Shinji in Hanzo

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After fighting with the 17th Angel, Shinji left NERV after discovering the terrible truth about the Human Instrumentally Project and what his father wanted to do from him. All this happened after he was angry that he was forced to kill Kaworu who was the 17th Angel, and he killed the 2th Angel with anger. Because of this, Gendou decided to kill his own son for ruining his plan, but this was prevented by Fuyutsuki since he shot a gun from his gun into his right hand and accidentally killed the 1th Angel, which he did not know. Thanks to Kaji, Fuyutsuki was able to pass all the information about SELEE to the UN about what Gendo wanted to do and what SELEE wanted to do, which is why the UN arrested all members except Kelee, who apparently figured out what had happened and was able to escape the hand of justice.

Either way NERV was disbanded, since Shinji is a hero for saving the world, he was given a military pension and a chance a normal life.

Shinji left the NERV move to Asakusa where he enrolled at the Hanzo Academy, which was most famous school. This is where the story begins.