Shinji in Hanzo

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It's been two weeks since the organization was destroyed, and Shinji heads to the academy, unaware that he will be surprised.

When it came it was dark in the hall, suddenly the lights came on and he saw all the friends and girlfriend who were preparing his birthday celebration.

"Happy birthday Shinji!"

Shinji was shocked because he never celebrated his birthday, and this is his first time celebrating. Shinji shed tears of joy at having real friends who valued him as he was.


Shinji stepped outside for a little while, while the girls could still sing and have fun, Shinji thought about his life, which he had been through so far. Sensing someone hug him, Shinji turned and looked at Ayame.

"Are you okay Shinji something you bolder of you?"

"Don't worry Ayame just thinking how I went about it in my life, but whatever it was, it is now behind me, besides. "

Shinji hugged Ayame "I think you prepared me some gift."

Ayame smiled seductive and said "I am and you have the honor to kissing me honey."

The two of them kiss.

Shinji realized one thing, that he had found his happiness.

The End