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Chapter 3

The Misanthrope Boy, The Grim Warden, The Wild Pussycats and The Proud Lion King

Capitol Meeting Room, Aesunymnir, BNHA Earth

The trio had arrived to the meeting room, after sitting down to eat their frozen treats, to where the many lords and representatives of the now nineteen provinces of the Asuryani Empire have gathered to discuss the many concerns involving issues throughout Aesunymnir along the rest of the world at large. As the three got closer to the Roundtable of Xintil, they could hear them talking about the new port settlements of Ellan Ovaserine and Tor Colkancar off the coasts of Sudest and Yeina Islands respectively between Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands hidden from the rest of the world via shrouding mists about whether to just go ahead and take over the islands as part of some new expansion campaign and obscure them from orbital reconnaissance or to leave them as is and formally accept them as protectorates when they inevitably signed some contract bestowed upon them from the human nations.

Taeralvrel soon coughed into his hand to annouce their presence to the rest of those present at the meeting as they quiet down and went to their respective seats around the table as Toya took his place at his adopted father's side with the elven mage taking his own seat near Taeralvrel's very own.

"Greetings, Phoenix Emperor Bel-Taeralvrel, Chosen Son of Asuryan's Fire."

Says the people within the meeting room as they, sans Toya, stood up from their seats and bowed with the utmost courtesy befitting their ranks and status to their now revealed lord before sitting back down and waiting for the Phoenix Emperor to state the true purpose of the meeting and to put their thoughts into what he would say. Before Taeralvrel could begin to speak, a hand quickly raised up for all to see as Prince Kordaal'yanus Gaelinthael of Chrantace had a question that he would like answered before they begin. Taeralvrel gave him a gesture with his hand to the Chrantacian to speak his question as Kordaal'yanus spoke with a powerful but disciplined voice,

"Pardon me for speaking so abrasively before we start, but there are those amongst us who are not as content to remain on Aesunymnir with wanderlust on their souls, myself included among them, so I must ask, Sire, how would you come to address their needs of exploration across this new world?"

"I understand your concerns, Gaelinthael, long have I expected many to be curious enough to leave the boundaries of our new homeland to explore the wider world. But we must also be vigilant for those that seek to cause us harm or to commit untold atrocities that would see to our destruction. Now, I would address more concerns later, but let us speak of the true purpose of why we've congregated here today."

Satisfied with the response, the Chrantacian puts his hand back down with a nod of approval as the other princes and representatives begin to think up questions and concerns of their own to address to their lord as he speaks out what they would be dealing with when they make diplomatic relations with the first human nation they would deal with, Japan.

"My son, Toya, has returned from his trip to Japan with new vital information that can aid us as they traverse the diplomatic and political landscapes of the human nations across the planet. As all of you already know, approximately 80% of the human population has a single supernatural ability or mutation known as 'quirks'. As a result, those that are biologically quirkless have been heavily discriminated, and in some cases oppresed, due to the absence of such powers, being deemed as inferiors along with being virtually fragile and worthless. In order for us to make them peacefully see us as their equals, we must show and point out that the quirkless are not as weak and fragile as they make them out to be along with saying we have absolutely no tolerance of the many flaws and mistreatment in their current society and wish to help them make the appropiate changes to make them more... respectful, helping, and less sinful against the less fortunate who suffer from the whims of destiny and fate."

Taeralvrel said with such a bright yet forbearing presence that makes all within the room gaze upon him with ever growing respect and agreement. Toya stared at his father with awe and reverance, seeing in him something a beacon of leadership, radiance, and love like that of a ture hero he one day sought out to be. As he drifted into his thoughts whilst Taeralvrel continued with his speech presenting the knowledge shared with him from his son before they came in, he thought back to his younger brother Shoto, wondering about what Shoto would think of him when he basically tells him that he had been living in a far off continent learning about magic with elves and mastering his quirk along the way with everyone else back home thinking he was killed in that accident all those years ago.

Toya continued to ponder for about a minute before his name was called by one of the representives, prompting to look back up towards the source of the voice,

"Excuse me, young Toya, but could you explain to us about the cultists of Tzeentch you encountered the night you arrived at Japan?"

"I didn't remember much other than cutting them down as they came, but they were human cultists among them. This could mean that there's either a local cult that was brewing for a while based on the number of Tzaangors, or we could be dealing with a nationwide organization with the group I encountered being one of the smaller branches in one of their locations. I also briefly noticed a symbol on the Kairic Acolyte's chests bearing the symbol of the Guild Of Summoners subfaction; most likely collaborating with another organization within the area I presume."

Toya replied with the utmost discipline ingrained into his brain during his time growing into adulthood. The crowd, along with the representative, was satisfied with this response, as Taeralvrel called to the end of the meeting as everyone either dispersed or continued to talk about the port settlements within the Solomon Sea. Toya was told by his father that he is to be prepared to return back to Japan in two weeks along with a regiment of Shadow-walkers in order to find and hunt down the Chaos cult and its associates before they gain too much power. Toya had also been told that the High Prince of Yvressein Edhil, known as Warden Eldurthe'baac Stormbinder, had already gone ahead to Japan as Toya was returning back for reasons only known to him. The Dragon Mage had only hoped that wherever the Yvresseinian was at, that he would be both safe and find whatever he was seeking. Both father and son then saw a servant rushing towards them before kneeling to them and saying that Kordaal'yanus had used one of the waystones to teleport himself and his Great War Lion Azrael to their location as well through the Warden's Talisman.










The Beast's Forest, Nagan Prefecture, Japan, BNHA Earth

Eldurthe'baac rode upon his faithful Griffon Honerimon as they soar across the treetops of the forest canopy, taking in breaths of fresh air and having the cool breeze flow across their bodies.

Eldurthe'baac was a remarkably chiseled body for an elf being two- thousand and four-hundred seventy-five years of age. His attire consists of the Helm of the Spiritual Warden ceremoniously worn by the High Warden. He also wears the Armor of Tamarha Gaval, specially mastercrafted set of Ithilmar in the likeness of a Griffon enchanted with pieces of the Light of Eltharion himself. Honerimon was such a fine specimen of his species, with all the regalness and honed brutality they're known for. The griffon's head is grey with black streaks going over its teal eyes along with a white bottom jaw and neck that compliments its silver beak. The top half of the body was almost nothing but pulsing muscles with a blackish upper body as the lower half resembles that of a King Cheetah with a feathery tail. One of its most noteworthy features is that violet crystal-like protrusions emerge from the head, making a crown structure, as a result of eating some unusually magically potent crystals.

As the both of them continue to glide over the canopy, they soon come across a clearing of the forest which had a series of buildings that he could identify as a dining halls, a few hot spring areas, an office building and some dormitories based on what he heard and saw via the Aethernet powered by magi-tek. He beckons Honerimon to land near the main building to ask the owners if they can have a bit of some rest as they've been flying nonstop for around a few days since they left Aesunymnir. As Eldurthe'baac came to land, he saw a little boy with a cap that has two spikes on it walk up when they touched the ground. He got off his Griffon and went up to greet the boy, only to then glance at the boy's expression on his face being that of someone who's experienced great loss and decides to despise the world for their misfortune while also looking at him with a mix of spite, caution, shock, and confusion along with a dash of interest. Eldurthe'baac looked around the place for a minute before asking the child,

"Excuse me, little one, but do you perhaps know where I can see the owners of this establishment, please?"

Toya just merely looked up at him and mutely nodded, not wanting to say anything just yet and wondering if this person is just another one of those so-called 'heroes', and led him and his Griffon to flat part of the clearing where he was met with four individuals, each wearing unique cat-like 'costumes', as he come to know, along with someone he'd knew would eventually follow in his footsteps. As he and the boy came closer to the bigger group, he confirmed his suspicions when a large lion trotted up with a dead deer in its jaws towards the group as the armored figure turned to face Eldurthe'baac with a huge smile on his face as he opened his arms wide.

"Eldurthe'baac! Good to see you here, and Honerimon as well. You're looking very well for someone your age, Warden."

"Aye, and you along with Azrael are looking very fine and sharp as ever, Huntsman."

Kordaalyanus, The Chrantacian Lion King, Father of the Crimson Mane Pride, Keeper of Rahagra's Paw, Leader of the Puremane Company, and High Prince of Chrantace, was something equivalent to the legendary Greek demigod known as Heracles, being heavily muscled with a body that looks as if were chiseled into perfection. His long blonde hair looking more of a lion's mane than the more sophisticated elven hairstyles, with piercing orange eyes to match. His attire consists of the Armor of the First Lion King, with a White Lion pelt draping his left shoulder and cape, with the Pantherius Axe of Chrantace at his side. Azrael was one of the largest of his kind, easily standing at a height of 6'9 with a estimated weight of 1,975 lbs. The lion's body is greyish-lavender on top with a gradient to white along with small areas of gold, matching his almost pure golden mane that's exquisitely braided along with its beard. It also has finely craft Ithilmar armor protecting its already almost impenetrable body from extra harm.

"Eldurthe'baac, I would like to introduce you to miss Shino Sosaki and her team here which I ran into just now while me and Azrael were hunting through these woods."

Kordaalyanus introduced as Shino walked up to the Warden for a handshape, to which he returned back, greeting,

"It's a pleasure to meet you, good sir. As he already told you, i'm Shino Sosaki, also known by my Hero Name as Mandalay. The blondie over there is Ryuko Tsuchikawa, also known as Pixie-Bob, Tomoko Shiretoko's the green hair, known by many as Ragdoll, and finally, but not least, Yawara Chatora, to whom we mostly call Tiger."

Mandalay introduced each one as they gave their 'hellos' and waves, before her widen as she forgot to introduce the boy beside Eldurthe'baac,

"Oh! I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce you, Kota. Eldurthe'baac, Kordaalyanus, this little guy here is Kota Izumi. We've been taking care of him for the past couple years since he's my nephew."

Kota looked at them with a nonchalant and unenthusiastic look on his face as he said he's going to get something to eat from the dining hall. Eldurthe'baac watched him go alone to the dining hall with a look of similarity on his face, knowing what could've made young Kota to act the way he is.

"Why don't you go ahead, Warden. I can stay here and chat about the reason for our prescence here while you go see to Kota along with Honerimon and Azrael."

The Chrantacian said as Eldurthe'baac nodded to him as he then followed after Kota to the dining hall as The Wild Pussycats continue to talk and gawk at the seemingly mythical beasts before them as Pixie-Bob walks up to Azrael to stroke his mane, to the lion's gracious mood.

Eldurthe'baac then arrived at the dining hall to see Kota eating a meat sandwich on one of the tables, prompting him to get a salad as he was hungry himself after a long journey to Japan. He then sat across from the young boy and they ate in silence for a few minutes before Kota stopped eating to ask the elf,

"Why did you come here? If you came here to tell me to brighten up, then you could take your 'hero' nonsense elsewhere."

Eldurthe'baac simply looked at Kota with a calm but piercing gaze that made him have a chill ups his spine as the elven Warden replied,

"I am no hero, Kota, at least not in the hero you humans think of nowadays. No, I came here so you can have a lending ear for I too know what's it like to be in your predicament."

Kota looked bewildered for a moment before sneering, retorting back in a snarky attitude,

"What do YOU know about my pain? As far I can tell, we've only just met minutes ago and you have the nerve to tell me we have something in common?"

"It is said that a living being's eyes, whether they be mortal or immortal, are the gateway to one's soul. I could see the all too familar expression of one who has lost family, like I have. When I was born unto the world, my mother died due to complications after minutes after I emerged with my father, Zyarhazin, being killed by degenerate worshippers of the Ruinous Powers as he sacrificed his life to see our hometown safeguarded from its enemies. And just like you, I was filled with anger, denial, and grief, being unable to accept life without my parents whilst cursing at the world that took them away from me. But eventually, I grew to understand that in order for others to not feel the same pain I had, I must protect my kinsmen from those that would dare to see us violated and worse. I didn't have anyone except myself to pull me out of the gutter, but you do, in the form of the very people who take care of you. I know not what happened in your life that made you take the dark path you tread, but know that your mother and father, along with your current family, would always watch over you, even beyond death."

Kota listened to Eldurthe'baac say his story, and then felt pity for him as he told him about his early stages of life about what happened to his father, similar to his own two years ago. Then, he grew a new understanding and respect as the story came to a conclusion with a few tears beginning to run down his face. At that moment, Kota knew what it was like to have someone not only understand his pain accurately, but to have also experienced it and worse as well. Kota then looked at the Warden with a small smile on his face that have the indications of gratitude and thanks, as they both got up and returned to where the larger group was at and for the first time in a long time, Kota truly felt what it was like to have a family all over again.

And that's a wrap, my dudes. Two new characters and two fantasy beasties to boot, and a conversation between two people that have both experienced some form of loss. You know, I bet the Wild Pussycats team has more than a few questions about their new compatriots, especially the leonine warriors Kordaal'yanus and Azrael. Next chapter, we might be able to see some action as the 1-A and 1-B students make their way to The Beast's Forest.

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