Naruto - Team Skull's Mascot

Story request sent to me by Corpse Candle.

Running away from the orphanage at the age of 5, Naruto was forced to live on the streets. However, when the city suddenly became abandoned and under complete lockdown due to unknown reasons, he was left behind and trapped within the city. However, his luck suddenly changes when two strange people show up and show him compassion, and they take him under their wing and raise him to the best of their abilities. [Naruto x Harem]

While Naruto may be part of Team Skull, he isn't bad per se, just misguided, as Team Skull themselves aren't Team Rocket bad, they are just misguided individuals who fell into a hatred for the island challenge since they failed it.

Naruto's Pokemon team will be different from most others, and will include Pokemon that you may not expect.

This first chapter may be a bit short due to the age of Naruto in this chapter.

Pairings - Naruto x Rapp x Valerie x Plumeria x Malva x Shauna x Astrid x Miette

Chapter 1

It was a overcast afternoon for those located in the Northen part of Ula'ula Island, with the dark gray clouds overhead threatening to unleash a downpour on the earth below, however, that still didn't deter some people from wandering about doing what they needed done, as it would be best to do it before the rain slammed down on them.

It was a shame that the Northern-most section of the Island recieved the harshest of weather changes, one minute it could be bright and cheerful outside, the next, it was in the middle of torrential downpour that threatened to rise the water levels of the local lakes and rivers and threaten the many crops that have been planted. It was one of the few reasons why hardly anyone actually lived in this little area of the Island, while the other reasons were unclear, it was easy to see why people wanted to move to a more stable enviroment - nature wise - anyway.

However, that didn't stop two individuals - one boy and one girl - from wandering down a path that looked like it hadn't been cared for in years, as it had weeds overgrowing from what looked to be very old small garden beds. The very path itself looked to be a mixture of cracked concrete - that also had various greenery growing out from said cracks - before it eventually changed into a more simple dirt path. Almost like the local residents of this part of the island simply gave up and laying down the new pathways.

It didn't help that large, overgrown trees stretched nearly twenty feet high, casting some rather interesting shadows upon the ground, and some people swore that the shadows moved and shifted to look like various things, but it was a mere trick of light or the overactive imagination of people, as they were creeped out and their brain was creating images that weren't even there.

"Hmm, no matter how many times I see it, this always gives me the chills." The girl said, her voice was rather bossy, but a hint of fear could be heard in her voice, "It's like this place has been abandoned." She pointed out, eyeing their surroundings a bit more and shivered lightly at the eerie feeling this place was giving off.

The young woman stood about 5'5 and looked around 15 years of age, she had golden-yellow eyes, which could easily unnerve most she looked at and bright white eyeshadow which contrasted with her skin and eyes, she had pink hair with interesting yellow highlights with an interesting metallic fashion piece allowing the hair to travel through it, making it look like they were seperate strands. She wore a black sleeveless tank top, which showed her developing breasts and showed her tanned skin and toned stomach with an 'X' pattern under it, black, baggy pants with white zigzag patterns that hid her figure below her waist, and simple gray sneakers covering her feet, with hints of white being seen, meaning her socks were white in color. She also wore a black bracelet on her left arm, a grey locket around her neck with what looks to be a skull logo insignia, and a pink skull tattoo on her toned belly.

All in all, she looked like a mixture between a punk and a goth with her outfit and body language.

"Plum, while it may look like this, it is a perfect cover for our base of operations, ya follow me?" The older male responded, his voice was rather stern and mature despite his age.

The teen in question is a young man who stood around 5'8 and looked to be around 19 years of age, with white messy hair top with a shaved lower black hair - showing that he originally had black hair -, dark eyes and black eyebrows. He wears a black jacket with a zigzag pattern on both sides of his jacket, which has a white skull logo on the back. He also wears a white shirt, some black, slightly baggy pants with two white 'X's' under his knees and pair of white shoes. He also has a purple tattoo of a skull on his left arm and a golden watch, while on his right hand are black and white bracelets. He also wears sunglasses with a golden frame - one side is slightly damaged and bent slightly - and a locket that has the yellow logo of a skull dangling around his neck.

He certainly held some sort of intimidation factor to him, maybe it was from his height or maybe it was from his attitude to his very stride that he took, one that oozed confidance and arrogance.

The girl now known as Plumeria, also so 'affectionately' called Plum rolled her eyes at the other teen, "Yes, Guzma. I hear you." She said to the older male beside her, who was now known as Guzma.

While they may look like normal teens going through some sort of punkish phase, they were actually both members of a relatively new group named Team Skull - with Guzma being the leader and herself being relatively new, but due to her skills in battle, she was made the Admin -, hence the obvious references to skulls on their person, and was their signature calling card and one of the recognisable features of the group.

"No need to get snippy." He said, holding his hands up to try and placate her ire, "We just need to not lose ourselves to this mental stuff. I know there have been some rumors about this place, but that is what they are; rumors." He added on, shaking his head as he continued walking at his quickened pace, "Besides, if anything was to happen, we have our Pokemon with us." He added on once more, patting down his pocket where his Pokeball lied with his partner inside.

"I know that." Plumeria said, huffing a bit as she felt a small breeze rush by her, messing her hair up slightly from said gust of wind, "Is it even possible to find a place that will actually have shelter around here?" She said, wanting to know if this was actually worth the journey they had.

"Of course." Guzma said, before looking at Plumeria out of the corner of his eye, "Ever heard of a place called Po Town?" He questioned, still not breaking his stride as he continued.

Thinking for a bit, Plumeria racked her brain for any information or memories that she had of Po Town, however, it was few and far between, and the details weren't exactly... there, "I think so. Why, whats so special about it?" She couldn't help but question him.

Chuckling lightly, Guzma decided to answer her question, "Po Town is rather small, but from what I remember, it had plenty of shelter for us to use and is barricaded." He said, before placing a hand upon his chin in thought, "All though, I have no idea why it has been abandoned, which is why the paths and this area looks so... overgrown and eerie."

"What do you mean 'barricaded'?" Plumeria asked, in her mind, she had no idea why a town needed to be barricaded, another thing that interested her was the fact that it was abandoned. Sure, there are abandoned buildings in and around the main Islands, but for an entire town to be abandoned? It was odd to say the least.

As another large shadow fell upon the duo, Guzma looked up, before he glanced over at Plumeria, who was looking at him with an expectant look, she was still waiting for him to answer.

"See for yourself." Was all that he said and gestured to something in front of them.

Craning her neck upwards, Plumeria was left speechless as she saw a massive man-made wall that nearly doubled in height from the average overgrown tree in the area. It almost looked like that this man-made object was to keep people in, or to keep something out. Looking back at Guzma, "You mean to tell me, that a town is behind this wall?" She couldn't help but question, some skepticism in her voice as she did so.

"Of course, I don't know why this is a thing, but apparently its from many generations ago, hence why it has never been taken down, as it is technically historic to the Alola region." Guzma said with a small shrug. Placing his hands upon his hips, he couldn't help but marvel at the large man-made structure, building something like this to that height must have taken a lot of resources and time.

"Alright then, how are we meant to get in. It looks like it was meant to either keep something out, or to keep the townsfolk in." Plumeria added, looking at Guzma with a raised eyebrow.


Plumeria watched as Guzma was trying to figure out a way in, squinting both directions whilst doing so, the thing was almost crude and if something had gotten out, it would have needed a bird Pokemon or a Pokemon that could fly to get out, and they didn't have one on their team to do so.

As both were contemplating on what to do next, they heard a bush rustle in the distance before hearing distinct pitter patters of feet running along the ground. Looking at each other, they both shrugged and went to see what the noise was, both hands ready and itching to reach their Pokeballs in case it was something they needed to battle.

As they came closer to the rustling bushes and shrubs, they both peaked over the overgrown shrubbery, they were met with a rather interesting sight, and one that made them most curious indeed.

They saw a Purrloin, however, that wasn't the thing that made them curious, it was the fact that it was carrying a rather small and worn red knapsack with its tail, with its tail wrapping around the top of the knapsack to keep it closed and for keeping the contents inside. It was also carrying a few small blue berries in its mouth, with one orangeish-yellow berry resting atop of its head.

As the Purrloin walked with extreme caution as not to knock the berry resting on top of its head off onto the ground, it slowly made its way past the shrubberies, where the duo eventually saw it come out of the other side and start walking down the path. Heading towards the direction of the massive, yet crude man-made wall.

"Well... that was a thing." Plumeria couldn't help but point out the obvious. It was so weird to see something like that, not only was the Purrloin using a knapsack that seemed to be filled to the brim with items - presumably berries - but it was also carrying a lot more in its mouth and one on its head. It was almost like it was hoarding.

"I think we found our way in." Guzma spoke up, before getting up from his crouched position and brushed any specks of dirt, leaves or grass from his pants, "Looks like that Purrloin is heading towards the town, and that must mean it knows a way in as well." Guzma said, puffing his chest out as he found a way into the town... even if it took a random Pokemon to give him that idea.

Deadpanning at her team leader, she couldn't help but give him a deadpanned and rather sarcastic response as well, "So... are we going to follow the Purrloin, or are you going to stand like a loon even more."

Gaining a small tic-mark on his head, "Hey!" He yelled, before clamping his mouth shut and looked in the direction the Purrloin was. Good it didn't seem to hear him, or if it did, it just didn't care, "I am not a loon, maybe a bit chaotic, but nothing else." He said with a smull huff as he started to walk in the direction the Purrloin was going, muttering things about smart asses ruining some moments for him.

Sighing to herself, she had to shake her head at the actions and sheer emotional rollercoaster that Guzma can enter sometimes when he is upset or just annoyed, but she just had to say to herself that everyone is unique and has different quirks and values to them. With that being done and dusted, she soon followed after Guzma and they both followed the Purrloin to where ever it was going, and hopefully, it would be a way into the town.

However, as soon as they made it closer to the massive walls while following the Purrloin, it seemed like the heavens opened up and let loose a downpour, just to make the mood and eerie feeling of the place much more worse. They just didn't care, they were following the Purrloin that hadn't seen them following it.

Little did they know that Purrloin did indeed spot them, but allowed them to follow. It decided that the child it was looking after needed some form of human contact, and maybe those individuals could help him.

Leaning against the side of one of the many run down and near destroyed houses sat a young boy who couldn't be over the age of five years of age, yet he was here, sitting and really doing nothing to make time go faster.

He had had rather light blonde hair - which actually used to be golden-blonde - which looked like it hadn't been groomed in a long time, and was caked with dirt and mud, rather dim blue eyes and he had interesting marks upon his cheeks, which looked like whisker-marks - he had three on either cheek - his tanned skin that he had from birth was becoming rather pale due to the lack of sunlight and nourishment from this abandoned town, with him even struggling to get one solid meal in a day. His clothing was dirty, ragged and basically useless on his body, with many tears and holes within the fabric, he didn't even have a pair of shoes to keep on his feet.

If someone were to find him, they would be rather horrified at the state he was in, as one could see how thin he was, and it wasn't a good thin either, it almost looked like his body was trying to prevent himself from growing or gaining muscle just to survive on a day-to-day basis, and it showed in his posture, as he seemed to even struggle to expend a small amount of energy to keep himself up right fully.

He was just lucky that the house he found himself under had an awning, as that allowed him to stay out of the rain, however, he was still at a large risk of getting the flu or any other sickness from just being in the overgrown and abandoned town.

This small boy who looked like a skeleton and was barely clinging to life was Naruto Uzumaki, a young child who had ran away from the orphanage, yet, he still found himself worse off than he did when he was in the orphanage.

He didn't know how or why it happened. He went to sleep one night after rummaging through some trash cans for something to eat, and when he woke up, everyone was gone. Even when he peaked through the windows into the houses that were once well kept and clean, the citizens of the town packed everything of note or of importance overnight, leaving nothing behind that could be scavanged.

At least there had been some left over food in some of the houses and some of the trees planted in the gardens actually bore fruit that he managed to snag for himself to get himself a feed. Yet, even that ran out, and that left Naruto eating food that had expired or had gone mouldy to survive, and that probably wasn't doing his body any help.

Tiredly blinking as he heard the small pitter patters of paws hitting the path a head of him, he turned his head just enough so it didn't hurt, and he saw his only friend and company for who knows how long - he had lost track of time long ago, "Purrloin." He croaked out, his voice quiet raspy from disuse and his long periods of time he spent in complete silence, before wincing as it felt like he was being burnt with something when he talked.

Seeing the small feline Pokemon make its way over towards him with some berries on its person made him smile ever so slightly.

Purrloin is a primarily purple, feline Pokémon. Its head has tufted fur on its ears and cheeks. There are long, tapered violet markings above its green, eyes. It has a diminutive black nose on its creamy muzzle, and a small, oval, cream-colored marking above each eye. Its neck, shoulders, back, and hind paws are also cream-colored. The tip of its tail has a curved, vaguely scythe-like extension.

As the small feline Pokemon made its way closer to Naruto, it gently placed the berry that was resting on top of its head down, right next to Naruto's hip, before it lowered its head down further and dropped the berries in its mouth to the ground while also placing the worn and torn knapsack down, which made it split even further and had some of the berries stuffed inside spill out onto the soggy ground.

Bringing his rather boney hand towards Purrloin, he gently scratched the Pokemon behind the ears, eliciting a small purr of pleasure from the Pokemon, "Thanks girl." Naruto whispered out.

That was another problem for Naruto, since his body was so weak, and he could only go so far without seriously injuring himself due to his body frame, he had to rely on Purrloin to gather some food. It was challenging enough to walk from the bedroom inside the slowly rotting house to the outside section, and it would be near impossible for him to actually exert more energy to try and exit the barricaded town.

His body was already weak as apparently, the people of this town didn't care that he was a child living on the streets. No one ever seemed to care either, not about his life, not about his slowly diminishing body fat or anything. The only one that cared was indeed this Purrloin who had stuck with him, even during this entire thing. He was thankful as well, he would most likely be dead if it wasn't for the feline Pokemon, and if he was somehow still alive, then he would probably be insane.

Reaching out and grabbing one of the larger berries, 'A Sitrus berry.' He reminded himself, and took a small bite out of it, wincing at the general toughness of the berry, even if it was slightly soaked due to the soggy ground it landed in.

As he was enjoying the juicy berry that was both quenching his thirst and somewhat satisfying his hunger, he suddenly heard something that he hadn't heard in who knows how long; another human voice.

"Oh my..."

Turning his head to where he heard the voice coming from, he visibly showed surprise at what he saw, two people, one boy and one girl approaching him. However, due to his memories of the people living in this town before everyone left, he still flinched as they came closer to him.

Plumeria and Guzma did indeed find a way into the barricaded and rather fortified town by following that Purrloin. It just meant they had to crawl through an opening that they could hardly fit through and it was getting filled with mud that was forming from the steady downpour that was currently happening.

So that meant that their clothes were covered in mud, grime and who knows what else that managed to free itself from the soil.

Like what they were expecting from the rather over the top fortification from the town, they expected something noteworthy to be kept, maybe that was why they had done all of this to the town, but that wasn't the case, as the sight that greeted them just... underwhelmed them.

Instead of having anything noteworthy, other than a Pokemon center located on the far right side to where they entered, and a nice looking mansion at the very end of the rather linear town that looked to be in some shape, and needed a few touches. It was generally a depressing place to be, and the steady downpour didn't help to liven things up either.

They made sure to keep the Purrloin in their line of sight, but not being too close to it and risk startling it.

However, their fears were all for naught when the feline Pokemon actually turned around and looked at them, somehow keeping the large berry balanced ontop of its head. It then stuck on of its front paws in front of it and meweled quietly - as it still had some berries in its mouth. With that little bit done, it turned its head back to the direction its body was going and walked into one of the open driveways of one of the many rundown buildings of this town.

Blinking in confusion, Plumeria turned to look at Guzma, confusion clear in her eyes, "Does... it want us to follow it?" She asked, never having seen a Pokemon such as Purrloin be like that. From what she had seen, it hadn't been up to anything mischievious like they were known for, instead, it seemed to be on a mission for something, and for the Pokemon to be so... neutral towards humans was odd.

Shrugging his shoulders, Guzma merely replied, "Seems that way. Let's see what the little fella wants."

With that being said, Guzma continued walking in the direction where the Purrloin disappeared, his interest had been piqued and he wondered what this was about. Never would he have followed this Pokemon after finding a way into the city, however, it seemed that the small feline Pokemon had other plans.

Sighing to herself, Plumeria really didn't have a choice but to follow him to where he was going, it really wasn't like she wanted too, she just wanted to get out of the rain, yet they were being sidetracked by a Pokemon that they had no right to follow, even if it wanted them to, 'This better be worth it.' She thought to herself before once again moving and heading towards where Guzma and the Purrloin disappeared to.

It didn't take long for Plumeria to catch up to Guzma about a dozen feet away from where the left the path to follow the Pokemon, yet, she was surprised to see her boss looking like that. He looked... lost for words and even had this look in his eyes which she had never seen before, "Guzma?" She questioned, concern evident in her voice as she tried to garner the attention of him.

It was all for naught as Guzma still stood there, his eyes never leaving whatever it was that got the attention of him in the first place, frowing lightly at being ignored, she turned her attention to what he was looking at.

What she saw shocked her to the very core, and ignited something within her chest that she never felt before. Not for anyone.

She saw a kid that couldn't even be that old, looking like he was too weak to even move as he was just that skinny. She could see how dirty his clothes were and how awful he looked. His clothing looked like they were falling apart at the seams and were on their last legs in itself, every single time he took a breath, it was a labored one, and she could see how the clothing wasn't even the right size for him, and she could clearly see the ribcage of him every single time he breathed or moved.

It was his eyes that really got to her the most. They were so full of sadness and all of these other negative emotions that she couldn't comprehend a small child like that having. Yet, here he was, sharing some berries with a Purrloin, 'That must be what he has been eating for who knows how long.' She thought to herself with a frown. She didn't know how long the kid had been here, but it must have been a long time for him to get that skinny and malnourished.

The fact that he had to eat berries was one thing, and it clearly wasn't enough for his body to sustain itself and try to help him grow, and his body was basically eating at itself for him to survive... the amount of pain he must feel every second of every single day made her shiver, and not in a good way.

She could even see that his teeth were nearing yellow, meaning that he didn't even have supplies to brush his teeth.

The fact that he could still smile and continue showing affection to the Purrloin with him - who was eating some smaller berries from the soggy ground - it was astounding. How could one still see some form of happiness while in this situation.

Her shocked silence was finally broken after everything finally caught up to her and the fact what she was seeing was real, and not some sort of daydream, "Oh my..." She couldn't even finish what she was saying, as her voice must've been loud enough for him to hear even from the distance they were at, and the reaction was one that was predictable, but it still broke her heart seeing.

Raising her hands in a placating manner, trying not to frighten the malnourished boy in front of her, she slowly walked over to him, all the while smiling as to make him feel some sort of comfort, "Hey... it's alright. We're not here to hurt you, or the Purrloin." She gently said, before coming to a halt about half a foot in front of him, where she crouched down and gently brought her hand down and ran it along his arm.

While his muscles did weakly flinch under the touch, she could feel his bones and for the fact that his arm was so skinny that she could wrap her index finger and thumb around it. You weren't supposed to do that with plenty of room to spare.

Guzma, who was watching this interaction happening between this small child, who was clearly in a bad place right now and with Plumeria, probably one of the toughest members of his little group being this maternal, he just couldn't bring himself to seperate them, "Plumeria." He called out, calling her by her full name to show that this was a serious matter.

Hearing her name called, she swiveled her head so that she was looking at Guzma, who looked a little uncomfortable at this mushy stuff that was happening, "Yes?" She questioned, her voice suddenly gaining an edge to it that made Guzma sweat lightly.

"L-listen. I will be back with the other members. You don't have to come with me, as I can see that you want to be with him." He said, shifting his balance a few times to try and avoid the look that he was recieving, "I'll see you in a bit, it depends on how long it takes for the other nimrods to move." With that being said, he was about to turn around, however, he stopped in mid step, before looking back at the small boy, giving a small smile towards him, "Be good for Plumeria, OK? She will stay with you, and then, we will help you."

With that being said, Guzma turned his head back, placing his hands in the pockets of his pants and walked away, his heart aching a little from seeing such a young boy in a state like this. That boy was definately suffering more than he had when he was a child, with his mother passing away at a young age and his father becoming... well, a terrible man. He just couldn't take away Plumeria, who seemed to have bonded with the kid the moment she laid her hand upon him.

Sometimes, females worked in such odd ways to him, yet, it was also comforting to see Plumeria breaking out of her tough girl shell and being maternal, despite only being a young teen herself.

He guessed that the question of females being more maternal than males was correct. It wasn't her kid, but yet, she was beginning to act like it and having bonded to him, he just couldn't break that apart, even if it were for a few hours at max.

He sighed to himself, now he needed to figure out what was going to happen next. Would Plumeria want to help the child as much as she can, adopt him even? Or would she eventually tear herself away from him and leave them both in shambles.

Looking up at the sky, he noticed that it had stopped raining and the sun was slowly peaking behind the darkened clouds, "Guess the heavens are opening up and shining light down upon us for her choice." He muttered to himself.

Blinking to himself, Naruto felt odd to say the least. He hadn't felt the touch of another person in so long that he nearly forgot what it even felt like, and he also nearly forgot what it was like to have some form of human companionship. As the rays of sun finally hit the area they were in, he couldn't help but bask in the glow of it. It always seemed to have overcast weather or simply raining all the time, so it was a pleasant surprise for him.

It was also giving his body some vitamins that it desperately needed, with his body working overtime to try and absorb as much as it can in case the weather shifted once again.

Looking at the woman's rather interesting eye color, Naruto couldn't help but smile, the feeling that she was giving was something that was foreign to him, but he enjoyed it too much to even question. He wanted to feel like this more, and not be alone once more with only Purrloin being his only form of companionship, "H-hello." He weakly greeted out.

"Hello." The girl with rather nice looking pink hair replied, smiling at him despite the odd silence that had suddenly formed around them. He saw out of the corner of his eyes that Purrloin was looking at the girl rather closely, like she would attack if she even did a single wrong move in his presence, "So... is the Purrloin yours?" She questioned, trying to break the silence that had formed.

Shaking his head weakly, Naruto brought his free hand up and lightly scratched behind the felines ears, "No. She is a wild Pokemon." He answered, surprising Plumeria just a tad.

A wild Pokemon helping a human willingly? It was odd to think about, "I see." She nodded her head, before looking at the purple feline, "Thank you for that. I assume that the berries you were carrying were for him?" She questioned.


"Who was that man?" Naruto couldn't help but question, in his mind he looked rather odd and acted rather odd, and they both wore weird clothing, but he had to guess it was something they liked.

"That was Guzma, and don't worry about us leaving you." She said, ruffling his hair lightly despite the fact it was messy and rather greasy to the touch, "He is bringing some... acquaintences over, we are staying here, and hopefully, keep you some company." She said, smiling lightly as she booped his nose.

"Really!? I won't be alone anymore?" He questioned, his eyes gaining some form of light in them, making them much more appealing than their dull variant.

Feeling herself flutter with emotions as she saw the light enter his eyes, it was something that she wanted to keep that way, "Of course, you will even have more friends." She said, before looking at him and frowing once again, "We will try and get you to recover from this, and feed you a proper meal, Purrloin too." She added.

If Naruto could have moved his body with pace, he could of, but he was just too weak to do so right now, so instead, he opted to grasp her hand and smile as brightly as he could towards her, "Thank you!"

It was at this moment, that everything changed, and it would be for the better, as Naruto would grow to be one of the most cheerful and bright people to ever be around them, and his happiness was so contagious, that it would brighten everyone up, even the most bitter members of Team Skull, and of course, he would be coddled to death by all the female grunts, much to the male grunts ire and annoyance.


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