AN: This is my first shot at trying my hand at a fanfic. I'm not a great writer, but I'd like to think that I'm fairly decent with grammar and spelling, something which I noticed is unfortunately lacking in many of the PJO stories. I just had some ideas bouncing around in my head that I felt the need to get out. I haven't read past HOO so only details from PJO and HOO will make an appearance.

For this story, primordials will exist, but they will play a very limited role. We will also pretend that everything is centered around Earth, so no planets in galaxies far, far away. The Ancient Greeks believed in flat Earth and the geocentric model anyway.

It will be rated M to be safe, mostly because of language, violence, and maybe suggestive themes. I will likely stay away from lemons, but might drop some limes in from time to time.

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"It's time, Perseus."

Percy choked back a sob as he held the hand of her flickering form, not bothering to correct her usage of his full name as had become an everlasting game for them.

"Please don't go, Arty."

Artemis smiled sadly at him, "I can't hold on for much longer. There's nobody and nothing left anymore."

A look of hurt flashed in Percy's eyes.

"Not even for me?"

Artemis chuckled. "I only held on for this long because of you, you know that."

Percy nodded, eyes suddenly hardening with acceptance, resolve, and strangely, a newfound determination. Artemis recognized it instantly.

"You're going to do something stupid, aren't you?"

"Nothing's stopping me anymore, and nothing will," Percy responded.

"I wouldn't dare," Artemis laughed weakly, "You wouldn't be you if you weren't such a reckless and stupid boy."

She suddenly sobered.

"I love you, Percy. May we meet again."

A tear trickled down his cheek as Artemis' form flickered out of existence, taking with it the moon that they had both spent so much of their power to protect, while everything else was faded and destroyed.


Percy was all that was left. As the Earth was destroyed, slowly but surely, the Olympians and other gods had faded one by one. Percy had long ago lost his domain of fate, due to the lack of any mortal beings to actually have a fate.

He had never lost much power, though, and that was because of his domain of time. When he had accepted godhood after the second giant war, he had received the domains of time and fate, something that the Fates were none too happy about. Percy used to joke that they were sad that they had lost their favorite plaything, but he knew that, in reality, it was because not only was he exempt from their control as a god, he was superior to them and could control them because of his domains.

They got over it eventually though, when he left them to their own devices, trusting them to continue weaving the web of fate and only stepping in to interfere when he believed they were doing something truly outrageous. By the time any of them realized something was wrong, it was already far too late to right the path.

The domain of time was a tricky one. He initially had to share it, giving him a fair share of trouble given the malicious nature of his predecessor. However, this problem ended with the third titan war. By then, Percy had become quite proficient with his powers and domains and had taken on Kronos by himself. That time around, Kronos had wisely waited patiently as he gathered strength, rather than foolishly rushing and using a mortal vessel like he did the first time Percy faced him. Thus, Percy was the only one who could effectively combat Kronos' own utilization of the time domain.

The war concluded when Kronos faded after his final fight with Percy, leaving Percy with full control over the domain of time.

Time was a powerful thing; even when all else was gone, time still flowed. Even when there was nothing left to experience it, time went on.

And that was why Percy was still there, in the nothingness, when everything and everyone else was gone. That was why Percy was still sobbing his heart out, long after his love had faded from his arms. That was the reason that Percy was the only one able to fix it– and he was determined to try.


Percy stayed there, crying until even his godly tear ducts were dry, then staring into the nothingness as he was bulldozed by grief. It was best to get it all out of his system, just in case something went horribly wrong later and his plan didn't work out.

He barely noticed the gentle hand that was placed on his shoulder. When he did, Percy jumped up and spun around. His hand flew to his pocket, a habit from his demigod days all those millennia ago.

He recognized the man instantly. He wore a white chiton and had gray-white hair with a long, flowing beard. He held a long scythe in his left hand, one that somehow exuded timeless wisdom as opposed to the malicious killing intent of the scythe that Percy was much more familiar with.

"Lord Chronos," Percy bowed slightly at the waist, showing far more respect than he did typically to immortals. He was, after all, the very domain that Percy owed his existence to, and helped maintain it. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I know of your plan, Perseus. I wish to aid you. My family, like yours, have all faded. Even Chaos is gone, but not before she left me with the remainder of her power. I know not why she left such power to me, but after learning of your plan, I have hypothesized that it was her wish as well for me to aid you on your journey."

"Are you saying that you will accompany me, Lord Chronos?"

"No, Perseus. I will give you all of the power that I have to help you on your journey, before I too fade into the Void. You can right things, but you know that Primordials have always had a difficult time with interfering. Besides, although it is rather useless now, you still hold the domain of fate, one that will surely help you when you go back."

Percy nodded gratefully. "Thank you, Lord Chronos. I plan to go back to just after the second giant war and my ascension to godhood. I believe that the fame and attention I gained by that point will allow me to make the necessary changes to the timeline."

Chronos nodded. "A wise decision. Well, no need to delay further. I wish you the best of luck, Perseus."

With that, Chronos' body dissolved into a glowing, golden mist that floated towards and absorbed into Percy's body.

"Holy shit," Percy muttered to himself, "that's one hell of a power rush. Okay then, no time like the present."

He closed his eyes and began to focus on separating his mind and soul from his body, before concentrating on his now heightened control over time.

"2010, here I come."

As Percy's consciousness departed from time, the last being finally faded out of existence.