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Started on 17/04/2020

Ended on 20/05/2020.

A little bit more than a month. That's a shame.

Minato couldn't believe he made it. He finally got into Tokyo University.

He finally got there after one year of trying. Damn, was he happy that he finally had gotten in the university. He had been studying the entire year and now, it finally paid off. Walking home, he couldn't wait to call his mum.

But he would call his mum until a woman crashed into him. It wasn't just a crash. The woman nearly rammed into him and it was like a wall came over him which forced him into the ground.

"I am so sorry. I wasn't paying attention." Minato wasn't an unhealthy guy. He might be a bit scrawny but nowhere a twig. So it was a surprise that the woman had managed to topple him over.

Some parts would admit that he was happy or he got lucky by the woman that toppled him over. A healthy skin that was very attractive. Her figure was slender yet the traditional clothes she wore made it clear that she had one nice figure.

If Minato was a judge about that. She wore a Miko outfit. It consisted of a purple hakama, a white hoari with a sash like belt. Minato couldn't see much else but he found it weird that a girl like her managed to ram into him.

Her most distinctive feature was her long purple hair and her brown eyes that managed to draw Minato in.

He was wearing a pair of jeans plus his own dark jacket over his white shirt. It had been clear that he wasn't prepared for what was going to happen to him. He looked at her with a blush. Despite all things, he wasn't used to women. The ones in his life weren't great examples.

Right now, he could feel like he was drowning in those eyes. He shook his head when he saw the beautiful woman. "No, it's okay. I wasn't paying attention myself." The woman stood up and offered him a hand. Gratefully, he took it while she smiled at him.

She was about to say something until a crack of lightening went by their heads. From behind them, he could see a pair of women in the sky.

Dressed in ways he might suspect belonged in a bedroom, there was electricity surrounding the two. Just like their getup, it was clear they weren't normal.

Despite a hard study, Minato had spent a lifetime on the Internet plus plenty of older friends. So it was hard to get him shocked.

"Eh?" He pointed at the two while looking at the woman. "You know them?" Smiling, she shook her head. "No, those two decided to interrupt my stroll while I went for grocery shopping."

There was again a bolt coming by from them. "Stand still. We are just after the Unwinged." The woman glared back at them. "I know this is hard to believe but I am not a part of the Game. Please, for your own good. Leave me be."

The two just glared at her. "You expect us to believe that. Seo would have told us that if such a Sekirei existed." The woman put her hand on her head. "Seo? I should have known that you were winged by such a sleazebag."

Not the right thing to tell her as the two just decided to fire more bolts at the two. Minato decided that there was enough crazy talk now. Taking her hand, he just ran off with her. "Please, miss. We have to run."

Miya wasn't sure what happened but the guy could pull her along, just like that. She was surprisingly light and went along with the male. 'His touch. So warm.' She wasn't sure what happened next but she was pulled along with the guy. They started to run while he pulled her along. She smiled at the young man.

'Oh, so naïve. And yet, his determination. It reminds me so much of you.' She mused while Minato pulled her along. They avoided the bolts and lightening while Minato wasn't sure what was going on. When they ran up North, it was when the bolts stopped going their way.

Instead of the Inn, Miya was pulled along. A sort of cheap, dirty, and not at all hygienic sort of apartments. Were those the living quarters of this young man? She wouldn't stand to let her savior (or what she might let him believe) would live in such a place. Minato just ragged on his breathing. He really should have continued practicing. Throwing the door open, he turned to the woman.

"Aren't you going to enter?" She looked at the small room. Despite how it looked, it was pretty well kept, she admitted.

"Sorry I pulled you along like that. I wasn't really thinking." Minato closed the door while Miya looked around. From the Spartan environment, she could conclude that her apparent savior was a student. Kneeling at the table, she looked at him. "You can use my chair if you want." He offered his bureau chair but she politely shook her head.

"Sorry, where are my manners? I'm Minato Sahashi. What is your name, Miss?"

Now, that threw Miya for a loop. She looked up at the guy. "Sahashi. Are you by any chance related to Takami Sahashi?" Wide eyes, Minato wondered what he said wrong while he looked at her. From her reaction, it looks like he struck a nerve.

He decided to answer in the most polite fashion. "You know my mum?"

The woman looked at him up and down. 'Sahashi. It is clear that you are.' Touching his face, Minato tensed. The fingers were soft while they went over his cheek.

"I do know your mother. She rarely spoke about her offspring. How weird fate might be." The woman's voice was rich and cultured.

"Eh, miss. Might I know your name?" She smiled at him while her hands pressed forward on his head. Touching the thick brown hair, her eyes were locked onto Minato. The face of Minato went red while he looked at her. Still, she smiled and softly pressed her lips onto his.

Despite the fact that he was nearly bowed to her, he wasn't lifted out of his chair. Minato was just pulled towards the woman while he kissed her on the lips.

He could feel the energy entering his body and lights from behind her back entered the room. Miya let him go and with a jubilant smile, she looked at him.

"I am the pillar and I pledge my sword. The end of the world, I will go for my Ashikabi."

That was what the woman said and Minato tried to reboot several times in his head what was going on.

"I am Miya. The Pillar of the Sekirei. And Number One." Minato's head was tolling but he could feel euphoric energy in his chest. It was beating on his heard and his body seeped with incredible joy. He came down to sit next to her.

"Miya? Is that your name? Miya?" The Sekirei nodded while she gave him a hug. "Yes. I am Miya. Happy to meet you, my Ashikabi."

Stroking her hair, Minato wasn't just there but he shook his head. He kept the woman close to him and yet, a small smile went over his face. A certain feeling of happiness and peace washed over his body.

He just held Miya close to him and all was right in the world.

Until his television went on and the face of a lunatic was shown.

"Good evening, Sahashi-kun." The two turned to the face of one they didn't expect and in one case liked to see.

"Who are you?" Minato said as he still held Miya in his arms. While the woman was still lovingly in his arms, she had one big displeasure of seeing Minaka.

"How cruel. How can you not recognize me? I am."

"Minaka Hiroto." Minato turned to Miya who was no longer smiling but actively glaring to the screen. "CEO of MBI."

"Oh, how cruel, Asama-san. To think that."

"If you say one more word, I will strangle you through the television." Minaka wanted to open his mouth and say that was impossible but decided against it. He knew that Miya could do impossible things. So he kept his mouth shut.

"Ah, very well. Sahashi-kun, you have just winged Miya Asama, the Number One of the Sekirei. You have now become a participant in the Sekirei Plan." The bombastic tone used by Minaka made Minato question his own sanity. Or what was left of it.

"The Sekirei Plan? What is that? And what has to do with me? I didn't sign anything." The grin on Minaka widened.

"One will stand at the end and will revel in the new Age of the Gods. But I am too busy right now. Asama-kun, I trust that you will explain everything to dear Sahashi-kun. Toodles." Minato shook his head several times and looked back at Miya.

"Miya-san. Could you please explain to me what the hell is going on? Because I lost it." The young man looked such a puppy with his lost look so that Miya wanted to tell her new found Ashikabi about all that was going but a knock on the door decided otherwise.

Struggling himself, he opened the door. A wave of onion and stink went his way. Miya wasn't sure if she liked the face of the guy.

"Sahashi. I heard you went here with a woman." The guy was balding and you could be a guy like that and still look good. As long as you took care of yourself. Miya concluded this guy did not. The man was wearing loose trousers. That wasn't the worst.

The shirt if you could call it that hung over his belly and he gave one look to Miya.

"What do you think you're doing? Didn't I tell you? You can't have a woman in this room. Do you think the rules don't apply to you? You really think I am going to stand for making this place a whorehouse?"

Minato didn't know what to say but Miya had heard the man loud and clear. She stood up, marched to the door, and rammed her fist right on the guy's face. He was flung out into the other apartment.

On the other side of the street. Minato just had an open mouth.

"Wow." He said while he looked at Miya who was boiling with fury. "Minato-kun."

"Yes!" He snapped to the woman who just stopped him.

With a brilliant smile, she looked at him. There was still one great deal of malice around her and she could do all she wanted. There was no way she could hide it.

"I suppose you're looking for a new place to stay?" She asked and Minato touched her face while she nuzzled in his cheek.

"Yes. But I don't think I'll find one soon." Taking the arm of her Ashikabi, she gave him one smile. One that wasn't so full of malice.

"Well, as luck would have it. I am the landlady of Izumono Inn. If you want, you can stay over at my place." Pulling her close, she got a hug from him.

"Thanks, Miya. I'll pack my stuff and follow you."

There was a stroke of luck that Minato didn't own a lot of stuff. Most of his stuff could be carried by himself. Miya had offered him but the guy had refused. He was right though, he didn't have to carry much and he could handle it.

Not that he doubted her strength. He still wanted to know more about the whole thing. Eventually, they went north.

Ended up at a traditional but well-kept inn.

"Welcome to your new home, Minato-kun. Now, there is a room free for you. Leave your stuff there and we'll chat about the other stuff there." In a flash, Minato did that. He walked up the stairs with the stuff on his bag.

The room was 202. A basic tatami mats and paper walls. It also had a few desks and closets. He did just what Miya asked of him and raced his way back down. He wasn't sure who else was out there but he would just do what she asked of him.

While he had no clue on where Miya was exactly, there was a pull and lo and behold, she was sitting on a table, sipping on tea. She had also prepared one for him.

"Sit down, Minato-kun. I think you would like an explanation." Gratefully, Minato sat down while he looked at her.

"It's going to sound crazy." Miya began and the guy shook his head. "Miya-san, ever since I met you, we were attacked by twins who fired lightning, you got wings coming out of you when I kissed you, my tv went and some crazy CEO was shown. I think you'll need to hard to get me surprised." Miya tried to think of a comeback but she agreed.

Minato was right that things were already crazy.

"Very well, Minato-kun. It all started twenty years ago. On an island, on the coast of Japan, an airship of aliens crashed. One adult form, eight embryos, and ninety-nine fertilized eggs. Those were Sekirei. You can say we are aliens." Minato blinked several times when she said that.

"Excuse me but you look very much like a human to me." With a giggle, Miya looked at the earnest young man. "You think that I got some flesh-eating tentacles coming out of me?" Minato moved away from her as his answer. She shook her head.

"Do not worry. My looks are human. My powers however are or better said were sealed in."

"Were?" Minato asked with a bit of apprehension.

Miya sighed while she looked at her new Ashikabi. "Sekirei are creatures of destiny. We seal ourselves to just one person. That person is the one we bind our lives to. We call those persons our Ashikabi's."

"You called me that? So that means that I'm your Ashikabi? What." He paused for a bit, licking his lips while he looked for the words. "Do I have to understand? You mean, that I am what now? Your partner? Or something like that?"

Miya made a soft giggle and nodded. "Partner is one good word. You are one. Technically, you are." She paused and thought about it.

Her past life. Of Takehito. Her late husband. He died after giving his life for the Sekirei. They were married.

It was something that she had to tell Minato. While she remained loyal to Takehito, there was no changing the fact the man had died.

She wished that he lived and right now, there was no changing that. But here she was. Winged to another person. Minato Sahashi. She had to tell him.

"You can say that you're my lover now." That blush on his face stood him well. If someone asked her opinion.

"L-L-L-Lover. You say?" Minato asked her while she giggled at him. "Yes." She went serious a heartbeat later.

"We Sekirei stranded here. Don't ask me where we came from, I myself don't have the answer."

Minato nodded until he began to think a bit more.

"What has that to do with Minaka? And what is the Sekirei Plan he was talking about?" Miya's face got an ominous cloud hanging over her.

"Minaka discovered the airship, two decades ago. Inside, they found me with others. Among the people he went with were Takami Sahashi and Takehito Asama." That was one bombshell.

"You have questions, Minato-kun. Do you want them answered?" She looked at her Ashikabi. The guy looked like he had seen a ghost.

"I'll ask one by one. There is one thing on my mind. The fact that Minaka discovered that airship. Is that why MBI grew out to the conglomerate it is today?" Besides kind, Minato had one good head on his shoulder.

"Indeed. On that ship, technology, far superior to humanity's was on that ship. MBI used it to grow to the size it is now. Good question indeed. Minaka used that to grow out." Minato nodded until he remembered the two names.

"You said Takami Sahashi? That means you met my mother?" Miya sighed again. Both Minaka and Takami were pains in a place she was sitting on. Putting her hand on her forehead, she nurses the headache she had while thinking back at Takami.

"Yes, I met your mother. She is… quite the character." Minato had an uneasy laugh. His mother could be really a handful. There weren't a few who could stand up against her. He certainly didn't.

Growing up wasn't easy. Takami, his mother, Yukari, who inherited her strong character, (some people might just call his mother and sister female breeding dogs) and their grandmother. With no decent male role model for miles. Yeah, things didn't work out too great for him.

"Never mind, I know what you mean. She is my mother after all. That last person. Who was that?" Miya looked at a photo.

Next to her stood a male with gray messy hair. He was wearing a lab coat. Underneath that lab coat was a dark sweater.

"That was Takehito Asama. He was a co-researcher of MBI. He also was my late husband." Minato raised an eyebrow.

"You were married?"

Miya gave him a smile with a great deal of sadness. "Indeed. Takehito was my husband." Minato was a bit shocked that the woman was a widow.

"Don't worry. He wasn't my Ashikabi. I am happy though to have met him." The looks in her eyes made Minato waver for a bit. Walking up to him, she threw herself on his body. Minato sighed and wrapped his arms around her body.

"You did the thing no one thought was ever possible. Winging me. For that, Minato. I owe you a debt that I can never repay you." Minato just smiled at her while she gave him again a kiss. Her wings appeared again.

"What is this talk about the Sekirei Plan? Or game? Minaka kept talking about it." Miya smiled at him.

It wasn't a kind smile. Minato felt like the lady in his arms was a bloodthirsty animal.

"The Sekirei Plan is some stupid plan that Minaka had thought out. In his eyes, he wants the Sekirei to fight each other until there's one standing. A perverted ideal of what my husband hoped for." Minato's eyes went open wide.

"Don't worry about it. Standing in front of you is the Pillar Sekirei. For me, the whole thing that Minaka thought out will be dealt with easily."

She grinned at him while Minato could feel a warmth settling in his chest that gave him a fuzzy feeling

"I'll take your word for it, Miya-san."

"That is all I will need, Minato-kun." She then threw her arms around him and began to kiss Minato even more. They slid down on the floor while Minato laid down as Miya kissed his face. His hands remained still at first but began to move later. Touching her face, her hips, not too much though, he slowly felt how warmth and peace-filled his soul.

Miya herself felt herself becoming hot when Minato kissed her more. Pressing her tongue on his teeth, she decided to be a little bit adventurous.

Minato obliged by opening his mouth and Miya could enter it. They began to tongue wrestle and playing hockey. Minato could feel his blush growing bigger while Miya couldn't help but feel more and more in her body.

Her body began to feel weak so she leaned into her new Ashikabi. Minato himself could feel his own blush growing further. It was clear that for him, this was new. He just wasn't sure what he should do.

Slowly, he began to sit down with Miya into his body. Slowly, they began to kiss more while Miya was just kissing him while she was enjoying his body.

It wasn't that all hard and muscled. Yet, it was soft and warm. The embrace around her made her heart flutter.

She couldn't help but more enjoy his body. Minato began to hug her more while his hands remained at the same place. They touched her hips while he slowly began to feel his body heating up. Miya smirked inwardly.

It looked like that after years, her touch wasn't lost. If Minato's reactions were one thing to go on.

She was feeling how much she missed the touch of another human being. But she had consummated the human marriage with Takehito so it was without a doubt she was the most experienced one in bed.

Even so, she had an idea. The tongue of Miya pressed on Minato's teeth. From his guess, she wanted the entrance to his mouth. Letting his teeth apart, Miya began to dominate the mouth of Minato who felt silent on the pleasure.

Stars were exploding behind his eyes. Miya began to ruffle his hair while Minato laid his head back. It was a good thing he was sitting down. He would tremble on his legs.

He began to kiss Miya back. Tennis hockey was something he got very familiar with. When Miya opened her mouth, Minato began to breathe. Oxygen was a second thing on his mind. So far, this kissing felt amazing.

She let him go for a bit to breath but tacked him to the ground. Again, they started to kiss and Miya sucked on his tongue. The groaning behind Minato made it clear that he was enjoying it.

Through the jeans, she could feel him hardening. She herself could feel aroused as well. If this was how every Sekirei felt around an Ashikabi, she might have considered the thoughts and views on sex in her Inn.

Not that she really cared about it now. The only thing she cared about was her adorable Ashikabi. So far, she could feel that he hadn't that much experience around a woman. But she was going to teach him.

When she let Minato go, she began to inch down his pants. Minato's eyes widened to nearly comical levels as she undid his boxer and trousers. Secretly, she enjoyed the reaction as Minato had been gifted with not just brains.

She wasn't going to take a ruler to measure him but the fact she could stroke a lot up to and down in her smooth hands was enough for her. The pressure was hard enough for him to feel but not too much to hurt Minato. He groaned when she began to tease him.

"Oh my. Minato-kun, I can't imagine that you are this aroused over a young widow like me?" Minato was about to say something but she could feel him pulsing in her hands.

"Eh, I am just. Well. How to put this. Overwhelmed?" Miya giggled as she kissed him again. Laying down, she took the shirt of Minato. Knowing that it was best to let this woman do as she pleased, Minato put his arms up. The shirt revealed a slender body. He wasn't fat but he wasn't too muscled either.

Not that Miya really cared too much about that. She began to kiss Minato in other places. His shoulders, his face, his neck. Everywhere she could. The woman traveled down to Minato. The beginning of muscles and a body were there.

She would make sure that he was going to be there one day. But right now, she began to kiss the naked Ashikabi. Eventually, the woman laid on the floor with her head buried in the crotch of her lover.

Without much of a warning, Minato felt a blowjob. Miya wasn't sure that she could fit it all in her mouth but no one was going to stop her from trying. She moaned when she felt his dick in her mouth. The heat of it was amazing, the taste of him exquisite.

Minato just laid back while his eyes were going around. His brain had one pleasure overload in his body as he could feel how Miya sucked his dick. When he felt her soft lips touching his balls, he made eye contact. He wasn't going to move too much.

Miya had his dick in her mouth. Making too brusque movements wasn't the smartest idea. The eye contact made it clear that Miya knew what she was doing as long Minato just laid down.

That is what he did. Miya could feel her body heating up. The touch of a human being was one thing but going so far in the carnal arts was another one. She had learned some things in her life and the fact that two of her closest companions were lecherous demons didn't help Miya to become acquaintances with sex.

What she learned from Matsu and Kazehana, she abhorred to hear about yet she practiced it. And now, she could learn more.

Miya sucked further on Minato who groaned. His sounds drove her to do more. Fitting in more and more. Her throat began to feel the stretch, her nose filled on his pubic hair. The groans were getting louder as Miya understood that Minato really liked what she was doing.

Her mouth began to water on the taste of Minato. She licked further on and cupped his balls while Minato groaned on the pleasure that he felt. Miya began to feel how he tensed under her body. She couldn't help but enjoy how cute and inexperienced the guy was.

She would never tell Minato though. Miya would think that he was mortified.

Slowly, the woman found a rhythm to move of him. She wanted to prolong the blowjob as much as she could. She wasn't going to deep throat him too much. Her hands went to what left her mouth. His cock shined through the saliva.

Minato enjoyed what she did. Up and down, he could feel how Miya worked him over. Just letting her take charge seemed to the best idea he had. Not that he couldn't say too much about it.

Miya's mouth felt awesome. She began to bob even more and what didn't fit in, she had in her hands. With that, she moved while Minato just laid back and began to moan even louder. Soon, it became too much for him.

The tensing of Minato's body made it clear and Miya had no interest in wasting the good stuff. With an animalistic grunt, she could feel Minato flooding her mouth. Luckily, she began to drink it all away while Minato unloaded his sperm.

The moans were in synch. Eventually, she let the dick go. Something about the face in his jizz made Miya look adorable and sexy.

"So I think you liked it, Minato?" Standing up, she undid her sash/belt. A beautiful body revealed to Minato who drank in the sight of Minato. Her tits weren't as big as some of the other Sekirei. She knew how big Kazehana or Matsu were.

Not that Minato complained about the sight. He found they were to be desired and admired.

"What do you think, Minato-kun?"

"I don't think I can find words to describe your beauty."

She shook her head and kissed him again. She tasted salty but he didn't care that her kiss had hints of his seed.

"Thank you." She plopped down again on his crotch. "Wait, Miya. I am still."

"Hard and so, I'm going to service my Ashikabi." And with that, she made a vice-like pressure with her tits on his dick. This time, she wasn't the only one as Minato began to move around her dick. Keeping her tits.

Unlike the blowjob where Miya had the reigns, Minato was now acting along. "Do you like this?"

In the moans and groans, she heard a breathed yes and so Miya let Minato go. In some way, she was impressed by his movement. He was going up and down in her cleavage. She kinda found it cute how much Minato moved in her breasts. When his tip came out, she licked the head and sucked on it again.

Minato had a sort of lust and confidence washing over him. He felt like he was in a dream. In the last twenty-four hours, he could feel how Miya had taken him, gave him a purpose and love, and right now, he was having sex with her.

He knew that so many steps were passed but he didn't care. Miya was just so beautiful, sweet, and caring that he wanted to do this. To make her happy.

Miya found it great how Minato was doing it. It showed some promise to her. And she wasn't going to stop anytime soon with doing this. A part of her wasn't sure how but she felt a sort of peace in her heart. Some happiness.

A thing she wouldn't think she would ever feel.

And here she was, with Minato in her cleavage and fucking her breasts. When she let him go, he went back in the warmth of her tits. He would appear again and she would suck and lick the tip. So far, the rhythm build up and she was somewhat sure that he would fire his sperm again.

Miya couldn't believe that Minato stopped and took her by the shoulders. Pushing her down, gently, Minato began to fuck her tits even more. Now, she was laying on the soft tatami mats while Minato was overcome with lust.

Some primal instinct yet his soft nature wasn't lost. Miya was happy that the guy was still a sweet dude, even driven mad by lust.

He began to move even more frantic, looking for release from this. Minato wanted to come again. He didn't care where he didn't care how. He just wanted to come. So when Miya could feel his dick pulsing, the sperm was launched between her breasts.

She looked down, impressed by the amount of sperm. Minato looked down and rolled off her. He was breathing heavily and he was soaked in sweat. Yet, he was euphoric. A sense of laughter washed over him while Miya moved her body next to him.

Her head laid on his shoulder and she kissed the guy. It was a chaste one while Minato could feel arousal dripping down on his legs.

That saved him from asking the question if she was wet. She was just smiling at him.

"Did you like that, Minato?" With a goofy smile, Minato nodded. "Yes. Miya, that was amazing." With a grin, she looked down on the dick. It looked amazing to her. But she knew that jumping on it would cause more pain than pleasure. A few minutes of rest it would get.

"Glad you liked it. I enjoyed doing this as well." Minato kissed her again and pulled her closer.

"You're really pretty." Miya blushed as she began to kiss him again.

"Hey, Minato-kun. Just wondering. How many lovers have you had?" When she was met with silence, she looked up to a pained face.

"It's to my shame that you're my first." Miya was a bit elated to hear that from her Ashikabi.

"Well, don't be ashamed. Minato-kun, I want to do more with you. And I am happy that I am your first." With that, she could marvel and touch the Ashikabi.

"You fill me with so much peace and happiness. I would think I would never feel that." The honest tone made him smile as she got herself up.

"So you want to continue?" She took the dick and was ready to get inside her but waited for his answer. If he wanted to wait, she could do that. With a roguish grin, Minato laughed at her.

"Well, I intend to fill you with a lot more. Let's do this." Miya giggled as she lowered herself on his dick. The length went in and the walls clung around her dick. It was clear that she hadn't used too much now and that it was her time to feel light-headed.

'This dick is wonderful.' She moaned inside her head as she couldn't help but enjoy how Minato was inside her.

Minato himself couldn't help but moan as well when he felt the hot and tightness around his dick. It was the first time for him but he hoped that he would never get used to it. This felt amazing. He couldn't believe how sex felt.

It somehow made him happy that this was his very first time having sexual intercourse. He couldn't believe how great this felt. Miya began to kiss him and he moaned in her mouth, enjoying the pleasure that he felt.

The hormones raced through his body and he wasn't sure what he felt exactly. It just was a drug that hooked into his system. He couldn't help but enjoy how Miya was on his body.

Miya began to ride Minato who just worked back against her body. This time, it was for the tow to find a rhythm. When Miya's hips came down, they were met by Minato's who worked his way up.

He groaned on the hot and tightness that he felt on his body. Miya just sighed as she could feel the dick inside her. She hadn't been touched by another being in such an affectionate way.

She had hoped to say like this, honoring Takehito but now, happiness laid a path to her. She wasn't going to turn away from it. Minato went back to her until he decided to do something new. Touching her ass, Minato worked his way up so she was also sitting up.

The kiss got easier now and just like Minato, Miya got drunk on that as well. He wasn't experienced but he tried her best and the soft nature was another thing. She began to go over it even more while she let him go off the kiss.

Immediately, she started to moan when she felt how Minato was inside her and how he enjoyed doing it. Just like this. They began to rock their hips together while she moved her body up and down on him.

Minato felt his head swimming when he looked at Miya. In her eyes, there was nothing but lust and admiration for the young man while she relaxed in his touch. She could feel how the hard, hot thing went through her body and she was just moaning as well.

When she wasn't kissing him. Every time she did, the stars went off behind her eyes. Somewhere, Minato thought he would see hearts in her eyes. There was nothing that he didn't want to do to her, nothing that he disliked doing with her.

Their bodies synced together into harmony. Their breaths were ragged together while bodily fluids of all kinds mixed with one another. It made things slick and comfortable. That wasn't just there.

The smell that came from their bodies drove the other mad with even more lust. Miya could feel that she had her own itch to scratch and that came on her. She wasn't sure how Minato did but she could feel how he hit a spot. When he did, he could feel how she tightened on him.

Desperate to make her happy now after she had gone out her way to relieve him, she began to move even more on him. She could see how Minato enjoyed her and was trying his hardest to hold back until she was done.

Slowly, she began to feel how her walls came crashing down and how good it felt. When she could feel how close she got, Minato's head was pressed against her tits while she licked on the soft flesh and sucked on them.

When one particular long moan went, Minato was sure that Miya had her release. Not a moment too soon really as he himself unloaded in her. Despite the third time he fired one round, it was still a lot going inside her body. She was filled to the brim with his sperm.

Even so, for Miya, it felt like she was going to heaven. Even the normal sex was one thing but this felt so good and it drove her so mad as she got her head so far in the clouds, that only now she was coming back down from her flight.

She couldn't believe how good this felt, hos wonderful for an experience it was. How much pleasure raced through her body. Not just that but as she felt Minato filling her to the brim of sperm, she looked down to see how the Ashikabi fell back on the floor. It was clear that he enjoyed the sex as much as she did but there was another part that told her that he could continue even more.

Minato was just happy about how it went while his head was also tolling.

Miya decided that she wanted more from her Ashikabi. And maybe something else.

"How was that, Minato?" She asked with a sweet voice while she hovered over her Ashikabi.

"It was amazing, Miya. Thank you." With a smile, she laid next to him. "I hope you realize we aren't done just yet."

"We aren't?" He couldn't mask the surprise in his voice. There was also a lot of lust hinted in that question.

"No. I want more." Miya declared. From what she saw, Minato's dick was still slick and lubricated from the sex before. That was perfect.

Maybe it was just that she was over in the lust that she felt that she wanted an even bigger experience from Minato. He wasn't sure what she meant but she could feel how her smooth fingers went over his dick while she began to stroke him.

He guessed that she wanted to do something else. But when Miya turned around, she presented another place to Minato.

Parting her ass cheeks, Minato couldn't believe what she asked of him. But he wasn't going to deny her that. If she requested that he would fuck her there, Minato was going to do that. Pressing in her body, he gritted his teeth.

Slowly but surely, Minato entered her body. Her pussy was one thing already but this hole felt so much tighter than the previous one.

Miya began to think this wasn't such a good idea. The fact that Minato had one large dick made her question if he could fit that inside her.

She could count her lucky stars that Minato was thinking for how much he could with two heads. It was just something else and the idea played in his head that maybe this wasn't such a good idea for him. Yet, with how amazing she felt and how the reactions came, Minato took it easy as he slowly inched his way inside her.

This was something he had never witnessed in his life yet, he couldn't stop enjoying Miya. With his hands going to her hips, he slowly inched even further in her body while she moaned and nearly shouted his name when he began to fuck her asshole.

When he was sure that all of his dick was in her, he waited, enjoying the soft meat while Miya slowly got used to his dick being so deep in her. Miya's fist clenched and unclenched as she felt how Minato filled her hole. Her tongue began to hang out and somehow she was glad that he couldn't see her face.

Even so, Minato didn't move until he was sure that Miya gave him in the greenlight. Leaning over to her, he whispered something in her ear. The Pillar got pleasantly hot when she heard that.

"Just tell me when to move." She nodded while he moved back, his hands going over her soft body. Her tits, her waist, her belly. Everything of Miya was just awesome. But when she was sure, she nodded at him.

"You can." Slowly, Minato moved in and out of her body. Her ass was just so warm and tight. It was hard to move in it.

Somehow, it helped him not to go too fast inside her. Miya sighed when she felt him filling her body like that. She enjoyed the sensation. Of not just Minato's dick in her ass but also the hands on her ass. They found a rhythm where he moved back and forth and like he did her pussy, Miya moved back to him.

Both enjoyed the feeling of each other. Minato enjoyed the feeling of Miya on his dick while she felt his dick on her. Miya because she never had felt so full in her body. The whole thing stuffed Miya from her tightest hole.

She couldn't help but enjoy it even more as Minato explored her ass.

The groans that came from Minato made it clear that he enjoyed her hole in the same way that she did. She couldn't help but savor more in the pleasure of it. She began to move back at Minato who continued to mold her ass into a place he could fuck her too.

She began to feel how the slow taking had made it more enjoyable for her. Even so, they had an ending to go and Miya wasn't sure that she could take it normally as her body came down, crashing. The fact that Minato had fucked her ass that softly caused her to have an even bigger orgasm. She had a few silent ones but so far, she couldn't help but move back while the moves got more frantic.

Eventually, they found a release, and Minato was sure how she could turn her body like that. The moan in the kiss was incredible and if her mouth was shut off, it would have been heard all through the world.

After that, Minato got his dick out of her and the sight of Miya crashing with her ass up and cum leaking from both places gave him a significant problem. It still wasn't going down. Miya glanced over her shoulder to see how her Ashikabi had his dick still rock hard.

"My, Minato, aren't you still satisfied by me? I begin to think that my Ashikabi is one big pervert." Not to be outdone, Minato let his actions speak. His hands wandered around and Miya found his fingers playing with her pussy.

"Are you one to talk, Miya? You still look like you want more. And wouldn't you know it? I still can go." Without much ado, the Ashikabi put his hands on her hips and was ready to take her like that again.

Miya paled and turned back. "Please, Minato. Not my ass. Not again." With a grin, Minato aimed at the lower hole (at this time) "Sure thing, Miya." He said before he entered her pussy again. Miya was on her knees now, feeling how Minato went back in and out her.

She guessed that he was still sensitive and he was the same. Yet, she was the one now kneeling in front of him while he fucked her like a bitch in heat. She couldn't help but lean forward enjoying the fact that she had his dick inside her again.

She was already satisfied yet hunger still reign supreme as Minato continued to do her from behind. Minato couldn't help but enjoy the sight. Miya was so pretty. Her back as well and he could see her ass.

He wasn't going overboard on her although he guessed that a human woman would have passed out from him. The third time that he did and he was going to do a lot more to her.

Miya couldn't help but moan as Minato fucked her. He had a faster pace but he still made sure that their rhythm wasn't too messed up. Damn, she began to fall in love even more with her pervert of an Ashikabi.

Miya moaned and enjoyed the sex but not just that alone. The warmth in her body was spread around. It had been so long that she had a lover and now, the Gods had gifted her one again. When she would pass away, she would meet Takehito again. She just hoped that he would understand.

The thought was the last coherent one she had before it went all white in her head. The ideas just went away while she moved back to Minato. She just followed his lead for a change. It was a lucky gift that it wasn't too far from her. The fact that she enjoyed this was just a good amount of even more fun.

A nice change of pace not to wonder about it. When a breathed moan contained "harder", Minato drove up the speed a bit while he continued on her. She was blushing and again, the sweat began to run through her body. She was just happy to have this now and the fact that Minato was doing it well was just great.

What she didn't expect was that he took her up. His hands seized her tits and in a somewhat fast motion, Minato brought Miya with him. Still, on their knees, it was easier for Minato to suck and lick her neck. Miya wasn't sure if he was just teasing her now. His hands roamed her tits. Massaging the soft flesh that she had while moving softly in her body.

Miya found herself losing the battle as Minato did it like that. She was just going with him but it was getting a little bit harder to keep going like that.

"You wanna stand up or not?" Miya wasn't sure that her legs would be able to carry her and with Minato's dick in her, that could get very dangerous. She shook her head and Minato lowered her back down. He didn't stop but continued to fuck her

His groans mixed with her moans as they continued their lovemaking. Minato had no idea where he got the stamina from but he wasn't going to stop just yet. When his hands found Miya's head, he slowly turned it. A kiss followed her.

It had been clear that he was reaching his limit again and it was a lucky break that Miya was still sensitive. Because now, she had the same limit reached. It wasn't as explosive as before but she still felt her body coming down. Minato held it off just thirty seconds more as she got too tight for him.

With the third load in her body, Miya fell down and Minato right on top of her. "This was amazing." He had a goofy smile on his face. "Indeed. Minato, could you get off me?"

That was a problem for him. There was no way that he could move one bit. His body was drained of energy and there was no way that he could move.

"I want to. But I can't." With a giggle, Miya pushed him off her while his body rolled to the side. The stench began to roll in the room. It also made it clear that she needed some fluids.

Her Ashikabi stayed on the floor. Miya got herself up while she could feel the jizz going down her legs. If this was going to take longer, she was sure to get hitched. If she could.

But that was for later. Minato was still conscious but with a smile, it made it clear he didn't have to worry.

She went to the kitchen. Taking two bottles of water from the fridge, she opened one. With greedy gulps, she got at least one liter in her body while she felt the heat.

Somewhere, she was lucky no one else had noticed her. Uzume was out to her Ashikabi, Homura went around and Matsu was in her room. And that girl knew better than to disturb Miya.

She walked back to the room and found that Minato hadn't moved. There wasn't too much blame for it. Sex was a rigorous activity but when he saw the water bottle, he became happy enough to eye them.

Giving one to Minato, she mimicked her action. A human body can take a lot of water when they were in need. In ten seconds, he had one liter in him. She didn't worry about water intoxication. You needed a lot more for that and the fact was also that he had lost a lot of it.

He was sitting up and there was something on him. Naked, with a blush and a lot of sweat running down his face. His body made it clear how much he enjoyed it.

"Thank you, Miya. I was dying of thirst." She smirked and looked at him.

"Well, you were really something, Minato. I do hope that you aren't too tired just yet." It was a good thing that he was blushing because he would turn as white as a sheet. Yet, he wanted more. He had already shot five loads and yet, hunger set in.

He couldn't but want more sex. Looking down, on his dick. That was just great for him. It was hard but he could use a bit of a breather.

"Just a few minutes, please. Until I can move my legs again." It wasn't a joke and Miya knew where he was coming from. But she wasn't going to wait for that.

"Well, in that case. How about I tend to you, Minato? You look like you can do it." Miya straddled him and with a smile that told him that he better put it up with it, Minato nodded as Miya let him enter again.

He wasn't sure how but she began to ride Minato. Minato was trying to move at her pace but that was shut down with a glare. Miya was going to ride him and he better let her do it. Not that Minato really complained about it. It felt amazing to have him like this. But she wasn't going to stop just yet.

With her hips closer to him, her breasts went up and down. Minato found the sight of them hypnotic and his eyes were glued to them.

His hands were the next thing that followed. They were big yes but not too big. He could touch them and play with them without spilling over. Miya came down on him while her legs laid next to Minato's.

It was his dick that entered her lower mouth but she was responding by going with her own tongue in his mouth. Minato was sure that this was some heaven.

The kiss felt great to him and her tongue explored his mouth. Minato was giving Minato the reigns on this one and so far, it was just great. When their mouths came loose, her tits went to his mouth. One hard rock was in his mouth and he began to suck again.

Minato let her go while Miya sat back up. Her back was straight as she came. It was glorious to see how she moaned while she felt his dick unloading in her body. With a feral grin, Minato was happy with how it went. And with the new water in his system, he wasn't going to stop just yet.

Miya had no real clue what happened next. One moment, she was sitting on the floor. The next one, she felt how Minato stood up, took her by the ass, put her up as he squeezed the soft flesh. Standing up, she saw his face.

It was her time to follow him. "Wrap your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck." Where that came from, she had no idea but it was clear that Minato wanted to fuck with his legs recovered. For once, she did what she was asked. When she was secure, Minato began to move her up and down.

She couldn't help but keep the grip on him as he moved up and down. There was a bigger hunger now in him and the fact that he could do this was amazing. She had to hold on to him as there was nothing that supported her weight but his dick, her legs, and arms.

Or her Ashikabi had to be stronger than he looked. What the case would be, Minato had no interest in stopping just yet. He couldn't help but enjoy the flesh that his hands explored, the tits that were squashed against his chest, and the kissing that Miya provided. While her tongue was again in his mouth, she wasn't going to blow him away.

So far, it was just awesome that Minato could do this. He himself enjoyed the fact that he could fuck Miya like that. Still, the entire afternoon spent in sex began to take his toll. Sure, he had a sexual drive but the fact that he could do it so much was just great.

Miya moved back, how much Minato allowed. What the two agreed on was the fact that this was just amazing. It was the most intense way to have skin contact. The only thing that touched them was air and their hot bodies.

They would keep that in mind for the winter. It was still cold and Minato's feet weren't wavering as he fucked Miya.

She kissed him again and let him go to breathe. The only thing she had in mind was Minato and how he felt. He just only saw Miya and when he was getting closer, he whispered her name in her ears.

"Miya, Miya, Miya, Miya!" Like a trance, Minato said her name while he fired again inside her. Miya's legs were outstretched, she was happy that Minato had her arms on him. Unlike the cowgirl, her body strained to the pleasure she felt in her body. With shocks, she came undone.

Minato let her go and it was good that she supported her because it was her time to have a tough time standing. Slowly, they sat down, still naked with body fluids coming down. Minato had his legs crossed while Miya moved to his shoulder.

"That was great." He said while he looked at the woman that was going to be his for the rest of their lives.

"I'll say. You're a very promising Ashikabi." Miya giggled. A chaste kissed followed. The two decided now was enough but they wanted to kiss.

And they would have continued were it not that the door slid open. "Miya, is the dinner ready? I am hungry." The two turned to the sight of a very attractive brunette. She was wearing a violet belly top with a golden star on the front. The clothes did little to hide the big tits that the woman carried. Her hair was long and it came down her back.

When she saw the two, she just looked around. With one whiff, the woman looked at the two. "Well, Miya-san. You decided to get yourself a guy." With a smirk, the two blushed when she said that. The reaction was what the woman hoped for as she laughed her head off to the two's reaction.

A second giggle came. Another young woman with orange hair in braids and in glasses stood next to her.

She was wearing a cheongsam that again did little to help her voluptuous body. The first entrée turned to the woman.

"Hello, Matsu. You knew this was happening."

"I did, Uzume-tan. And I got captured everything." Miya blanched.

"What, you aren't telling me that." The panicked tone was something that the two women would treasure forever.

"I got every detail. And I will not delete it. No matter what you say, Miya-tan." There was a serious tone that the now-named Matsu had some blackmail on Miya. She was looking mortified by that.

Minato wasn't sure what was going on but a third person entered. Silver hair on top of brown eyes and a bit of a pretty boy appearance. He was wearing a grey T-shirt and had black trousers on.. Like the first girl, Uzume if Minato recalled correctly, the guy had just one look and knew what happened to her.

Unlike the girls, he had a look of horror on his face. Minato was sure that he looked a little bit blue.

"Miya, we eat in this room. How are we supposed to do that while the room smells like this?"

Minato had a feeling this was just the beginning of a very long adventure.

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