chapter 1

Life was something that Rory Gilmore often wondered about. She had a good life, she and her mom where super close, her friends (although a small circle) were reliable and trustworthy and her relationship with the rest of her family was great from her perspective. Yes, Rory Gilmore could not complain. Though she lived quite a sheltered life compared to many, she was content with that. She would study, always do well in class, she graduated valedictorian of her year at Chilton and although many of her friends from Chilton (well maybe even all of them) didn't understand a lot of aspects of Rory's life she still managed to make what she hoped were lifelong friends.

Life would soon be changing though. Tomorrow she was heading off to Yale. Though she always had her heart set on Harvard when it came time to decide staying close to home and following in both grandparent's steps, she decided Yale was the place for her. Still far enough away to go it alone in some sense but not too far that if she needed some home comforts. Her grandparents collectively bought her a new car much to the dismay of Lorelei, a Maserati gran turismo, it was white, shiny and she assumed went quite fast. If she was honest, she would have been happy with any car, but she loved this car, how it drove, how it looked even the smell. She didn't have a clue how much it cost but she would say more than a year's salary for most people. Her grandparents argued the toss, explaining she was a Gilmore and a Hayden two very prominent families in Hartford, although very few people knew she was a Hayden her pops had said (Straub) "no granddaughter of mine will be made to stand out for the wrong reason." Rory was a double heiress; she was the only grandchild of both families and was named as the sole beneficiary of both the Gilmores and Hayden's estates a long time ago. Whilst she was in Chilton Lorelei protested her grandparents gestures and expensive luxuries, she wanted Rory to live like a normal child not all the other kids there. That was fine by Rory she never needed for anything, but certain luxuries would have been nice. She hated having to take the bus, most people at Chilton thought she was there on a scholarship until they heard her last name. Gosh knows what they would have thought had they known she was also a Hayden.

Her mom and dad went their separate ways at 17 after Rory was born, Christopher was about here and there when she was younger but for the first few years was quite an absent parent. When Rory was 7 her parents decided to give it a real shot now, they were older and somewhat wiser and have never looked back since. They wed when she was 9. Not at all a big Hartford affair, they got married at the inn Lorelei owned, it was small, intimate and beautiful. Chris worked for his dad in the law firm but was nearly always home on an evening he didn't travel hugely and had a home office at there house in Star Hollow. There house had had huge amounts of renovation work done on it and now it was pretty big, nothing like her grandparents' mansions but was big size. They lived a modest life.

Although Rory was part of high society being a blue blood, she never had to attend events, until now. This was also another change. Once she started Yale she was to start attending high society events with her grandparents, network so they put it, after all she was the double heiress it was better she got used to these people before anything happened to her grandparents. It was all business in a lot of senses but called charity functions, she was sure if you added up the amount everyone spent on the room the clothes the food and so on that would be more than the donations the foundation received but this was there way of life, women where in the DAR and most never worked a day in there lives, they had children, looked after there husband and social events with the army of employees they had. Too each there own. This was nothing new to Rory, Paris Madeline and Louise were all brought up by nannies, none of them had a great relationship with there parents and this is all they knew. Probably why they could never understand how Rory was so close to her family, she had fun parties growing up, they went out for days to theme parks and zoos, would doss around the house having a pyjama day and if everything wasn't in its place so what, this was their home and it was lived in. This is how Rory liked to live, she never wanted to live in a show house, have everything money could buy but no true sense of family. She was lucky, to have a foot in both worlds yet still be so sheltered. No wonder Tristan nicknamed he Mary, she was innocent and wasn't ashamed of it, but she also wasn't as naïve as what people thought. Yes she heard things and turned a blind eye pretending to be oblivious, yes she had never really had a serious boyfriend but that doesn't mean she didn't know things, I mean come on, she was best friends with Louise that had to tell people something.

She got up off her childhood bed and looked out the window, the movers where here to start taking her things to her dorm she was sharing with Paris. They had a nice suite both had a big bedroom with ensuit a spare room which Paris claimed as a craft room large living room and kitchen and too look out her bedroom window she could see the quad, the window was large and had a built in seat as a window sill perfect for reading she thought. Today everything got shipped off all her boxes where labelled ready, tomorrow she would move in and have a few days before classes started. All she had left to do was meet her grandpa later tonight he wanted to discuss something.

Yes, life was good, it would be changing but what's the worst that could happen… right?!

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