"Thank you, be careful out there!" Guild Girl cheerfully said as another party of adventures set off to hunt a troll. In truth, she was rather stressed out by the way things are in the Adventurer's Guild. Sure, it may have been a good place for a person looking to find fame and recognition as an adventurer, it was also a place where the death rate was high. Many beginners who recently joined would find themselves wiped out by even the lowest of monsters.

Especially goblins.

She heard horror stories of their infestations. Many villagers who came to the guild told tales of their raids. Men were killed on the spot before they even noticed them, but the women had it worse. She could remember the faces of them that were rescued from the goblin caves. They were broken. They were shattered from the inside, no will to live on. The worst part was, these women were part of the lowest missions. Which meant that rookie adventures would find themselves unprepared and faced certain death. She hated seeing the list of deceased of the porcelain-ranked, and wished the Guild would just do something to steer them clear of the dangers save for a certain adventurer. It would atleast save more lives and prevent any of the adventurers from harm. Alas, there was nothing she could do. She was only a clerk. That's all she was. And the cycle would continue on and on.

She sighed, knowing her place, right before someone entered from the front door.

"Hello there! How may I he-" She paused and looked to see a rather... imposing figure. For one thing, he was huge and bulky. He was wearing a leather vest that did little to hide his bulging biceps. Really muscular, it seems. On him, were two swords behind his back, and a collection of daggers and knives in the front and legs; the most prominent ones being two knives that crossed each other on his chest. Looking to his face, he had a shaved head that showed a "V" scar coupled with some on his chin and biceps, and a cauliflower left ear. He was rather older-looking, possibly around his mid-30s or late-40s. He also had a pendant around his neck that resembled a snake twisting and weaving to make an intricate diamond pattern. But the most interesting part of him were his eyes. The irises were supernaturally golden and the pupils were slitted like a cat's. The only thing that wasn't unusual was a bag on his left shoulder. Looking to her surroundings, Guild Girl could notice that the other adventurers were looking and murmuring about the strange yellow-eyed man. She'd seen plenty of strange folks coming in before but he was different. More... unique.

"Is this the Adventurer's Guild?" The man asked in his gravelly voice. The question alone shuddered Guild Girl. She began to speak. "Y-yes?"

"Good. I've been told this is where you collect monster bounties." The man responded. Everyone remained quiet. His voice made them nervous. Guild Girl, of course, changed her tune.

"O-o-oh! Yes!" She exclaimed, brightening up with a smile. "Are you here to join up for the adventurer's guild?"

The man simply nodded. "Something like that..."

"Very well! Here are your papers!" She handed him the registration sheet with quill and ink. The man nodded and left. Many of the patrons eyed on the man as he approached an empty table. He silently analyzed it and proceeded to write down his information. Seconds later, he had returned with his written form. Guild Girl looked through the paper. It seemed to check everything. Although, she did notice one thing that caught her attention.

His name.

"Thank you, Mr..."

"Witcher. Of the Viper." He responded bluntly. "But Witcher or Letho will do, if it's too mouthful."

His voice certainly did not make her feel ease. At all. And it seemed rather odd of him to reveal his name, given the country's customs. Alas, he was rather polite and seemed cordial enough.

"Thank you, Mr. Witcher. Here is your tag! Since this is your first time, you are ranked as a porcelain! Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild!"

The witcher stared at her with a raised eyebrow.

"If I may ask..." he continued. "I am a little confused. I'm not from around here, you see. So could you explain me the rules?"

"Oh, right! Sorry! When one registers the Guild, they are ranked by their tags. The strongest become platinum, while the lowest start out as porcelain. But to make a quick rundown, here's from worst to best: Porcelain, Obsidian, Steel, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum."

"I see." Letho noted, digesting in the information. "But what happens if, say, my skills are too overquallified for the lowest ranking?"

"Well, even if you are, then I'm afraid we won't be able to know. Your only way to get up through the rankings is to do it through promotions, which will be done with an interview by an inspector."

The witcher sighed in disappointed, before making the faintest of smiles. "Very well, porcelain will do just fine. Although, I do not know if I should feel insulted to be ranked as such or grateful to have a membership."

Guild Girl was genuinely worried what he meant by. If he was indeed overqualified, then perhaps she could speak to the board and start an interview sooner... before he starts a killing spree in the Guild. But before she could reply, a certain cherry-blonde adventurer decided to unnecesarily jump in.

"Hey buddy!" Spearman yelled to get the Witcher's attention. "Leave her alone! You're scaring her! And if you don't like the way things work around here, then why don't you make like a tree and leave!"

The Witcher did not react to his instigator like any person would. He gently dropped his bag slowly to the ground and looked over his shoulder to see a young man standing behind him and with a rather ugly glare. Behind were other adventurers curious about the interaction that was about to happened.

"Oh yeah? And who might you be, boy?" Letho asked, who remained stoic as he turned to face his challenger, arms-crossed. Although, his voiced lowered quite a bit. Spearman, in turn, seemed insulted by being called a boy.

"This 'boy' happens to be silver-ranked, if you hadn't noticed my tag!" Spearman retorted, showing off his tag in the man's face. Letho still remained unmoved. "So respect the silver, or else!"

"Now, now... gentlemen." Another voice chimed in. Guild Girl noticed it was from Witch. "There is... no need to... fight. We can just... be civil... about... this."

"I've done nothing wrong, ma'am." Letho answered to Witch. "It just so happens that your friend here has proceeded to unnecessarily cause a scene."

Spearman was fuming, but Witch stepped in to prevent a feud. "If so... my... apologies... for his... behaviour."

"No need." The Witcher responded to Witch, before looking to Spearman. "Again, what's your name, boy?"

"Spear-'man'." The adventurer answered, to which Letho simply laughed faintly. That ticked off Spearman quite a bit. "What's so damn funny, pal?!"

"Heh. Nothing. Though, I wonder. Did you get that name because your mother thought you were better off as a spear'boy'? Or did you give it yourself that name to try and overcompensate for something else, entirely?"

Many of the adventurers gasped and oohed at the insult that echoed the hall. Guild Girl and Witch looked surprised by the Witcher's words. Spearman, as expected of someone with a bruised ego, got fed up and proceeded to throw a punch at the Witcher.


Atleast, right up until Letho grabbed the fist middair with his left hand and grabbed Spearman by the throat with his right. And then proceeded to slam the overconfident adventurer on Guild Girl's counter. What happened next shocked everyone.

The witcher pulled out a knife and slammed it on top of Spearman's head in less than a second. Adventurers reacted in horror. Witch, especially, was beginning to have tears flow out of her eyes. Guild Girl covered her mouth with widened eyes as she witnessed it. Spearman was dead.

Or atleast that's what everyone thought, as Letho's back actually blocked Spearman's head save for Guild Girl. What Guild Girl actually saw was that the Witcher's knife was about a hair's width above the adventurer's head. Spearman was shocked by the sudden reaction of a lower-ranked "rookie" manhandling him. Guild Girl noticed that Heavy Swordsman and Female Knight were drawing out their weapons. She raised her and yell out "He's alive! The knife was only by a few inches near him."

Everyone relaxed, though they were still tensed up.

"Much appreciated, ma'am" Letho thanked, before staring down at Spearman, still grabbed by the throat who was completely terrified as the Witcher now looked at him with an apathetic but cold look. "As for you, Spear-'boy', I'm getting pretty sick and tired of people harrassing me because of the way I look. And what usually happens is that they realize they're WAY over their head when facing a Witcher such as myself. Consequently, they end up being leftover chow for ghouls and drowners. And as far as rankings are concerned; it doesn't matter if you're higher than me. In my eyes, you're just another name to add on my list. And believe me, I've faced people much MUCH higher than you will ever be. And none of them are alive because of me. Fortunately, I'm in a relatively good mood, so consider this my way of being 'polite', ya understand? Please nod if you do."

Spearman nodded rapidly. The man's threat and golden cat eyes certainly took a hold on the adventurer's mind as Spearman proceeded to whimper.

"Good. Now I'm gonna let you off and return to your beautiful lady friend over there. But before you go, I'm gonna leave you off with a warning; if you so much as try to get up in my face again with an act like that, pray that I don't cut off the tip of your "spear", if you're catching my drift. Nod again if you do understand."

Spearman, again, nodded. This time, doing his best not to make a brown tail in his pants. Letho smiled at his answer.

"Well, then. Off ya go." Just like that, Letho threw the man in one swing over his shoulder, not giving a damn as Spearman rolled and tumbled near the Witch who, beforehand, raised a magical shield at the right moment to stop him from getting anywhere close to her feet. Letho looked to Guild Girl and took his knife off the table and placed it back into its sheathe. Everyone behind him just resumed to normal businesses. Heavy Swordsman and Female Knight, on the other hand, kept an eye on the new adventurer.

"My sincerest apologies, ma'am." He started. "I did not mean to cause both worry and a scene in public. I was simply doing what was necessary to defend myself."

Guild Girl was rather shocked by the quick change in the Witcher's temperament. But she too went back to her professional personality, albeit trying. "It's alright. I thank you for not causing further endangerment for another fellow adventurer. Please refrain from doing so, next time. And don't worry about him, he may be rough around the edges but he means well."

"He better." The Witcher's blunt words were unsettling for her to hear, but he resumed. "Now on to pressing matters, are there any porcelain-based bounties available?"

"Well..." Guild looked to see in her record, only for a voice to pop up behind the Witcher.

"Hey mister! Did you just say... er..." A lethered-armored boy with brown hair and a bandana approached the man, looking like he was about to wet himself in terror due to the man's intimidating figure as he turned to see who called him. Following behind the boy were three girls. One was raven-haired and wore loose clothing, the second was redheaded and wore dark green robes, a cloak, a pair of glasses, and a large pointed hat, and the third was golden blonde who wore white and blue robes that made it clear that she a cleric of sorts. From what Guild Girl remembered, their names were Warrior, Fighter, Wizard, and Priestess, respectively. All four of them looked at the Witcher in awe and fear.

"Can I help you?" He asked, which didn't do much to calm the young man down, who simply murmured quietly. Seeing their comrade shaken, Fighter jumped in. "Hello! We were just gonna ask if you want to team-up with us to hunt down some goblins."

"G-Goblins, you say?" Guild Girl asked.

"Yeah, we were just about to leave before we overheard you guys talking about low-ranking missions." Fighter said, looking at the man before her. "Funny to see someone so huge and muscular turn out to be a rookie. No offense, of course."

"None taken." He answered, blunt and simple as usual. Fighter tried her best to act cool. Emphasis on "tried".

"A-are you sure you want to take this mission?" Guild Girl asked hesitantly. "I'd highly recommend hunting down giant rats, or cleaning the sewers. Alternatively, there is someone who's an expert at goblin-hunting. Although, you might have to wait for a bit until he arrives."

"What?!" Exclaimed Wizard. "We can't just wait any longer! We've already found our fourth member! We're not waiting for some other guy to come in and be our tour guide! And we're definitely not cleaning up the sewers just to find some rats!

Guild Girl sighed. But she already knew what they were doing. Goblins. It just happened to be them. Her heart skipped a beat. She had expected this to happen. Of course, it did. Still, she was just hoping that a particular adventurer had come sooner. Hopefully. So her best bet was to stall as possible, somehow.

"Pe-perhaps you shou-"

"Do you have any experience in fighting goblins?" The Witcher interrupted, much to Guild Girl's surprise, crossing his arms as if he were a stern father overlooking some undisciplined children. High Priestess, who'd been awfully quiet, spoke up.

"T-this is our firs-"


"What?" Warrior asked, who now had just gotten over his murmuring, and seemed confused by the Witcher's answer. As did the rest of the group.

"My answer is no, in case you didn't hear me the first time. I'm not gonna repeat myself again."

"You're kidding right?" Wizard asked as she narrowed her eyes on the Witcher, who had remained unmoved by it.

"Was I kidding when I gave Spearboy over there an up-close look at one of my knife collections?" He asked in a deadpanned manner, just as he pointed his right index finger towards the now-embarrassed Spearman, sitting at a nearby table opposite of Witch, who did her best to calm him down. Everyone followed the direction of his finger, before looking back at him again. Wizard, especially, felt a little embarassed to ask such a redundant question, knowing who she was talking to.

"No..." She answered, sheepishly.

"Then best leave it to a professional." The witcher replied. "Besides, this isn't my first time fighting goblins."

That caught Guild Girl's attention. "Really? What was your first?"

"Not long ago." He answered. "Just a few days ago, I happened to cross paths with a village nearby. A lovely family invited me into their homes for a bit. First time to be greeted so warmly, in fact. Then, just this morning, saw those damned things clawing their way through the woman and children's clothes in the living room with depraved looks in their eyes. The man of the family couldn't do anything as he was pinned down by some arrows. Still alive, in case you're wondering. Anyways, killed the little buggers before they even did anything worse to the family. Then head outside to find the whole village running rampant with those things. Buggers pissed me off so damn much I ended up slaughtering them all the way to gods-knows-where. After that, my little crusade didn't stop. Found a trail of footprints that lead to a small cave."

Letho stopped as he closed his eyes and clenched his hands into fists. "I've killed plenty of monsters for a long time. But this... this was Evil. I had found five women being... 'used' by those things when I entered their cave. Gutted the remaining sons of bitches before they could even react, even down to their children. Afterwards, I rescued the women, asked for a ride to the nearest town, and here I was. You can get a report from the women staying with the healers; they have proof of my deeds."

Guild Girl couldn't believe what she had just heard. Someone was able to singlehandedly kill a goblin raid? And rescued a group of women? Even before he joined the Guild, no less? That was rather unheard of. The only person who could match those skills was... Goblin Slayer.

The kids were just as shocked as well by the story. Many looked in horror as the revelations of the event that unfolded. Before, they were eager to go on their first Goblin-hunting mission. But now, they seem to have second thoughts about it.

"Now do you understand why I refused to let you any of you go there?" The witcher asked, to which none of them responded. "Because as soon as you go in like it was some sort of playground, I'm betting ten crowns that you won't survive your first mission. In honesty, I wouldn't EVEN bet any of it on you four. Go hunt some damn rats or something. Best to play it safe before making it to the big leagues."

Many of them looked down in shame, realizing that being an adventurer was all for nothing. The witcher got his answer, grabbing his bag onto his left shoulder again. "Well, best be on my way then. Word of advice; no one needs a hero. They need a professional."

Guild Girl was honestly impressed by the man's words. Unlike her, he wasn't restrained by the Guild's rules. He was brutal about his honesty, sure, but it effectively shut down the rookie's attempts to take the mission. It was admirable, she'll admit.

The witcher was about to walk away before something tugged his hand. To which reacted by quickly unsheathing one of his knives, only to realize it was just Priestess, who was recoiling from the witcher's sudden reaction. He sheathed his blade back into its place, although not too happy about being begged again by one of the kids to join him.

"Listen kid, for the last ti-"

"W-we know." Interrupted the blonde. "I u-understand you don't want us to join you on this mission, but you said you were a professional, and you've killed monsters before, yes?"

Letho raised his eyebrow, not entirely sure where this was going. "Yeah. What of it?"

"Well, if you're a professional, perhaps we can tag along to observe you do your work?"

Guild Girl could see Letho... was unimpressed. So unimpressed that his usual stoicism could not contain such an unimpressed look. He just wanted to facepalm at such a stupid statement. *sigh* "Kid. It's clear to me that you're trying to worm your way in so that you and your friends could enter a completely dangerous mission in which I had just warned you about with a campfire story, not long ago. Nice try, but you ain't fooling anyone."

Priestess looked down, seemingly defeated... only to look at his face one more time with a look of determination. Or atleast something close to it.

"No, we get it. We're not professionals... but we are about to become one like yourself! We may not look like much, but we all got to start from somewhere. Even a professional like you wasn't always one from the beginning."

Guild Girl saw something in the Witcher. He just paused. It was only a moment later until he responded with a small face on his face.

"Heh. I suppose you're right. Damn, kid. I'm impressed. You actually did it; you convinced a Witcher to have you join up with him. Congratulations. You and your friends can come along with me. So quit giving me them puppy eyes before I change my mind."

The kids brightened up as he heard of his approval.

"Thank you so much for giving us the opportu-" The Witcher raised his hand before the Fighter could finish her words.

"Before you start gushing about our new partnership, I'll have to ask some questions. Understand?"

They all nodded in unison.

"Alright. Question one: What are your names? I like to know my co-workers."

"I'm Warrior!"




The Witcher looked... disappointed.

"Guess we're going for titles, huh? Should've figured when that family introduced themselves. Still, I guess it makes it more easier for me. You have no idea how much I had to memorize the overly-long names of people I've met. Alright, my turn. I'm Witcher."

"You're Witch?" Wizard asked, confused by the name. "You don't look like one. And I'm pretty sure the lady over there with that guy you just humiliated had already taken that name."

"That's because mine ends with 'er'-affixed at the end." He corrected, which fixed up the group's confusion.

"Ohhhhh, Witch-'er'! Got it!" She said.

"Anyways, question two: Are you well-prepared and well-equipped for the journey?"

"..." None of them answered his question and they all looked nervous to say anything. That ticked off Letho.

"You didn't bring any, did you?"

"... No, we don't have the money to afford any equipment right now. We kinda figured that, after the goblin mission, we'd save up some money. For now, we can only just carry what's on us." Answered the Warrior, before lighting up again, grabbing the High Priestess. "Fortunately, we have High Priestess!"

Letho raised his eyebrow, waiting for a good excuse from the boy. "Oh? What can she do?"

"Well, she's the team's medic."

"And?" He waited, expectantly.

"And uhhh..." Warrior trailed off as he did his best to not disappoint Witcher, who actually was. Just then, Priestess stepped in to improvise.

"I can heal minor injuries! And I can also cast Protection and Holy Light."

"Hmmh. 'Protection' sounds like somthing for defense, which is not bad, I'll give you that. As for 'Holy Light', I'm not exactly familiar with it."

"Oh it's an ability that I learned that blinds my enemies! Still, you would have to be careful from looking into it."

"Impressive." He looked towards the other three. "Did any of you know about her abilities?"

"Ummm..." The three looked to each other before looking down in shame and in unison. "No..."

"Figures..." The Witcher certainly did not take kindly to their negligence.

"Warrior. Come here." He dropped his bag and gestured the boy to come closer. The boy responded to his commands, much to his and the other's confusion.

"What do you need from me?" He asked.

"A good reason."

"Wha-" *BAM*

Before Warrior could respond, Letho shot a hard right fist to his stomach so fast, the boy flew off the floor for a moment before dropping to the ground like a sack of potatoes in an instant. None of the girls nor Guild Girl realized what had just happened in the blink of an eye. Everyone looked back to see what the commotion was about. All they saw was a kid kneeling on the floor, gasping for air as all of the oxygen was pushed out of him. And standing above him was the golden-eyed stranger.

"What was that for?!" Fighter cried out.

"For teaching some lessons to the dumbest people I've ever met." Letho answered, cracking his knuckles at his latest work. "Not only has it occurred to me that all of you are both ill-equipped and ill-prepared, you all seem to know ratshit about eachother's abilities from the get-go. How you'd survive, I'll leave it to your own imaginations. Still, since your blonde friend here convinced me to team-up with you, then I suppose I could give you some pointers and assistance."

"Like what?" Wizard asked. Letho squatted and proceeded to dig through his bag and looked for something. Out of it, he brought out a purse. He shaked the bag a bit to reveal a clinking noise. In it, he pulled out a gold coin.

"Florens from Nilfgaard. Will it suffice?" The Witcher then flicked single coin at Guild Girl, who caught it perfectly. Inspecting it, she noticed one side was the symbol of a sun while the other side was of a man. On the man's side read "Var Emreis". An important figure, she thought. She took a bite of it. It was definitely real.

"It's gold!" She exclaimed, which shocked everyone. Everyone murmured and whispered about this mysterious Witcher. First, he came out of nowhere to join the Guild, only to almost kill a silver-ranked adventurer with ease. Then, proceeded to punch a kid hard in the gut that he had just met after joining his first group. Now here he was, carrying a bag of coins like some runaway royal-incognito. He was a whirlwind of emotions for just about everyone.

"I gotta say, never took you for royalty!" A voice bellowed out. It came from Heavy Swordsman, who approached towards Letho with a big smile, followed by Female Knight accompanying him. "Then again, you've been turning heads for only half an hour! And right after beating the snot out of Spearman, no less!" Spearman was just wincing and groaning in frustration at being ousted by low-level adventurer that just joined.

"Let's just say I tend to play the "fool" to fool others. Think of it as a test of character, if you will." Letho smirked. He watched as the man gave a hardy laugh that echoed the room. It was infectious.

"Indeed, you do! HAHAHAHAHA!" Heavy calmed himself down. "Anyways, if you don't mind me asking: where you from?"

"Somewhere. From far away places. Might have taken the wrong turn, in fact."

"Ah, a traveller, then!" Heavy said, before examining the Witcher. "Although, you definitely got the looks of a veteran adventurer. What was your previous occupation?"

"Witcher. Ends with an 'er' affixed, in case you confuse me for the Witch sitting with Spearboy over there. But since none of you know what it means considering my last stop, let me clear it up for ya: Monster Slayer."

The adventurers behind the silver-ranked couple looked amazed. Never did they hear someone with a profession before entering the Guild. A monster slayer, less so. Heavy looked mighty impressed by the man's occupation, while Female Knight seemed to have a question in mind.

"Monster-slaying, you say? I must admit, that's rather unheard of for beginners. Then again, you're probably new to these lands."

"Heh. Not many people tend to get away with calling a Witcher a 'beginner'. But I'm new so I won't complain. Still, did plenty of jobs back home before I came here." Female Knight looked like she was chastising herself for being so rude to their new guest.

"Right, but please do remember to follow the Guild's rules. You just broke a couple of them by assaulting some of our adventurers." She looked down to the boy, who was breathing normally again, but a little dazed.

"Apologies, but this is what most of us Witchers would do if they have younger protégés following in our footsteps. Can't let them slack off." Letho grabbed his belongings and the boy by the collar. "However, as much as I'd like to chat for a bit longer, I'm afraid my partners and I have business to attend to."

The Witcher then approached towards Guild Girl again. "Pardon me, miss. If ya don't mind me asking, where can I get something like weapons and medical aid around here? I know we have a healer in our group, but it might not be much for everyone."

"Oh yes!" Guild Girl happily pulled out a map from under the counter to guide him. "This is our building, and just around the corner is both an alchemist and blacksmithing ship. Potions and weapons! You'll find it in no time!"

"Potions, you say?" Letho asked in a somewhat worried tone. "Are they... dangerous to drink from for people?"

Guild Girl seemed perplexed by his question. "N-no. Quite the opposite. Healing potions, especially, helps restore your vitality. And that's just one of many assortments."

"That sounds... amazing." Letho didn't really show much emotion, but his voice sounded higher.

"Thank you, Miss..."

"Oh! Guild Girl!" Letho groaned a bit. But wasn't exactly irritated. Just mildly disappointed.

"Right, Ms. Guild Girl. Best be on our way now. I'll have these children be safe under my protection." Letho then bowed, which caught Guild Girl by surprise. He walked away before Guild Girl almost forgot one thing.

"Oh, your coin and tag!"

"Right, nearly forgot." Letho took his tag gently off of Guild Girl's hand. "Keep the coin, though. It's my way of saying "thank you" for your kindness. But best keep it tucked away or re-mint it. I prefer it not get it in the wrong hands."

"Got someone trailing on you?" Heavy asked, to which the Witcher nodded.

"Let's just say some unsavory people have been following me for awhile. Don't want to give them any clues of my whereabouts. Not that I am worried. Just annoyed."

Heavy understood, but his smile somewhat faltered a bit. Female Knight just narrowed her eyes a bit. Letho then commanded the girls on his team to follow him, while dragging the boy in tow.

"Come on, follow me."

"Where are we going?" Asked the slightly dazed boy, still dragged by his collar.


All five members left the building to get their tools needed on the trip.

Guild Girl certainly felt this day amusing. Even if there was some sort of danger involved.

A few moments later, a familiar helmed adventurer decided to pop in.

"Any goblin quests?"

To be continued...

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we're done for now, folks! Ho boy, this was something I wanted to do! It's come to my surprise that no one's done a Witcher/Goblin Slayer crossover. WHICH IS THE BIGGEST LETDOWN I'VE SEEN SINCE S*****! Anyways, this was pretty difficult but fun to brainstorm. And for those wondering why I chose Letho, of all people, over Geralt as the protagonist, I actually did wanted to put Geralt in the story. But after seeing Witcher 3 end on a spectacular note, I think the White Wolf deserves his retirement. As for Letho, he's been on the run since the last time we saw him. So I figured he deserves some sort of proper conclusion. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this! Please leave a review and tell me more on your thoughts. For now, this will be a one-shot unless you want more. Thanks!