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~*~ "Speaking"


/Yugi speaking telepathically to Yami/

//Yami speaking telepathically to Yugi//

\Ryou speaking telepathically to Bakura\

\\ Bakura speaking telepathically to Ryou\\

A/N: Us interrupting you for a few seconds

Love Me Forever

Chapter 2: Urgent Matters

"Hey, Yami, a little help here?" Yuugi stuck his head around the living room door and looked around for his darker half.

"Just a second," Yami called back, falling back to concentration on the difficult duel presented before him in the living room. It was true that Joey had gotten a lot better at dueling, ever since him and Seto got together and spent more time at Kaiba Corp., figuring out more strategies.

Right now, he held two Magic cards, one Trap card, and two Monster cards. And one face down card on the field. Both of his monsters weren't extremely strong, and his magic and trap cards did not exactly help him with the cards in his current hand. Besides, trap cards would be turned useless in THIS particular duel. Now was his turn, and he needed the right card to finish the neat combo formed in his brilliant mind.

Joey impatiently tapped his foot and waited for Yami to make his next move. The dark spirit's face was contorted in concentration due to the powerful monster Joey had placed on the field: Ginzo, with an attack power of 2400 (the attack points got raised, the original points was 2000), and destroys any trap cards placed on the playing field. Joey's eyes narrowed as Yami reached for the card pile on his right, eyes clenched tight.

'Come on, Heart of the Cards...' Yami pleaded mentally as the card reached his eye level. He opened his right eye and peeked at the monster card he drew. 'YES!'

"I summon...Dark Magician!" Yami cried and he slapped the card down on the table. "And I activate my face down, Book of Secret Arts! This Magic card will raise the attack power of my Dark Magician by three hundred points, more than enough to wipe out your remaining life points! Now I will finish you off with my Dark Magician: Dark Magic Attack!"

"IIE!!" Joey cried as his life points hit zero.

The table was cleared. The two duelists collected their cards and shook each other's hand.

"Good game."

/Now can you give me a hand?/ Yuugi's irritation drifted across their mind link.

//Coming!// Yami scooted into the kitchen and saw his hikari nursing his finger under cold runnng water. "Aibou!" Yami said in an alarmed voice. "What happened?"

"Nani? Oh, I was about to take that tray of cookies out of the oven but the mitten slipped out of my hands and I touched the hot metal. But it's getting better now," Yuugi added hastily because Yami's face was turning into one of real concern.

"Are you sure?"


"You're faking it."

"Oh yeah? Give me evidence as to why you'll say that." Yuugi challenged.

"Or else tears wouldn't slide down your cheeks."

Yuugi blinked. His un-injured hand felt the wetness on his pale face. "Hey..."

"And I'll kiss it and make the pain go away."

Yami received another blink. He smirked. Keeping his softened crimson eyes locked on with Yuugi's lilac orbs, he stalked over to him like a predator approaching the prey. Yuugi stood frozen as his yami moved closer.

And closer...

...and closer...

...and finally wrapping his digit in the warm cavern.

Yami sucked gently on the finger. Yuugi closed his eyes, sinking into sheer fantasy about _deeper_ things. He let out a soft sigh and a grunt of frustration as Yami let go of his finger.

A/N: Oh darn. *shuts eyes* Need to clear nasty thoughts. Didn't mean the disgusting way, but when I re-read it...*shudders*

"There," Yami tapped Yuugi on the nose gently. "That should feel better, ne?"

Yuugi nodded absent-mindedly, still a bit mad about his yami letting go.

//Your friends probably wondered why we're in here so long anyways.//

Quickly and deftly, Yami whipped the cookies off the baking sheet and arranged the little pieces of circular cooked-dough on the plate.

"There we go," Yami turned around to face Yuugi.

But he was nowhere to be seen.


The violet eyed boy seemed to have vanished without trace.

"Aibou, where are you?" There was a definite note of alarm that crept into the spirit's voice. "This isn't really a good time to play games!"

The distant sound of pitter-platter feet came padding back into the kitchen.

It was Yuugi.

'Thank Ra!'

Yami thrown himself on him and cried, "Where were you? You scared me half to death!"

Yuugi pushed Yami back slightly so they could look into each other's eyes. "Someone was at the door," Yuug replied simply.

Ryou got up from the couch at the sudden scream and curiously went over to see what the commotion was about. Of course, wherever Ryou goes, the tomb robber goes as well. Following Bakura was Honda, then Jounouchi, then reluctantly, Seto. Heh, and everybody thought that Jounouchi was the puppy.

"What happened?"

Yami looked up at the sound of another's voice. "Oh, it's you, Ryou."

Ryou nodded.

"I just...sort of lost track of Yuugi and couldn't see him and I got worried and then relieved because he came back," Yami ranted. Barely anyone heard him.



"What's that you just said?" Bakura said loudly, pretending that Yami was deaf.

"I said that Yuugi disappeared momentarily and then the next second he was back!" Yami's voice boomed.

"Easy, man. Don't have a cow." Honda spoke up.

"It's getting late, Bakura," Ryou hinted, tugging at his yami's sleeve.

"Right you are, Ryou. We're going home," Bakura announced and grabbed his jacket off the coat hanger. He dragged Ryou out after him.

"Oyasuminasai!" was Ryou's parting words for the night.

"That...was odd," Jounouchi commented before moving towards the door. "Well, see ya tomorrow, everyone."

A limo pulled up and came to an abrupt halt right outside the Kame Game Shop. "Let's go, pup."

A trace of red could be detected across Jounouchi's cheek, but no one could be certain. For at that precise moment, Seto whisked him out the door and into the night.

"I guess I'll go now," Honda managed in a strange voice. The door closed for the third time that night as all of them took leave.

/I'm going to take a shower, okay, Yami?/

//Sure, I'll be right up, after I clean this up.//

Yuugi moved upstairs and quietly closed the bathroom door. The oh-so-familiar sound of running water drifted down the pipes. Yami quickly dried the dishes and wiped his hands.

Licking his dry lips, he moved upstairs, going to bed, waiting for his hikari to finish taking his shower.


The door that led to the Bakura residence creaked open as the spirit of the Sennen Ring flung open the door and pulled Ryou inside. Ryou stumbled on the carpet, but not before Bakura caught him. He smirked.

"Ready for a FUN night, hikari?"

Ryou matched the smirk with one of his own. "You're on, yami."


"See you tomorrow, puppy."

"Oyasumi, koi," Jounouchi leaned in to kiss Seto gently on the cheek.

"Aishiteru, Katsuya, see you tomorrow."

Jounouchi nodded and stepped back as the limo roared away into the night. He let his cheery fa├žade drop into an angry scowl.

'You're not getting to me tonight, Otou-san,' he growled silently, walking further and further away from his house. 'And never.'


"Hey, Kura..." Ryou pushed the Sennen Ring's spirit off of him. "Let's clean up..."

Bakura grumbled. "Demo, you always clean up in the MORNING!"

"Change of plans," Ryou answered back harshly.

\\ Koi...what happened?\\

But his hikari didn't answer.

For just at a blink of the eye, he was out the door and out of sight.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ A/N: That seemed a bit odd, didn't it? Well, back to Yami and Yuugi...

Yami yawned. It's been almost two hours, and he still couldn't sleep. Something was bothering him, he knows it, but couldn't pinpoint it exactly.

It was like finding the centre of a moving target - ever shifting, never slowing down, and now, is BOTHERING him to no end.

Yami groaned and turned so that his face was "stuffed" forward to the pillow. He inhaled the vanilla scent left by his aibou's shampoo. And speaking of Yuugi...

Strangely enough, Yuugi's end of the mind link was tightly closed, unable to let Yami feel anything from his end. Which was odd, since their link was always open at night, letting each other's drowsiness wash over them and fall into deep slumbers.

Tossing and turning in the bed, Yami finally turned to come face to face with Yuugi's back.

'I've done that at least fifty times tonight,' Yami figured. 'I'd better stop if I don't want to disturb aibou's sleep. After all, he _does_ have school tomorrow.'

And with that thought firmly tucked in mind, he drifted off into a restless sleep, awakened by the slightest breeze outside.

What he HADN'T noticed before he decided to rest for the night was a piece of paper that floated through the open window. Which held true for Bakura as well, except that his case was chasing after Ryou.

Written in big, bold, crimson letters were the words:

Next time will be forever.

~ To be Continued ~

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