Hi so i keep changing my mind on characters so I will post a list at the end. Also Scorpia is aromantic and likes to be called aro as it reminds her of archery.

They lasted an entire month. Until they all got caught. The monsters found the one they despised. And her friend. Orion got the girl. And the others they got Renna. They ran and fought. All it took was a sedative in the child the other then gave up. They took them to a prison. They used a transportation system that got them to and from in seconds. Three were there. A boy named Zach. Another named Yukio. And a girl named Blaze. Scorpia was still unconscious as they took her into another room. Renna screamed as the others in the cell pulled her back away from her friend. Eventually they took her and gagged her. She made attempts at muffled screams. She could hear whimpering from the other room that drove her mad. The others told her to rest which she unwillingly did.

Renna woke to three people standing above her. The last day rushed through her head and she sat up in shock.

"Where is she?! Where?!" Renna yelled at the others.

"Please calm down." The girl said. Though it wasn't a very female voice.

"Where is she?!" Renna practically cried.

"She's in the other room. They're curious about her. There looking at her, examining. Something about 'Child of the Huntress'" Said a boy with light brown hair almost matching his skin tone.

"She was a child of Artemis. She was created with the blessing of Hera and help from Athena. She's only eleven!" Renna yelled.

"Eleven! She looked older. I'm sorry she'll come back I promise." Said one with white hair and irises spoke In a gruff voice. As if on cue a man about seven feet walked in with a confused face carrying a child like a cat.

"Give her back!" Renna demanded Clenching her fist.

"Shut up girl you'll get her back. We can't find out what's with her. She won't tell, were not done though." The man dropped her in the cell and left.

Josh gay/bi to gaden poisiden

Analia lesbian/pan to sky athena

Renna pan to blaze Demeter

Scorpia aro artemis

Blaze fem trans lesbian/pan to renna Vulcan

Sky non Binary pan to analia Jupiter

Ganden gay to josh Pluto

Zach gay/ bisexual apollo

Yukio gay to Zach Khione





Others that are captured but non main

Jeani female

Kimmy female

Denzel male

Blue non bi

Jakob male

Gale male