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Dearest cousin

A few thousand years have passed now since we were last in contact, and a lot has happened in this massive time span.

We didn't separate with on the best of times, but hear me out, ok?

How are you and your coven? Edward? Renesmee?

I heard about sweet Alice's demise and wanted to send your coven my deepest condolences. She was a cherished friend of mine when we were younger, it was saddening for me when we lost contact a millennia ago.

I know we never did hold the closest of relationships, but I wish to be present at her funeral if your coven would allow me, to pay my respects.


𝓛𝓾𝓬𝓲π“ͺ𝓷 π“₯𝓸𝓡𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓲

This life isn't my first. It is, in fact, my second.

I was reincarnated here, you see.

This life has been good to me, it's given me adventure, a family to call my own and eternal love. I honestly couldn't ask for more.

In my former, I was the perfect textbook human being. Average in anything I ever did. It was very dull compared to the one I am currently living now.

Although, this life wouldn't have been so fulfilling and fun if I hadn't read the books about the universe in my previous one. I wouldn't have gotten caught up in Bella's mess otherwise, staying human and away from vampires as much as possible. Or rather, I would have been dead mere years into my new life.

I wasn't a big fan of twilight, the characters pissed me off most of the time, but I wouldn't ask to be reborn anywhere else now.

Born on the 25th of November, 1988, he was reincarnated into the Twilight universe as Bella Swan's younger cousin.

How utterly cliche. At least he didn't mysteriously swap genders, mind you. That would have been humiliating.

The first decade and a half of his life was boring, the only interactions he had with Bella being when his parents and he stayed with his Uncle Charlie for a week during the summer.

He had spent the majority of his younger years researching about vampires and studying various languages. He was hailed as a prodigy for having 'knowledge beyond his years'. If only they knew.

He wasn't planning on getting mixed up with Bella and all her drama, besides, the girl practically despised him for no known reason!

From the age of eight onwards, she used to run away from him when he tried to talk to her and excluded him from any games that she was playing.

It's not like he had minded anyway, he always had his head in a book, studying for the future. Hey, he's had to be prepared if he did end up somehow coming face to face with a vampire!

His plans for normalcy changed a few weeks before his sixteenth birthday.

It was nothing he could have ever foreseen to happen. Nothing about this ever came up in the books. Granted, Charlie Swan was never said to have a brother either, let alone a nephew.

He and his parents were attacked by a newborn vampire in their home one fateful night in early September. It seems that it was destined for him to have an out of ordinary life.

To this day it is still heartbreaking for him to remember my last moments with his second parents. He had nightmares for years afterwards, the night terrors only fading away once he was tucked safely in his mates' arms.

Although, the night did reveal some rather startling information.

That was also the same night he found out that his mother was a witch, and how closely connected to the supernatural world he actually was. Fuck Bella and her 'I was born to be a vampire', it seems as though fate decided the both of them to be 'special'. He swore in that moment of realisation, he could practically hear her laughing at him. Stupid bitch.

Apparently, his dearest mother had come from a long line of witches that had practised the craft for thousands upon thousands of years. And he had been kept oblivious of this fact for his whole life because there was only one way to trigger a male witch's latent powers.

By killing someone, accidentally or on purpose.

His mother hadn't wanted him to ever have to go through the trauma of killing somebody, but unfortunately, she had no choice in the matter. It seems that his being a witch was inevitable.

Both of his parents perished that night, his father was drunk dry before his mother could protect him, and she died by exerting too much magic shielding Lucian. His mother didn't have an affinity in defensive magic, something she deeply resented in those last agonising moments of her life.

So he was left alone to fight this newborn, his feeble human self.

Honestly, it was a stroke of immense luck that he had managed to kill the newborn. And the fact that he had planned for a situation like this. It had no sense of restraint or coordination, so when he saw it stumble for the slightest of moments, that's when he chose to stab it through its eye.

Not going to go into detail of how he managed to dismember the newborn because it was a gruesome and tiresome affair, but know that he managed to finally set it on fire. He watched as it burned in his once cosy living room with no remorse.

His witch powers had awakened soon after.

They exploded out of him in a violent burst of pure power, destroying his surroundings, leaving him standing in the wreckage of his formerly peaceful home.

He was later picked up by the medics that had been called by one of the nearby neighbours, dubbed as the miraculous survivor of a tragic gas leakage.

Lucian was sent to live with his maternal grandparents who knew that what happened wasn't just a mere gas leak. His grandmother herself was a powerful witch so taught him all she knew about the basic abilities of a witch and gifted him many grimoires that had been in the family for years.

For a while, his life seemed to have calmed down, but unfortunately, his peace couldn't seem to ever last for long.

His grandmother died from a heart attack a few months from his 17 birthday, his grandfather following soon after from a broken heart.

He understood though, the pain he felt, how he had to go with his grandmother even if he wished to stay and raise him. Lucian was grown enough by then.

They were true mates, one could not live long without the other. True mates are beings that are destined for each other, they live and breathe for one another.

It took a while for him to get over his grief, losing four of his closest relatives in the span of just two years was utterly heartbreaking for him.

But, eventually, he decided it was time to move on. he had made his decision. He was no longer going to avoid the supernatural world, it seemed as if he would never escape its clutches.

So, there he was. On the 31st of August, 2005, he moved to Forks, Washington, to live with his Uncle Charlie and Cousin Bella Swan.

At the time he arrived it just so happened to be a couple of weeks before Bella's disastrous 18th birthday.

Well, the peace was lovely while it lasted. It was time to accept his inevitable fate.