Ch.1 Mewtwo's Reprisal

Who would've known we live in the chaos of ourselves?

'Why did you do that? Was it you were scared I would win? Or were you just protecting those pitiful humans? It doesn't make sense.'
'Why do you insist on tormenting me! Go!' Mewtwo viciously pointed towards the arched doorway his own mind had created.
"Mew mew." Mew simply did a flip in mid air, and remained beside his clone. Mewtwo ignored his original self, and slowly sat in a chair.
'Perhaps it is time for some rain.' he mumbled to himself. Steadily he twirled his hand, and it began glowing. Storm clouds surrounded the monstrous castle, and rain gradually started tapping the windows.
'I told you to go.' Mewtwo turned his chair so Mew would only stare at the back of the leather seat. Mew sat on the table and tipped its head. 'GOOOOOOOOO!' The table rumbled and split into a million pieces. Mew was forced back into a wall, smashing its head on the fortification. It slid to the floor unconscious.
Mewtwo completely overlooked Mew's predicament, and stared going over his past.
"YOU'VE GOTTA STOP RIGHT NOW!!!" Ash Ketchem, a small boy, ran into the center of the arena; this spot just happened to be the area where Mew and Mewtwo's hyper beams would collide. "STOOOPP!!" He fell two the floor, stone solid.
"PIKAPIII!" pikachu called, running to its trainer. After many attempts and fails to revive its fallen master, Pikachu let its tears fall in defeat.
Slowly the pokemon and clones realized what they were doing. Fighting their selves. Tears ran down their faces, and revived poor Ash.
Mewtwo felt a power overtake his mind, he couldn't think straight.
"A human sacrificed himself ... to save the pokemon . I pitted them against each other ... but not until they set aside their differences, did I see the true power they all shared inside"
"Mew!" agreed the other physic pokemon
"I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life. that determines who you are" with that said mew and Mewtwo used their powers to take the cloned pokemon to a safer destination.
"Mewtwo!! Where are you going?" Ash called out.
"Where my heart, can learn what yours knows so well... what transpired here. I will always remember... but perhaps for you . these events. are best forgotten."
After Mewtwo disappeared from sight, a bright glow filled the stadium and all six of the trainers and their pokemon's memories were wiped of the encounter.

But that had been a long time ago. Possibly four years ago. Mewtwo had destroyed all of the cloned pokemon long ago, once he had realized what had happened. Mew had tricked Mewtwo. It had hypnotized him; he had never wanted to leave. But Mew knew that if the battle had continued, Mewtwo would have destroyed everything. Including it. Mewtwo slammed his fist upon the counter. If that one boy wouldn't have ran in the line of fire, Mew would be gone, and Mewtwo would finally control everything that had made him; him. That one boy.
Mewtwo stood and took to the sky. Maybe he could still win. But first, that one boy.