Hey guys, this is DaneNagai!

So I know a lot of you are anticipating another chapter of our favourite Viper in the world of Goblin Slayer. Unfortunately, there won't be another chapter for awhile. The reason is because I am having trouble introducing the Cat witchers into the story. Right now, I am having writer's block and I can't really seem to continue on without wondering where to go next. I can picture the scenario but I'm deeply at a complete dead end on how to formulate the proper words. So apologies to all of you feeling disappointed about the bad news.

However, not all hope is gone. I may or may not post a work-in-progress to give you guys a sneak peek of what I have. I'm more than open to any critique and willing to give credit where credits due.

With that aside, it's time for a Q&A session!

Now, before I begin, I would like to address something that caused abit of a stir(?) in terms of canon. I won't pretend there's not a big-ass elephant in the room, so let's just cut to the chase: female witchers.

Look, I understand that this topic is a BIG no-no among the Witcher community. Almost to the point that it's... divisive, politely-speaking. I am well-aware of where this was heading, and that's on me. For those who are new to this debacle, female witchers are non-existent due to a certain line mentioned in one of the novels that mentioned the HORRENDOUS symptoms that the alchemical properties of witcher-creation processes could do on girls. Therefore, they are considered non-canon.

Anyways, back to the topic, I knew where this story was heading and it was something to be expected. That said, it wasn't just something I JUST throw in! If anything, I added in that bit not because I want to add 'diversity' to the cast lìke Disney did with their Star Wars "trilogy" (shoutout to my boy Finn (they done him dirty!)). No, I added in that bit because I want to EXPLORE the possibilities of such.

This was partly due to being inspired by the amount of #witcherlass on twitter that trended quite a bit when the Netflix adaptation came out. And boy, was that a fun time (*heavy breathing*) One of those posts was done by BanishedPotato with her Cat OC, which is still my favourite work out of the witcher OCs and one of the reasons why I added my OC Sphinx in my story. However, I always plan out the stages before I head into the fray with a good mindset.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm like a DM. I setup the worldbuilding and throw in some plothooks in order to grab the players' interests. If it becomes a subplot, then I will write it in and try to juggle with it. The first mistake I made with rushing a plothook was Iorveth. HOLY CRAP, it took me sleepless nights to figure out how to add him in the storyline without f*cking up his dialogue. Sheesh, it was tough nailing his character!

And if that's one bullsh*t you can't stand, believe me: there will be MORE of my bullsh*t that will make female witchers look like goddamn canon.

Also, another thing that I wanted to talk about is Ciri being a Witcher or not. While it is true that she had become a Witcher in the affectionately nicknamed "Witcher Ciri" ending no thanks to her training as one; the less could be said about being a full-witcher due to not subjected to the Grass Trials. Still, what she lacks in mutations she more than makes it up with her elven heritage abilities.

Now, I really don't wanna start a war about her being a witcher or not, but it's something of a question that's been popped up in my head from time to time. Not a serious one; just something that I think every once in a while.

Anyways, Q&A time!

kukuhimanpr: Wow, you actually read my mind! That's the actual theory that I will fully explore, eventually. I could say that this was a spoiler, but you know what, if anyone's read that bit, it's common knowledge by now. So I'm taking it in and retooling it for that purpose.

And yes, the 1st-person perspective was done intentionally. And boy, are we gonna have some powerful players in the future.

xxxGmanxxx: yeah, I am disappointed as you are, my friend. I REALLY wanted Letho to go solo in the fight (there actually was a moment where I wanted him to kick the ogre's nuts to oblivion. God, that would've been LEGENDARY!) However, I had to scrap such because I had to factor in on the rest of the party. I couldn't just let them watch their duel completely and just stay behind the lines. Especially with Priestess' party. I had to make those three useful somehow since I haven't used them much besides giving small-talks amongst themselves. Still, the only one that I'm "sorta" happy with is Letho using the Gate Scroll and taking the kill for himself. So, not entirely disappointed with myself I guess.

And yeah, truth be told, I will be adding a lot of Witcher characters and it's something I'm sorta regretting. Still, I really want to breakdown into subplots about each of their little quests while continuing the big plot. Right now, I'm just trying to plan this whole thing out. Alternatively, I'll probably do short stories of every known Witcher character that's crossed over to GS.

And you have every right to disapprove the female witcher topic. It's not going to affect my writing but it's good to know someone who disagrees. I don't take it personally and it's very much valid.

However, I would like to correct you that it was an old shitty show, not an old shitty movie. Just saying.

daggercloak000: yes, she is an OC. And there will be more witchers coming to GS, along with other non-witchers.

H20 Ferrum Dominus: Thank you so much for the positive reaction! And yes, female witchers are indeed non-canon. Doesn't stop me from exploring.

pt1oef: WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH! ONE AT A TIME! THERE'S SO MUCH I CAN EXPLORE! I really like the plot suggestions you have and they're really worth writing in as tidbits. But I'll answer each and one of them away.

Carrying an extra sword would make sense since it would be something of a trend among young adventurers and perhaps veterans. Though, I can see just see how misguided most would be if they decided to make one of those swords silver. Boy, would they land in a world full of hurt.

A VERY valid plot to take in. Since Witchers need to study monsters in order to find weaknesses, I'd say they make quite a good reputation and standings among academics.

Yep, he's here. ;-)

As mentioned by a fantastical reviewer, I wouldn't really see it that way. Witcher elves are very prejudiced due to how shitty humans are in their world. GS elves, on the other hand, less so. Yes, the animosity with other races is there, but it's nowhere near as bad compared to the Witcherverse. And, as written from a viewer, the risk of going to war with them would be impractical and pointless due to the swath of demon activity running amok in the country. And even with the defeat of the Demon King, that doesn't all their demon problems will go away. Goblins still pose a threat and they could easily repopulate if left unchecked. However, if ever decided to bring the Witcher elves and nonhumans into the fold, there's definitely a good chance that they could prove useful with the Scoia'tael and Mahakaman Defenders.

If you mean by being smart as a Witcher, then yes. Along with perhaps actual training, but not to the extent of a witcher. I believe I have someone who could do that. You'll see.

Alright, I think I know who you're talking about. While admittedly, it is rather amusing to see our favourite Scoia'tael having a harem surround him with affection, it's more like puppy-love and childhood-crush then full-on romance. Iorveth, as far as I'm concern, has eyes for Saskia and Saskia, alone. But who's to say that won't change?

And I'm glad you enjoy the FW plotline. I still have more tricks up to my sleeves, and it's the first of many to come.

And thanks for the tip on the wifi hotspot! Very much appreciated!

Lore-Dude: very much glad to know such. Was feeling worried about the negative reception of it, but I'm glad most readers have no issue about it.

Evowizard25: Always good to see another review from you. And that's a good analysis. GS elves are more tolerant of others and lenient when it comes to short-lived races, and are otherwise focused on the demon problems than Witcher elves do. Still, it's not like the Witcher elves are gonna let go of their grudges any time soon. Scoia'tael are pretty notorious for their vicious behaviour, and that is if Iorveth ever comes in contact with them again. It would more than likely worry human settlement and perhaps raise eyebrows from human nobles. Probably do some damage in the elves' image. Still, if I were an immortal who's lived a very long time, I'd see these long lost relatives as angsty and edgy teenagers going through a phase.

Still, even if the Aen Sidhe do let go, there's still the matter of other factors like the Catriona Plague. If there's one thing that this year has shown, diseases are very much troublesome. Even if you don't have the symptoms, there's the off-chance that a healthy carrier could come over and spread throughout the country. Plenty of quarantines and burning bodies are gonna pop up eventually.

Anyways, it's always good to hear from you. If I continue, send a review anytime!

AnimeA55Kicker: Yeah, laugh all you want, this was something I decided from the beginning. It's weird, I know, but I always pictured Letho's voice like that. Deep and gravelly. And the bold lines seemed reasonable enough to use.

And yeah, him telling he's on the run was an early mistake. But I have moved on and kept it as it is. Besides, it's not like he had mentioned what crime he committed so he's pretty much off scot-free.

Okay folks, that's it from me! I'm really sorry that there won't be another chapter. At least, not until I figure out how to continue the storyline with the right words. But I'll eventually get to it. Anyways, hope you are all staying safe out there! Having a blast lately since I finally bought Ghost of Tsushima and man does this game kickass!

Anyways, peace out! :-)