weekday?

Sasuke. Sasuke would be up. He sometimes worked shifts as late as her. So without a pause she dialed his number, waiting for him to answer as she walked back to her SUV.


"Um, hey. Sorry to bother you so late, but I'm stuck at the hospital. My SUV won't start," she had explained.

"I'll be there in a few minutes," he had answered. She had managed to give a small 'ok' before she heard him hang up.

'The roads should be empty at this hour,' she had thought as she started to feel a bit of rain drizzling. She gathered her other belongings from her vehicle, locked it up tight, and headed to the little roofed entrance of the hospital for shelter. With every passing minute, the rain seemed to fall harder and harder. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, Sakura could hear the roar of Sasuke's GTR-R35 coming down the street. The sleek, customized, black car rolled to a stop in front of her and she quickly got it.

"Thanks," she said, her green eyes taking notice of his clothes and face. He looked like he had just rolled out of bed. He was in gray sweats and a navy tank and to top it all off, his hair was messier than usual and his eyes looked tired.

"Aa," he answered.

"You were home, asleep," she began sounding apologetic. "If I had known you weren't working, I would have tried calling Ino or Naruto," she said, remembering that the knucklehead usually stayed up late playing video games.

"It's fine," he said, voice deep from sleep. "I was working," he explained, as he pulled out of the hospital lot, "but they let me out early tonight. Naruto even called me at ten, thinking I was still on my shift but I ignored his call and went back to sleep."

"Oh," she replied as she watched him shift gears. It wasn't as if they didn't communicate. It was the opposite, actually. They messaged each other quite often and always arranged to spend time together—with Naruto there too—on a weekly basis, sometimes even on a daily basis. In fact, she and Sasuke texted each other so much that she had a fairly clear idea of what his work schedule looked like each month. Hence why she thought he was working tonight.

"So the SUV won't start," he stated.

"Yeah," Sakura answered out. "The battery is probably dead."

"How old is it?" he asked right as he turned onto her street.

"About four years," she informed as he pulled into her driveway.

"Give me the keys," he said, right hand held out towards her. "I'll go get a new battery for it tomorrow and put it in."

She fished around in her purse a bit before passing the key over to him. "Thank you Sasuke-kun," Sakura gratefully said as she exited the car.

"And Sakura," he began through the open window. "Always call me first." She blushed but managed to give him a nod. He had waited for her to enter her house before he left.

And just like that, the next day Naruto pulled into her driveway with her SUV with Sasuke following behind in his car.

"So? Is there something you know that we don't?" Ino asked, bringing Sakura back to the present.

Of course there was. In fact, there were a lot of somethings she knew about the Uchiha and it wasn't just the side of him that only she got to see. But like hell would she tell her friends that.

"Ino, I don't have time for this little interrogation session of yours. I have patients that I need to get ready to see." And with that said, Sakura locked away the paperwork she was working on, rose from her office chair, grabbed her coat, and headed out the door.

"Ugh!" Sakura giggled as she heard the frustrated sigh all the way from the hallway. "When you get back I am dragging you off to go get ready!" the blonde promised.

And oh how true that was.

As soon as the pinkette had finished taking care of her patients and retreated to her office, Ino—minus the others—was there waiting. The blonde had commanded Sakura to pack up her things and grab what she needed because they were off to the pinkette's house to get her ready.

"I'm going to make you look casually hot," Ino stated as she closed the door to her car and made her way up the driveway.

"Ino, this is a casual get together," Sakura stressed.

"Which is why I said casually hot," Ino stated as she followed Sakura through the front door, kicking it close behind her. "You're gonna be poppin' pink."

"Poppin' pink?" Sakura questioned as they entered her bedroom.

"Yeah, like lil pops of pink here and there that'll be subtle but definitely noticeable. Like a little pink-ish nude lipstick that matches your natural lip color, cotton candy pink nail polish on all your nails, and a bit of mascara to make your eyes pop a teensy bit."

"I see you've really thought this out."

"But of course. Now, shoo." The blonde was already pushing Sakura into the bathroom. "Go shower while I pick out your clothes."

"Alright, alright." The pinkette closed the door behind her and walked over to the shower. As the water heated up, she took a look at herself in the mirror. "I look like I need to sleep for days," Sakura mumbled, observing her tired eyes.

Her shower was quick and as relaxing as she could afford given the amount of time she had to spare.

Her wet hair was speedily given a blow dry before she emerged from the bathroom in fresh undergarments with a robe lightly sitting on her shoulders, the front loosely tied.

"Clothes are on the bed," Ino informed from her place at Sakura's vanity table. She was too busy digging through the pinkette's makeup.

Sakura took a look at the clothes that was laid out for her. There was a pair of navy blue bermuda shorts waiting for her as well as a black oversized sweatshirt—with a pink and white stripe—that had a tendency to fall off one of her shoulders. She slipped them on and took a seat on her bed as she watched Ino grab a couple of things from the organized drawer where she kept her makeup.

"Let's do this," Ino announced.

The makeup took about five minutes to do and her nails took about fifteen. "A thin coat," Ino had said. "It'll dry super-fast." It also helped that the blonde brought the blow dryer out from the bathroom to speed up the process. After that, it was just a matter of footwear—which ended up being a cute pair of flip flops—and grabbing her things, such as her phone, charger, and house keys.

"Have fun!" Ino sang as she walked down the driveway to her car.

"It's a casual get together!" The pinkette rolled her eyes as she turned the key to the front door, locking it. She made her way to her SUV. "Besides, Naruto will be there."

The blonde huffed a bit as she put her car in reverse. "Tell him to get lost!" she hollered as she backed out of the driveway. Before Sakura could comment, the girl was already driving off while throwing a halfhearted wave her way. Sakura shook her head at her friend's antics before getting into her own vehicle.


No matter how many times she saw Sasuke's house, she was always left in awe. Even now as she drove up the long and nicely paved driveway, her mouth hung slightly open as her eyes caught sight of his home: a literal mansion.

It was an enormous, off-white two story building that took up the same amount of space as four or five large houses gathered together. And to top it all off, it sat among a lush garden filled with roses, custom water pieces, and a huge backyard.

'It's to be expected though; they're Uchihas, one of the oldest families in Konoha,' she thought as she parked her SUV next to Sasuke's car.

As she made her way to the large double doors of the front entrance, her train of thought was interrupted. "Good evening, Miss Sakura."

"Good evening Von," Sakura greeted as she looked at the middle-aged man standing in front of her. He had been the Uchihas' butler for as long as she can remember.

"And how are you this evening?" he asked with his thick accent as he allowed her to enter.

Von was of mixed nationality. His family line originated from some place exotic, but she couldn't remember where. All she really knew was that his grandfather's father had started serving under the Uchihas when they had arrived in Konoha years ago. Apparently, it was Von's family's way of thanking the Uchihas for what they had done for them—a story in which she had absolutely no details about.

"Tired," Sakura almost whined in response.

"Work is tedious, yes?"

"I can't escape from it," the pinkette answered as she gestured to the files of work she had with her.

"Master Sasuke is in the East Wing," Von informed before excusing himself to attend to Sasuke's father who was calling for him.

Ah, yes, the mansion was divided into an East and West Wing. Sasuke's room as well as his brother's old room and Von's room were located on the second floor of the East side of the house along with a living room, a gym, and a small work study on the first floor. The West Wing of the house was where Sasuke's parents resided. The second floor contained their room and a few extra bedrooms, while the first floor had Uchiha-san's study, a library, a conference room, an arsenal room, and a security room. Lastly, in the middle of the house, beyond the grand foyer, was an exquisite kitchen—which had a door leading to a wine cellar below the mansion—, a formal dining hall, and a small family dining room.

"A grand mansion indeed," the pinkette mumbled to herself as she thought about all the other rooms she forgot about in the mansion.

She let out a small yawn as she entered the living room.

"Sakura." His voice almost made her jump.

"Sasuke-kun!" she greeted back, emerald eyes falling onto the man sitting on the large sectional. He was in the middle of looking through a case file from what she could see. "No rest for the weary, huh?" she mused, taking off her flip flops to walk on the plush carpet. Damn, she didn't know where they bought this carpet from, but it felt like she was walking on a cloud; a cloud that she most definitely was going to sit on. Because, honestly, who didn't want their ass to be caressed by the softest thing ever? So she set her files on the unused half of the coffee table and got comfy on the carpet right next to Sasuke's legs.

"How was work?" God, she loved hearing his voice. It was as smooth as liquid dark chocolate.

"I actually had a pretty light schedule today," she answered, looking up at him. Seriously, how can someone look so good in lounge wear? It was just a black muscle tank and gray sweats for crying out loud! "You?" she asked, clearing her throat slightly.

"Got several new cases and a few new developments in current pending ones ," he answered, onyx eyes staring down at her, drinking her in. Work had kept them from getting together like this for three weeks. Twenty-one days was far too long for his liking, but the time spent apart made this feel that much sweeter. It also made him crave her more he realized. And to add to all of that, she looked extremely tantalizing today.

"What up my peeps?!" The loud voice shook the two out of their daze and their eyes fell to the living room's entrance where Naruto came waltzing in, dinner in hand. "Von-meister!" The blonde turned to look back at the man escorting him. "I've got a personalized pizza with your name on it! Annnddd," he drawled out while shoving a hand in his pocket, fishing around for something. "I've got you some digits!" he excitedly announced, handing over a folded up piece of paper along with a pizza. "That's the ramen chef's daughter's number and this is the number for one of the ladies that works down at my dad's office."

"Yes, well...thank you Master Naruto."

"I got you fam," Naruto reassured.

The pinkette shook her head at the little exchange as Von left the room.

"Teme, we gotta get Von hitched," Naruto said as he walked towards them, fresh pizzas in tow.

"Leave poor Von alone," Sakura said, watching as the blonde kicked off his sneakers before walking across the carpet.

"You say that, but we all know Von wants to have someone," Naruto stated as he sat down next to the pinkette. "I'm just helping by pushing the process along." He set the boxes of food down on what space the coffee table had left. "So we have one large margherita pizza with additional tomatoes to satisfy Teme's hunger for tomatoes." The Uchiha shot him a look at the comment which the blonde brushed off. "And one extra-large half supreme, half cheese pizza."

Everything smelled so good to the pinkette. She was starving, especially because all she had for lunch was half a sandwich, a bottle of water, and a handful of grapes. But before she could dig in, she had to wash off her hands. Hygiene was important to her, and also something she made sure to remind the boys—mostly Naruto—of every now and again.

"Alright! Let's dig in!" Naruto said, plopping back onto the carpet with clean hands.

As they ate, the big flat screen in front of them played a sitcom.

"So Naruto," Sakura began, "what's new at work."

"My mayor of a dad is working on some new things, but as you guys know, it's tough because of the old geezers who may stop his progress."

"What's his plans, if you're at liberty to say."

"Well, one of the things he wants to do is restore abandoned houses; turn it into places that other people may be interested in acquiring. Or if, per se, an abandoned house can't be salvaged, then it'll end up being demolished. And if that happens, then the land would be restored as best it could and be used for gardens or farms or something of the sort."

"That's actually a really good proposal," Sakura praised before finishing up her slice of pizza.

"There are a lot of properties left vacant," Sasuke pointed out as he recalled the many times his fellow coworkers had been called out to abandon lots for squatters and such, and the couple times his team and others had to investigate homicides in some of the unoccupied spaces.

"A lot," Naruto agreed. "Most of them were from that big company shutdown that happened when we were like fourteen."

"I remember that," Sakura chipped in. "A lot of small businesses had to close because of that."

"And a lot of families left. Some just up and abandoned their houses." The blonde tapped his full belly and stretched, before leaning back against the couch behind him. "My dad is also looking to start a low-cost housing program."

"Well I'm glad. And I honestly hope that it happens," the pinkette voiced. She neatened up the coffee table a little bit and grabbed one of her folders. "So what else is new?"

"Hmmm," Naruto thought with a hand to his chin. "Oh! Do you know about the police trip that happened?"

"The one that happened like two weeks ago causing us not to hang out because Sasuke had to go since it was mandatory? And the one that you tagged along on?"

"Yeaaahhhh," Naruto answered.

"Yeah, I know the one," Sakura stated.

"So you know about the rookie? Teme told you about him?" Naruto asked.

"What rookie?" The pinkette abandoned her folder in her lap, giving Naruto her full attention.

"Dobe," Sasuke all but growled.

"So there's this rookie on the force. He joined up, let's see...if we haven't met for three weeks and he joined a week before that...a month! He joined a month ago, that's probably why you haven't heard anything about him as yet."

"Ok, well continue," Sakura lightly pressed.

"So his name is Jin Hamada and he is a pretty chill enough guy, but he is interested in guys, which is something the whole department ended up knowing by the end of his first week."

"How did everyone know?" Sakura questioned with furrowed eyebrows.

"He told everyone," Naruto answered. "So anyway, that's what happened after his first week. After his second week, everyone knew that he had taken a liking to two people in the department." Naruto had to stop himself from letting a giggle out.

"Well? Who is it?" Her curiosity was definitely peaked.

The blonde ended up snorting as he tried holding back his amusement. "Itachi and Sasuke!" he howled out.

The pinkette starting laughing in amusement. "No way! Of all the Uchihas to crush on, he chose the two who are brothers!"

"Oh and it gets better!" The blonde ducked as a crumpled up napkin came flying his way. "You missed Teme!"

"Do tell!" Sakura was giggling.

"So Jin ended up going bonkers trying to figure out who to choose between. It was actually pretty funny. And the trip was literally right around the corner. So one of the cadets suggested he use the trip to figure it out by making a pro/con list. You see, the trip would let him see how both of them acted to the world outside the police department."


"Oh but do you wanna know where the trip was?"

"Do you really have to ask?"

"It was a conference at the hot springs in the next city!" The blonde couldn't be bothered to finish the story with all the small details. "Long story short, Jin took one look at Sasuke and Itachi after our soak in the springs. And let's just say that one look at them in their wet, white towels was all it took for him to able to choose who he fancied more right on the spot." Sakura waited for the knucklehead to continue. "He chose Teme!"

Sakura tried to suppress her blush at the implications. Her mind was able to put the whole story together pretty quickly. Jin had chosen Sasuke because he was able to see who had the bigger 'asset' due to the wet towel.

"Isn't it hilarious though?" Naruto found amusement in the whole thing.

"I'm getting a soda," the Uchiha announced as he tried to conceal the tinge of embarrassment he felt. He was already on his feet and heading towards the kitchen.

"Grab me one too!" Naruto called out.


Naruto pulled out his phone. "So Hinata tells me that Ino is on your case a lot more than usual," he commented as he replied to the text the Hyuuga had sent him twenty minutes ago. "She says she doesn't know how you can handle that. All the nagging and opinions even the meddling." Sure, he wanted both the Uchiha and pinkette to get together already, but if he learned anything over the years, it was that it'll happen in its own natural time.

"That's because even though we're all grown adults now, Hinata is still a sweetie pie," the pinkette said right as the Uchiha walked in. "And Ino, the monster pig that she is, would give a sweetie pie like Hinata anxiety."

The Uchiha had no idea what conversation he just walked into.

"Sprite?" Naruto questioned as he caught the can of soda thrown at him.

"Don't need you messing up the carpet," was the reply he got as the Uchiha took his original seat on the sofa. He handed Sakura a Coke and proceeded to open his own. "Now what's this about a monster pig?" he asked while looking down at the pinkette sitting by his feet. The shoulder exposed from her top caught his eyes.

Sakura almost laughed at the tone he used.

"I was saying I don't know how Sakura deals with Ino. In fact, I don't even know why you're still friends with her," he said, fingers tapping at a game he was now playing on his phone.

"Naruto," Sakura chided.

"I mean seriously," he continued. "When you guys were younger, she always came to play with you. But then once she found out that you both liked—"

The pinkette subtlely rushed to cut him off by pinching his hand hard. Naruto hollered in pain before meeting the glare she shot his way, hoping he would understand not to finish that sentence with Sasuke's name. "Cramp," he suddenly claimed as he looked at the Uchiha who was now paying full attention to the two sitting on the floor. The blonde rubbed at his hand before remembering the ad that flashed across his phone's screen as he was playing his game. "As I was saying," he said, while shooting Sakura a look that said calm down. "Once she found out that you both liked the same girl scout cookies, she suddenly stopped talking to you."

Sakura wanted her forehead to meet the table in front of her by slamming it into the wooden surface repeatedly. Girl scout cookies? GIRL SCOUT COOKIES?! Was that really the best substitute Naruto could have possibly thought of. Even nail polish would have been a better choice to ruin a friendship over than cookies.

"They stopped talking because of girl scout cookies?" Sasuke cut in, stopping Sakura's mental meltdown.

"Uh, yes," Naruto answered, his tone a lot more confident compared to Sakura's anxious stare. "Sakura loved one type of cookies, thin mints. In fact," the blonde trailed off, shooting his pink haired friend a look, "up to this day she loves thin mints. But anyway," Naruto continued, getting back on track, "Sakura loved thin mints. And one day, she told Ino of her fondness for the treat. But Ino didn't take the news too well. In fact, from that day on, she didn't have any interaction with our dear friend here. Instead, she fought with her over the thin mints. And if I remember correctly, this went on for a few years."

Sakura inwardly sighed. She had to admit that although Naruto was currently spewing bullshit, his explanation kinda made sense. Obviously, Sasuke was the thin mints.

"Years..." the dark haired man trailed off questionably.

"Hey man, girls are complicated."

"Uh, so are guys," Sakura countered with narrowed eyes, daring him to challenge her remark.

"All I'm saying is I still question why you're friends with her," the blonde repeated. "Honestly. I mean she kinda copied you and then tried to outdo you by copying you."

The pinkette furrowed her brows as she looked at Naruto, wondering where he was going with this.

"Okay, look; when you were thirteen you knew that you wanted to be a doctor later in your life. And because of that, you started studying really hard and even went to Tsunade to help assist you. That's how badly you wanted it. Now Ino, we knew Ino loved plants and we all knew that one day she was going to take over her family's flower business. And that was something that she wanted to do of her own free will. There was even talk going around that she wanted to go to college and study plants and grow the family business so that she can open other branches of the store in different cities nearby as well as open another one right here in Konoha. And I mean good for her. That's an awesome thing to do! Especially since it was something she really wanted to do. But once she saw you studying to be a doctor and getting help from Tsunade, she just decided that she's gonna do that too. It was like because you were doing it and already starting your life dream, she had to do it too. She had to be better than you and compete with you."

"Well, we're mature now," Sakura finally said after a few seconds. "And she gave up on that after one year of studying."

"Ehhh, still. All I'm saying is that she could have taken her own path and become successful in her own way. She didn't need to copy anyone. Right Teme?" Naruto's question was met with silence. "Hmph," the blonde huffed.

Sakura smiled as she glanced from Sasuke to Naruto. While everything her loudmouth friend said might have been true, Naruto failed to realize that despite all of that, when it came down to it, it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that they were friends, really great friends that had their differences, and that at the end of the day, the differences didn't win against their relationship. And if the situation were reversed, if it was about Naruto and Sasuke and their friendship, then they wouldn't give a damn about others criticizing them based on their differences, the mistakes they made against each other, or who knows what else, they would always still be friends in the end.

"One day you might figure it out," Sakura said before turning back to the abandoned folder in her lap.

"I doubt it," he stated just as his phone vibrated in his hand. It was a message from Hinata telling him that he should leave early and give Sasuke and Sakura some time for themselves. He pouted at the message. This was the first time in three weeks they all got together and he didn't really want to leave which he texted back. He also sent another message to her saying he understood what she meant though and that he would bail early, but he needed an excuse. She replied a couple seconds later, telling him to say they needed to work on finalizing a few wedding stuff.

"Aight, imma head out," Naruto said as he stood up.

"Already?" Sakura asked. She picked up her phone and checked the time. "It's only 9PM."

"Hinata and I have to finalize some wedding stuff," he explained, which now that he thought about it, was true. It's just that it was tomorrow they were going to finalize the date of the wedding, the wedding invitation design, and the flowers Hinata would like.

"Did you guys finally pick a date?" Sakura asked. She was excited for their wedding.

"That's what we're going to figure out," the blonde answered goofily.

"Well good luck!" Sakura wished.

"Catch ya later Teme." The blonde was wiggling his eyebrows at the Uchiha before gesturing to the pinkette and the raven-headed male.

Sasuke merely stared at the idiot before throwing an 'Aa' out to acknowledge the blonde leaving.

When the knucklehead was no longer in sight, Sasuke relaxed into a lying position on the couch, his head leaning on the armrest, giving him a good view of the pinkette sitting on the floor next to him. She was working on filling out some of the paperwork she had brought with her. One corner of his lips tilted up as her ponytail brushed against his pants thigh, the pink standing out against the gray material. He resisted the urge to run his fingers through the strands, remembering how silky smooth and amazing her pink hair felt. Instead, he went back to focusing on the file he had in his hand. There were a few new leads on the case that he would have to follow up on, but if everything goes the way he suspects it would, then he should be able to close the case by the end of the week.

Sasuke stifled a yawn as he reached for another file. He scanned through the notes he had jotted down about the homicide:

• Male in his early twenties found dead near the abandoned house on Oak Drive

• Two GSWs to the chest

• No bullet casings at the scene of the crime

• Residue that does not coincide with the body location found coating the clothing

• No wallet for identification

• Business card for Maple Tavern found in front pocket

• The owner, Kai Nakamaru's, information is listed on the card

• Questioned Nakamura and his staff

• Only one person recalled seeing the victim the night before the murder

• The victim was seen with two other persons

• Residue on the clothes appear to match the conditions of the alleyway of the tavern

The Uchiha ran a hand through his hair as he shut the file. Come Monday morning he and his partner, Juugo, would have to follow up with the Tavern again and check the camera footage from the night before the body was found. By then, the lab results of the residue should be back as well. In addition to that, they had to track down the two persons that were with the victim before the incident took place.

The raven-haired man silently sighed in exhaustion. Thank God he had the next two days off. He really needed it considering he had been working nonstop and overtime to close some cases. Not to mention the weird hours he sometimes finished his shift.

His eyes drifted to the pinkette, who was just as lost in her work as he was moments before. Onyx orbs slowly looked her over. The pink stripe on her sweatshirt matched the color of her hair he noted right before his eyes caught the same color on her nails.

As the Uchiha silently sat up from the couch, he fllicked the pinkette's ponytail with his fingers. He set his feet down on both sides of her, trapping her in. "What are you working on?" he asked. She tilted her head up to look at him as he looked straight down at her. 'Pink,' he thought as he watched her lips. It was the same pretty pink color that he was finding all over her.

"Well," the pinkette began as she looked back down to several files she had open in front of her. "A lot of children have been coming in sick lately," she explained. He brought his face near the side of hers as she continued talking. "They all share the same symptoms and currently no antibiotics or vaccines are having any effect on them. And every couple of days it seems like we have new cases coming in. It's not contagious from what we have determined and it's currently only affecting children between the ages of five to eight. We have taken samples and sent them down to the lab to run some tests, but I may have to go down there myself to see what's happening. Regardless, we are monitoring it the best we can."

"Hmmm," Sasuke sounded out in acknowledgement. The pinkette jumped slightly in surprise only now seeing how close he was to her.

The faint scent of shampoo and cologne drifted to her nose. He smelled amazing. He always did. She just wanted to be encased in his scent. Bury herself deep in the aroma that was uniquely Sasuke and Sasuke alone. And while she struggled, Sasuke was fighting his own similar battle.

Being this close to her made him hyper aware of the pinkette. She smelled sweet to him. Not sickeningly sweet; rather, sweet in a way that beckoned him, made him want to bury his face in the crook of her neck and place warm, wet kisses along her neck and jaw all the way up to her ear where he would suck on the lobe while tangling one hand in her silky pink hair and pressing her body snug against his with the other.

He took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. His arms appeared at her sides, reaching down to close the nearest file that was in front her. Sakura just sat still, waiting with bated breath as her orbs watched his muscular arms at either side of her. The soft noise of the television in the background sounded loud in her ears.

The Uchiha wasn't one to hesitate when it came to Sakura, but he wanted to savor this moment; burn it into his mind if he could. His arms that were already trapping her in, moved to wrap around the pinkette's frame. One hand made its way up to her jaw, gently grabbing it. She slightly gasped as he turned her face to his. Lips landed on hers instantly and she melted against his hold. When he pulled back, she was in a slight daze. It happened so quick that she was still processing it all. She blinked slowly a few times before gazing into onyx orbs. Sasuke's eyes dropped to her lips again. They looked so plump and inviting and they tasted oh so sweet.

He easily scooped her up from her seat on the floor and settled her sideways in his lap, making them both a little more comfortable and giving her room to spread out her legs on the couch. His lips dipped down again to capture hers. One hand settled onto his chest while the other rested on the back of his neck.

His lips moved against hers in such a sensual way that it sent shivers running down her spine. And when he bit her lower lip, her body moved to push more against his. Her fingers tangled through his hair and her nails ever so lightly scraped against his scalp as he released her pink lips to kiss down her jaw. The warm, wet kisses had made her gasp and she gave a squeak when he bit the skin under her earlobe. She could feel him smirk against her skin before his tongue came out to lick the bitten area.

She just smelled and tasted so good to him. Sweet and oh so pink. Almost like cotton candy made just for him and he just couldn't get enough.

'Sasuke is slow my ass,' Sakura briefly thought as he lowered them both on the couch, continuing their kissing session. Sasuke had been making moves since they were thirteen.

Hope you all enjoyed it!

And once again the story has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song, just the title. Unless I get other ideas where the lyrics and story both compliment each other lol.