The Proposition

I, Bella Swan, and I, Edward Cullen, on this day dated April 16, 2020, hereby wish to express our intent to enter into a friendly proposition.

The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

This agreement is defined as a physical and emotional arrangement to engage in uncommitted casual sex once a week between the aforementioned parties who know each other, care about each other, and can trust each other. The intent of this agreement is to engage in sexual satisfaction for monetary gain, in which both parties will benefit.

No kissing.

No telling anyone.

No love bites or other visible evidence of encounter.

No other partners until monetary goal is met.

Both parties must stick to agreed upon schedule unless cancelation/reschedule is mutually agreed upon. (It better be a good reason!)


High five as celebration gesture is acceptable but only on mutual success.

Once a week.

Location to be agreed upon by both parties.

Video has to be approved by both parties before posting said video.

No faces on camera. EVER.

Contraceptives/Testing: Must be tested and on safe and reliable contraceptive for duration of Contract.

Not to be discussed openly in front of others.

Acts performed are subject to agreement of both parties prior to filming.

Money in account cannot be touched until both parties have met monetary goal unless special circumstance in which mutual parties must agree upon withdrawal.

Contract can be terminated by either party without an explanation.

No falling in love.