Chapter 34: Reunion

Nessie's POV

I watched from the sidelines as my grandfather and my mother looked into each others eyes for the time in years. I did not need my fathers ability to read minds to know that my grandfather had a lot of questions going through his head. No doubt he was wondering why my mom hadn't aged at all in the last 12 years.

My son squirmed in my arms. It suddenly occurred to me that there were four generations of our family currently standing under one roof. Charlie, his daughter Bella, me his granddaughter, and Jacob Jr. his great grandson. Four generations alive at the same time was an amazing thing to witness in my opinion.

"Bells? Is that really you?" my grandfather was actually tearing up now.

"Yes dad it's me," My mom closed the distance between my grandfather and herself and hugged him. If I didn't know any better I could have sworn that my mother was crying. I suddenly felt as though I were intruding on a personal moment between father and daughter.

I thought that maybe I should leave. I should go back to the house. There were a lot of things that my mother and grandfather needed to talk about. My dad nodded in my direction indicating that I should leave. I hoped that my mom would take the news of my grandfather's illness and impending death okay.

I was walking back home when I suddenly had another idea. There was somewhere else that I wanted to go. I looked up the directions on my phone and found the quickest path that I could take. It was not until I reached the Entering Quileute reservation sign that I hesitated. I was well aware of the treaty. No member of my family was allowed to set foot on Quileute land. There were no exceptions.

Would they do anything to me or Jacob Jr.? I looked down at the baby boy who'd fallen asleep in my arms. Technically we were both members of the Cullen family. There were no exceptions. Well maybe they wouldn't find out anything anyway. They wouldn't even know i was here. I was eager to learn about my son's and fiancée's ancestral lands.

I took one step over what I assumed was the boundary line and kept on walking. I passed several houses alongside the main road. Outside one of the houses I passed I saw a man in a wheelchair eyeing me suspiciously. I shook my head. My imagination was on overdrive.

I could feel my muscles begging to relax the more I walked. I walked into a shop and looked around. I bought a few souvenirs and left. I went to the cultural center next and was fascinated by what I saw there. There were a lot of stories about the Quileutes that I hadn't heard yet. Legends that I found to be very fascinating.

"What are you?" A voice behind me asked. "You smell like human and vampire,"

I turned around and found myself face to face with a teenage boy that I'd never met. One sniff told me that he was one of the wolves. He must have been one of the younger members of the tribe. A recently turned wolf. I'd overheard from the others that there'd been an increase in the wolf population here recently. A few weeks ago there was a problem among the pack that caused a huge rift that made them split up into two packs. The council leaders didn't like it all as they believed strongly in unity. Especially since the second pack was compromised of only recently turned wolves. This kid must be a member of the other pack.

I tried to play it off. "I don't know what you're talking about,"

He rolled his eyes. "Oh please I can smell you a mile away. You're obviously not human and neither is that baby for that matter,"

"What I am is none of your business kid. Now leave me alone,"

"No. You're coming with me,"

I was about to object when more boys appeared. I knew that I wouldn't be able to fight them all off and neither did I want to.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked.

"We're taking you to the council. They'll decide what to do with you there. Jeremy contact the elders and ask if they have time for an emergency meeting,"

Okay. I should have just gone straight home. Me and my bright ideas. My little Jacob whimpered slightly. I held him close to me as I tried to figure out a way out of this mess. Maybe they wouldn't attack me since I was only half vampire. I just hoped that they wouldn't try to hurt my son. If they did I didn't care how outnumbered I was. I would fight back.

We were taken to a building that looked like it was designed precisely for government functions. There were two elderly looking men waiting for us. I recognized one of them as the guy in the wheelchair that I'd seen earlier.

"What are they?" the guy in the wheelchair asked.

"We're not sure Billy. The girl smells of human and vampire. We've never heard of such a thing and she refuses to talk. We're not sure about the baby either,"

I was feeling very uncomfortable now.

"What are you?" the other tribal elder asked.

"Old Quil I wouldn't waste your time asking her that. She's refusing to answer,"

"Who are you?" Billy asked me.

Oh shit. What was I going to say now? I felt very tongue tied all of a sudden. "I-um I'm a Cullen-"

"You're a Cullen?" Billy asked me. "Are you aware of the treaty between that exists then?"

"Yes I am," okay this was not good. Maybe if I would've played stupid the outcome would be different.

"and you knowingly broke that treaty. Are you aware of the consequences of violating the terms of the treaty?"

"Yes I am but I d-"

"We'll take care of them Billy," one of the boys said.

What? Oh no. No.

"Please don't do this. My name is Renesmee Cullen. Please I don't care what you do to me but don't hurt my son,"

"I don't care what your name is girl. You trespassed onto our lands knowing exactly what the penalty was. We'll take this outside,"

I could feel my son shaking in my arms. I couldn't tell if it was him shaking or my unsteady arms that were shaking him.

"Wait a minute. What did you say your name was?" Billy asked me curiously

I didn't get a chance to respond as one of the boys shoved me again toward the exit so hard that I fell. Jacob Jr.'s little body exploded into his reddish brown wolf pup form. There was nothing but pure shock on the faces of the other wolves and the two tribal elders. Especially Billy's.

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