"You guys were loud last night" said Meredith. Addison blushed, hiding her face behind Alex.

"So were you and Derek" replied Alex, sipping his coffee.

"Well, we're engaged" said Meredith.

"I already knew about it. Now stop being so bright and shiny. You're supposed to be dark and twisty" said Cristina.

"I need some tequila" stated Lexie.

"Oh, people what's with all the misery. Come on get up. We're gonna dance it out. I'm gonna pick a song" said Meredith.

"I'm don't want to dance it out. I'm not in the mood for it" said Lexie.

"Would you rather go for a run?" said Meredith.

"Hey, do you remember the last time we went running?" asked Cristina.

"Yeah, it was back when we were all dark and twisty" said Meredith.

"Yeah we were slutty and pregnant too" said Cristina remembering the good times.

"Get up, get up. Alex, come dance it out with me" said Meredith.

"Alright fine" said Alex.

"Derek, you mind handing me my phone" said Meredith.

"Yeah" said Derek.

"What are they doing?" asked Addison curious.

"They're dancing it out" said Derek.

"You know, what's my problem?" said Lexie.

"Men" said Cristina.

"Yeah. Mark is avoiding me and you know what I've decided I'm gonna become celibate" said Lexie.

"Shut up. We're dancing it out and I'm picking a song" said Meredith.

"My body's too tense to dance it out" said Lexie.

"That's why we're dancing it out" said Meredith.

"You know what. I'm gonna become celibate too. No more men" said Cristina.

"Okay. Fine. Whatever. Now let's dance it out" said Meredith. The music started playing. They jumped, danced, and laughed.

Where do you go with your broken in tow?

What do you do with the left over you?

And how do you know when to let go

"You love this song" exclaimed Cristina.

Where does the good go?

Where does the good go?

Look me in the eye and tell me you don't find me attractive

Look me in the heart and tell me you won't go

Look me in the eye and promise no love is like our love

Look me in the heart and un-break broken, it won't happen

It's love in me that breaks the seal

Of always thinking you would be

Real happy and healthy, strong and calm

Where does the good go?

Where does the good go?

15 mins later...

"Little Grey with Sloan. Karev with Altman. Cristina Montgomery. And Grey the Chief wants to talk to you" barked Bailey.

Alex went to the coffee cart and got her a vanilla latte. Then, he walked to her office because he wouldn't see her today. He plopped on her couch and sighed.

"When's your shift end?" asked Alex, handing her the latte.

"At 7" said Addison, sipping on the coffee.

"Since I won't be able to see you all day, what do you say about going on our first date" said Alex.

"I'd love to. Where are we going?" asked Addison.

"You'll just have to wait and see" said Alex grinning.

Addison put the coffee down and pouted. "How about now? Now will you tell me?" asked Addison.

"No and stop looking me like that" said Alex.

"Why?" asked Addison, kissing his lower jawline. She moved down to his neck and sucked on the spot behind his ear. She moved her way to his lips. It started off slow, but ended up being a hard and passionate kiss. One that would leave soreness and bruises. Then she pulled back and stood up leaving her office. Alex chased after her and pushed her up against the door.

"You're not playing fair Addie" said Alex.

They began kissing and Addison parted her lips, while Alex teased her with his tongue. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the couch, not breaking the kiss. He pinned her hands down. He took off her glasses and her hair clip and set them on the table. He continued his assault on her lips. When he kissed her he was rough and hard. When he pulled back he stared at her. Her once professional form of her clipped back hair and face had completely adjusted. Her lipstick was smeared all over her lips and her hair was stuck to her neck from all the sweat. Then, he started trailing kisses down her neck. He sucked on that spot behind her ear hard enough leaving that bluish purple hue, making her moan. He ripped open her blouse and trailed kisses down her shoulder and chest. When he finished his wrath on her lips, they were heavenly swollen. She was out of breath and he turned to leave.

"I'll be expecting more of that on our date, Dr. Karev" yelled Addison. He opened the door, but instead found Cristina behind it.

"Dr. Montgomery... uh. Well this is... Alex, uhh... you might want to wipe the lipstick off your mouth. And umm... re-button your shirt, Montgomery" said Cristina laughing.


"I hear congratulations are in order" said Richard.

"What?" asked Meredith.

"The engagement. Our very own Seattle Grace Wedding. I couldn't be happier for the both of you" replied Richard.

"Thank you, sir. Did you have an assignment for me?" said Meredith.

"Dresses" responded Richard.

"I'm sorry" questioned Meredith.

"Take the rest of the day off. Go and try on dresses with your friends. That's an order" said Richard walking away. Meredith stormed away to find Derek.

"I didn't think you wanted to wear a wedding dress" said Derek.

"I don't. How does he even know we're engaged?" exclaimed Meredith.

"Richard's my friend. He's not the one who ordered all the dresses. If you don't want to wear a wedding dress, talk to Lexie" said Derek.

"Oh yeah. As she looks at me with those dark and twisty eyes. Those depressed wedding-loving eyes. Which is your fault by the way" stated Meredith.

"How is that my fault?" asked Derek.

"Lexie wants to be with Mark, but Mark's all like "my best friend made one simple request, that I not get anywhere near you and I slipped". Apparently, they stayed up and talked for hours" said Meredith.

"You want me to talk to her?" asked Derek. Derek went to find Lexie in the pit with Mark. Meredith followed closely behind making sure not to be seen.

"Meredith what are you doing?" asked Addison.

"Oh, I'm trying to listen to what Lexie is sayzing to Derek" said Meredith.

"Oh, is it about the wedding?" asked Cristina behind Addison.

"Yeah. She's gone all bridezilla" said Meredith.

"You know who's gone crazy?" asked Cristina.

"Who?" asked Meredith.

"Addison here and Alex were doing it in her office" said Cristina.

"We were not" said Addison blushing.

Cristina pulled back her hair. "Well, what explains that?" asked Cristina.

"Oh my gosh. Is that a hickey?" asked Meredith.

"Yup. They were going at it like teens at the prom" said Cristina.

"We were not going at it. I was just trying to get him to tell me where we were going on our date" replied Addison.

"Ooh. You guys are going on a date?" asked Meredith.

"Yeah. It's our first because we kind of just skipped to the sex part first" answered Addison.

Cristina moved Addison in front of her, hiding behind her.

"Uh, what are you doing?" asked Addison.

"Whew. Owen's gone, that was a close one" said Cristina.

"You still haven't talked to him?" exclaimed Meredith.

"I don't know if I can trust him" said Cristina.

"I say go for it" said Addison.

"I agree with Addison. Try and go on a date with him. Remember the times before you know, he cheated" said Meredith.

"Yeah. I'll think about it" sighed Cristina.

"Well, whilst you reminisce on that, as you know Derek and I are getting married. Cristina is gonna be the maid of honor and I want you and Lexie to be the bridesmaids" said Meredith.

"Are you sure?" asked Addison.

"I mean I don't really know you, but we're friends and you practically live in my house" said Meredith.

"Ok. This is so exciting. I love weddings" said Addison.

"Then you and Lexie can do the majority of the wedding planning. It is so tiring. You remember my wedding?" said Cristina.

"Yeah, you had to try on hundreds of dresses" said Meredith.

"Don't you remember Mama shaving my eyebrows?" asked Cristina.

"Your mom shaved your eyebrows?" asked Addison, curious.

"No, it was Burke's mom" replied Cristina.

"You know I didn't even want a big wedding. I don't want the big, poofy white dress. I want simple, you know like buffalo wings at the reception" said Meredith.

"Yeah. Well, that's not gonna happen with Lexie being all depressed over Mark. She needs to be distracted" replied Cristina.

"Yeah, I know" said Meredith.

"Wait, Mark and Lexie got together?" asked Addison.

"More like slept together, had dinner together, and according to Lexie they stayed up all night talking after" said Cristina.

"That's too bad. They would make a really cute couple. Besides Mark really likes her" said Addison.

"Lexie likes him a lot too" said Cristina.

"Derek doesn't want them to be together because of Mark's manwhore ways. He also doesn't want Lexie to get hurt. I mean she is gonna be his sister-in-law" said Meredith.

Derek finished talking to Lexie and walked back toward them. "Hey, Derek's coming back" said Addison.

"Why is Lexie crying?" asked Cristina.

"Apparently a morning coat is nonnegotiable and we have to take ballroom dance lessons" said Derek, walking away.

"By the way, I need you guys to help me find and choose a wedding dress. Meet me in room 2308. I've got to get Lexie" said Meredith.

10 mins later...

"If I show you the dress, you can never tell anyone, cause it's bad. Really, really bad" said Meredith.

"Okay, fine. It'll be out little secret" said Lexie. Meredith came out of the bathroom.

"Oh, wow" said Addison. Lexie grabbed her phone to take a picture.

"Photos are not secret!" yelled Meredith.

"Isn't there a tiara that goes along with it?" asked Cristina, laughing.

"Uh, oh. Put it-put it on so I can get the full effect" replied Lexie.

"N-no-no tiara. I told you simple. It's, you know, buffalo wings at the reception" sighed Meredith.

"You can't have buffalo wings. Caterers don't even do buffalo wings" said Lexie.

"Lex, this is a small wedding. Small. And this is a big dress for a big wedding. Don't you have a dress in your pile that doesn't make noise when it moves or stand up all by itself?" said Meredith, annoyed. Cristina was laughing.

"You're getting married. It's a miracle. Meredith Grey, child of darkness, has found someone. Don't you want to celebrate that? It's your day, Meredith. You can't just piss it away on a stupid slip dress and a cheese tray from the grocery store. Huh, that will just make me so sad and I don't want to be sad because I'm already suffering through a breakup, and that's sad enough" said Lexie, starting to tear up.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but she's right. Except for the big dress part" said Cristina.

"Fine. Give me the tiara" said Meredith. Lexie smiled and happily gave it to her. She took another picture.

"Oh! You're like a princess. Smile" said Lexie. Addison and Cristina couldn't help but laugh.

Back to Alex...

"Hey. I thought I'd find you here" said Alex. He wrapped his hands around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. Her hair got in his face, but he just breathed it in.

"Yeah, we're waiting for Meredith to come out. She's trying on dresses" said Addison.

"It's so funny watching her" said Cristina.

"Are you ready for our date?" asked Alex.

"Yeah. Just a few more hours until I get to see what you got all planned. I can't wait" said Addison.

"Me neither" said Alex.

"So, what should I where?" asked Addison.

"Something sexy" he whispered in her ear. He started nibbling on her earlobe.

"Eww, stop that" said Cristina.

"Meredith, let's go" said Lexie.

"I feel like this dress is giving me a mammogram. It's squishing my boobs" yelled Meredith.

"Let me see it" said Lexie.

"I'm taking it off!" exclaimed Meredith. Lexie started to cry.

"Oh my god. Are you okay?" asked Alex.

"Lexie, say something" said Cristina. Meredith came out of the bathroom.

"I'm not crying. I'm joking" said Lexie, laughing.

"Okay, you need to stop doing that cause it's not funny" said Cristina.

"It got Meredith out of the bathroom so I could see her in her dress, and it's gorgeous" sing-songed Lexie.

"Tell her she has to stop" said Cristina.

"Lexie!" exclaimed Meredith.

"It's very romantic. It's pretty, right?" asked Lexie.

"Pretty" said Addison.

"And I see you've invited more people to witness my humiliation" said Meredith. Addison's pager beeped.

"Cristina and I need to go. We need to perform this emergency C-section, so I can be ready for my date with Alex" pleaded Addison.

"Okay, fine. We'll continue this later" said Lexie.

An hour later...

Meredith came out with a dress and her hair was parted to the side. The dress was beautiful, absolutely stunning. It had crystals and lace trailing all over the bodice and gown. In the light it sparkled, but subtly. She looked like a star shining in the sky.

"You're gonna make a beautiful bride" said Lexie. Cristina motioned with her hand to turn around. They all smiled.

"That's the dress. Sorry, but I got to go" said Addison.

"It's alright. Go, be happy" said Meredith.

"I wanted to tell you guys something" said Meredith, after Addison left.

"What is it?" asked Lexie.

"Life's too short to be following all these rules. Go out there and be happy. You guys deserve happiness, you guys deserve everything. If I could, I would give you guys the happiness I have now. So go. Lexie find Mark and Cristina find Owen. Talk to them. That's my wedding gift, for you to be happy. Now go on" said Meredith.

"Okay. I'm gonna go find Owen" replied Cristina.

"And I'm gonna go find Mark" replied Lexie. They both ran out of the room to go find them. Meredith smiled.

Back to Addison...

The baby that she had delivered was going into multiple organ failure. She would have to stay at the hospital for least two more hours, missing her date with Alex. Addison didn't have time to tell him, so she paged Cristina.

"You paged" said Cristina. She was just about to find Owen.

"I need you to tell Alex that I'm sorry, but I can't make it to our date. I have an emergency surgery on one of the newborns. I'm not gonna be out of here for another two hours" said Addison.

"Okay" replied Cristina. Cristina ran to go find Alex.

"Alex, there you are. Addison wanted me to tell you that she can't make it to your guy's date. She had an emergency surgery and she said she was sorry" said Cristina.

"Did she say how long she was gonna be here for?" asked Alex.

"For another two hours. Why?" asked Cristina.

"The restaurant will definitely be closed by then. I have an idea and you're gonna help me. We'll still be able to have our date tonight" said Alex, smiling mischievously.

"What are you up to?" asked Cristina.

"You'll see. Wait, are Meredith and Derek gonna be home?" asked Alex.

"No" replied Cristina.

"Good. Come on" said Alex.

"I have to talk to Owen first" replied Cristina.

"Okay, meet me at Mer's after you're done" said Alex. Cristina nodded, going to find Owen.

Back to Lexie...

Lexie went to find Mark. She checked on the board to see that he was gonna go in surgery in five minutes in O.R. 1. She ran to the O.R. to talk to him, hoping he hadn't went into surgery yet. She found him scrubbing in.

"Mark, I need to talk to you" said Lexie.

"Look, my friend made me promise not to go anywhere near you and I did. It wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be fair" said Mark.

"It feels right, though. Come on, I know you feel it too" said Lexie.

"I won't deny that it didn't feel right and I won't deny that I have feelings for you, but I can't. I'm sorry" said Mark. He finished scrubbing and was about to dry his hands, but Lexie grabbed his hands.

"Look at me. Look at me" pleaded Lexie. She moved her face closer to his and kissed him. He didn't kiss back at first, but then he did. The kiss was nothing compared to the woman he used for sex. It was gentle, sweet, and tender. It felt like he was coming up from the water. She was the air that he needed to breathe, but he pulled back.

"I can't do this. This is too much. I can't think when you're around me" said Mark.

"Why can't we do this?" asked Lexie.

"Because... because... because I'll end up hurting you. Look, I like you and I never thought that I'd ever want a relationship. I was always the one-night-stand kind of guy. And maybe it was when Derek talked to me or Addison talked to me, but I guess I figured out that I have feelings for you, Lexie Grey. I had felt this feeling in the pit of my stomach. At first I thought it was guilt for having feelings for you, but I realized they were butterflies. You're bossy, fearless, strong, and confident. You're not afraid to stand up for what's right and justify your actions and I dig it. You make me feel warm and fuzzy. You make me want to be a better man when I'm with you" said Mark.

"I'm sensing a but here" interrupted Lexie.

"But it would feel dirty and people would think that I'm treating you differently or giving you special treatment. That's not what I want for you. I've seen it firsthand and I know you're gonna make an amazing surgeon, but I want to put your happiness first and deal with my feelings second. You won't have to worry about me. I'm letting you go Lexie" finished Mark. He began to walk into the O.R. Lexie grabbed him.

"No, you do not get to give up. You do not get to give up on us. Plus you'll need to rescrub. Look, I know you're damaged and I know you have commitment issues, but I want to be with you no matter what. I will never give up on you" said Lexie.

As he shed a tear she laid her hand on his cheek and wiped the tear away with her thumb. He closed his eyes, loving the contact.

"Okay?" asked Lexie.

"Okay" said Mark.

Back to Cristina...

Cristina knew where she would find Owen. He would be in pit. He was reading a chart when she found him. She dragged him into an empty trauma room.

"Cristina, wha-" asked Owen. Cristina interrupted by kissing him. It was a passionate kiss, of course. Their hands were tangled in each other's hair and moving around their bodies. When she pulled back he grabbed hold of her.

"I wanna try again, I want their to be an us again. Okay" said Cristina.

"Okay" said Owen.

"I have to go and help Alex. I'll see you tomorrow" said Cristina. She opened the door and left.

"Okay" whispered Owen, touching his lips.

Back to Addison...

Addison had just finished surgery and was exhausted. All she wanted to do was lay down with Alex and have him hold her while they watched a movie or went to bed. She drove to Meredith's and couldn't wait to be with Alex. She opened the door with the key he had made for her and was surprised to see what had happened.


Cristina walked in to find Alex lighting candles and saw a pack of rose petals on the nearby table.

"Are you seriously throwing rose petals on the ground and lighting candles?" asked Cristina.

"Yeah, it's supposed to be romantic" replied Alex.

"I would've never pegged you for a romantic type, you know" said Cristina.

"What can I say, people can change. Especially when you've found the right person" said Alex, smiling.

"Ah, spare me the sentimental crap. I'll help you though, since I'm in a good mood" said Cristina.

"Okay, while I set up the candles and rose petals I need you to call that Thai place across the street and order two beef pad kee maos, non-spicy. It's one of Addison's favorite dishes" ordered Alex.

"You know, I know how to make pad kee mao" said Cristina.

"You know how to cook?" questioned Alex.

"I've never told anyone this, not even Mer, but my grandmother, Pawpaw worked in an Asian cuisine restaurant. My dad worked there when he was young and she taught him how to make it. But he died and didn't get a chance to teach me, so when I went to visit her I asked her to teach me how to make it. She said it was one of my dad's favorite dishes along with pho, boon, and spring rolls which I also know how to make. Cooking with Pawpaw just made me feel closer to him" said Cristina.

"Oh, I had no idea. I'm sorry" said Alex.

"Don't pull that sentimental crap on me again Evil Spawn. I'll go get the ingredients now" sighed Cristina.

"Okay" said Alex. When Cristina left he scattered the rose petals on the floor making a path to their room where he laid down her Yale sweatshirt and sweatpants. Then he took a post-it note from his drawer and wrote:

"Put this on and meet me outside in the backyard. Oh, and remove you're makeup. You look beautiful without it.

xoxo Alex

After that he took a two blankets and laid one of them outside, so they could eat, talk, and just enjoy the view of the stars. He scattered the remaining rose petals on it and lit some candles outside. He saved the other blanket for later.


Slow, mellow music was playing as Addison followed the trail of rose petals up the stairs. She found his note and her clothes. She put them on, washed her makeup off, and headed outside. She found him laying down waiting for her with two plates of steaming hot pad kee maos.

"You're just in time" said Alex.

"What is this?" asked Addison.

"Well, since you couldn't make it to our date I decided to bring it home. Do you like it?" said Alex.

"I love it" she said, pecking him on the lips.

"I even have one of your favorite dishes" said Alex.

"Gimme" said Addison. Alex gave it to her and she dove right in. Alex just stared at her in amazement. She was just so beautiful.

"Umm, this is so good. Uhh... where did you get this? What?" asked Addison.

"Nothing you just look cute when you're eating" said Alex.

"Seriously, where did you get this? I could eat this everyday" said Addison. She moaned, she couldn't stop eating it.

"Cristina made it" said Alex.

"Cristina can cook?" asked Addison, surprised.

"I know right. She's some secret, professional chef" said Alex. Fifteen minutes later when they both finished their food, Alex brought their dishes to the sink. He walked back out to see Addison laying down on the blanket. He got back down and latex there with her, pulling her close to his chest.

"This has been the most amazing first date ever. It was perfect, you're perfect" said Addison.

"I'm not perfect" said Alex.

"Sometimes you seem too good to be true" said Addison.

"Hey, I'm right here and this is real. I love you" said Alex.

"I love you too. Thank you for tonight" she said.

"You are very welcome. Now, let's watch the stars. I've always loved it at night. Whenever I couldn't sleep I'd watch the stars and fall asleep out here. It's like my little secret hiding place, my happy place" said Alex.

"I bet you say that to all the girls" said Addison.

"Nope you're the first girl I've taken out here, except for Mer and Cristina" replied Alex.

"Well, I'm flattered" said Addison. Alex started rubbing circles on her stomach.

"Look, it's a shooting star. Make a wish" said Alex. She closed her eyes and made her wish.

"So, what was your wish?" asked Alex.

"It won't come true if I tell you" said Addison, smiling.

"Okay" said Alex, sighing.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" asked Addison.

"Anything" replied Alex.

"What were you guys doing this morning? I mean Derek told me you guys were dancing it out. Whatever that means" rambled Addison.

"Oh, so basically Mer and Cristina started dancing it out when they just needed to forget and let things go. We all became closer after Izzie left and George died. Then, Lexie came along and we all just bonded and became each other's persons" replied Alex.

"Okay, I was just wondering. I mean it just seems like you guys have so much history together" said Addison.

"Well, we do. We've been through everything together since we were interns. Well, except Lexie. That's beside the point, anyway we're like family" said Alex.

"So I've been told" said Addison.

"Okay, come on. It's been a late night, we should get some sleep" said Alex.

"I was thinking about doing some other things tonight" said Addison.

"I love the way, you think honey" said Alex.

"Honey?" asked Addison.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?" asked Alex.

"Oh, nothing sweetie" she replied.

They spent the night having lots of sex and cuddling together. Little did Alex know that Addison had wished for not just days with him, but years with him. She wanted to spend forever with him. Well, you know what they say. When I look at the stars, I will forever think of you.