Our group of friends had always been closing. It was always kind of odd for me to have such a big group of friends, in middle school and early in my high school years, I was always a bit of a nerd. But when I changed High School my Junior year, Beth and Hannah Washington changed that.

Hannah Washington, was one of my best friends, we shared mid shoulder length brown hair and eyes, but she and Beth being a few inches taller then I am. Hannah wore onyx-black rectangular glasses and tended to favor a nature look when it came to her makeup, much like I do. Hannah always has a tattoo of a butterfly on her arm, which was only part of her reckless behavior to get Mike's attention. Hannah was nearly obsessive over Mike, she would do anything be with him and honestly it was a little unhealthy. But Hannah was such a sweet, bold, and outgoing girl.

Beth Washington, Hannah's twin, looked almost identical to Hannah, other then her short dark brown hair, that goes below her chin, with bangs. Both girls had a light caramel complexion. Beth was a caring and protective person, she would do anything for her sister, brother, or any one of us, but she is also very impulsive.

The girls were so nice to me, when I went on vacation with their family for the first time last year, I met the rest of our group. I already knew all of them, but we really got to know one another and became really close.

There was Ashley Brown, who had shoulder length, red, layered hair and greens. Who always seemed to favor a nature colored lip gloss and smokey eye makeup. Ashley is always friendly, cheerful, and generally happy to be around our group of friends. She is more polite and serious than the others as well, she doesn't use profanity as often as the others do. She is also extremely observant, yet she has a wild imagination, something the two of us share and bonded over. She always has a huge crush on Chris.

Chris Hartley, has dirty blonde hair, worn in a faux-hawk style and his blue eyes are hidden by grey rectangular glasses. Chris is methodical, protective, and humorous. He's very affable, with a witty sense of humor which can be off-putting to us at time. He's analytical, not one to believe in the occult, and isn't normally a very jumpy person. I think the two of us bonded over making fun of different conspiracy theories. It's funny watching Chris up at the cabin since he can't stand a place without internet access. He always had a huge crush on Ashley, I don't know why they haven't gotten together yet, but they haven't.

Samantha Giddings, or as we all call her Sam, is a far skinned, blonde haired, hazel eyed beauty. Her hair almost always tied in a bun at the back of her head, with a few locks framing her face. She normally wears dark lipstick and crazy colored nail polish, favoring the brighter, bolder colors. Sam is a genuinely warm and caring person. Always concerned about everyone and their feelings. She love and care about animals and nature, something the two of us bonded over, and her dream is to be a conservationist. I look up to her strength, since she is not afraid to be herself and isn't bothered by being made fun of.

Emily Davis is a young Asian-American woman, with long bobbed black hair and light brown eyes, complimented by her olive complexion and the small birthmark above her right eyebrow. Emily tends to be a fan of silver eye makeup and nature colored lip gloss. She can be a little narcissistic, even inventing two rules her whoever her current boyfriend is to follow, Emily is always right and nothing else matters because Emily is always right. She is very pride full, which sometimes causes her to lash out verbally and put others down. I don't honestly know what the two of us bonded over if we ever did, but we get along so.

Matt Taylor is an African-American man with short black hair and brown eyes. Matt has always been motivated, ambitious, and active, which is mostly remarking on his passion for sports. But despite his impressively strong appearance, Matt is far from being impetuous, he is generally a friendly and good guy. He isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he has a big hear and know when to stay out of situations.

Jessica Riley, is another one of our group members with blonde hair and grey eyes, her hair normally styled in two Dutch braids. She tends to wear nude lipstick and heavier smokey eye makeup, with a hint of pink and silver. Jess is confident and trusting. She is a typical provocative young woman, who is quite brash in personality and dreams of being a model. She is typically laid back, flirty, and playful, constantly giving nicknames and acting immature. But she can be quite defensive and fierce.

Mike Munroe has dark brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and five o'clock shadow. As far as I can tell Mike has a fear of isolation, Initially Mike can come across as being self-absorbed, somewhat vain, immature, and an all around stereotype, but he is very intelligent, driven, and persuasive.

Then there is Josh Washington, Beth and Hannah's older brother, he was something else, with his short chocolate-brown hair and caramel complexion, much like his sisters, but with green eyes, instead of brown. Josh has always been thoughtful and loving, but very complex. He tries to remain humorous, but he has been struggling with the disappearance of Beth and Hannah, I don't blame him, after that night I think we all wished we'd never went up the mountain that year.

Mike and some of the others had planned a prank for Hannah. Mike was going to lure her into his room and humiliate her.

"What is wrong with you guys! How can you be that cruel!" I scoff, looking around the group who is gathered in the living room talking about the plan.

"I agree with Elena," Sam motions toward me, "It's' horrible."

"Oh come on," Jess chuckles, "She deserves it."

"Why? Because she has a crush on Mike?" I cross my arms.

"Hannah's been making moves on him. I'm just looking out for my girl Em."

"Just because he's class Prez doesn't mean he belongs to everyone…" Emily puts his fits on her hips, "Mike is my man."

"Hey, Em, I'm not anybody's man." Mike chuckles, since he is afraid of commitment.

"Whatever you say, darling!" Emily comments before leaving, as she does Jessica, Mike, Jessica, and Sam follow here.

I run into the kitchen, trying to find Hannah before she finds the note. But by the time I get here she's already read it and is over the moon, "Elena! Mike wants me to meet him in his room!"

"No, Han, he doesn't." I sigh, "He and the others… they're gonna…"

"How could you say that?" Hannah cuts me off, "What because you're too afraid to ask Josh out, you have to make sure that I stay single too? Mike wasn't to see me in his room tonight, any good friend would support me!"

"I do support you, Hannah." I try to stop her from walking away from me, "But he doesn't want to see you for the reasons you think."

"You're no friend at all!" Hannah snips before walking into the hall.

How could she believe a note over me? Her best friend? I turn and try to wake Josh up, but he is so drunk it's like waking a rock, "jeez, Josh." I can't do anything, If I burg into Mike's room Hannah will never forgive me and the other's won't either.

As I turn to leave I see Beth enter the kitchen, "Beth! You have to help me talk some sense into Hannah before he humiliates herself."

"What are you talking about?" Beth looks at me confused.

"Mike and the other's are going to pull a prank on Hannah," I hand Beth the note, "I tried to tell her but she didn't believe me."

Just then Beth and I see something run by the window. Beth tries her hand at waking Josh up, "Josh! JOSH!" but he doesn't move, "fuck."Beth and I run outside and start yelling for Hannah, "Hannah!"

"Han!" I shout alongside Beth.

Beth had grabbed her coat before we stepped outside to look for Hannah so she runs out into the snow. As she does the other's come out. "So… Should we go after her?" Mike asks, looking around the group.

I scoff, "You know, I think you are all the last people she wants to see right now." I shake my head and shove past the group as I go inside. Instead of getting my coat I stay at the house, waiting for Beth and Hannah to get back. To this day I'm both happy and disappointed that I didn't go look for Hannah. The girls were never seen again and if I had gone with Beth, I'd probably be missing too, but I choose to stay in a warm place rather than going to look for a find, what's wrong with me.