Recipe for Those Who Have Nothing Better To Be Doing Right Now

Take two or three or even maybe four female teenage wacko's, a couple of sheets of paper and a pen, add the influence of video games, television shows, cartoons from both Japan and America, books, and government subliminal messages, with a dash (okay, maybe a very LARGE amount) of randomness, zaniness, and Kookiness with a capital K, and you get....

Pass the Buck Stories of the Demented Kind

Yes, Pass the Buck Stories! For those of you who have lives, let me explain: A certain amount of people gather and pass around a sheet of paper and a pen, each writing a sentence or two ( or in the case of geeks like myself one or two paragraphs) until the story, no matter how strange and unusual, is finished, or until they run out of paper.

My friends and I have spent many a school day writing these things, especially in heath class. Why post them here? Because I'm bored. Please enjoy.

The Players:
Silver Meteor: Regular font
Jenny the Penny: Italics


Once there was a little girl named Vicki. Nobody like her because they thought she was

an evil alien from outside space. But, she wasn't from outside space at all. She was from Mercury.

At one time the boys thought she was hot, but one of the cheerleaders passed around a rumor about her. The rumor said

that she brushed her teeth. Now there was no chance that anyone would ever like her, except for the dentists. But they don't matter. So she invented an automatic I.Q. Shrinker, and used it

on all the kids in the school but one, which was the boy she liked. He was going out with the same cheerleader that stared the rumor,

so she shrunk the cheerleader's I.Q. to the intelligence of that of a plumber. The cheerleader fell head over heels in love with Luigi ( you know, the Mario's brother, the tall green guy) and built him a haunted mansion. All the boos hid him inside the mansion, so she (the cheerleader) picked up a vacuum cleaner and went to save him.

When the (the only guy that had his I.Q., which, by the way, wasn't very high) discovered that his girlfriend had dumped him for a middle-aged guy with a mustache, he started going out with Mario's princess. When Mario found out, he got angry and the Hunk and Mario started fighting.

Because Mario's one tough plumber and he was REALLY REALLY mad, he beat up everybody, except the dentists, because they said he had a nice smile.
Mario and Luigi stole the princess and the cheerleader away to Yoshi World, leaving the Vicki the alien( Yay! I finally have an appearance!) and the incredible Hunk to destroy the warped half Nintendo/half ????? universe. But Wario wanted to destroy the universe first, so...

Wario teamed up with the Mario brothers and created a Playstation Two game called Vengeance and Love. All the kids hated the game and Mario, Luigi, and Wario were fired. So Vicki and the Hunk created a game called which was a smash hit, especially with the girls.

But the girls started forcing the boys wear chicken suits, due to the strange hypnosis the game gave out when played.
So in the end, everyone went to live on the sun, and they were all turned into Crabby Patties.


This was our first pass the buck story, written in our 7th grade year. During heath class. I may never remember how exactly my body functions, but it was worth it.

I got Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo Gamecube for Christmas that year, and I was obsessing over all things Mario then. Coincidentally, this was also the time when Spongebob Squarepants started airing on television.

Dentists=Braces. THEY are responcible for these torture divices. Mario should have beat them up.

So R&R, and tell me what you think. More to come!