It had been a full day since she had read through as much of the Black book as time permitted, and Hermione was not happy. She had expected to see the sisters at lunch the previous day and then dinner, but they were not present then or at the two meals so far. Even Tonks and the boys were sending her confused looks through every meal wondering where the older witches were as it was confusing for them all. The young woman was feeling increasingly more annoyed through the day attending more meals without their presence. She wanted to apologise to the eldest sister for the argument she had caused, having allowed her emotions to get the better of her and lashed out at the woman whom she knows is a good person. She wanted to be around the three women again, because they make her feel centred.

She was not immediately ready to love them and accept the idea of the prophecy… she knew that. There would be a lot of work in getting to know them and becoming entirely comfortable in their presence at all times, and not starting arguments when she isn't sure how she feels. That is a behaviour she had recently adapted since the war started especially having been on the run with the boys, arguments became second nature with the dark magic of Voldemort's locket having seeped into all of them. The three saviours of the wizarding world had decided as a group to not weigh any of the people around them down with everything they had experienced and done during their time on the run, namely everything with the horcrux, being captured and everything that occurred after breaking into the ministry.

They all know it will eventually come out and people will find out just what they had all been through; but they were not actively seeking to tell anyone even though Molly and the others had been trying to incite them into opening up about their year on the run. They had not, but the looks shared between all of the adults when they continuously avoid the subject they knew it would be a matter of time until they are sat down and told to explain everything that happened. Hermione knew the three sisters will want to find out what happened and to help her get through all of the lasting effects she has been experiencing.

How the three women could go from turning up wherever she was, to completely disappearing the younger woman would never know. But she was incredibly annoyed that they had seemingly just decided to avoid her completely after letting her consolidate that she is in fact their soulmate and reading all about their pasts. She wanted to see them; she wanted to hug them all and she wanted them to be around her again. The fact the three had experienced so much, simply due to their mother not believing the idea of the prophecy. In many ways they can be considered as good things, because it gave Andy her daughter and Cissa her son; but the way they had to live apart due to hatred and the things Bellatrix had to do to maintain her status as a spy… absolutely not something she would wish on anyone, let alone her soulmates. But now they were purposefully ignoring her, she knew they had been at the castle as they had been lending their skills to Minerva in rebuilding the wards around the castle. The looks from Dora suggested they were avoiding her also, or just all contact to anyone else other than the headmistress. Part of the Gryffindor that had grown from the brash boldness of youth told her to let them ignore her and to do the same (admittedly it was a petty part of herself also) but the Gryffindor lion within her told her to address the situation and discover just why the three have decided to avoid her.

This part of her led the young brunette to storm her way purposefully through the castle and out onto the grounds, in order to find the three sisters not caring in the slightest if the headmistress were to see her begin an argument with the three. The young woman blazing a trail over the castle grounds with one focus in mind did not spot the shocked looks on her 'brothers' faces as they were working to rebuild Hagrid's hut as a surprise for their large friend. The only thing that roused her from her 'mission' were the strong arms that grabbed her round the waist and the familiar voice stopping her from fighting against the hold "Woah Mione… is everything okay? You look like you are going to hex someone?" Ron's deep voice vibrates against her back as Harry stands infront of them, with concern in his eyes.

She groans out "Maybe they will get hexed if they don't stop avoiding me. You can let me GO Ronald." The brunette slaps her hands against the arms around her. "Everything is fine. The Black sisters will not know what hit them when I find them, but I am fine." The Golden Girl smoothed her jumper out and nods at her boys before turning on her heel and once again heading off quickly in search of the three, possibly four women. Harry and Ron following close behind her, one concerned and one wanting to see the girl's ire against someone else for once and not himself.

The three sisters had decided to give their younger soulmate some time without them around to allow her to read through the book and come to terms with the fact she is their soulmate. They wanted her to be more open to the thought and had deduced that giving her time without their constant presence would allow for that; not having considered who it was they were talking and thinking about.

Thus, the three women spent their time the day prior returning to the Black Manor. They had not been back since their childhood in Andromeda's case, and since their mother had passed away in the case of Bellatrix and Narcissa. They hadn't particularly wanted to but they would need a larger house to live in for the three sisters and their soulmate, and so they wanted to lighten the house and make it a space for their family to grow and live happily. They had greeted their family house elves and requested a full tidy up, as well as collecting their clothes from their previous homes and fully move them in to their family home.

Their decision to give their younger soulmate some time was weighing on each of them differently; Bellatrix was pacing and making a mess as they tried to clean, more worried about how Hermione will react to knowing more about her, unsure how much the book will show the young woman; Narcissa had been polishing the same silver ornament for the length of time they had been in the room, second guessing taking some time from the fiery little lioness and wondering how she will take reading about her; and Andromeda was simply relaxed amusedly observing her sisters behaviour, knowing something will kick off avoiding the young woman but happy to sit back and watch exactly what plays out.

They knew the hardest part would be hiding while still helping around the castle, because the young woman would likely look for them or would potentially not get to think as much as they want her to about all of the things she will read about before initiating a conversation about it all. So they deduced they would avoid all meals within the castle and simply help Minerva before returning to the manor and getting some more work done in renovating and improving.

It had been successful for the previous day and for the morning but as Andromeda expected, avoiding someone like Hermione was not something anyone could get away with; especially someone the young woman wanted to find. Which is why when the sisters and Minerva looked up upon hearing the wonder twins calling after the girl a smirk lit up her face while her sisters gulped and looked shocked at the determined look being levelled upon them. "Lion through and through…" She mumbles to herself as the Gryffindor stops just in front of the four.

Hermione crossed her arms glaring at the three sisters wondering if one would talk first, eyes immediately jumping to the headmistress when she talks first. "Miss Granger… is there something we can help you with? We are quite busy dear." The Scottish woman's eyebrow raises as she looks over the Trio that are always causing her trouble, though the boys also look confused about just what is going on.

"Headmistress. I would quite like to talk to the Blacks if you would excuse them for a little while to have a conversation with me." The young woman talks briefly looking at the headmistress sweetly before glaring at the three sisters again, eyes narrowing further at the smirk on Andy's face "Oh yes, it is a very funny situation Andromeda. Giving me the book and then what? Running away so we cannot discuss it like you had said we would?" She practically growls out in her anger.

Narcissa's eyebrow raises "Well darling that is not exactly what happened. There is no need to react this way. We can have a logical conversation, or we can go to Slytherin and show you what Andy mentioned hmm?" Her blue eyes roam the younger woman inquisitively knowing she will get what she means when her eyes linger on the woman's midriff. A smirk lights up her face when Hermione flushes "That is what I thought little lion… but if you would excuse us Minerva, we should go and have a conversation with Hermione…" The youngest sister smiles softly at the older woman as each sister steps closer to their soulmate, Bellatrix casting a spell that causes the Black book to come whizzing out of the castle and into her hands; an altered accio for the book and a Black to summon it from wherever they are.

The sisters nod between themselves, Narcissa and Bellatrix disappear with a soft pop while Andromeda reaches her hand out to Hermione "I didn't find it funny… I told them we should not underestimate you and not expect you to come and find us, but they thought they knew better." She smiles wryly "Allow me to apparate you to Black manor so we can have the conversation we should have planned for yesterday evening?" Her body relaxes when the Gryffindor nods and accepts her hand, and with a smile to the two boys and headmistress they disappear with a pop themselves. The two appear in the middle of a sitting room, the former dark sisters sitting already with a tray of tea prepared, both wearing identical looks of apprehension. Andromeda sits herself down leaving a space for Hermione next to her "I suppose we had best get this conversation started then…"

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