When Two Undead Hearts Meet

By evolution-500

Genres: Horror/Romance/Parody

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WARNING: This story contains violence, mature themes and disturbing imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

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The crescent moon hung over the debris-covered beach, illuminating the various scuttled ships that dotted the sand. Crabs wandered, brushing past the skeletal remains of the unfortunate people and animals that had washed upon onto these shores over the ages, the crustaceans fleeing as a shining black and green portal formed close by.


A bony hand thrust out from the ground, its cutlass pointed to the starless sky, and with it the rest of the eldritch horror's skeletal body forming out from the sand along with its tartan-clad hips, its red headband-wearing skull rolling onto its shoulders, its tentacled shield blinking as it attached itself to his arm. Now fully reassembled, Spinal let out a piercing shriek, cutting the din of crashing waves.

Rolling its shoulder, Spinal felt the clusters of rope shift on its being, the ship's steering wheel impaled into his back creaking as it swung noisily.

What new challenger dared enter his domain?

From the opposite end, a young pale girl appeared holding a naginata with a red ribbon tied around one end, causing the skeletal warrior to falter.

Dressed in the tattered remains of a red and pink kimono, the white flower decal on it was long faded, the robe held together by a red obi sash around her waist and cut off at the knee, exposing her deathly pale bare feet that were caked in mud. On her left hand were some gold rings along with a gold neko-te fitted directly over her middle finger, her nails long and black. Her face, though pretty, was scarred, with two above her brow along with a particularly large and nasty-looking one slashed across the bridge of her nose. Her hair was long and black as her irises, her white eyes empty and flat. Green energy flickered from her being, her form distorted, forming a sort of distorted afterimage akin to an old glitched video recording.

Approaching Spinal from the opposite end with a slow gait, Hisako tilted her head.

Seeing her, the skeletal warrior felt something stir within him.

Looking down, he grunted as he smacked the crab out of his rib cage. Even as it fell and crawled away, however, that sensation remained, growing stronger as he lifted his eyes towards the strange girl.

His red glowing eyes stared into her pale lifeless ones, the feeling growing stronger with each passing moment.

Spinal glanced around, then raised up a bony hand, indicating for her to wait a moment.

Hisako inclined her head curiously to the side as he wandered away, the skeleton disappearing briefly for a moment.

When he finally came back, Spinal had his back toward her, clearing his non-existent throat as he swept his bony fingers along his skull, adjusting his headband, then turned around to face her. Moving toward her, the skeleton warrior presented to Hisako a bouquet of rotting wilted flowers, their petals brown, discolored and crawling with bugs, worms and other creepy crawlies.

Blinking, Hisako gave a hideous, sharp-toothed smile as she took the flowers, inhaling their scent, grabbing hold of a worm as it wriggled before eating it whole, gulping it down happily.

Red glowing eyes stared deep into pale white ones, the two leaning closer, moonlight shining over their undead forms as they finally embraced on the debris-covered shore.

Oh yes, true love existed. Could anyone ever doubt that love would bloom between two strange creatures such as them?

They had so many things in common. Both were dead, she with her pale and deathly complexion matching his perfect white teeth and bleached bones.

Both shared a love of music, whether it the vocals of Spinal's ghostly worshippers or those of Hisako's own.

Both shared a love of wanton and gratuitous violence along with murder and torture. Oh, what else could an undead being ask for?

It was a match made in hell, and the two couldn't be happier.

Spinal and Hisako skipped down happily together hand in hand amidst a vast field of bones and tentacled eldritch horrors, the air filled with the shrieks of terror and insanity to which they paid no mind.

At a fancy restaurant, Hisako smiled at Spinal as he looked up at her lovingly from his menu, the waiters and patrons screaming as they ran around in all directions.

People stared and scurried away as the undead couple walked down the street holding each other, the tentacled shield flailing.

One woman shrieked and ducked for cover behind some bushes as they passed while a group of men pissed themselves, flinging themselves out of the way as the couple crossed their paths.

One particularly stupid thug tried to hold them up only to be eviscerated horribly in the middle of the street, his beating heart presented to a touched Hisako, who rewarded Spinal with a deep passionate kiss, much to the disgust and horror of onlookers as they vomited into garbage cans.

Several police chases and thirty brutal killings later, the two sat alone in the empty movie theater as it played "Titanic" on the big screen.

Leaning her head onto Spinal's bony shoulder, Hisako sniffed and wiped her eyes as she watched the movie, blowing her nose into a Kleenex. Spinal bawled beside her, the two holding onto each other, watching as Rose let go of Jack.

For two months at a rundown hotel called "Dead Rat Inn", tenants were both disturbed and terrified by the inexplicable shaking, thumping and horrible-sounding noises coming from the sixth floor at apartment 606. As far as everyone were aware, the apartment had long been abandoned, and yet every night they heard very loud creaking and horrific screams that gave them all nightmares. Few were willing to investigate. One or two brave souls had gone in to check, but neither were ever heard from again. Tenants complained to the landlord while others opted to move out for the sake of their sanity and safety.

One day, the landlord himself, a burly former Gulf War veteran, went up to investigate the disturbance. When he came back, however, the landlord emerged a broken man, his eyes filled with horror at whatever it was that he had found.

He never mentioned what it was that he saw, nor did he mention what it was that so perturbed him, but eventually he decided to give up everything, refusing to even say a word, even as he checked himself into the nearest mental hospital.

Meanwhile, in apartment 606, Spinal and Hisako lay together on the bed, their forms concealed by a blanket, basking in the afterglow of their unspeakable deed.

Taking a drag from a cigarette, Spinal sighed as the onryo nestled her head and exposed shoulder onto his bony chest before she took it away to have a smoke herself, the two staring up at the ceiling in satisfaction.

Several months and a string of grisly deaths later, the two sat alone on a park bench underneath the setting sun, holding onto one another for a long time before Spinal let out a grunt, confusing Hisako as she looked questioningly up at him as he got up from his seat.

What was going on? Had she done something wrong? Was he leaving her?

The thought made Hisako's cold heart sink as she uncertainly watched Spinal feel around his green tartan, searching for something. After several moments, the skeleton let out a pleased squawk as he pulled out a small box and turned around to face her.

Hisako gasped as Spinal kneeled down before her and opened it up, presenting a small gold ring with a diamond in the center to her.

"Meh?" Spinal squawked, his red glowing eyes meeting hers.

Putting a hand to her mouth, Hisako's eyes teared up as she slowly nodded in affirmation, the two undead beings happily embracing each other.

They were now standing before an altar, the terrified elderly priest swallowing nervously as he eyed them both in horror and disbelief.

"D-d-d-do y-you.." The priest cleared his throat. "Do you...take this...woman...to be your...lawfully...wedded...wife?"

Spinal grunted, nodding his bony head.

Looking to Hisako, the priest nearly fainted as he met her gaze.

"D-d-d-d-d-do you...do you take this...*ahem*…..man...to be your...lawfully...wedded...husband?" he asked shakily, muttering the last part under his breath.

Hisako nodded, turning to look at her beloved, her lips curling into a grotesque smile that made the priest himself flinch.

He cleared his throat again.

"Th-then by the power invested in me, I-I n-n-now p-p-p-pronounce you h-h-husband and w-w-wife. You-you may...kiss...the bride..."

As Spinal and Hisako met each others...lips, the priest gagged, rushing out of the room with his hand over his mouth to the washroom.

Nine months later in Okinawa, people reported hearing strange noises coming from the Nakagusku Hotel ruins.

For several weeks, locals claimed to have heard a series of unexplained, loud, piercing and wailing shrieks.

One or two dismissed them as cries from sort of animal, but for others, however, they had different views.

To them, they sounded like the cries of a woman in labor.

The locals also claimed to have heard the cries of a baby.

The End?

And that concludes this story! There is a surprising lack of Hisako stuff around here, so I thought that I would fill the void and get the ball rolling by introducing this little nightmare. Yes, I know, I'm demented. XD Still, I hope you all enjoyed it, though!

Take care, everyone!