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The Playlist – Life's Moments

Donut by pH-1 ft. Jay Park

Honestly, he didn't know how people in his line of work became so attached to donuts and coffee. Especially on a stakeout. How did police men, donuts, and coffee become so associated with one another?

"Are you sure you don't want anything?" Juugo, his police detective partner, asked as the line in the donut shop decreased by two people.

Sasuke's mouth twisted slightly in distaste as he eyed the donut menu in the shop. He didn't care for sweets. The sugary substance always left an unpleasant taste in his mouth.

"We're next," Juugo informed, pressing the Uchiha for an answer to his question.

Sasuke was about to say no when his eyes caught sight of the special limited flavor of donut on display—cherry blossom. His mind quickly wandered to Sakura, the only sweet thing, well person, he craved.

"You go ahead," Sasuke stated as the person in front of them got their order.

The Uchiha scanned the menu over again. Even if he didn't like sweets, the pinkette was fond of them.

"Two cherry blossom donuts, two of the matcha, and two of the coconut creme," Sasuke stated once Juugo had paid and collected his order.

"Anything else sir?" the guy behind the counter said.

"One large black coffee and one large coffee with cream." While the cashier calculated the rest of the order, the Uchiha ignored the knowing look on his partner's face.

He handed over the required cash, grabbed the drinks and the box of donuts, and wordlessly made his way out the door.

Juugo followed behind, smiling at Sasuke's reaction. He wasn't in the habit of teasing the Uchiha about the pink-haired woman, but there were times where he couldn't help but poke a little fun at him. What can he say? It was amusing seeing his partner go from calm, cool, and collected to semi-awkward in the span of a couple of seconds. Quite frankly, and for lack of a better word, it was adorable. And yet at the same time, he understood why the Uchiha reacted that way.

He had met Sakura a handful of times and from his encounters, he could clearly see that she was exceptional. She had a wicked temper and a mean right hook, but beyond that, she was smart, nice, and pretty too.

As they pulled into the hospital lot, Juugo noticed Sasuke fidgeting with the tie he had on. The orange-haired male smiled and Sasuke glared in return. "I didn't say anything," he defended holding up his hands in innocence. "I'm just gonna be here eating my donut and enjoying the quiet."

"Hn." The Uchiha grabbed the donuts and the coffee for the pinkette and exited the car.

"Hey, hey," his partner-in-crime called out making him turn back slightly. "I hope you have a sweet compliment to go with those donuts." Juugo was laughing at this point at the almost pained expression on the Uchiha's face. He had to do it.

"I don't know who's worse, the Dobe or this bird watcher," Sasuke muttered, ignoring the cackling coming from the car and continuing on.

The smell of sanitary products hit his nose as soon as he entered the lobby. It was fairly empty for a change he noted as his eyes briefly swept the room.

He walked pass the lobby and headed straight for the pinkette's office, positive that he would find her slumped over files, starving and tired with her hair tied up in a bun, scribbling away at some paperwork, which funny enough was immensely accurate. She didn't even look up from the files in front of her when he knocked on her door and entered after her muffled voice answered him.

Sakura was too busy to spare a glance at whoever came in. Besides, she was sure it would be one of the nurses delivering more patient files for her to look through.

She was so engrossed in paperwork that she completely missed the quiet footsteps that approached her and the lack of files being placed on her desk. What she did pick up on was the distinct smell of freshly brewed coffee. A box was set in front of her along with a large cup. "Busy day?"

"Sasuke-kun!" A smile broke out on her face as she gazed up at him before looking down at what he brought. "What's this?" she questioned, already reaching for the box.

"Sustenance," he replied, walking around the desk. He stopped when he was right next to her and leaned against the wooden furniture, watching as she opened the box to reveal a variety of sweets. "You haven't eaten, have you?" he asked.

"Not since breakfast," she sheepishly replied as she glanced at the clock nearby that read a little after two o'clock. "There's too much paperwork to catch up on and there was a morning rush of patients, " she explained as she set the box down and grabbed the coffee. She inhaled deeply and slowly, reveling in the fresh aroma before taking a small sip. 'Ooo~ that's good,' she thought, drinking a little more. "Thank you for this." She looked up at him and gave him a grateful smile.

"Aa," he replied.

She rolled her eyes at his monosyllabic answer. "Two of these plus the coffee should be able to full me until 6pm."

"That's when your shift ends?" he questioned, trying to recall how her work schedule was set up.

"Mhmm," the pinkette replied, breaking off a piece of one of the donuts. She shoved the small piece into her mouth and chewed slowly. 'My God,' she thought as she continued chewing. 'This is beyond delicious.'

"I'll come over at 7:30pm with dinner."

He caught her off-guard with that. "O-ok," she stuttered out suddenly a bit flustered. He smirked at her reaction. They had been dating for a good while but every now and again, the pinkette still had a habit of becoming as shy as she was the first time they went out.

Knowing that he had shut the door close behind him upon entering, he reached one hand out to cup her face and guide her to look at him. Her face heated up slightly as she returned his gaze. He dipped down and placed a kiss on her lips before drawing back slightly. The slight pout on Sakura's face told him that she wasn't satisfied. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and on the cheek before pecking her lips. In return, she giggled in happiness.

"I'll see you later," he said lowly before giving her one last kiss that made her tingle all over.

"Mkay," the pinkette hummed out, a bit dazed. Sasuke smirked at her reaction before pushing off the wooden desk.

As he made his way to the door, Sakura idly picked at the donut she had broken a piece off from. "See you later Sasuke-kun!" she called out right before he stepped out the room. He turned back slightly, giving her a small smile and a nod.

She sighed happily as the door shut closed already anticipating dinner. She picked up the half eaten donut and took a big bite out of it, savoring the taste. Sasuke really did know her well.

As she stared down at the box of fried pastries, she came to realize something. No matter how busy she was with work and no matter how busy Sasuke was with work, their lives, for the most part, were good. And right at this moment, her life was sweet like these donuts.

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Her life was sweet like these donuts is a little spin off the lyrics "my life is sweet like donut" from the song. ^.^